Friday, 14 October 2016

chapter 19 : My soulmate my wife

Armaan: I’ve told you I’ll make sure
you’re with me.. and here
you’re.. he passed a smirk to her..

But Ridhima didn’t like his first
words.. it hurts her not for
what he did but for her misfortune…
without saying any
more words.. she looked outside
through window,,,
Armaan dropped her at home.. he
carried her same way he
used to do and brought her in her
room ….then left for office.
At noon Ved came back home and
went to Ridhima’s room
to check her… Ved knocked on
door…Ridhima wao was drawing ,
looked up..
Ridhima Bhai… come in… [Ved
walked in and sat on bed ]
Ved: Ridhima… what doctor had
said ?
Ri: nothing important..I’m all
fine.. I think in next week
they will removed my fracture
plaster…. BTY how was your
work ? did you get late ?
Ved[ irritated face] : don’t ask
there was important work..
someone passed wrong information
to my assistant and all
mess happened..
Ri : kya ??? per kyun ?
Ved : don’t know.. leave it… ok
take rest.. I hope you get
well before my reception..
otherwise.. I won’t be able to enjoy
Ri : don’t worry..I’ll be fit and
well.. in fact me & bhabhi
have lot of plans in your reception
party.. so relax…
Ved: pagal… ok.. don’t do much
work take rest…
Ri : bhai..I’m bore sitting on bed
whole least let
me do some drawing…
Ved : ok..ok.. do what makes you
happy..I just want to see
you happy in any case..
Ved left… Ridhima picked up her
drawing board back but
one thing was running into her
head.. who can do this to bhai..
and why Armaan somehow ended up
here only her check up
date. Then she recalled what he had
said her into car..
Ridhima got it very clearly, it was only
Armaan who was behind
all these. She has to do something…
Next week, on Ridhima’s check
update…. Armaan came kapoor
house on some pretext… he was
about to execute his plan to
take Ridhima out to doctor.. just then,
Ridhima came out with
Nidhi and sat on sofa for few
minutes just to see Armaan that
this time he failed. Armaan truly got
shocked to see her
walking on foot.. though he was
happy but also inside he got
angry to do this clever-plan. He
could sense something is
wrong with her. Her eyes always
spoke a lot to him..
after few minutes, Khushi walked off
giving some excuses..
when Ridhima got that Armaan was
behind all she went to
doctor one day before of date and
requested her to cut her
plaster… so doctor checked and did
Armaan felt angry and dejected… he
didn’t stay there for long..
After talking few minutes with Nidhi
he walked off. When he
was about to get in car.. he looked
at up and saw Ridhima was
standing there beside window
looking down. When she was
Armaan looked up she also moved
back but ..she’s late to
stepped back..
Today is Ved and Nidhi’s
reception party…
kapoor house was decorated to
maintaining his and Malik
family’s standard…
Ved: where is Ridhima and Nidhi ?
Mrs. kapoor : they both went to parlor..
Nidhi forcibly took Ridhimawith her.. it’s so good Nidhi & Ridhima are sharing a
very strong bond .. just likesisters..
Ved: hummm…. Ok Mamma..
where is Papa ?
Mrs. kapoor : he is in lawn. ..attending
guest.. why don’t you join
him.. when Nidhii and Ridhimawill
come back.. I’ll send them there..
Ved : but when they come ? it’s
getting late.. these ladies
are impossible.. ok..I’m going down.
You also come..
being little irritated Ved called
Nidhii to know when they
are planning to come back..
Ved : Nidhi, what’s this ? it’s
already 8.00 pm.. guests
have started arriving and you both
are still not here ?
Nidhi: relax.. Ved ..we’re on way.
Will reach in few
Ved: what ? still on way.. Are you
planning to come late
in your own reception party ? and
what’s the necessity to go
parlor.. you both are naturally good
looking… just time
Ridhima snatched mobile from Nidhi’s
Ri : bhai..when you will see
bhabhi …all your time waste,
will be paid off.. so have some
patient and we’re coming
Ved : I’ll see you later.. just come
Veed hang up phone… and walked
ahead to attend guest
and his friends… all important
persons, politicians,
ruling party’s MLA. MP… senior
businessmen, socialites, celebrities..
of the Delhi are present
here.. it’s picture going to take
place on page-3’s front page.
After all it’s the reception party of
Billi Malik’s
daughter and the most eligible
bachelor of the town Armaan
Malik’s Sister.. most
beautiful & desirable lady of the
town Nidhi kapoor and another
young most talented
solicitor Ved kapoor
After more 10 minutes Malik
family’s 20 to 25 cars has
started to halt in parking lot one by
one… all cameras were
fixed on them.. at first Mr. Mrs.
Malik came out from their
car then Mr. Arvind , Mrs.
Nandani, and Nidhi’s Dadi
with them.. then Akash came out
from his car… at last black
BMW car …Armaan Malik
came out.. his black Rulph
Lauren suit , his tall figure ..
handsome look and killing
gesture ..force any damn girl to go
on kneel……
After him all of their relatives came
out one by one.. They all
walked in.. and kapoor family came to
them to greet
them.. they greeted each other…
and started talking .
Ananya : where is Nidhi and Ridhima
beta ?
Mrs. kapoor : they both went to parlor..
still haven’t come yet..
Billi : what ? it’s getting late..
someone should go and
Ved : papa..I’ve called them..
they are on way.. will be here
in no time..
they have started talking and
walking ahead to meet rest of
