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chapter 23: My soulmate my wife

Though Armaan was talking with her,
but his eyes were fixed on
front view. Ridhima looked here and
there but didn’t look on them,

because, something was piercing
into her heart…
She recalled before today every time
she used to sit beside Armaan,
where today Anjali had sat .it
looks like she replaced her.
Ri : wait !! what I’m thinking ?
she is his girlfriend.. and what
I’s to him,, nothing.. then from
where this replace issue comes ?
Ridhima turned her face other side .
she has no interest to be eye
witness of their romance. Armaan
looked her through mirror .
suddenly Anjali looked back..
Anjy: hey, do you have any
boyfriend ?
The question was unanticipated
..Ridhima was lost in her own
thought so at the beginning she
didn’t hear Anjali properly.
Ri : what ?
Arnav : Anjy leave it.. I’m sure she
doesn’t have.. few people s love
to live in past… Stick in one place..
Anjy [ tuned to him] : ohh !!
what happened ? [ Armaan didn’t
reply and Ridhima turned her face
aside to hide her tears. Anjali
again looked at Ridhima] ..
hey..though I’m not interested in
but give a free advice.. who dumped
you don’t waste your time for
him.. find out a person who will love
you.. you small town girls
have only one problem.. never could
move on.. just best to cry..
Anjali turned front and Again hold
Armaan’s bicep, kept her head
on him. Rest of path they didn’t talk
more.. after 25 minutes then
reached Rastogi’s farm house.
Where Mehendi and Sangeet
ceremony ‘s function have been
arranged. Armaan halted car.
Anjy got down ..and then she
saw one of her friends..
Anjy : nie…..OMG!!!..Ammy babe
you come.. [ she ran to nei and
hugged her.. walked forward]
Ridhima also got down but didn’t
walked off as she didn’t know
anyone, so waited for Armaan and she
came here an BM employee.
After parking car Armaan walked to
her.. Ridhima was looking down.
Armaan stood before her. Pulled up
her chin… Ridhima tried to
stepped back but Armaan held her
wrapping his left hand around
her waist. Armaan wiped tear stains
from her cheeks and on that
time he slightly brushed corner of
her lips. A shiver came down
through her spine. . When she
jerked up into his arms Armaan held
her more tightly make her feel
secure.. he pressed her waist
more to feel her his presence.. Armaan
drew her more close into his
chest to make her feel what he was
currently feeling for her.
Ridhima wore a royal red simple
Sari with minimum makeup.
With one a simple ear ring. But her
angelic face was shimmering .
Armaan turned on to see her for the
first moment. And in half light,
half darkness , place, to see her
waiting for him.. as all couples
were waiting each other and walked
in holding hands together..
.. he was staring at her longingly
and tantalizing her with those
seductive eyes..he lost his all sense..
he pulled Ridhima into him..
Ridhima was also lost momentarily
Armaan whispered ..
Ar : someone is all set to take
breath away..
Ridhima don’t know why but she
blushed and lowered her look
forgetting their position. But came
back on sense
she instantly pushed him.
Made her free and stepped back..
Armaan also felt embarrassed to
let her know he’s turned on like
that. To make her more nervous.
Ar: don’t forget you’re hear as
an employee of BM .so be
careful about our reputation,, don’t
go in with sulk or dull face.
Armaan is back in Angry mood. Ridhima
surprisingly looked at him..
What type of person he is ? isn’t few
seconds ago he’s all soft and
now how rude.
Ri : how could I forget that
when you’re around me ?
Armaan [ glared at her..] : so come
with me..
He stretched his hand.. but Ridhima
was not ready to hold..
Ri : I don’t think, an ordinary
employee supposed to hold his
boss’s hand.. and may this is your
girlfriend’s job.. [ she pointed
towards Anjali, who was busy
giggling with her friends..
Armaan stepped towards her, and
grabbed her hand, drew with him.
Ridhima was straggling to make her
Ar : don’t you dare to create
scene here.. just walk with me..
