Tuesday, 18 October 2016

chapter 21 : my soulmate my wife

Ridhima : I’ll surely deny for this
allience but don’t think being
scared of your words.. for my own
reason.. and I don’t care

what you have said to me…
saying that she left his cabin.. and
Armaan smiled..
Ar : I’ll make sure you care for
me Miss .Ridhima Gupta .
Next Sunday………
All Malik family except Armaqn
came kapoor Mansion..
They all were sitting in living area.
Nidhi was so happy to see them
all here. But missing Armaan.
Nidhi : papa, when is Ammy ? why
he didn’t come ?
Billi : he went to attend his
friend’s party …
Nidhi : wish, Ammy, also be here,
then it will be great fun….
Nandani : why Nidhi beta, didn’t you
become happy to see us ?
Nidhi : no..no.. Aunty I’m so happy..
I can’t even believe all of
sudden you all will come..
Mrs. kapoor : really.. we’re so happy
that you all came here, Nidhi was
missing you all….
Dadi : but we didn’t come here
without reason.. where is Ridhima? [Ridhima just then came here
carrying a tray.. ]
Ri : Dadi, I’m here… [ with
smile] [ then she placed tray on
table and served everyone some
snacks.. ]
Ananya : Ridhima beta, is there any
work you can’t do ? My god !! how
much she is good even cooking ?
Dadii : absolutely right..
Ri : yea, Aunty ..I don’t know
swimming..I’m scared of water..
that’s why never can’t learn..
Nandani : don’t Akash is very good in
swimming.. he will teach you
after marriage .. Nandani blurt out.. and all looked at
her to know what exactly she
meant .. Dadi glared at her….then
she sheepishly amend her
Nandani : No, Nidhi , Armaan & Akash
they all are good in swimming..
you can learn it from anyone. ..
[Ridhima slightly smiled ]
Dadi : Ridhima, beta humare paas
aiye… [ come to me]
Ridhima walked to Dadii and sat
down between Nandani and Dadii.
Ananya : umm,,Ok now come to point..
actually. We’re here for some
Ved : really ?..see Nidhi, mumma
didn’t come here to see
you..she came here for other
reason.. [ he tried to pull Nidhi's
Nidhi pouted and slightly snapped
on Ved’s bicep.. ..all laughed
out.. ]
Ananya: I’m really serious..
Mrs .kapoor : really ? then what’s the
matter ? is everything ok ? [
Mrs. kapoor also became serious now ]
Dadi : actually : we’re here to ask
Ridhima for our grandson Akash ..
Nandani : yea, I’ve liked Ridhima so
much.. I want to see Ridhima as my
Daughter in law.. [ now kapoor family
got it actually on that time
what she meant ]
Billi : don’t worry.. it’s just our
wish.. now it’s upto Ridhima beta
and you ..
[Mr. Jha, Mrs. kapoor & Ved they
looked at each other.. Ridhima
bent her head ..Akash was all silent]
Nidhi : waooo.. it’s so good,, then
Ridhima will be my Bhabhi also..
will stay with us always..
Ved : umm.. Papa, mumma, Dadi
ji, Aunty ji.. we all respect
your wish.. and also glad that you
liked Ridhima.. but now we’re not
thinking about Ridhima’s marriage..
Nandani : ok.. no problem.. if right
now Ridhima don’t want to get
Married, then is no hurry.. we can
wait for 6 months ..1 year.. just
get engage them ,then they will
focus on their works.. and will get
married later…
Nidhi : haan, yea to our vi acchi
baat hai.. we can do that.. [Nidhi
was the most excited person here]
[Ved looked at Nidhi and
gestured her to be quiet..Nidhi
confounded to see his reaction but
she obeyed his order ]
Mrs. kapoor : umm.. that’s also not be
possible.. I’m really really very
sorry Billi ji, Ananya ji,
Dadi ji,
Nandani ji.. trust me.. we’ve our
reason.. but we didn’t have any
intention to hurt you like that.
Nandani : ohh !! it’s ok.. you didn’t
like Akash.. it’s ok.. we get it..
we’re sorry for suddenly come here
and to embarrass all of you.
All Malik family became so sad..
they never expected, directly kapoor
family will reject their proposal like
that on mouth.. kapoor family
also feeing extremely bad and
uncomfortable .. but couldn’t help.
Ridhima was watching all silently that
only for her , her bhai, her
aunty has to feel bad, and there is
an unpleasant situation going to
create.. she can’t ve quiet like
that.. here every person loves . Once
again she hated her ex-husband in
mind.. to put her in this
Ridhima : Dadi, Aunty.. please
it’s not what you’re thinking..
Ved : Ridhima, stop.. go to your
room [ Ved tried to stop her
but she didn’t stop ]
Ri : nahi bhai.. I don’t want for
me any misunderstanding
creates in between two family.. let
me speak..
Ved: I said go to your room
[ Ridhima ignored him all and rest of
people became totally fluster
,,what’s the matter Ridhima wanted to
say but Ved resisted her ]
Ri : Dadi ji, I can’t get married
to Akash ji because I’m
Everyone gasped, choked ..it’s no
less than a thunder which fell on
of their head. Ridhima walked to her
room… all Malik members
looked each others.. they didn’t
understand how to react now .
here most shocked person was
Nidhi. she couldn’t believe her
husband hid this matter to her..
Billi : ummm..we really have no
idea about this matter. But if
any how we hurt you ..they we are
sorry for that .. [he said these to
Mr. and Mrs. kapoor]
Mr. kapoor: no..no.. it’s ok..
Dadi: ok.. then we will take your
leave.. Nidhi beta take care of
yourself and also others..
Nidhi nodded yes.. then Malik
family bid bye and left.
Ridhima locked her door.. threw
herself on bed and has started
crying bitterly . Nidhi without saying
anything walked to their
room . Ved followed her .Mr.and
