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chapter 18 : My soulmate my wife

Armaan looked at her and could see
how much she freaked
out.. Armaan slightly held her head..
and doctor started cutting

threads.. she didn’t get hurts.. but
when doctor pulled out
thread pieces. Ridhimai instantly bit
her lips and held Armaan
hands tightly by her right hand..
she pricked her nail into his
skin through this process. It’s really
hurting her for few
seconds.. and more then she’s
scared. Armaan tried her head
properly that she couldn’t move it
and won’t get hurt more.
So when Armaan pressed her
forehead.. his hand was on her
face as he was standing opposite
side of doctor…
Doctor pulled thread pieces one by
one and Ridhima Bit on
Armaan’s wrist on reserve side to
suppress her pain.. her teeth
were so sharp than it made a deep
cut on his wrist. Armaan
clinched his right hand fist….
Doctor : ok.. ok… done …relax… it
seems you’re so scared like
kid… now let me check your elbow..
After that doctor check her elbow
and told to come next week
to open this bandage..
Ar : I’ll bring her here on time..
and what about leg’s plaster ??
Doctor it’ll take more 3 weeks … not
before that..
Ar : any change in medicine ?.
Doctor : no.. just follow running
prescription and advices..
Armaan again picked her and same
way made her sit on seat..
No doubt all hotel stuffs, nurse, even
few visitors of patients
who were passing them …looking at
them as a lovely couple.
One nurse who attended Ridhima first
day was telling how
Armaan was worried for her that day..
Nurse : what a caring husband..
when first day he carried her
here..yaar.. woo to ekdaam ro raha
hi tha.. [ he was verse to cry]
Another nurse : really ?? hum dekh
raha hai kitna payar
karta hai apni patni say ..[ it’s
visible how much he loves his wife ]
not all but few words Armaan &
Ridhima both heard when he’s
passing then carrying Ridhima into
arms.. Ridhima looked
down,, didn’t react as if she didn’t
In the car…..
Ri : why you said, you ‘ll bring
me here again ? how
could you know that there won’t be
anyone at home ? what if
I won’t come with you ?
Ar : you don’t have to worry for
that.. I’ll make sure you
only come with me..
Ri : what do you mean ?
Ar : why you’re so eager to
know ? [ he gave her his
trademark look ]
Ridhima knew if she replied then his
flirtatious words will
start and his double meaning words
always gave her strange
feeling.. so Rudhima didn’t talk with
him more.. she looked
outside.. Armaan looked at her once..
smiled but didn’t tease
her more..
Armaan reached kapoor house.. Mrs. kapoor
was in her room. So
Armaan without any disturbance
directly walked to Ridhima's
room and lay her down.. pulled a
blanket over her legs till
Ri : Thank you …
Armaan [ sat down on her bed] : You
always most most
welcome [ smirk] [ Ridhima turned her
face other side not see
this ]
Ar : BT Y ..why you heart was
beating so fast when you’re
into my arms, Ridhima?
That was something Ridhima never
ever expected even in
dreams …. She looked at him with
amusement as if nothing
happened like that .. to her this look
Armaan raised her
eyebrow … to convey her that it
happened and you’re caught
in red hand.. Ridhima instantly
looked other side. This Man
and his smirk always made her
bewildered .
Ar : see !!! what’ve you done to
me ? [ Ridhima didn’t look
at him] …I didn’t know you love me
so much ? [ Ridhima
instantly looked at him with widen
KmRi : what ?
Armaan showed her , his wrist.. where
her bite’s mark still
clearly visible with sharp cut…
Ar : you made watch on my
wrist.. that means my time
henceforth will be good only.. he
kiss on that spot. Ridhima
literally was feeling embarrassed…
Ri : sorry….
Ridhima was feeling tired and Armaan
sense that. He didn’t
want to tease her more..
Ar : Bye Miss Gupta..take care
and wait for me…I’ll come.
Saying this he walked off. Ridhima
lying bed thinking how to
avoid him.. but it was true when he
comes near her she
sometimes forgot all around her..
Ridhima was thinking how
to get rid of his tease and double
meaning words. And she
dozed off.
Armaan was walking in, apparently
smiling..he didn’t noticed
he’s observing by few pairs of eyes.
Nidhi : Ammy. Would you like to
tell us what’s reason of
your smile ? what made you so
happy that you openly
smiling ?
Armaan stopped and looked at his Dii,
who was sitting with Dadii, Aunty and Ananya in leaving
Ar: Dii !!! [ he sounds be
surprised and walked to her]
Nidhi : yea, It’s I…by the way where
you have been ?
Ar : me ? I went to kapoor house to
see you .. I’s missing you
so much but unfortunately aunty
said you came here…
Nidhi : really ??? you went there to
meet me ?
Ar : yea, what’s so
surprising ?..can’t I miss my sister ?
Nidhi: haa, haan woo to dekhrara
hai, tum hare chahrepe
tum mujh litni miss kar raha ho [
it’s clear how much you’re