Ri : leave my hand.. leave me
Ar: never ever [ he said in rigid
They were looking forward with a
smile.. because they knew all
over the city, guests have come here,
cameras were fixed on Armaan,
specially after his daring statement “
very soon I’m going to get
married to my girl friend “.. all
paparazzi became mad to find out
who is that lady ,who stole Armaan Malik’s heart.
Without no option , Ridhima with a
enchant smile walked with
Armaan.. peoples were going in…
coming out.. when they were
passing Armaan & Ridhima, who knew
Armaan, they passed smile and
wink to see Ridhima with him..and
Armaan with broad smile accepted
all greetings.
Few boys and girls were standing :
they whistled.. woooo !!!
Armaan and Ridhima looked left side
towards them.
One of boy among them : wao..
good choice dude !!! ..
one girl showed thump up and one
perfects sign ..
Armaan reached on cloud nine.. he
passed a broad smile to convey
thanks .while Ridhima was feeling
Those people : really !!! so pretty
Here all people came in pair and
only young peoples, Tina’s
relatives, cousins, friends, colleagues
were invited. So everyone
came with their partner..
Ri : what’s this ? we’re not
couple.. why you’re giving people
wrong message ?
Ar : I didn’t go to them and tell
them that we’re couple, if they
think we’re pretty couple so what I
can do ? and stop straggling..
otherwise I’ll make sure people get
assurance that you’re my lover.
Ri : what ? what do you mean ?
what you will do ?
Armaan [tilted his head & whispered] :
I’ll kiss you on your lips.
Ridhima choked, gulped and
instantly stop straggling. To be
in front of thousand people it’s
better to walk with him holding
hand. And he held my hand not
so rest of path they walked happily
while Armaan was thoroughly
enjoying these moments. They
walked to stage where Tina was
sitting.. to see Ridhima, she got down
and walked to her, to hugged
her. Armaan left her hands.. but
didn’t move from there.
Tina : OMG!!! Ridhima.. at least
you’ve come..I’m so happy.. why
you’re not ready to come.. [ looking
at Armaan ]..Thank you so much
Armaan to bring her here..
Ar : you most welcome, fatty ..
[ Armaan pulled her both cheeks]
and all burst out laughing ….
Tina : Armaaan !!!! [ she pouted] .. see
I’m going to get married.. will
go away..then will miss me..
Armaan drew her close and hugged
Ar : you’re best friend I ever
have.. I’ll miss you a lot..
Tina : now move.. don’t spoil my
Ridhima was utmost shocked to see
this sight of Armaan. she
wouldn’t believe if someone else
say her this. This rude, jerk,
workaholic , arrogant person could
laugh, creak joke !!!!
Armaan saw Ridhima was staring at
Ar: what ??
Ridhima nodded no and turned her
face other side..
Tina : come with me.. [ she dragged
her entangling her hand with
her, as she applied henna on her
palms .. Ridhima walked with
Tine : hey,, guys,, meet with the
great Ridhima Gupta.. she
has designed my all attires ..for her
I’m looking beautiful today..
Tina’s friend : ohh !!! really.. you’re
great..I’ve also liked.. you’ll
design my dress also on my wedding
time. Ridhima felt nice to see their cordial
behavior.. they all were
praising her design.. Armaan was also
hearing these all and no doubt
he felt nice. Just then Anjali came
their and pulled him with her
to meet her friends.. Ridhima looked
back but didn’t was Armaan.
then she has started finding him
when she was talking with Tina
and her friends. Though Ridhims
didn’t see Armaan but Armaan’s
seeing her and also has seen that
her eyes were searching him
everywhere, in every corner..
Ridhima was little scared that the
only person she knew in big hall
room, in crowd ..he was nowhere…
then suddenly Taran came
there ..
Taran : hello, Ridhima how are
you ?
Ri : umm. I’m good……
Taran : it’s nice to see you here…..
