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chapter 22 : MY soulmate my wife

Armaan : listen everybody.. [everyone
moved a bit and looked at
him with full attention] …This is
Anjali Sharma our new head

of design and marketing section.
Henceforth she will approve all
of our new designs which on will
come out in market .
Armaan then holding Anjali walked
upstairs.. but again stopped.
Looked at Ridhima.. Ridhima who saw
everything and again
continued her work..
Armaan : miss Gupta [ Ridhima looked
up] ..come into my cabin..
right now..
saying that, holding Anjali’s hand
they both walked upstairs.
Ri : Ok , what have I said follow
this.. I’ll check next part.
And you also follow these rules..
Ridhima told those interns to
continue their works and she walked
upstairs . She knocked on door.
Ar : come in … [ Ridhims pushed
door , opened it and saw
Anjali and Armaan standing in front
of Armaan’s desk , Anjali
was fixing Armaan tie .Ridhima stopped
on door to see this scene.
To see her standing on door like
that Armaan spoke up ..
Ar: Miss. Gupta ,I said come in
…do you have problem to hear ?
[Ridhima instantly walked in but
stand away keeping maximum
distance. Ridhima didn’t like the way
Anjali was fixing his tie
almost cling on him..she looked
otherside then spoke ]
Ri :Sir you have called me ?
Ar: Sir , It’s Armaan
Ri : well, Mr. Malik for what
you called me ?
Ar : Miss. Gupta, Anjali is new
in the city. She has no idea
about the city, roads, shopping
malls, and it’s address ..So from
tomorrow you will help her to go
anywhere and help her for other
Ri : I’m also new in the city .I
don’t know much .. [ though
didn’t like this idea but replied
politely ]
Anjy : really ? from where you
have come ?New York or
London ?
Ri : Banglore .
Anjy: what? ?? Banglore !!!
you’re small town girl … [ she said
it scoftingly ]. [ Ridhima felt bad but
didn’t reply and also surprised
how Armaan was behaving rude with
her ]
Anjy : No, Ammy babe.. I don’t to
see her around me.. she won’t
be able to make a level of my
taste.. ]
Ar: well, then I’m here for you,
baby. [ turned to Ridhima]
Miss. Gupta then there is no use of can excuse us..
Ridhima turned to go back then again
Armaan called her from back..
Armaan : wait, Miss. Gupta.. be ready
,at 5.00 pm.. tomorrow .we’re
going to Tina’s Mahendi & Sangeet
ceremony .. don’t late.
Ridhima turned back and walked off.
She went to her cabin and
locked door. Felt cry don’t know
why.. she was the one who
wanted to stay away from Armaan,
made a distance then what
happened now ?
At lunch time Ridhima came out from
her cabin and walked to
foods area. She was not feeling to
have anything so just order one
cup of tea. Then she heard other
employees are talking about
Armaan and Anjali
1 girl : so that’s Armaan’s girlfriend ..
she is so hot yaar.
Girl-2 : how could you so sure ?
Girl-1 : didn’t you hear , last week,
Nidhi ji’s reception Party Armaan Sir
announced he is going to get
married soon and to his
girlfriend …So she is here..
Girl-3 : yup.. right.. they are looking
good.. perfect couple..nice pair.Ridhima heard all, she silently took
her tea and was about to go
back her cabin then heard Anjalii's
voice.. Ridhima turned back
and saw Anjali was standing
behind her, and Armaan was also
here.. how strange ?!! he never came
here before today then why
now ?
Anjy : hey, babe what I’ve to
order for you ?
Ar : why here , Anjy ?? let’s go
out in any restaurant..
Anjy : I’d love to go with you but
we’ve a meeting after 30
minutes.. so choice left.. let’s order
something .. then she forward.
Ridhima was about to pass her and
then she saw her.
Anjy : hey, you ? what’s your
name ?
Ri : Ridhima Gupta
Anjy: tell me what’s the
best food of here..You’re from small you must have your
lunch here.. you’ve good Idea about
small place what you can
afford ..
