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part 6 : Woh Lamhe

Precap: Armaan punched Abhimanyu for misbehaving with Riddhima, and in anger he announced her as his wife. They get friendly on their way to Ridzi's home.

"Mujhe nahi laga tha main tumhe yeh kabhi bolungi but thanks for everything, you stood by me when I needed it the most. Thanks, and I think I will miss.." before completing her sentence she realized what she was about to say and blushingly she ran inside her home leaving Armaan astonished. He glances at her running away with a cute dimply smile on his face. He was hoping her to turn back to take a last glimpse of his. And to his amaze, when she stepped in her house, she turned back holding the door with shyness and looked him to which Armaan mummed "Oyeee hoyeee!". Seeing her disappearing again, he put the reverse gear and went from there.

Seeing her entering the house Padma questioned her in a worry, "Riddhu beta..what took you so long? Main kab se tera wait kar rahi thi" but observing at her sweet smile and blushing eyes she was amazed. "Kuch nahi Maa" said Ridzi slowly, to which Padma knew something has definitely happened that's why her daughter was happy today, after such a long time her smile was reaching to her eyes.

"Beta main tere liye ice-cream laayi hoon.. yeh dekh teri favourite." Said Padma with affection, while passing the bowl to her to which her eyes twinkled. Remembering the incident just happened a while ago, when Armaan offered her to come with him to the ice-cream parlour, as he was feeling hot and the way she responded him by turning the A/C on, she felt shiver in her spine. Her eyes were telling so much to Padma, but yet she was confused to see her staring so much at the ice cream. She waved to Ridzi's wrist to bring her back from her thoughts, but to that she shivered. Taking the bowl with her, she ran away on the stairs to her room so that her mother would not notice her red cheeks.

Riddzi lying on the bed staring upwards at the ceiling fan "Mujhe kya hua hai.. Kuch ho gaya hai.." Pull in her big white teddy and hug it tightly "Kuch mil gaya hai.. Kuch kho gaya hai.." Twirling around and looking at the ice cream bowl on her bed side "Yeh kyun hua hai.. Main Prem Ki Deewani Hoon.." Ridzi was totally lost in the sweet most moments, Armaan being so protective, so muscular, so hilarious, so handsome, flirty at times, his dimply face and his big green eyes.. Were just so perfect!! "Oh My God!! Am I falling in love?" she amazingly asked herself "No, it can't be..! I hardly know him.." satisfying herself, but again gazing up on the bowl she mesmerize his smartness, his politeness that makes him a perfect gentlemen. In her thoughts, she didn't realize when her eyes closed and went asleep but the smile on her face illuminated that she was dreaming about him.

Padma notices it all from the door and gives a satisfactory smile.. "Matlab..Armaan ka jadoo chal gaya". Yes, she knew it was Armaan. As a while ago, after Ridzi left for her room someone knocked the door.


Someone knocks at the door; as soon as Padma opens it she was numbed to see the view. It was Armaan, Ridzi's husband standing on the door. He come forward and touches her feet, Padma was puzzled. She did not expect him to be here, at her home but was happy indeed. He was back in their lives. She put her hands on his head to give blessings "Beta, tum yahan?" she asked him with a shock in her eyes. "Aunty woh'actually Riddhima ka phone car mein reh gaya tha'bas wohi dene aaya tha" Padma was stunned. "Kya Riddhu tumhare saath aayi thi?" "Ji..aunty" and told her the whole story. He got tears in his eyes when he told her about Abhi misbehaving with her. She could feel the pain in his voice, and his heart was aching. She felt the care; the love he does to her daughter and beside that god decided their relationship, so Padma essentially wanted to unite them. After the story completed Armaan ask Padma to keep the phone, but she denied. "Ab yeh phone tum hi usse dena" Padma said with a smirking smile.

*Flashback over*

Armaan on the other hand, was jumping, laughing, and enjoying his happiness. He enters his home with a joy, seeing Atul in front of him he could not control but picked him up and twirled him around. "Bhai'bhaiiii.. ruko bhaiiiii'" Atul literally shouted, as he wanted to know the reason behind his happiness. Armaan stopped and put him down and announced with cheer "Chaamppp.. aaj main bahut khush hoon..bahut". Confused Atul asked him again "Bhai kya baat hai batao na' aakhir mujhe bhi to pata chale", Armaan hugged him with delight "aaj mujhe woh mili thi..hum logon ne itni baatien ki..woh mere sath car mein bhi bethi thi..fir usne mujhe yeh bhi kaha ki woh mujhe miss' soo happy am soo happy champ!!" his emotions were coming out through his words, his shivering words could tell how much blissful he was today. Without taking Ridzi's name, Atul understood it all. He was very pleased for his brother, he knew how sorrow he was feeling since the day they got married. And today is the day, when just talking to her is making him insane. Yes, he could feel the god's decision was so much in favour of them, being together only they both could be happy.

