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chapter 20: my soulmate my wife

Armaan ran to her.. before
Ridhima could turned back to see who
was coming.. in a swift
Way he picked her up into his arms
…she was about to shout

then saw it’s Armaan… she didn’t
protest as her pain was
intolerable….. she clinched his coat
to balance herself..
Armaan tighten his grip and walked
onward to bench… ..
Armaan put her down on bench …
from her facial expression
he could guess she is in pain.. Armaan
sat down putting weight
on his toe…then held her leg
..Ridhima instantly tried to move
her leg and used her hands to move
Armaan hand from her leg.
But Armaan moved her hand.. he
placed her left feet on his
knee …pulled her Sari little bit up..
then checked her leg..
he brought out a painkiller spray
from his coat pocket.
To see that Ridhima was literally
shocked. It showed how
much he cared for her, but question
was why ?. Armaan
sprayed on her leg and rubbed on
her vein … slowly medicine
has started working and Ridhima felt
Ar : is it still paining ? Ridhima nodded no.
Armaan placed her leg on her shoe
and sat beside her on
benched . Armaan was looking at her
and Ridhima on lawn-grass.
Ar : I thought you have that
much courage to face the
reality but now it seems I’m wrong…
you’re good to escape
from situation.. [ Ridhima looked at
him to know what exactly
he meant ] do you’ve planned to sit
here, hide yourself or will
join the party ?
Ridhima felt a sarcastic tune in his
words… she stood up to
join the party and slowly walked
there.. Armaan also followed
Ridhima went where Mrs. kapoor, Nidhi &
Ved were standing ..
Ved : where were you ?..
Ri : umm..nothing.. just feeling
bit pain so sat down there…
Nidhii : god !! why didn’t you tell
Ved : are you ok now ?
Ri : bhai, listen …I’m perfectly
fine now…
Ridhima could sense a pair of eyes
were all set on her..
After few more times , after having
dinner, Ridhima left for
home with Mr. and Mrs. kapoor as shw
was not well and they
also need rest. Nidhi and Ved
stayed here, will come later
together after went of all guest.
After reception party when all guest
has started leave.. then
Billi confront Armaan
Billi: Armaan what’s this nonsense ?
[ Armaan looked up
folding down his mobile, he was
admiring Ridhimai’s photo
which he secretly captured in this
part when she’s giggling ]
Ar: what dad ? what about you
talking ?
Nidhi : Ammy, this is really not done
, why you said that very
soon you’re going to get married
that also in my reception
party ? now everyone asking us
about it.. and it will spread
everywhere ?
Ar : so ? what’s the problem in
it ?
Billi : so that means you’re
serious ? really you’re going to
marry ? Armaan don’t you dare to play
with my reputation..I’ve
spend my whole life to build it..
Armaan [ now totally irritated] : what!! can’t get married ?
Ananya : of course, you can..but is it
real or for just make any
media stunt.. your statement will
create controversy which
will affect your papa’s business.. so
do you even care for us ?
Armaan [ now furious because he knew
in which point his
mamma hit] : Armaan Malik
don’t need Media
attention.. they run behind me…
listen to me very carefully..
I won’t repeat it again.. yes, I’m
going to get married very
Ved : so that means, to your
girlfriend as you’d said..
Billi : and who is that girl ?
Ar : yes, to whom I love.. and
very soon you all get to
know.. wait for that time..
Armaan walked off.. he was irritated to
see his family’s reaction…
Ananya: ohh ! that means for this girl
he divorced his wife.
I will never ever accept this girl as
my daughter in law..
Dadi : me too..
Nidhii : mamma, there is no use to
drag past… forget
that..focus on future.. I hope this
time he don’t hurt any
innocent soul and choose perfect
Billi : I’ve full doubt on him… I’m
sure something is
cooking in his mind.. he’s not that
type of person to fall for
someone so easily and be ready to
get married so fast.
After few days….Ridhima again joined
office…. but she made
sure she didn’t come in front of
Armaan. At first she thought
she will resign then again thought
what causes she will gave
to Ved ,to Billi..she can’t tell
them the truth. And
nothing was unnoticed by Armaan.
She was working in her cabin then a
boy knocked on her
door. She looked up..
Taran Rastogi : May I ?
Ridhima[ stood up] : yea, please,
come in… [ Taran walked in]
Taran : hello, If I haven’t mistaken
then you’re miss .Gupta.
Ridhima nodded yes.
Taran : well, Miss Gupta this is for
you … [ he handed a
bouquet to her.. Ridhima surprisingly
looking at him] .. ohh
sorry..I’m Taran Rastogi, Tina’s
elder brother, and this
bouquet for you sent by Tina as a
symbol thanks .
I must say you’re brilliant designer
.. [ Ridhima took the
bouquet from his hand] and here
your invitation card..
Tina supposed to be come to invite
you but she suddenly
stuck in some important works.. but
she will call you..
Ri : thank you so’s
really a great honor for me..
but Mr. Rastogi I can’t come..
Taran : call me Taran… and I’m not
going to hear you, I
already have talked with Armaan he
said he will take you
along with him… so we will wait for
Taran bid bye and left… Ridhima was
looking at invitation
card… and thinking what Taran had