Ridhima for first time came here as
her lunch came from home,
today also came but she didn’t have
anything .
Ri : well, sorry again..I can’t
help you this time also..I have no
idea ..check the menu board.. [ she
replied her this way because
she didn’t like everytime Anjali
insulted just because she’s a
small town girl ]
Anjy : ohh !! then from where you
lunch comes ? hotel
redission ? [ she mocked her ]
Ri [ smiled] : nope, from
home..BTY today also have came.. if
you want then can have it..i’m not
having can..
Anjy : what ?? I’ll have your
homemade foods ? do you know
even my taste ?
Ri: exactly not .. but yea, Mr.
Malik surely loved that foods. Ridhima then noticed her tea cane
became cold, so she threw it into
dustbin and walked off. She sat on
her seat…opened file but.. she
was all frustrated.. she didn’t know
what’s bothering her, made her
grumpy .she threw file on table and
stood on, taking a 4B pencil..
Just then Armaan walked in without
knocking on door and stood
her facing at her, looking on her
Ar : Why you didn’t have your
lunch ?
Ridhima didn’t reply but she has
started drawing but she was
moving her hand so fast and
pressurizing on art paper. So
ultimately graphite fill broke down.
She stopped for one second
then took blade and had started to
make it sharper…
Ar : why you didn’t have your
lunch ? I’m asking you
something, speak up damn it !!!
[ when Ridhima was all silent and
ignoring his words, being angry
Armaan shook her and as result, that
blade cut Ridhima's finger
instead on pencil ]
Ri : ouch !!!
she shrieked out.. pressed her index
finger from where blood
oozing out ..Armaan then looked at
her finger and saw the cut,
blood, Ridhima close her eyes as cut
was deep ..Armaan immediately
held her finger and in next second
he put her finger into his
mouth. Sucked it to stop blood and
pressed by tongue..
Ridhima when felt wet, instantly
opened eyes, found her finger into
his mouth. As he was looking at
her.. Ridhoma tried to pull back but
Armaan held it tightly.. then he held
her arm, moved finger from
mouth .. there are always few
onetime use bandage into
bag. Armaan took out one of them and
pulled out it’s sticker and
wrapped bandage around her
finger. In whole time he didn’t
break eyelock ..they placed his right
palm on her right cheek.
Ar: are you ok ?
Ridhima moved his hand and walked
to her desk. But Armaan held
her hand and swiftly pulled her
towards him.. in no time she found
herself into his chest .. her hand
was folded on her back and Armaan
was holding that.
Ar: you still didn’t reply my
question ..
Ri [ angrily]: Mr. Malik
behave yourself.. leave me..
Armaan [ drew more] : answer me first
Ri: who are you I have to
answer ?
Ar: Didn’t you who I’m ? didn’t
you get it yet ?
Ri : I don’t want to get
anything ? just leave me.. stay away
Armaan[ drew more and tighten
grip ] : why ? why you’re avoiding
me ?
[there are one few inches gap
between their lips ..Armaan
looked at her rosy lips But Ridhima
was feeling something else
some old grim pain was hurting her
. she pushed him hard ,made
her free and stepped back then
screamed out]
Ri : because it’s you.. everytime
I see you, you’re name
remind me someone whom I hate
most on earth.
I hate him.. you got it.. I hate
Ridhima turned back and walked out.
Went to showroom… that’s a
silent , lonely place..few complete
dresses were hanging on.
Ridhima sat down on a chair and has
started cry.
Armaan stood there numb… as if an
arrow directly darted into his heart.
After one hour Ridhima came back in
her cabin. She walked in and
then something caught her attention
. she turn her right side then
saw a box… she walked there, sat
on sofa, opened it.. it’s a food
packet , Aloo Paradha, her favorite
food and with a chit
“Hate it for whom you love” ………
Holding it on hand she stared at the
chit for long…she didn’t knew
but always Armaan became success
full to motivate her. To bring
back her self-confidence.
Next day ……….
Ridhima came back home 2 hours ago.
Got fresh and then got
ready. She walked down..
