Monday, 26 September 2016

part 2 : Raaz --Ek Anokhi Kahaani,

Next day..

Armaan:Arre yaar... Ye ladkiyaan kaha gayyi?? Class bhi jaana haina humko...

Atul: Anjali ko time lagegi hi na...
Rahul:Atul, hum yaha pe sirf Anji ki baat nahi kar rahe.. Haina Armaan?
Armaan: Rahul, Atul ko sirf Anji ki yaad rehti hai... Humesha... Haina champ?

Hearing their comments Atul instantly became red..

Armaan: Dekho... Ye kaise sharma rahe hai...
Abhi:Aw.... Sho cute!!

"Kya horahe hai yaha pe? "
Boys looked towards the other side to see Anjali, Muskaan and Nikki standing there..

Armaan:hi guys...
Muskaan : oye hero.. Kya baat horahi thi..

With a smirk, all boys looked towards Atul..

Atul looked and nodded in no.. With a pleading eyes... Boys burst out laughing seeing his antics whereas the girls stood confused..

Suddenly Armaan stopped laughing and looked at the college gate intently..

Abhi noticed this... And nudged him
Abhi:Kya hua Armaan??!!

Armaan:wo dekho..
HE said as he pointed toward athe gate whereas the rest followed where he was pointing.. He was pointing towards a girl and an old man... They instantly realized it was the same BEHENJI from the museum last day..
Armaan moved towards the gate..

Rahul :abbe, ye Armaan uske paas kyu jaa raha hai... She is not even his type..

Abhi:Armaan hai yaar... Wo kisi bhi ladki ko apna type bana lega…

Atul:chalo... We have to go with him... Warna wo kuch na kuch gadbad karega...

Giggling at Armaan, all started to follow him..

Outside the college
Riddima : bauji, yaha se me akeli jaungi..
Bauji:Tikh hai.. Apna khayaal rakhna..
Riddhima : ok.. Bye..

She suddenly realized her mistake.. Bauji glared at her when she smiled sheepishly..

Riddima :mera matlab hai.. Alvida Bauji..

"Namaste" Bauji looked backwards to see a group of girls and boys near him..
Bauji: ji
Boy:mera naam Armaan hai.. Kya me kuch madad kar sakta hu?
Bauji:nahi beta... Humhe kuch nahi chaahiye.. Kya aap log bhi yaha padte ho??
Rahul:ha Uncle..
Armaan moved towards Riddhima
Armaan:Hey... My name Is Armaan... May I know yours..?
Riddima felt she knows him.. Really well... Her heart started beating in fast pace as soon as he held her hand..
She was about to reply when she saw her Bauji looking at her..
Riddhima :ji mera naam Riddhima hai.. Me yaha pe History padne aayi hu... Kya me ab jaa sakti hu??
Armaan chuckled realizing she doesn't speak english..
Armaan: ok.. Uncle... Hum bhi chalte hai.. Classes hai..
Saying so, he touched Bauji's feet and he walked into the college followed by the gang..
Impressed by Armaan he told Riddhima
Bauji:kuch seekho isse.. Sanskaar hai... Tameez hai…kya hua agar Angrez bolta hai.. Saare ache gun haina usme..

Riddima : par bauji..

Bauji turned and walked towards his car without replying while Riddhima heaved a sigh..

Riddima :now I have to change this dress.. God... Why did you invented this leena kind of thing??!!

She. Walked inside the college and straightly walked into the Washroom..

The gang who was sitting inside, was watching each and every movement of her... Especially Armaan..

Atul came running from. Inside..
Atul :guys, Shayari sir aaj chutti pe hai... Isiliye aaj History lecture nahi hai..

All were happy to hear that...

Rahul: Armaan, wo ladki kya naam tha uska.?
Abhi:Ri.. Riddima..
Rahul:ha wo... Kitni behenji haina... I mean Mumbai city me aayi hu.. Dressed just like a village girl... Im sure it would be damn easy to irritate her..
Armaan:ha.. Bechari ko ANGREZI nahi aati..

