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part 7 : Woh Lamhe

Precap: Armaan Riddhima falling in love, Dr. Rahul's entry. Ridzi and Rahul's sweet talks and Armaan confessing his love to Abhimanyu to which Ridzi overhears.

"Haan…woh meri wife hai…aur main iss duniya mein sabse zyada pyaar usse karta hoon.. main nahi dekh sakta koi bhi usse hurt kare…samjhe..koi bhi..chahe who tum bhi kyun na ho..Dr. Abhimanyu Modi.. my so called best friend!!" the anger could clearly be seen in his red eyes. Abhi could not believe his ears and neither do Riddhima who was standing on the door listening all of their conversation.
She was stunned, it wasn't the mistake last time when he called her his wife in front of everyone, in actual he does consider her as one and moreover, he does not even show this to her. He loves her; he fought with his best friend for her, for his love. The care, the affection he shows to her is his love…the true love she always wanted.

Armaan's eyes got caught when he saw Riddhima standing there on the door. Their eyes locked with each other; there were many questions, many answers and much more affection in them but still there was a mysterious silence in between. His heart beated profoundly, he knew she has heard each and every word and Riddhima, she didn't know how to react.. the whole lot has happened in such a sudden, she required a little time to assimilate it. She was lost in her thoughts when Armaan called her, "Riddhima..tum yahan..", she went inside the cabin nervously with her eyes gazing at the floor.

He knew she was feeling awkward, and notices Abhi standing there staring at her.

Ar: Dr. Abhimanyu.. you may leave from here

He said in an ordering voice. After he left, Armaan observed her shivering. He went closer to her and with politeness asked her to sit while grabbing the chair next to her. "Riddhima.." he politely wobble her. She came back to her senses and looks at him

Ri: Woh..actually mera phone tumhare paas reh gaya tha

 She said in a trembling voice, trying to hide the butterflies in her stomach.

Ar: Phone?? Nahi toh

He answered in a plain voice trying to show he don't think about her all day.

Ridzi looks around his table and finds it was right in front of his chair..

Ri: Yeh phone mera hai..

She signalled, it was foreseen that he has been playing with it for quite a while as the light from it was still flashing..

Armaan was again caught… "Damn.. how does she always manage to catch my lie.." he thought

Ar: ohhhhhh……toh yeh tumhara phone hai.. main wohi soch raha tha.. pata nahi kiska phone aa gaya

He lied rubbing his chin. He was trying to play over smart.

Ri: achaa.. toh fir kabse main ismein phone kar rahi hoon..uthaya kyun nahi?

She asked with the eagerness of catching his lie

Ar: phone?? Kab??

He over-did his expressions this time, to which Ridzi couldn't control but giggled seeing his eyes wide open and shocking expressions..

Her giggling face conveyed Armaan that he has lost it this time.

Ri: acha.. Armaan.. tum mera phone kab se explore kar rahe ho aur tumne yeh bhi nahi dekha usmein kiske missed calls hai..

Armaan raised his one eyebrow.. he was loosing it

She asked him innocently this time..

Ri: iss mein meri photo bhi lagi hai.. tab bhi pata nahi chala?

Armaan twirled his eyes from here to there with the lost expression.. "damn!! I am finished…kuch soch Armaan soch..think.." and suddenly his eyes lighted

Ar: Maine jaise hi phone khola.. tabhi tum aa gayi.. mujhe time kahan mila tumhara wallpaper dekhne ka

Ridzi smiled at his childhood, when she never told him her photo was set as wallpaper, then how does he know without seeing it. She caught his lie again, but didn't say anything this time. She knew if she says something now he will feel embarrassed, so just to excuse that she decides to let him win.

Ri: Fair enough!! So Armaan can I have my phone back?

Armaan smirked at his victory. While passing the phone to her abruptly a number flashed its screen, it was Rahul calling Ridzi. Armaan sees the name but without bothering gives her the cell phone back. Ridzi instantly picked it up, while Armaan looked at her from his eye corner

(only one side phone conversation)

Ri: Heyy Rahul.. kahan ho?? I was waiting for you

After a gap..

