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chapter 17 : My soulmate my wife

Ridhima was feeling that her ex-
husband was mocking on her
Kapoor house ……..

Next day………. At afternoon …
All were sitting in hall room and
Nidhi came down and sat
beside Mrs. kapoor
Ved : what is Ridhima doing ?
Nidhi: sleeping.. I’ve checked..
Mrs. kpoor : Ved, beta, we should
have inform your Buaji.
Mr. kapoor: If Laxmi didi got to
know she’ll be very tense
and more sad… what’s the
necessity ?
Mrs. kapoor : but she is Ridhima’s
buaji.. except Ridhima no one
has her in the world.
Ved: mamma, papa is right..
we’ll tell buaji once Ridhima
get well properly.. not before that..
she’ll only get more pain.
Nidhi : what’s the necessity to even
tell her then ? whenever
she will hear, she’ll be hurt.. we’re
taking care of Ridhima..and
once she gets well, [ to Ved]you
better bring Buaji here…
both will feel better then .
Mr. kapoor: yea, Nidhi is right.. I agree
with her..
Ved : ok, then I’ll go Banglore to
bring her here..
day has started passing and Ridhima
quickly recovering in
strict instruction with Ved, Nidhi
and Mr. Mrs. kapoor
It’s been 10 days… today Ridhima has
to go hospital to cut her
stitch thread.. But for urgent reason
Ved has went court.
Nidhi after coming back from London
didn’t go Malik Mainson to meet
her family. So today she also went
there, Ved dropped her
here and will take her back after his
Actually after their left. Ridhima told
Mrs. kapoor about this.
Ridhima didn’t want Nidhi or Ved
to disturb… So Mrs. kapoor
got ready to take Ridhima at hospital..
But it’s quite difficult
for her.. As Ridhima can’t walk
properly.. she need strong
help. And Mrs. kapoor was a old lady.
Mrs. kapoor was about to go Ridhima's
room just the someone
rang door bell. Maid opened door..
and then Armaan was
standing outside……
Mrs. kapoor: Armaan beta.. aao.. aoo..
come in.. [ Armaan walked in]
Armaan: how are you aunty and all,
jija ji , Dii, uncle , Ridhima?
Mrs. kapoor : we all are good.. In fact
Nidhii beta went to your
house following this morning..
Ved dropped her there..
have a seat .. [ Armaan sat down]..
didn’t you meet with her ?
Armaan: ohh !! no.. actually I went to
take her back home
few hours.. as she went back to
London didn’t go MM
everyone was missing her there..
[ Utter lie ] then I’ll take
your leave now.. b T Y where are you
about to go ? [ he stood
Mrs. kapoor : woo, actually, Rishima has
an appointment with
doctor, so no one is at home ..that’s
why I’m thinking to take
her there, can’t miss it ,na ?
Ar : You ? [ making a shocked
expression when he very
well knew today was her first
appointment ] aunty, how
could you do it ? I mean ..
Mrs. kapoor : I know but.. have to do
it..I’ll take Raju also with
me.. no option left..
Ar: if you don’t mind then can I
help you ? I mean I can
take her to the doctor.. If only you
say then..
Mrs. kapoor knows Armaan as a family
member , nice boy so no
point to say No.
Mrs. kapoor : why not ? then it will be
Armaan laughed under breath,, he just
wanted this..
Mrs. kapoor : then you go to Ridhima’s
Ar : umm..Which one , aunty ?
[ in thought: 1st floor , 3rd no from
left ]
Mrs. kapoor : beta, 1st floor , 3rd no
from left .. go..
Armaan walked upstairs and knocked
on door..
Ri : aunty… ander ajaiye [ come
Ridhima was sitting bed, drawing a
design on art paper
keeping on lap by right hand. She
thought it must be Mrs.
kapoor She didn’t look up.
Ri : Aunty, I think we
shouldn’t go today.. when bhai will
get time, I mean may be tomorrow
will go.. what will
happened in one day ?
Ar: we will go today ? …[Ridhima
jerked up to hear his
voice, pencil fell down from her
hand.. ]
Ri : aap ??
Armaan picking up pencil : Haan,
main ? do you expect
someone else ? [ he stretched
pencil towards her]
Ri : What ? I mean why ? why
you came here ? wait a
minute, how you came to my room ?
[ Ridhima stanched
pencil from Armaan’s hand ]
Armaan: I’s missing you ..I mean
missing Dii, so come to see
her.. and come here by my car, and
t o your room, well, by
foot, climbing door. And who gave
me your address ? aunty
gave me this dream land’s address
..anything else you want
to know ?
Armaan sat down on bed… Ridhima felt
uneasy , try to move
but, Armaan held her hand..
Ar : don’t you dare to move by
pressuring your legs.. [ his
voice was serious. Are you ready ?
Ri : means ? I mean for what ?
Ar: I’ll take you to doctor..
Ri [ shocked] : nahi, khabi nehi
[ no ..never ]
Ar: remember, you’ve promised
me.. will do what as I
say ? then do it ?
Ri : this.. this is.. cheating..
Ar: how ? [ there is nothing to
answer for Ridhima, yes,
she has promised now.. has to fulfill
it.. ok do it for
then.. he won’t follow me..
Ri : ok… I’ll go…
She kept pencil and drawing papers
