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part 3 : Bheege Pal

It was a beautiful morning; sun was shining very beautiful, striking its warmth.  Cool breezes making their way to give the fresh feeling. Jogging early in the morning makes Riddhima feel fresh and stress free for the rest of the day. She is very happy today; her holidays are almost over now, and she will be starting up her internship very soon. Her only dream was to become just like her dad, an
exceptionally brilliant doctor and to make her dad proud of her. She was lost in her thougts while jogging on the beach side with the loud music coming from her ear phones.
While Armaan come from the other side, 'kya yaar mom ne subah subah jogging pe bhej diya' said armaan while jogging. And they both bang into each other..
'Ohh m extremely sorry' said riddhima but armaan didn't bother to see her, 'But I am not' said Armaan showing a little bit of attitude. Riddhima gets shocked and gave disgusted look'what???' asked Riddhima'Armaan turned his face and gazes at her charming innocent eyes. He was lost in them'whilst Riddhima who was seething in anger said 'tumhe toh main dekh lungi', turns back and carry on her jogging. While Armaan still lost.. Armaan didn't recognize her because he was half asleep, but those eyes again made his heart beat faster!!! 'what just happened right now? Who was that girl'phewww.. leave it armaan these days girls are affecting you too much!' thought armaan and leave from there.
<-------Three months of holidays are passed. ------->
After an hour of jogging, riddhima made her way back to Gupta Mansion.
Nani was busy in the kitchen making breakfast while Padma was setting up the dining table and Shashank reading newspaper on the dining table only.  They were having their small ched chad session. Whilst padma was putting a plate in front of shashank, he immediately grasp her hand and padma panicked giving him 'what are you doing' look..
Shanshank smiled seeing the way padma was trying to leave her hand from his grip but shashank tightened his grip
P: (silently) yeh kya kar rahe ho.. chodo mujhe, koi dekh lega
Shashank kept on staring at her
Padma blushes..
P: aap bhi na.. betiyon ki shaadi ki umar ho gayi hai aur aap hain ki..
Shash: ismein betiyon ko kyun la rahi ho' abhi toh hum jawan hai
And winks at padma' now she was blushing like hell, she was too shy to face him
Meanwhile, Riddhima enters the house, seeing her shashank left her hand.
Riddhima give a quick hug to her mom dad
R: Goood morning dad.. good morning mom
Shash: Good morning beta.. kya baat hai aaj bahut khush lag rahi ho
P: (proudly) haan kyun na ho, kal se sanjeevni jo join kar rahi hai.
Padma and Shashank were really happy for their daughter.
Riddhima takes an apple from the table to eat, while padma sees this
P: beta at least fresh up to hoja pehle, baad mein jitney marzi apples kha lena
Ri: nahi ma, fresh up hone mein time lagega isse better main pehle apple kha leti hu and baad mein fresh up ho jaungi..kyun dad?
Shashank smiles back nodding his head, and sees padma fuming
P: Shashank aapne hi bigada hai isko.. ab shaadi
Padma stopped in the middle.
Ri: ma kya hua? Aap aise bolte bolte chup kyun ho gaye?
P: hmm.. woh  beta woh actually kya hai na
Shashank see Padma's nervousness and says to Riddhima
Shash: beta kuch nahi woh bas aise hi
Ri: nahi papa mujhe batao.. kya baat hai?
And sits next to her dad' very desperate to know what is going on
Shashank sees Pandma and give her'what to do' look.. but padma was blank
Shash: Mujhe lagta hai ab mujhe tumhe sab kuch bata dena chahiye
And again looks at padma to see her reaction, whether she has any problem if he tells ridzi everything. Padma blinked her eyes, supporting his decision; she thought it was the right time.
Riddhima getting suspicious that something big is coming and gets more anxious..
Ri: aap log bata kyun nahi rahe baat kya hai?
On the other side' our main hero is sleeping unknown with the world, unfamiliar with what is coming to him soon. He was busy dreaming about that girl in the rain.
Keerti and Shubhankar go to his room
Ke: Dekho iss ladke ko..abhi tak so raha hai
Shubh: Abhi sone do na usse, bechara kitni late ghar aaya tha
Ke: Shubhankar tum toh kuch bolo hi mat, he is always busy partying aur roz raat ko late ghar aana.. it has now become his habbit
Armaan hear everything and covers himself with the pillow so that he can not hear keerti and sleep a bit more
Seeing this Keerti fumed' and Shubhankar immediately runs from there to sit next to him
Shubh: Armaan utho beta warna mummy maaregi  (said silently with the singing tone)
Keerti smiled from inside.. But still showing her angry look from outside
Armaan took the pillow off and sits on the bed still yawning and rubbing his eyes like a small cute baby.
Ar: (in the sleepy voice) good morning dad' mom
Ke: ab toh good after noon bolo..time dekha hai?