Ri: Yeaa..mujhe phone mil gaya..haan Armaan ke paas hi tha

("Toh Mr. Rahooool ko saari information hai Riddhima ke baare mein".. Armaan assumed)

With a bit of tension she replied,

Ri: kya keh rahe ho.. sachi mein woh shaadi itni jaldi karwana chahte hain?

Armaan opened his eyes widely, and with the shocking expressions he looked at her (trying to play detective detective here..LOLLOL)

Ri: okk.. to tum jaa rahe ho..

Ri: nahi koi problem nahi hai.. I will go by myself..

Ri: byee.. take you

"OMG…Love you… she said Rahul love you.. kahin yeh.. magar woh.. par aise toh..nahi nahi.. aisa kuch hota toh Padma aunty pakka batati.. magar kahin yehh…" Armaan struggled in his thoughts

Ridzi snapped her fingers in front of him.. "armaaan"

Ri: thanks for the phone.. I think I will have to leave now

Armaan wanted to stop her, as he wanted to spend more time with her..

Ar: itni jaldi??

Ridzi smiled,

Ri: jee.. actually kaafi late ho raha hai.. ma bhi wait kar rahi hongi

Ar: chaliye main aapko chod deta hoon

Ri: nahi nahi.. ghar chodne ki koi jaroorat nahi hai. I will go

Ar: main toh bahar tak chodne ki baat kar raha tha

he changed his statement, so that she could not be able to say no this time.

Ri: ok

Both leaves from the cabin and on their way in corridor Abhimanyu bumped with them.

Looking at Abhimanyu, the anger filled in both Armaan and Riddhima's eyes.

Without bothering looking at him again, they took their step forward when

Abhimanyu stopped them saying

Ab: Riddhima ji

They turned back and were shocked to see him on his knees

He folded his hand in front of them and pleaded

Ab: Riddhima ji.. mujhse bahut badi galti hui hai.. mujhe aapke saath aise behave nahi karna chahiye tha.. main apne kiye par bahut pachta raha hoon

Ridzi looked at him with the surprise

Ab: Riddhima ji..please mujhe maaf kar di jeeye… main aapse vaada karta hoon aage se aisa kabhi nahi karunga.. kissi ke saath nahi

Ridzi's eyes were moist seeing Abhi literally crying and begging for her forgiveness

Ab: Agar aapne mujhe maaf nahi kiya toh Armaan bhi mujhe kabhi maaf nahi karega..please Riddhima jee.. pleaseeee

She looked at Armaan who was still in anger, but his heart was crying for his best friend. On one side it was his love, and on the other side it was his best friend. He really wanted to hug him but thinking of the pain he gave to Riddhima stopped him.

Ridzi decided not to come between their friendships. Abhimanyu cannot be that bad as he is best friends with Armaan and also he is asking for her forgiveness, he really felt innocent. He has made a mistake and he was committing it, was itself a big deal.

Ri: dekhiye.. please aap khade ho jaaiye.. maine aapko maaf kiya.

A smile came to his face and Armaan was amazed

Ri: Aapne galti ki thi.. par uski maafi bhi maangi.. That's enough for me. Main aap dono ke friendship ke beech mein bilkul bhi nahi aana chahti.. please Armaan aap bhi inhe maaf kardo

Ridzi insisted Armaan..

The dimples approached his face as they both, Armaan and Abhi hugged each other tightly, and a tear tickled from Ridzi's eyes. She has just re-united the best friends; she was feeling very light and was indeed very happy.

After a while both apart from their hug, Abhi put his hands on his ears

Ab: sorry Armaan..maine tera bahut dil dukhaya na

Armaan caressed his cheeks

Ar: chal.. kuch nahi hota.. bas aage se aisa mat kariyo

At this both give hi5 to each other.

Abhi turned to Ridzi

Ab: Riddhima ji.. thank you.. aaj aapki wajah se mera dost mujhe wapas mil gaya

Ridzi smiled

Ri: Its ok Abhimanyu ji, I am very happy aap dono wapas dost ban gaye

All cheered with excitement.