Armaan and Akash walked ahead..
people are coming and
shaking hand with them.. Armaan was
introducing Akash with
people as he doesn’t live in India
regularly.. but Armaan’s eyes
were searching someone.. who has
not reached here yet.. his
eyes were full set on main
just then Nidhi and Ridhima both
together walked in..
in no seconds cameras ’s flash fell
on them..
all limelight on them.. who don’t
have seen Nidhi
would be must confused which one
is bride.. in fact Ridhima
was looking more pretty than Nidhi
though Nidhi was
looking just like an angel.. after that
also.. all reporters,
photographer nonstop clicked their
camera to capture their
each and every angel, every
moment…every look, every
smile…one by one and flashed ..
with a enchanting smile Nidhii and
Ridhima both walkedahead..
Ved’s eyes all glued on Nidhi
Nidhi cameand stood beside Ved. and
Ridhima slightly hugged
Ved… and then walked to Mrs, kapoor
and Ananya,Dadi ,Nandani Aunty
Nandani: OMG!! You’re looking so
Dadii : haa.. no one cast evil eyes…
Nahli : koi meri bhi tariff karo..
[ someone praised me also]
Dadi: tell your husband. Now it’s
his duty to do fake praise ..
we’ve done it for long…
Nidhi : Dadi !!!! ..
Ridhima : Bhabhi.. don’t worry…
you’re looking just like an
angel.. can’t you see bhai is all lost in
your beauty …
Ved : good joke… !!! .. then Vef
tilted his head and
whispered into Nidhi’s ear.. “ You
are looking so beautiful ”
I’m all fida on you… Nidhi poked
him by her elbow and
Mrs. kapoor introduced Ridhima with
their other relatives..who
hasn’t seen Ridhima… she walked to
them and was talking.
Armaan saw Ridhima just the moment
she entered in…. from
then his eyes were all set only
on her. He was walking,
talking but his all attention was on
her, ears were alerted
like microchip just to hear her voice
, sound of hr enchanting
Ridhima turned her head and just
saw Armaan… she instantly
downed hey eyes,, she was talking
with some guest from kapoor
family’s side. She could sense
Armaan’s was gazing at her…
after that day she don’t talk to him..
and tried her best to
avoid him..Ridhima was smiling but
Armaan hot gaze giving her
Goosebumps.. as if his hot look will
burn her back…
Armaan was waiting to get Ridhima free
and talked to her. He
saw her to excused herself from
guests and looked here &
Armaan about to walked to her just
then few reports blocked
his way… Armaan has to stop.. he
knows his all movement
were recording.. at least 2 or 3
camera fixed on him
Reporter : Mr Malik… Miss Niidhi Malik got married it’s your turn.. have you paid
any think about it ?
Armaan : yea… my family is very
eager to get me married..
Reporter : So when we will get to
know about that BIG day ?
[Armaan looked once reporter and back
to Ridhima,, who was
about to walk off from there but
stopped to hear reporter’s
question to Armaan ]
Ar : very soon..I’m going to get
Reporters : wooo..
instantly a hullabaloo spread
It’s gonna next most important buzz
that Armaan Malik in going to get married very
soon breaking lot of
hearts.. After Armaan’s this statement
all guest’s attention was
only on him.. even rest of Malik
and kapoor family’s members
were utmost shocked to hear his this
statement.. since when
he has decided to get married..
Ridhima was looking sideway..
Reporter : well, then Who is gonna
be that lucky girl ?
Another reporter : is it arrange
marriage or love marriage ?
Other one : we all knew about Nidhi
& Ved’s affair.. they
never hide it then why you’re
hiding it ?
next one : is she present in this
party ? from where she
belongs ?
Armaan: wait.. wait… Yes, it’s will be
definitely LOVE
marriage… and I also won’t hide my
beloved one from
media.. very soon you all will get to
know.. wait for the right
time… no more today…
Armaan forcibly excused himself and
walked off…. All
reporters ran to Malik family to
find out more information
about this tremendous news….
Armaan looked here and there but
Ridhima was nowhere…
All reporters were surrounding
them… then shot their
question set on them… Malik
family and kapoor family both
were already flustered to hear
Armaan’s this announcement
now they became totally bewildered
to hear this reporter’s
question bullet… but they can’t
just ignore press .. they have
to give bytes on Armaan’s statement
and answer rest of
questions.. so on behalf of all Billi
spoke up..
Billi: well, as Armaan has said you
all will get to know who
is going to be his life partner, Mrs.
Armaan Malik
very soon.. but for that you have to he himself will
reveal this matter.. we won’t give
you any further hints.. but
yes, we all are so happy and
defiantly we’ve accepted his
choice… please enjoy yourself....
when Armaan didn’t find her
anywhere in the part he walked
to other side of the lawn… he was
Ridhima was walking
slowly, she shambled to a bench to
sit on it.. actually she was
feeling pain on her leg.. 3 days ago
her plaster cut off and she
walked a lot today.. she was feeling
tug in her muscles…her
foot vein was throbbing in pain ..
Armaan ran to her.. before
Ridhima could turned back to see who
was coming.. in a swift
Way he picked her up into his arms
…she was about to shout
then saw it’s Armaan… she didn’t
protest as her pain was
intolerable….. she clinched his coat
to balance herself..
Armaan tighten his grip and walked
onward to bench… ..
To be continue………


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