said..Mr. Malik again
took decision on behalf her.. and
when he said it that means
he will make sure I attend the
wedding.. but I won’t do it..
Ridhima kept card on her table and
went to Armaan’s cabin.
She knocked..
Ar : come in.. [ he didn’t looked
Ri : Mr. Malik, who gave you
permission to take
decision on behalf me ?
Ar [ without looking up] : Armaan
Malik doesn’t
need permission . And when it
comes about you I have full
right on you to decide Ridhima [ totally frustrated to hear
his words and see his
attitude] : why ? who are you to
me ?who gave you that rights
? I’m not your property.. I’m not
your wife [ surely her last
line slip of tongue due to anger]..
She spoke up so loudly, thanks that
Armaan’s cabin wall
Soundproof . Armaan stood up from
his seat and walked to
her.. Ridhima stepped back now..
Ridhima’s back hit on glass wall.
Armaan stopped in front of her..
Armaan: then become my wife , let’s
get married.. what say ?
then I’ve all rights on you…
[ Ridhima was utterly shocked.
She was about to open her mouth
to reply him, Armaan held
her upper arm ]
Ar: watch you tone Miss.
Gupta….don’t you dare to talk
me like that. You’re employee of my
company and Mr.
Rastogi is our client. So as an BM
employee you’re going to
attend this wedding just to maintain
good relationship
between client and company. Am I
clear ? [ this time his
voice was stern ]
[he turned back and walked to his
seat ] now get back to your
work.. I’m not paying you to waste
time roaming in the
Ridhima was hurt to hear his
words..she instantly left his
cabin and walked in her cabin locked
door…she kept her head on table
and started weeping. she didn’t
why his each and every words affect
her so much..
Malik house…….
Nandani : Didi now Ridhimais all ok..
why don’t we go kapoor house and keep
the proposal on table ?
Ananya: yea, we can that ? what do
you think ? [ she asked to
Armaan just came ther to talk about
with his father about
Something business. then he heard
it and got to know his
family was planning to tie Ridhima &
Akash in a knot what he
never let can happen…..before
Billi could reply Armaan
spoke up .
Ar : I don’t think so.. it’s not a
good idea ..
Dadi: why ? what’s the bad in
Ridhima ?she would be
the best daughter in law one could
Ar : maybe… but not she sure..I
think she likes someone
Else.. umm.. dad also have seen..
[ Billi looked at Armaan
being confused] [ to Billi ]
remember that day when we’re
going down, she was quite
comfortable with Taran ?
Billi thought for few seconds and
nodded yes .
Billi : hum.. yea.. it could be..
but me too not so sure..
Ananya: then why unnecessarily we’re
making story here.. we
go there talk to them directly, if
Ridhima likes someone then
we’ll find another girl ..
Ar : what’s the need ? what if
she really liked someone
and doesn’t want to tell right now
hwe family.. unnecessarily
we’re inviting problem for her.Nandani Aunty, I’m telling you, you
drop this idea..I’ll find out a
suitable girl for Akash..
Ananya : but I don’t get why you
didn’t want us to talk with her
about this ?
Ar : Nandani Aunty you tell me do you
want to be rejected ? then
go there and keep the proposal ..
Nandani: no no.. I won’t go.. what if
she really likes
someone..and if she agree just for
sake of Ved,, then.. no
Armaan laughed under his breath.. he knew
his Aunty’s nature
very well.. he exactly wanted that…
but Ananya was not
Ananya: maa do you also think like
that ?
Dadi : no.. we should talk before
assume anything..
Armaan was hell angry on his Dadi..
but he has to do
something.. well he know what
exactly has to do ..
Next day at office………..
Ridhima knocked on Armaab’s cabin
Ar : come in..
Ri : why you’ve called me Mr.
Malik ?
Armaan stood up and walked to her.. stepped back to
maintain equal distance……. When
she hit glass wall then
Armaan stopped enough away from
Ar: you have to say my family
that you like someone..
Ri : what ?!!!
Ar : relax, don’t be so shocked..
actually my family is
planning to fix your marriage with
my cousin Akash. But he
likes someone else.. and Aunty like to
you.. he can’t deny for this
alliance so when they will come to
your house you will deny
for this alliance on the cause of it.
Ri : why I’ll tell lie to them ? I
don’t like anyone.. why
you don’t ell to your cousin to tell
truth everyone ?
Armaan covered left distance between
Ar : looked your back… [Ridhima
turned back and looked
down , from ground floor all
employee were watching them ]
Ridhima tried to move but now Armaan
blocked her way by his
both hands on wall..
Ar : if your don’t deny for this
alliance.. I’ll kiss you on
your lips.. and ultimately this scene
will be enough to prove
that you liked someone and that one
is me ?
Ridhima got scared first.. she looked
back again then to him..
Armaan was smirking … she got angry
to see his amirk. She
hates it.. Ridhima pushed him hard
and moved from there.
Ri : I’ll surely deny for this
allience but don’t think being
scared of your words.. for my own
reason.. and I don’t care
what you have said to me…
saying that she left his cabin.. and
Armaan smiled..
Ar : I’ll make sure you care for
me Miss Ridhima Gupta .
To be continue……….

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