The night passed with the happiness and love in both of their eyes. Next day enters a new person in Starship Hospital' Dr. Rahul Garewal.

Dr. Rahul Garewal has completed his M.B.B.S, currently enjoying his holidays before his internship starts. Best friends with Riddhima, and a very close family friend to the Gupta family. His parents have arranged his marriage in Patiyala, without acknowledging him about the girl; hence he ran back to Mumbai leaving everything behind.

Ri: Ohh myy godd rahul.. tum yahan

Ridzi jumped off her table seeing her best friend unexpectedly and hugged him tightly

Ra: wow.. never got this warm welcome from you before!

Ri: Shut up Rahul, its just that I missed you sooo much.. you won't believe what has happened here after you went to see your parents.. by the way howz everyone in Patiyala? And are you?? Seems like you have gained some weight..!! aur tumhara trip kaisa tha?? aur tum itne chup kyun ho.. kuch kaho to'idhar to bas main hi bole ja rahi hoon bole ja rahi hu..

Rahul sighed.

Ra: finally chup toh hui..

Riddhima fumed..

Ri: Kya Matlab?

Ra: arey mujhe kuch bolne dogi to bolunga na..tum ho ki ek baar start ho jaao to stop hi nahi hoti

Both laughed at this..LOL

Ri: haan haan..rehne do.. now shoot the rapid fire

Ra: ok, everyone back home are good, me too am fine, yes I definitely have gained some weight..arey itna khila khila ke mujhe mota kar diya, and seems like tumhare saath bahut kuch hua hoga but jo mere sath are never going to believe..main toh kissi tarah jaan bachaake tumhare paas aa gaya..

Ri: kyuun'aisa kya ho gaya Rahul..come on tell me everything

Both headed towards the caf

Ra: Bas yaar, mere wahan jaate hi kuch din toh theek tha.. sab normal the, par fir mujhe bataya gaya ki mere kisi Patiyala ki ladki se shaadi fix ho gayi hai woh mujhse bina pooche' main toh darr hi gaya tha.. pata nahi kaisi gaaon ki gori hogi

Ri: OMG.. aisa kaise woh tumhari shaadi fix kar sakte hain?? Toh fir kya tum uss ladki se mile?

Ra: nah..!! usse pehle hi main bahana maar ke yahan aa gaya.. aur maine shaadi ke liye bhi saaf mana kar diya hai..mujhe nahi karni shaadi waadi..

Ridzi giggled at this..

Ri: haan haan..tumhe shaadi karke apni bachelor giri thode na khoni hai'haina

Ra: aur kya.. kuch saal wait karke jab lagega ki poori life jee li.. uske baad shaadi ka sochenge

Ri: haan aur tab tak tum 60 ke ho chuke hoge.. ladki kaun milegi tumhe

Ra: tum ho na..

Ri: dhat..

Ra: nahi sach mein.. dekho tumhe toh koi ladka milega nahi..issi  liye taras kha ke main hi tumse shaadi kar lunga

Ri: ohooo..rahul ji..thank you soo much..(With full drama, keeping one hand on her forehead) agar aap na hote toh main marr jaati

Both laughed, and cheered their coffees.

Ra: so what's your story? What happened with you?

Ri: well..mere saath toh bahut hi jyada drama hua.. mandir mein kisi ne galti se meri maang mein sindoor bhar diya..

Rahul gets shocked..

Ra: yeh kya keh rahi hai'?? Fir kya hua?

Ri: fir kya.. sab bolne lag gaye shaadi ho gayi shaadi ho gayi.. but main toh main hi hoon.. main thode na aise kissi ke shaadi maan loongi

Ra: toh kya tumne mana kar diya?

Ri: fir kya.. mujhe toh mana karna hi tha

Ra: par uss ladke ka kya hua?

Ri: wohh' Armaan..

Ridzi blushed taking his name from her lips

Ri: Armaan ne kuch nahi kaha.. woh chahta to zabardasti kar sakta tha..but he is innocent types, very cute, very charming.. Usmein sahi manners hain, usko pata hai kab kise kya kehna chahiye.. kab kisi ko hasana hai aur kab serious hona hai.

Rahul was amazed seeing Ridzi's expressions, her blushing while talking about him.

Ra: (teasingly) achaaa'itna sab tumhe mandir mein pata chal gaya uske baare mein..

Ridzi came back from her thoughts..

Ri: nahi'nahi.. woh hum kal co-incidentally mill gaye and he protected me from a mad person then he gave lift to me to my place..

Ridzi's cheek were getting red..

Ra: achaaa??

He could sense the red colour of her cheeks. He knew that Armaan has affected on her totally..she was may be falling in love. But was he the right person for her, he was confused.

Ra: aur woh kahan kaam karta hai?

Ri: pata nahi.. main toh usse sanjeevani ke bahar mili thi.. toh may be woh wahan kissi kaam se aaya hoga..