aside.. then tried to pull
wheelchair to sit on it.. Armaan got it
and held wheelchair..
pushed it aside.. far away from
Ridhima’s reach.. Ridhima
surprisingly looked at him.. before
she could ask how she will
go now, Armaan picked up her in arms
..Ridhima clutched her
collar to make balance.. and again
she could opened her
mouth to protest
Ar: don’t dare to opened your
mouth, I’ll Kiss you then.
Instantly Ridhima pressed her lips
and looked at him with
widen eyes.. Armaan smiled.. and
walked out of the room.. he
came down ..Mrs. kapoor was in hall
room.. waiting for them
coming down.. she also bit surprised
to see Armaan carrying
Ridhima ..she thought Armaan will
come down with her wheel
chair…Armaan walked to her..
Ar : Aunty , I’ll drop her back..
you don’t worry..
Mrs. kapoor nodded yes, when Ridhima
was looking down feeling
extremely uneasy, embarrassed in
front of Mrs. kapoor But here
another storm was blowing into her
heart.. it’s the first time
any male has touched her like that..
though.. this was the
same male who once picked her up..
but that also not for
long.. …
Armaan came to car.. and gestured
Ridhima something.. Ridhima
didn’t get at first time. So she also
asked him through eyes, “WHAT “.
Ar: open the car door.. or you
want to stay into my arms
like that ?
Ridhima without replying..
immediately opened the door..
Armaan made her sat on seat. Then
held her leg.. when Ridhima
he held her leg, Ridhima felt so
uncomfortable, she wanted to
pull.. But Armaan was holding her
hand too. Armaan carefully
kept her leg on carpet. He walked
to driver side and got in.
Ridhima silently was sitting keeping
her hand into her lap. By
one hand she can’t tie seat belt.
Armaan leaned over her, she
looked down and moved more back
as much as she could,
pressed her back fully on seat. Armaan
looked once and then
tied her seat belt..he made sure he
didn’t touch her.
Then he loosed her seat’s knot a bit
and made leaned her seat
back. Which gave you more
comfortable to seat and won’t
get hurt into leg or elbow. Without
saying any words, Ridhima
was observing his each and every
act. Armaan tied his seat beat
and stated car.. he was driving car
in minimum speed and
lowered speed when he passed any
speed breaker just to
avoid a single shake.
Malik Mansion ……..
When Nidhii reached there, everyone
has started asking
about Ridhima.. how she was, what’s
her condition ?
Nidhi: are, koi mere bare main vi
pucho ? [someone also
ask about be ?
Ananya : really, we’re so tensed about
Dadi : haan, kitni payari bachi hai or
kaise yea sab hogaya
[ yea, she’s a sweetheart and how
did this happen ? ]
Nidhii : yea, maama, really.. shyam
was so tensed for her…By
the way where ammy is ?
Annya : he has gone out , early
morning… don’t know where ?
Billi : Nidhi, I have something to
ask you ? umm.. you’re
reception date is coming near ? so
what’s Ved’s opinion..
I mean he was quite possessive
about his sister, and Ridhima
isn’t well currently .. so did he say
you something about it,
any changes ?
Nidhi : no, Dad… he’s quite busy in
these days.. better you
once come there.. will see Ridhima
and clear this issue.. if they
don’t want it then.. cancel it ..
Billi : cancel it !!! how ? beta
we’ve invited all of our
impotents guest..some of them are
coming from abroad…
now suddenly how can we cancel
it.. It’s
about my reputation.. yea, I also
sorry for Ridhima .but ??
Nidhii : Dad, I can understand.. but
I can’t force them.. I
won’t make upset Ved or my in
laws.. Vedwon’t feel
Dadi : why you both are thing so
much.. just go there then
decide what should to do. I’m sure
they will understand our
issue.. in fact they also invited their
Billi: hum.. we’ll come tomorrow
Ananya: how long will you stay here ?
Nidhi : Ved will come to take me
back if not then I’ll go
myself before lunch..
Ananya : why ? have lunch with us.. at
least one day..
Nidhi : umm.. ok.. then I’ve to in
from my mamma also.
Arnav reached at hospital.. same way
he picked Ridhima, took
her to doctor’s room.. lay her down
on bed.. when doctor was
checking her, Armaan was about to
move from there.. but
when doctor tried to cut her stitch
thread,, Ridhima got
terrified.. she instantly tried to
move her head..
doctor : umm.. don’t move. You will
get heart then. It won’t
hurt you.. will take 5 minutes..
relax, have long breath.. Mr.Malik held her head..
Armaan looked at her and could see
how much she freaked
out.. Armaan slightly held her head..
and doctor started cutting
threads.. she didn’t get hurts.. but
when doctor pulled out
thread pieces.. Ridhima instantly bit
her lips and held Armaan
hands tightly by her right hand..
she pricked her nail into his
skin through this process.
To be continue………..


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