Anchor : Ladied and unke
gentlemen !!! [ all turned their head
toward him and laughed to hear his
addressing to them ] may I
have your attention please. It’s
time to dance.. so thaniye apne
humsafar ki haat..come on stage and
rock the floor.
Waoooooooooo… all have started
Anjy : Ammy let’s go…….
Ar: go…..
Anjy : come on… pls..
Ar : Anjy you go I’ll join you ….
Here.. Taran : hey, Ridhima. let’s
dance.. who is your partner..
Ri : I don’t know dancing….. pls
you carryon
Taran : hey.. that’s no fair.. If you
don’t have partner.. so come
with me.. we’re friend no.. come…
Taran politely pulled Ridhima on
dance floor.. and tried to dance
with her. He saw Ridhima was not
comfortable ..flexible in dancing.
So he just held her hand and slowly
spin her around him..
But here someone was burning in
jealous.. Armaan holding his arms
on his chest was roaring…. Suddenly
he felt someone tapped on
his shoulder. He looked back.. and
saw Tina
Tina : it’s so hard to see your
beloved with someone else ? isn’t
that [ she was saying this looking at
Taran & Ridhima Armaan
shockingly looked at her ]
Tina : don’t be shocked..I’ve seen
you holding her hands..
It’s clear what you felt for her into
your eyes.. but there is something
which resisting her to look at your
eyes, to accept this
truth.. remember , when first day
I’ve come your office to
her..I saw some unknown pain into
her eyes.. she won’t come to
you. You’ve to walk to her… Go…..
don’t waste time.. go to her
Tine pushed Armqan’s back and Armaan
hugged her slightly.. and
walked to dance floor. Taran’s other
friends were calling Taran..
so Taran just passed Ridhima with
some other friend and he held
other one.. when Ridhima felt Taran
left her and move on.. she
immediately steeped back to walk
out from dance floor. But she
back collided with someone’s rock
solid chest. She instantly
turned and found herself into
Armaan’s arm.. he pressed her so
tightly even more than precious
time.. Armaan was about to say
something.. just then Anjali came
to him.. and pulled him along
with her. And Ridhima was successful
to make free…. She got down
and walked aside.. in a lonely
place….where no one was.
Ar : what the Anjy ? you’ve
spoiled it ?
Anjy : what I have done ? dance
with me ?
Ar : not now later.. you carryon
honey ….
He also walked down and scanned
Ridhima but didn’t find her. He
walked out from there was finding
her. Due to dance ..hall room’s
all light was dim .due to obscurity
Armaan didn’t find her.. he
walked out in the corridor and then
saw her was walking towards
lawn. He called her from back.. but
she didn’t turn back nor
Ar: Ridhima!!! I said stopped..
[Ridhima stopped and turned back ]
Ri : what’s wrong with you Mr.
Malik.. can’t you leave me
alone for while ? [ she was angry and
frustrated nothing particular
but for everything ..Armaan walked to
her and stood 10 inches apart
from her]
Armaan : it seems it you didn’t take
my words seriously ?
Ridhima [ flinging her both hands in
air] : now what I’ve done wrong ?
Armaan [ stepped towards and gritted
his teeth] : hadn’t I told you If
I saw anyone ogling your bare belly I
won’t spare then nor you..
When Taran was spinning her then
Ridhima's belly was visible and
few boys were ogling, smiling.. and
passing bad comments. Which
makes Armaan furious.
Before Ridhima could react or reply
she felt a sharp pain on her
bare belly 3 inched apart from navel
button . Armaan kneeled down
and bit on her belly, holding her
waist tightly.. when Ridhima fist
his hair and shrieked out due to
pain , he looked up towards her
face. Ridhima already closed her eyes
and pulled Armaan hair to move
him.. his teeth marks were sharp on
her bally.
Armaan again drew her belly to her
lips.. right now Ridhima felt a wet
touch.. when Armaan licked that spot
to sooth her pain . he licked
that spot and around it. And placed
some open mouth wet kissed .
She was feeling butterflies of
excitement in her stomach .
To be continue…………..


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