Ra: hmm'toh pata lagana padega

Ridzi gets confused

Ri: kyaa?

Rahul covering himself..

Ra: tumhara phone..kahan hai? Main kal se try kar raha hoon par koi phone hi pick nahi kar raha

Ri: phone.. pata nahi

She looks in her purse but couldn't find it.. and suddenly some thoughts strike her mind

Ri: ohh nooo'mera phone to ussi ke car mein reh gaya..damn!! mujhe yaad kyun nahi aaya

Ra: great' toh usko phone karo aur kaho tumhara phone drop kar de

Ri: but I don't know his number

Ra: stupid.. you have your number right..!! call on that

Ri: arey haan..

She hits her head for being so stupid. She gives a call but again no body picks it. Tries 2-3 times again, but no response.

Ri: woh to phone hi nahi utha raha.. kya karien..

Ra: hmm' tujhe to pata nahi woh kahan kaam karta hai.. but you met him in Sanjeevani right?

Ri : yea..

Ra: great.. hum wahan chalte hain then we will ask about him there.

Ridzi gets frightened with a thought of going back to the same place where Abhimanyu attacked her

Ri: nahi.. I am not going there

Ra: kyun?

Ri: Abhimanyu wapas mil gaya toh?

Ra: don't worry.. u told me that Armaan punched him too hard so I am sure usko acha sabak mil gaya hoga..aur waise bhi main hoon na tumhare saath.. don't worry kuch nahi hoga.

Ridzi convinces herself; after all she has got another excuse to meet Armaan.

On the other side, Armaan was sitting in his cabin with Riddhima's phone in his hand. He adored it; it was Riddhima's phone, the only thing she keeps with her all the time. He opens it and found her photo as wallpaper, seeing it his eyes filled with love. He could imagine as if it was real Riddhima standing in front of him. "tarara tarira.. tarara tarira.. tarara tarira'.Tu Zindagi" Her hair blowing in the air, her cute adorable looks were so innocent, her deep green eyes were making him crazy and her kid like smile was so charming. He was loving her more with every moment, he goes towards her, takes her hand in his and give a kiss on her forehead "I Love You riddhima" "tujhe se main kya kahooon..tu hi mera sukooon'sang tere rahoooon'.Tu Zindagi"

He soon realizes it was his dream as he heard a knock at the door. It was Abhimanyu standing there with a straight face. Armaan's smiling face soon turned into anger, he didn't reply to him. Seeing this, Abhimanyu directly entered the cabin and ask Armaan in a loud voice "So Armaan..what do you want to say about yesterday?". Armaan being totally fumed in anger didn't even wanted to reply but he still wanted him to realize what he did was a big crime. "Dr. Abhimanyu, first of all don't forget this is a hospital, and you should not do anything due to which this hospital or its patients suffer. Do you understand that.."

Rahul parks his car at the car park of Sanjeevani when Rahul's phone rung.. "Riddhima ek kaam karo tum jaao aur pata karo..main thodi der mein aata hoon"

Riddhima gets out of the car and sighs seeing the big Sanjeevani board.."aaj pata nahi kya hoga" she thought as her last experience wasn't too good with it. She heads towards the Sanjeevani reception and ask the nurse there

Ri: Sister.. kya aap kissi Mr. Armaan ko jaanti hain?

Si: you mean Dr. Armaan??

Ridzi gets a shock, "oh my god, armaan is a doctor here.."

Ri: jee.. kya aap mujhe bata sakte hain woh mujhe kahan milenge?

Si: jee, dr. malik's cabin is right there on the left.

Ridzi gets another big shock.. THE DOCTOR ARMAAN MALLIK, he is the famous Dr. Mallik of Sanjeevani. The doctor with all the kindness, he is the one sending his patients to U.S. for the treatment on his cost. He is the one with a warm heart and all the patients call him their god. The respect for him was even increased in her eyes. He is such a big person, and yet has no attitude for it. This was amazingly a surprise for her.

Seeing him in so much of anger Abhi calmed himself down, he knew he has hurt him very much this time, but though he wanted the clarification for the punch, and for calling her his wife. "Sorry Armaan.. dekh mujhe pata hai ki mujhe aise uss ladki se behave nahi karna chahiye tha par tune mujh par haath uthaya and uss ladki ko apni wife kaha.. kyun armaan.. woh kya sach mein..??". Armaan was melting as he was apologising, but then also how can he forget him being to mean with riddhima. "Haan..woh meri wife hai'. aur main iss duniya mein sabse zyada pyaar main usse karta hoon..main nahi dekh sakta koi bhi usse hurt kare.. samjhe..koi bhi..chahe woh tum bhi kyun na ho..Dr. Abhimanyu Modi'my so called best friend!!" the anger could clearly be seen in his red eyes. Abhi could not believe his ears and neither do Riddhima who was standing on the door listening all of their conversation.


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