Mrs kapoor went in their
room. No one has no mood to talk..
Nidhi sat on sofa ..Ved could see
she was sad… Ved also sat
down beside her.. Nidhi looked at
Nidhi : you all knew it.. from the
beginning .. but never feel to tell
me.. why ? did not I’ve gain that
much trust of yours that you
could share everything to me ? I
always wonder, why you’re too
much possessive , over precautious
for Ridhima? you’re worried
for this reason but never feel to
share with me.. and Ridhima too.
Ved : you’re getting me wrong..
Nidhi : then tell me where I’m
wrong ? [ with emotion she became
bit angry ] ..
Ved : because.. the same thing
happened what Armaan has done
with his ex wife.. Ridhima’s ex
husband has done that with Ridhima
Whenever I saw Ridhima, her grief I
just can’t forget what Armaan
has done… I just can’t..
Ved stood up and walked to
window back facing Nidhi..But
it’s another shock for Nidhi today
she was getting series of shocks
she also felt shame for what her
brother has done … Nidhi walked
to Ved, tapped on his shoulder..
and then Ved narrated to
her everything .
Malik Manison……
Ananya: I can’t believe that.. how
much beautiful girl she is ? why
this things happened with her ?
Dadi : haan see we never could even
image how she was sad in
mind … she never let anyone get
that .. always makes people
happy, brings smile on face but her
own heart was bleeding ..
Akash [ in thought ]: that’s the
reason , why she’s so sad on that
Sangeet day.. poor girl..
Billi : she is too young .. didn’t
get it what could happen with
her..but I’m really sorry for her..and
be honest..still I don’t have
any problem for that ..she is really a
lovely girl ..
Dadii : yea, I agree.. …… so what
she’s divorcee..I don’t have any
problem with that ..Mujhe to pakka
eyakin hai fault must be her
ex husband’s still we could ask her
hand for Akash. And I think
this time they won’t deny..
Nandani what do you say ??
Akash and Nandani were silently
listening all … it’s not that
Nandani wasn’t sad for Ridhima but
she wasn’t not ready to get
married her son with a divorcee …
Nandani : umm.. No.. I’m feeling bad
for her but I can’t accept it also
that my would be daughter in law is
a divorcee..
She told that and walked off. …so
there is no point to talk about
this matter. The chapter is closed
here. Everyone went their room.
Akash was working in his laptop
sitting on poolside. Just then
Armaan returned back ..and to see
Akash sitting here,, he walked to
Ar : hey, buddy what’s up ?
where is everyone..I haven’t seen
anyone in hall room..
Akash [ without looking at him] :
good.. how was your party ?
everyone is sad so all are in their
room.. [Armaan pulled a chair and
sat beside him , getting off his
jacket ]
Ar: as always.. sad ?? why what
happened ? what about your
alliance ? what said miss Gupta ?
Akash : they denied for this
Ar: ohh!! That great… I
understand why others are sad.. but
at least you should be happy .. why
you also seemed sad ? BTY why
they denied ?[ Akash now looked at
Akash : maybe I should be happy
..But I couldn’t.. Miss Gupta
denied for this proposal because She
is divorcee ..
Armaan’s face faded instantly..
Ar: she said that to you all ?
Akash : yes.. she reasoned … and
I’m feeling very sad for her.. she
is too young even getting married
but here she is already divorcee..
isn’t too strange.. what could be
reason for divorce ?
Armaan was lost in thought …..he
didn’t hear what Akash has asked
Akash : bhai, are you listening to me
[ he shook Armaan]
Ar : huu… what ?
Akash : I’s asking what could be
reason ?
Ar : how could I know ?
Akash : you know she reminded me
about your divorce ..that girl
also so sad.. isn’t that ? I wish you
once gave her a chance ..
Akash shut down his laptop , stood
up and walked off…. Armaan
was still sitting here.. thinking what
Akash had said to him..
That whole night Armaan couldn’t
sleep… whenever he tried to close
eyes, everytime Ridhima face, with
tears, eyes full of pain flashed
into his eyes..
Next morning……… BM office……..
Ridhima was showing some faults to
new inters in their design.. she
was explaining one intern on
ground floor , in her cubicle ..
Just then A girl, approx 5.7’’ tall,
with 5’’ high heel , wearing a
mini blue short, a Lavia hand bag,
goggles on head, bracelet on
wrist.. almost ran into office..
stopped middle of the floor..
Girl : Ammy.. babe.. Ammy baby
..where are you ?
Everyone stopped their works, turned
their head to her … then
Armaan came out from his cabin..
stood on 1st floor veranda and
looked down..
Ar : hey, Anjy. [ now everyone
again turned their head and
looked up… at Armaan]..then he
hurriedly walked down.. and
hugged her..
Girl : sea, I’m here for you..
[holding his coller ]
Ar : I’m so happy.. let’s go up..
They both walked few steps then
Armaan stopped and turned back..
Still everyone , with open mouth
looking at them. ..
Ar : listen everybody.. [everyone
moved a bit and looked at
him with full attention] …This is
Anjali Sharma.. our new head
of design and marketing section.
Henceforth she will approve all
of our new designs which on will
come out in market .
Armaan then holding Anjali walked
upstairs.. but again stopped.
Lokked at Ridhims .. Ridhima who saw
everything and again
continued her work..
Ar : miss Gupta [ Ridhima looked
up] ..come into my cabin..
right now..
To be continue………


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