Armaan still half asleep sitting on his bed with his blanket on him
Ar: yea mom.. good after noon (didn't realize what he was saying)
Shubhankar gets more panicky and shakes armaan
Shubh: Arrey armaan yeh kya keh raha hai.. kyun maar padwa raha hai tujhe bhi aur mujhe bhi
Armaan realizes what he said
Ar: sorry' and puts his head down like a cute innocent kid
Shubhankar stood up and goes to keerti
Shubh: sweetheart, woh sorry keh raha hai na ab toh maan jao
And puts his hands around her neck' seeing this keerti melted
For a while they forgot everything but staring at each other's eyes.. Silence filled all over the place, now their eyes were talking to each other
(their eyes convo')
Ke: Shubhankar tum bhi na
Shubh: haan keerti main bhi na
Ke: (smiled) tumhe kaise pata chalta hai mujhe kaise manana hai
Shubh: ab toh aadat si ho gayi hai
Ke: (a bit angry look)kya? Main itni baar naraz hoti hu?
Shubh: nahi main tumhe naraz kar deta hu'galti se and holds his ear from one hand
Ke: (smiles again) shubhankar u r sooo sweet
Shubh: tumhari yehi adaa ne toh mujhe deewana bana diya hai.. I love you keerti
Keerti blushed'
Armaan was seeing their eye convo..he was smiling, and blushing too... he finally decides to break the romance here only
Ar: ahem ahem.. (Cleared his throat)
Before Keerti could reply to shubhankar, their eye contact broke, and they moved back from each other. They were feeling a bit embarrassed but Shubhankar broke the ice
Shubh: Armaan tum uth gaye.. good..very good
Armaan kinda laughing from inside seeing shubhankar saying all nonsense.. (because shubhankar only wake him up )
Ke:  Chalo ab tum uth hi gaye toh..    (and looks at Shubhankar)
Shubhankar smiled and tells keerti to carry on with what she was saying'
Shash: beta tum ab badi ho gayi ho.. aur humein lagta hai ki tumhari shaadi ho jaani chahiye
Riddhima showed herself very calm, but from inside she was boiling. She consoles herself, thinking so what if they are thinking about my marriage, but m sure they r only thinking.. abhi se thodi na koi ladka dhoond liya hoga..
R: theek hai mom.. but u will have to give me full choice to say yes or no
Shash: haan beta, final decision will be yours only but I am telling you, you will not be able to say no to him
P: To fir kab bulayen ladke ko?
Riddhima shocked'
R: WHAT??? (she shouted with a terror)
On the other side, keerti telling armaan about this (now both the scenes will go side by side)
K: Armaan, humne tumhare liye ek ladki pasand ki hai
Armaan shocked'.
And shouted 'WHAT??'
P: kya hua beta?
Ar: (with his eyes wide open)aapne ladki dhoond li??
Keerti and Shubhankar both smiled
Shubh: haan.. bahut soni kudi hai..
Armaan and Riddhima both in a big shock!! They don't know how are they supposed to react, what are they supposed to say.. they were stunned...
Shubh: beta, hum unhe kaafi time se jaante hain.. Dr. Shashank and Sister Padma are our very old friends, hum toh bas apni dosti ko rishtedari mein badalna chahte hain
Armaan all confused.. he wasn't expecting everything to be so fast' now he was speechless ..didn't know what to do so he just kept quiet and so as riddhima'
P: aur Armaan bhi doctor hai..he soon will be starting his internship just like you.. you both will make a fine couple..
K: Riddhima is a very good doctor, she has topped her university.. and she too will be soon starting with her internship. You both will be able to support each other very well.
Both were again expressionless, didn't know what was happening
Shash: toh main ek kaam karta hai, unn logon ko aaj shaam ko hi bula leta hoon.. kyun riddhima beta theek hai na
P: (excitedly) haan haan, aaj hi bula lete hain
Riddhima did not wanted to say no to her parents ever, so she nodded her head saying 'ok'.
All were really happy to see her response; shashank kissed her forehead and went in his room to call Shubhankar.  Padma was also very happy; she hugged her and went to the kitchen to tell nani about it.
Riddhima left alone there, she ran towards Anjali who was still sleeping..
'Di utho na.. please di' said Riddhima in the panicky voice to wake Anjali up.
Hearing her voice Anjali woke up. She was shocked to see Riddhima so tensed so instantly she sat on her bed.
An: 'Ridzi kya hua? Tum itni tension mein kyun ho?'
R: di mom dad meri shaadi karana chahte hai
Anjali got shocked.. she thought how come she didn't know about it? But then sees ridzi's position.. n consoles her
An (shouted): 'shaadi??? Kiske sath???'
R: woh koi dad ke purane friend ka beta hai, and woh aaj mujhe dekhne aa rahe hain..di main shaadi nahi karna chahti.. di main kya karu? Mujhe kuch samajh nahi aa raha.. mujhe kya karna chahiye.. main kissi se bhi aise hi shaadi kaise kar lu?
An: hold on ridz.. main mom dad se baat karu?
R: nahi di, mom and dad are really happy..main unka dil nahi dukhana chahti
An: fir toh kuch sochna padega
And they think for a while, after some time
An: Hum kuch aisa karenge ke woh jo ladka tumhe dekhne aa raha hai.. tumhe dekhte hi bhaag jayega
And gives a naughty smile to ridzi
R: di par agar mom dad ko pata chal gaya toh?
