Monday, 24 October 2016

chapter 24 : My soulmate my wife

Momentarily she forgot all. For first
time she was getting, feeling,
sensing , knowing this new
sensation. Which made her

For first time a man was touching
her like this so closely on her
cover part of body… when Armaan was
licking her on his bite mark
spot he was rubbing his lips on
their.. as a result his stubble was
pricking on her skin.. she felt
thousand Volt+ current shock.. a
ripple went through onto her whole
body. Ridhima slowly untied
her fist , left Armaan’s hair and was
enjoying this new unknown
strange sensation which made her
lost her sense. After smoothing
her pain which was given by only
and only him, Armaan again
looked up and saw Ridhima was
standing all numb, lost, closed
eyes. He left her waist and stood
up.. again wrapped his both
hands, around her waist but this
time rubbing, under her Sari, his
rough skin was ribbing her soft like
cotton skin. Armaan was spell
bound in her tender quivering lips.
He leaned over her to capture
Still Ridhima was in closed eyes, but
when Armaan’s hot breath
was fanning on her neck to chin
then on face.. she slowly has
started opening her eyes.. and saw
Armaan over , but she couldn’t
detect their position yet. When
Armaan’s hand was.. Armaan slightly
rubbed his lips against her lips.. his
hands was patting on her bare
back and reached the bank of her
blouse .. when Armaan placed his
hands on her inner’s hock over her
blouse and clenched them
among. Pushed her back to pressed
her more into his embrace ..
then Ridhima got back her sense and
also realized their position.
If they were in any private place
then things could go on so far
maybe for next level.. But Ridhima
pushed him hard as he stepped
back few foots .. Armaan opened his
eyes for abrupt push and looked
at her.. Ridhima was painting and
feeling extremely feeling
embarrassed ..she was cursing her
how could she let someone to
touch her like that.. how could she
lost her sense.. how could she
let this happen .. Ridhima was
looking down … next seconds..
again waked to her and grabbed her
nape.. pulled her close. Rage
,fury was clear into his eyes, his
eyes were red as she let not him
taste most delicious things on
earth.. he was angry why she pushed
him. Forcibly he tried to capture her
lips and but when saw Ridhima
closed her eyes in fear and tears
rolled down from the corner of
eyes.. left her nape but hold her
wrapping around her back….
Ar : Ridhima.. looked at he..
Ridhima open your eyes..
When Ridhima heard him talking she
slowly opened eyes.. but
lowered eyes Didn’t ready to meet
Ar : looked at me.. [ he said in
soft voice ] ..I said looked at me,
Ridhima [ Ridhima looked at him but
fear was clear on her face
Armaan slowly wiped her tears by his
thump.. then softly ribbed on
her cheeks.. ]
Armaan: Ridhima, I.. I lo…..
Just then he saw a flash ..he
understood ,he was traced by media.
So he instantly covered Ridhima
thoroughly by his body and moved
in darkness. He held Ridhims’s hand,
and walked to parking lot .
when they were almost near his car
just then he saw those boys
whom were ogling on Ridhima.. and
still now being all drunk ,
whistling and throwing bad
comments.. actually no that time
didn’t noticed, Ridhima came here
with Armaan, otherwise who has
two head on neck to invite war with
Armaan Malik.. Seeing then again
Armaan’s blood has started boiling ..
he switched car-key, opened
lock ..thrust key into Ridhima’s fist..
Ar : you go and sit in car ..
[Ridhima was about to
something but Armaan loudly spoke
up ] GO !!!!.. [and to see his red
eyes, Ridhima got scared.. she
followed his order. ]
Armaan turned back and stormed to
those boys..
One boy : yaar .. kya mast chez hai..
another one : who was she ? .. let’s
see her.. mazza agaye ga [ it’ll be
just then he felt his head was
spinning as Armaan had punched on
his face .
Ar: what are you saying ?
Then third boy was trying to hit
Armaan but Armaan hit him back by
his elbow.. Ridhima was seeing him
fighting.. she was utterly
shocked and terrified to see this
view. She immediately got out
and ran there.
but fourth one was successful to hit
on his face not fully but it cut
corner of his lips. And also cut his
cheeks.. to see that.. Ridhima
screamed out ..
Ri : Armaan ….
Being most shocked Armaan looked at
her.. because she, herself also
didn’t realized , she called Armaan“
Armaan ” instead of Mr. Malik
And in this opportunity second boy
again punched Armaan..
Ri : Armaan dekho. [ watch
Armaan tooled them and punched
then all like thud.. he looked
back to Ridhima.
Ar : Ridhima, go back.. I said go
back damn it..[ he barked out ]
Ridhima reluctantly steeped back.. till
car but didn’t get in..
clenching her Sari, holding car’s
open door was standing and
praying to her Bappa to save Armaan
first boy: hey, man, what’s your
problem ? why the hell you’re
fighting with us ?
Ar : how dear you to say her
chick.. I’ll kill you all bustard…