Hearing this all burst out laughing..
Nikki :but guys, we should not tease someone..
Anji :Chillax Niks.. It was a joke..

The whole college which was noisy until now turned pin drop silent... The gang saw all the boys and girls looking towards something with mouths wide open...

Following their eyes the saw an irresistible, beautiful, sexy girl in denim shorts, white tee shirt with sunglasses and pointed heels.. ..chewing gum, she was walking into the campus, making each and every guy in the college drool over her..

Rahul:ye kuch jaani pehchaani si lagti hai..
Muskaan :ha.. Mene isse kahi dekhi hai..

The girl walked towards The gang and stood before the boys who were staring at her as if she was an alien or something..

Girl:Excuse me...
She said in her high accent english..

Armaan, who was standing like a dumb like other guys suddenly came out of the trance..
Armaan:ye.. Yes.. How may I help you beautiful??!
HE started his flirting in which he had taken PhD in😜😜

Girl:May I know where is the history class guys..??
She asked them... But there wasn't any response from them..

Girl:Rahul, Atul, Armaan?!

She called them because there wasn't any response.. Abhi, who was not at all bothered, suddenly intervened

Abhi:Excuse me miss.. Do you know us!!
All of them came out of their lala land and looked towards the girl confused as Abhi's question did make sense to them..

Armaan:yes... How do you know us!?

The girl smirked and removed her shades..
Seeing her face, all stood dumbstruck..

Boys:"BEHENJI??!! "
Girls:" Riddhima??! "

Yes.. It was Riddhima.. She went inside the washroom to change her attire.. And when she came out, she was unrecognisable!!

Riddima :may I know where is the class??!!
Anjali :Actually, aaj sir absent hai..
Nikki:isiliye there ain't any classes..

Riddima :ok.. Tnx.. By the way, I don't have friends here.. So may I??

Abhi realized that she wanted to be in their gang.. He instantly made her a member of their gang.. Armaan cooked his eyebrow when he saw Abhi's eagerness..

Armaan : by the way.. How did you change from BEHENJI to a Hot Chick ?? And ANGREZI ??!!

Riddima glared at his sarcasm whereas the other girls threw daggers at him for Calling Riddhima a HOT CHICK

Riddhima :I don't think it's necessary to Inform you mister...

Armaan: ooooooooohhhhh.... Miss attitude..

HE teased her..
Rahul:Abbe.. Stop teasing..
Atul :Chodo na Armaan... Aise gande gande baat mat kaho usse..
Anjali:afterall she is our friend now..
Nikki: out of all she is new here..
Abhi :and she needs our help..

Riddima smirked looking at Armaan and looked at him as if saying "Howz that now??!"

Armaan looked shocked towards his friends..

Armaan:abbe... Ek sundar ladki kya dikh gayyi.. Poora ka poora gang uska taraf hogaya?

All of them laughed at his expression which was really similar to a boy who just lost his lollipop 😂😂

But apart from all these chit chats,2 hearts were confused..

Armaan: mujhe aisa kyu lag raha hai ki me usse barason se jaanta hu??!! kuch to hai usme jo mujhe uski taraf kheench rahi hai.. Mene abhi tak kisi ko ye nahi bataaya hai ki kyu me aaj kal history class me itna dhyaan de raha hu... Its because I have been dreaming of RAAJKUMAR KARAN SINGH and RAAJKUMARI SHILPA from childhood...whenever I see her why does that dream come in my mind?

Riddima: why do I feel that I have seen him somewhere?? That day at the museum too I was confused that if I had seen him somewhere... Tab me usse recognise nahi kar paayi.. But now I know where I had seen him... In my DREAM.. In the nightmare which always scares me... Wit what was his name in the dream?? Ya RAAJKUMAR KARAN SINGH..! Why does he resemble so much to RAAJKUMAR KARAN SINGH who's dream I have been seeing from my childhood??!!

So many questions and no answers, they didn't knw why are they feeling this... They Did know what was that.. Everything was hidden.. The truth.. Was hidden... IT was nothing but a RAAZ!

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