An: arey don't worry, main hoon naa..
And gives a big hug to her
An:  tu ab dekhti ja main kya karti hu uss' naam kya bataya uska?
R: armaan
An: hmm.. uss armaan ka..
And gives an evil laugh..hahahhaahah
Ridzi also smiled thinking now she will not have to marry him.
On the other side, keerti tells Armaan 'hum aaj shaam ko ja rahe hain unke be ready' and she leaves.
Armaan all sad, he never wanted to do arrange marriage.. he actually never wanted to marry any one' he thought 'how can I marry a girl, and live with her for the rest of my life.. wouldn't that be really boring.  I mean ek ladki humesha ke liye? No way.. armaan this is not going to happen.. teri azaadi tujhse koi nahi cheen sakta.. aur woh' kya naam tha haan riddhima woh to bilkul bhi nahi' main aa raha hoon dr.riddhima, see you soon'.. and gives an evil smile.
In the evening..
Pa: Riddhima beta, tum abhi tak taiyaar nahi hui.. woh log aate honge
Ri: ma' bas abhi taiyaar ho rahi hu
Anjali comes there
An: don't worry mom, aaj ridzi ko main taiyaar karungi (giving the evil smile to ridzi)
Pa: theek hai beta, magar isko saree pehna dena ok
An: ok mom..dont worry.
Padma goes from there' Riddhima was sitting on her bed fully depressed.
An: aao riddhima main tumhe taiyaar karti hu
Ri: Di aap bhi.. mujhe taiyaar nahi hona
An: arrey meri choti behen, agar taiyaar nahi hogi toh hum Mr.Armaan Malik ko kaise bhagaenge?
Ri: (confused) matlab?
An: dekho ridz main kya layi hu tumhare liye'
Ri: saree?? Magar yeh toh..
An: haan ridzi..yeh nani ki saree hai jo unhone apni shaadi ke time khareedi thi aur armaan tumhe ismein dekhte hi bhaag jayega
Ri: (finally smiled, with a bit of relief) par di aapko yeh mili kahan se
An: main nani ke room se chupakar laayi hu
And they both laughs..
 Padma knocked their room..
Pa: Anjali riddhima taiyaar hui ya nahi..woh log aa gaye
An: haan mom almost ready.. aap jao main isse le kar aati hu
Anjali didn't let padma see what ridzi is wearing so that she could not get any chance to make ridzi change that saree'
Ri: par di iss saree ko dekh kar woh kyun bhaagega?
An: Ridzi..tu nahi jaanti aaj kal ke ladkon ko. All they want is a modern girl.. but you have show yourself very old fashioned' And gave all the instructions possible. She even made her wear all the old type of big golden jewelry'
Riddhima laughed on herself ' Di main toh ek dum village girl lag rahi hu'
An: 'shh.. dheere bol koi sun lega'
And they both giggled'
Malik family enters the Gupta Mansion..
All were wearing formals.. and armaan was wearing white shirt, blue jeans.. and was looking so handsome..
Shashank and Padma welcomed them
Shash: 'aiye aiye dr. shubhankar, dr. keerti'
Shubh: ' hello sir' and hugs him.
Shubhankar introduces them with Armaan
Shubh: 'inse miliye yeh hai Armaan, humara beta'
Ar: 'namastey uncle, namastey aunty'
Shash: 'namastey beta.. arey aap sab log ander aao'
And they all go inside.. Armaan gives a quick look to the house and they all settled down in the drawing room. Nani comes getting some tea and snacks..
Shubhankar and Keerti said 'namastey' to her..
Nani: 'namastey beta..khush raho' and then she stares at armaan
Armaan was lost in his own world, he didn't even notice nani was there..
Shubh: 'ahem ahem' cleared his throat ' yeh mera beta Armaan hai' tells nani
And says armaan to touch her feet in the sign language
Armaan touches her feet.. Nani now all happy ' jeete raho beta' and puts her hand on his face 'bada hi sona munda hai shubhankar tumhara'
Shubh: (silently to keerti) : 'aakhir beta kiska hai' and giggled
Armaan smiles and sit back to the couch.
Ke: 'riddhima aur anjali kahin nazar nahi aa rahe'
Pa: 'haan bas anjali riddima ko le kar aati hi hogi'
Armaan all frustrated, looking here and there.. he never felt so awkward before. He was just looking here and there all the time.
Shash: 'Armaan beta tum theek to ho'
Ar: 'yes uncle I am absolutely fine'
Shash: 'good good, So Dr. Malik' you will be soon starting with your internship huh?'
Ar: 'ji'
In the mean while, Anjali brings Riddhima. Her heart was beating faster and faster with every step she was taking. She knew that Armaan will definitely say no after seeing her is such a dress up but still she was very scared.
Armaan sees someone is coming from stairs, but he ignored. He started seeing at the other direction of the room.
Ridzi enters the room.. Padma and nani are shocked!!!!


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