missing me , I can see that on you
face ]
Ar : ok.. let me get change..I’ll
be back in shortly.
Armaan went to his room..
Nidhi: I can’t digest that ammy
went there because he’s
missing me.. surely something is
fishy …..
Dadi : what ?
Nidhi : don’t know..but will find out
soon..after all I’m his
elder sister…….
Nidh stays they for more hours.. all
have their lunch
together. Then she came back in kapoor
house….and when she
came from her mother in law she
got to know Armaan also
came here and said same things
what he said to her at
house… but when she said Armaan
took Ridhima to hospital
then her doubt became more thick.
After 2 days…..Billi, Ananya& Dadi
came to kapoor house to
see Ridhima and also discus about
reception party which was
very important for Malik family ,
specially Billi. It will
effect on his business impression if
it gets cancel.
Mr. Billi: Mr. kapoor I hope you’ve
no problem.. or do you
want to change reception party
date ?
Mr. kapoor : Ved , what are you
thinking ?
Before Ved reply ..Ridhma spoke
Ri : what’s necessity to change
date.. we’re all ready and
all preparations are done.. uncle pls
don’t change the date..
me & bhabhi are waiting for it since
long time..
Mr. kapoor: but beta..
Ri : pls uncle… bhai say
something ..
Ved : umm.. ok.. dad..then don’t
change.. let it be on fixed date..
Ved agreed to see Ridhima’s
spontaneous will and he also
wanted she enjoy it. Ridhima thought
her bhai ,Bhabi already
canceled they honeymoon for her
accident now ,so she
didn’t want they do more.. it this
party would cancel then
Nidhi will feel dejected ..
After one week…………
Shyam : When will Armaan come ?
Nidhi: now, he’s on way…
Ved: ok.. I’ll come to pick you..
late evening.. is it ok ?
Nidhi: ok… I’m going to Ridhima’s
room.. you come…
Nidhi walked in Ridhima’s room….
She helped her to change dress..
and brushed her hair.. made hr
ready to go hospital..
Raju knocked on door…
Raju : bhabhi.. Armaan bhaiya has
come ,,,
Nidhu: ok… tell him to sit , I’m
coming down..
Ri : Bhabhi, you’re going to
Malik mansion ?
Nidhi: haa… my Uncle had come
there from London.. they
will go Banglore for some works.. so
going to meet them..
Ri : hummm.. [ in thought: but
why he has come here ?
whatever, bhai is here, he won’t be
able to tease me ]
Ved walked in Ridhima's room : So
ladies , are you ready ?
Nidhi & Ridhima: yes… eagerly
waiting for you…
Ved picked Ridhima and walked
down ,Nidhi followed
him.. Armaan to see them stood up..
for first time he was
jealous for his Jeeju… :-P but didn’t
Ar : Dii.. let’s go..
They all walked out… Ved put
Ridhima down..she stood
putting weight on her one leg and
by help of stretch. Nidhi
held her . he opened his car door
just then his phone rang up..
Ved : hello, yea.. what ? why so ?
now ? but I’ve some
important work..
Ved with frustration cut call…
Nidhi: what happened ?
Ved : don’t ask..I got an urgent
call , have to court
now..My client is in mess. ..damn !!!
Nidhi : then now ?
Ved: I’ll take Ridhima to doctor
then will go.. let’s go..
Ri: no.. never.. At first you’ll go
to court.. we’ll go to
Doctor tomorrow…
Ar : Dii, let’s go.. we’re getting
Nidhi : Ammy wait.. [to ved ] But
it’s important work..
you should go..
Ved: I’ll handle it.. you go..
Ridhima let’s come.. [ he
turned to Ridhima]
Ri: no way.. you’ll go court at
Ar : jija ji.. don’t waste time
here.. decide it fast.. umm..I
can help you if you want.. You
dropped dii at home and I’ll
take Miss Gupta to doctor.. and will
drop here back.. But Dii
then I can’t come home..I’ve
important meeting.. that all I
can do for you.. now decide.. fast...
Armaan saying this walked to his car..
Ridhima was about to
deny but Nidhi spoke up..
Nidhi : yea, it’ll be best ..
everything work will be done on
time.. ammy you take Ridhima to
Ar : will you then start … clear
my road …
Ved: what ?
Ar: your car Jija ji.. then I can
start of mine ..
His double meaning words only can
understand he and for
whom he’s doing all .. Ved drove
away with Nudhi
Armaab walked to Ridhima, before she
could do or say he picked
her up and threw her stretch away ,
just like firstday he made
her sit on seat.. and drove car
towards hospital..
in the car……….
Ri : how could you know these
all ?
Ar : what ?
Ri : that bhai will get a call and
you’ll get chance to take
me hospital.. you told me that
earlier .. you will do it.. isn’t it ?
now Armaan looked at her, his face
was serious.. I don’t know
what’s in future but I make my
present.. I Armaan Malik made my destiny and decide
also others.. remember
I’ve told you I’ll make sure you’re
with me.. and here
you’re.. he passed a smirk to her..
But Ridhimai didn’t like his first
words.. it hurts her not for
what he did but for her misfortune…
without saying any
more words.. she looked outside
through window,,,
to be continue………


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