Ri : Bhabhi, aunty I’m going to
attend one of our client’s
Mahendi & Sangeet ceremony.. will
be back in two hours.. .
Nidhi : that’s great.. you should to
go out like that.. enjoy yourself.
After that day, when Ved told
anidhii about Ridhima’s divorce
matter..Nidhii didn’t open that issue
ever. She was all normal as
she was. So was Ridhima
Mrs . kapoor : how you will go ?
Ri : I know the address.. so will
take our car..
Mrs. kapoor : ok, beta take care and
enjoy yourself .Ridhima bid bye and walked out. She
stood in front of the main
door and Driver got the car. She
opened the car door was about to
get in just then a BMW came to halt
in front of her car. Ridhima
stopped. To hear car’s sound Nidhi
and Mrs. kapoor walked till main
door and then saw Armaan .and
Anjali was sitting beside him
Nidhi : Ammy you’re here ?
Ar : yea, Dii, we’re going to Tina’s
Sangeet ceremony…so
thought will pick up you all ? aren’t
you going ?
Nidhii : No, Ved went out of
city.. we’ll attend wedding
ceremony.. [ then Nidhi looked At
hi, Anjali .. did you get your flat
ready ?
Anjy : yes,Dii..I’ve shifted ..and Ammy
helped me..
Mrs. kapoor : who is she Anjy ?
Nidhi : mumma , she is Anjali Sharma, Ammy’s friend and
yesterday joined BM
Anjy : hello, aunty ..
Mrs. kapoor : hello beta, come inside
maybe not today but surely
another day.. [looked at Ridhima]
Ridhima beta take her home
oneday.. BTY , are you going is same
function to attend ?
Ri: nodded yes..
Mrs. kapoor: then why you didn’t tell
me earlier.. you foolish girl ..ok
go with them ,…
Armaan got down from the car ,walked
other side and opened the
car door for Ridhima but didn’t utter
any word. Just staring at her.
Ridhima once looked at him, then
once at Nidhii & Mrs.kapoor. then
thought, it won’t look good to deny
Armaan surely all will ask her
questions which answer she hasn’t.
and that place is totally new
for her, no family members are going
their except her, So she
perhaps needs Armaanthere..
Ri : bye Bhabhi.. I’ll be back
soon .. [ she got in and sat down
on passengers seat ]
Armaan walked back to his seat.
Nidhi: Ammy, take care of Ridhima
and drop her on time.. don’t be
late.. Ved would be tense ..
Armaan nodded yes, tie his seat belt
and drove away. Ridhima was
sitting back all silent . Armaan fixed
front view . he was constantly
stealing glances of her. All were
silent. Anjali broke the silence.
Anjy : So you’re Nidhi dii’s sister
in law.. but I think Dii is kapoor
and you what ? [Ridhima was
quiet ] ..I’m talking to you ?
Ridhima [irritated- as she has seen
Armaan stealing glances ]:
Me Gupta. Yes I’m Nidhi bhabhi’s
siser in law.. but not own. So
me is Gupta and she is kapoor And yes
I’m from small town .
do you have any more questions ?
Anjy : nope.. who have interest
on you .. just shocked to see
you this house. You can’t belong
Ri : you’re absolutely right..I
can’t belong here. Ridhima looked aside to hide her
tears. If her husband didn’t
divorce her then she would have
belonged there, in her in law’s
house, in her household. She once
again hates him…
Armaan was watching her through
mirror.. but didn’t say anything.
Ridhima hurriedly wiped her tears
and tried to be look normal.
After few minutes.. Anjali leaned
on Armaan keeping her head on
his shoulder and has started
talking..and giggling.
Thought Armaan was talking with her,
but his eyes were fixed on
front view. Ridhima looked here and
there but didn’t look on them,
because, something was piercing
into her heart…
She recalled before today every time
she used to sit beside Armaan,
where today Anjali had sat .it
looks like she replaced her.
Ri: wait !! what I’m thinking ?
she is his girlfriend.. and what
I’s to him,, nothing.. then from
where this replace issue comes ?
To be continue………


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