Ri: (politely, putting her hair strand behind her ear) armaan.. ab chalien.. der ho rahi hai

Ar: oh yea sure.. see you Abhi

Ri: Bye Abhimanyu ji

Ab: Bye Riddhima ji.. and thank you once again.

Armaan and Riddhima both goes outside sanjeevani with the smiling face. It was dark outside.

Ri: acha Armaan.. ab main chalti hoon..

She went down few steps when Armaan stopped her

Ar: Riddhima..

She turned back, and finds him coming towards her

Ar: Riddhima.. its quite late.. tum akele kaise jaogi.. shall I drop you?

She looks at him with a surprise

Ar: itna surprise hone ki jaroorat nahi hai.. woh main bhi bas ghar hi ja raha tha.. aur tumhara ghar raaste mein hi hai..toh bas isiliye

He said with a sweet smile.. while she blushed at his lie..

Ri: (slowly) Sure..

She sat in his car, it was full of his perfume smell.. Smelling it she got the goose bumps all over her body, she could feel him all over her. Armaan notices her being affected by something, may be because him sitting next to her he assumed..

On their way, they both were quiet. The silence between them was talking.. once Riddhima looks at him and the other second Armaan glares at her. Both were enjoying each other's presence. Soon her home appeared and Armaan stopped the car.

He looks at her, who was still sitting, deep in her thoughts when Armaan shake her by putting his warm hand on hers.. "Riddhima.. "

She vibrated at bit and looked at Armaan with the puzzled eyes "haan.."
He smiled this..

"Tumhara ghar aa gaya.." She looks on the side and realizes she has already reached and then looks back to Armaan with a smile.."thanks armaan".. It was clearly seen from her face that how much she was enjoying the ride, she was so much lost that she didn't even realize when her home came.. When she opened the car door, she realized his hand was still on hers and he was just staring at her. Her eyes twinkled and cheeks become red "Armaan mujhe jaana hai", she whispered.

Coming back to the senses, he tightened his grip on her hand "Riddhima..kya tum mere saath dinner par chalogi? " he asked her straightforwardly. She was again surprised with him being so simple and clear.

"Armaan.." he cut her in between "Dekho Riddhima.. it will be just a simple dinner bas.. nothing else..pleaseee".. she couldn't able to deny his offer, his grey shiny eyes and him pouting like a baby looked so adorable.. "Okay.. But in 1 hour" she answered. He cheered with the joy.."YES!!!" he shouted loudly, then realized she saw that.. to cover up his embarrassment he continued..

Ar: Then I will pick you in an hour..ok.

Ri: Nahi Armaan.. uski zaroorat nahi hai.. I will come on my own, you just message me the place

His face dropped down..

Ar: Ok..

He didn't want to argue for it.

Soon she disappeared from there.


After coming inside her home, she was lost in her own thoughts. Entering her room, she sat right in front of the mirror. She looked at herself and then to her hand that were shivering. Shivering with the touch of Armaan. For the first time, he touched her.. she felt shiver all over spine. She slowly takes her hand to her cheeks and cares' them. Her soul could feel his touch. She was feeling so complete, so pure.

Her chain of thoughts broke when her phone beeped and got a message. She quickly looked up at it expecting him must have texted her about the place but disappointed, it was just another irritating AD-Airtel message she got. Looking at the time she was shocked.. "OMG.. only 15 mins left.. jaldi kar Riddhima get ready fast.. warna aaj toh Armaan wait karta hi reh jaayega".. After taking out all her dresses, her cupboard was completely empty; making her confused what to wear. Suddenly her eyes stuck on the top rack, it had a box. She quickly opened it and found a saree, which was gifted by Padma on her last birthday. She jumped with joy.. she finally got what she wanted.

She instantly took shower and came out wearing this saree. With a light make up on, she was ready. It was exactly 8 pm, but still no message from Armaan. Disappointedly, she went to her balcony when she was amazed seeing Armaan standing in front of her house on her driveway, leaning against his car waiting for her.


He looked upwards when his heart skipped a beat. It was her staring at him with a shock. Both get water in their eyes when their eyes locked with each other. 

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