She isn’t any chick…. I won’t spare
he tried to kick Armaan but Armaan
moved back.. then third boy
hit on his back and also kicked him
from back.. now Armaan
became ferocious also. He started
punching on them with his all
Fourth boy : are.. what is she to
you ? is she your chick ? abbe
shale biwi hai teri ? lagti kaya hai
teri ?[ dude, is she your wife ?
what she is to you ?]
Ar : haa, biwi hai mari .. [ yea,
she is my wife]
All boys were badly drunk…and
Armaan was biting the so ruthlessly
that they all got black and blue on
their body and fell on ground
one by one..
luckily these all fiasco was
happening in parking lot area. So all
guests, media-press were in the
party hall. When all boys fell on
ground, slowly Armaan turned back, he
still was furious.. he walked
to Ridhima. Who was trembling due to
fear. Armaan held Ridhima's
upper arms and made her sit in ,
beside driver seat. He got in car.
Ridhima was weeping silently.. she
didn’t get suddenly what
happened which made him so
ferocious and why even he fought
with them . Armaan looked at her
Ar : are you ok ?
Ridhima nodded yes looking down..
Armaan handed her tissue box.
Ar : wipe your tears.. don’t cry..Ridhima then wiped her tears and
looked at him..
Ri : you’re hurt..
Armaan didn’t replied.. yes, he was
very much hurt not physically
but from heart.. he looked onwards..
Ridhima pulled tissue to wipe
his blood , and stretched hand to
him but Armaan resisted her
raising his hand . he started the car
and with full speed drove the
car towards kapoor Mansion. In next 20
minutes they reached kapoor
house. Armaan halt car in front of
main door but didn’t get down.
Didn’t even look at Ridhima..
Ridhima got down and walked his side
stood in front of the door. But
before she could utter any words
Armaan started car and drove back, till
main gate. Turned his car in
main road then again drove away
with quall speed. Ridhima stood
there foe sometimes. She was totally
confounded , bewildered for
today’s event.. this whole evening
was stained a deep mark in her
mind, maybe in her upcoming life.Ridhima pressed bell and Raju
opened door. Before to press
doorbell she wiped her face and set
her hair. From doorway she
directly walked to upstairs to go in
her room … avoiding everyone.
But Nidhi called her form back ..
Nidhi : Ridhima, you returned back
home, so soon ? why ? function
wasn’t good ?
Ri : yea, Bhabhi.. function was
good.. but I’s feeling headache
so come home soon.
Mrs. kapoor : how did you come ?
alone ?
Ri : no, Mr.Malik dropped me
here .
Nidhi : then where is Ammy?
Ri : he left.. maybe has
important work
[ she lied to Nidhi to think that she
might be tensed to know about
his injury and mostly if ask her why
he’s fighting, what she’ll reply
then ? she herself didn’t know the
reason.]..umm..Bhabhi I’m
feeling headache , want to take rest..
will talk to you later.
Nidhi : yea, yea ,sure.. if you need
anything then let me know.Ridhima ran to her room.. locked
door. Sat down on bed keeping
head on bed.. and cried out.. she
didn’t come out for once in whole
night. Also skipped dinner telling
same lie.
Armaan parked his car and walked in..
Ananya was coming from
kitchen and Armaan was about to
cross her.. then Ananya noticed her
cut and bloodstains on face..
Ananya : Ammmy what happened ?
what have you done to yourself..
Then other were turned back to him
from living area as they were
sitting around sofa. Billi walked to
Armaan, then Dadi
Billi : Armaan, what happened ? did
you meet any accident ? how
this happened ? speak up..
Ar: just leave me
alone.. [ he barked up]
Without any reply walked upstairs ,
then entered in his room and
locked the door. … just then his
mobile rang up..
Ar: hello..
Anjali : hey, Ammy ,,where are you ?
Ar : I’m at home, Anjy..
Anjali: what ? how could you
leave me here, alone ? this is not
done Armaan..
Ar : I’ve sent driver.. he is on
way.. wait there.. driver will
dropped you ..
Saying this Armaan cut the call and
switched off mobile. He walked
in washroom , stood infront of the
mirror.. Ridhima’s face was
flashed out into mirror … her cry,
her running to him, her teary
eyes, and at the last her face, their
that spellbound moment..
Armaan dabbled cold water on his
face. Then took cold bath, it
always works like an alleviation for
Next day at office……..
Armaan reached home today later
than his usual time but not late
as per office time. He noticed when
he was walking towards stairs..
his employees were stealing
glances… but he was not is good
moods to pay attention. He reached
in his cabin there, Anjali
met him.. Anjy hugged him.
Anjy : though I’m angry with
you.. but I love you babe.. hey ,
wait a minutes.. how got this stains
on your face..
Ar: Anjy, have you prepared for
tomorrow’s presentation. I
want it perfect.. make sure..
And this scene was not by unseen
Ridhima just opened her door to
come out ..
To be continue………… …..


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