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chapter 25 : My soulmate my wife

Anjy : though I’m angry with
you.. but I love you babe.. hey ,
wait a minutes.. how got this stains
on your face..

Ar : Anjy, have you prepared for
tomorrow’s presentation. I
want it perfect.. make sure..
And this scene was not by unseen
Ridhima just opened her door to
come out .. Armaan entered in his
cabin.. After thirty minutes.. he
called Ridhima in his cabin.
Ar : miss. Gupta come in my
cabin, right now..
Ridhima was hell nervous, she didn’t
know how to meet him then
she composed herself . she has to
do this. She isn’t her for that nor
she let him close to her. She
knocked on door.
Ar : come in.. [ Ridhima slowly
walked in]..Miss. Gupta, write
down dictation.. hurry up ..
Ridhima was stunned to see his
regular behavior as if nothing
happened.. but it’s good for her.
Ri : yes, Mr. Malik
Armaan has started saying her which
type of dress she will design
for their next project.. he didn’t
looked at her for once.
Ridhima was writing all requirements
and buyers demands point.
Just then Billi banged on Armaan’s
cabin door and walked in
without knocking.. Anjali, Aman,
Akash also followed him. Ridhima
jerked up.. and Armaan looked
up at them.
Ar : what the hell is this ? is this
the office decorum to enter
MD’s room ? [Ridhima stood up to
see them coming in like that ]
Billi : Before to judge ours
manners , you clarify what the hell
this ? [ Billi threw three
newspapers on his desk before him]
Armaan raised his eyebrow : What ?
[ not looking at newspapers]
Akash : bhai, why don’t you just read
them ?
Billi : yes, it’s supposed to be you
to give us explanation.. not we..
Armaan being irritated looked at the
It’s written in bold letters… and
Armaan was reading enough loudly
to make everyone audible.
“ The young Business tycoon Armaan
Malik has been
Spotted last night in intimate
position with his eligible girlfriend
in Tina Rastigi’s Sangeet ceremony

They also post a picture of his and
his girl friend.. Then Armaan
flicked out other papers.
” Most eligible bachelor , business
tycoon Armaan Malik,
who recently announced “ I’m going
to get married very soon to
my girlfriend “ has been in Tina
Rastigi’s Sangeet ceremony with
his hidden girlfriend in
compromising position
In every papers , in theirs
Entertainment page, and in business
papers , same news with different
words but same picture.
They have post a picture where
Armaan was looking supposed to
kiss his girlfriend. But the area was
enough dark. So Armaan was
clear but his body almost blocked
their view. Only her hair , a
glimpse of body was visible. Not
even clear her dress color due to
darkness… It’s only Armaan and that
girl know who is she.
Armaan [ smirked] : yea, I’s with her..
so what ?
Ridhima choked and she coughed due
to nervousness…
Rifhima [ in thought] : what is he
saying ? It’s me.. not his
girlfriend then why he’s lying ?
Billi : Armaan.. enough had
enough…. Since morning I’m getting
calls after call from everywhere.. all
are asking about your
girlfriend, or wedding date.. when
we family members have no
clue.. I won’t tolerate this anymore..
I’m giving you just 1 month to
clear air.. otherwise I’ll take action
which won’t be good for you.
And I mean.. [Saying that Billi
walked of slamming door. ]
Akash : bhai, pls help us.. we can’t
handle press anymore.. and pls
show some mercy on us.. at least to
bua [ Ananya] & fupa ji [Billi]..
bua is very upset.
Akash also left cabin..
Ar : what the hell ……. You two
for what waiting here ? [ he said
to Anjali & Aman]
Aman without any words ran away..
Anjali: Ammy………I’ve talk with you
Ar : Anjy not now……… Anjali
pouted and also left.
Now it’s only Ridhims & Armaan were in
cabin. Ridhima looked at him.
Armaan [raised his eyebrow ] : now
what ?
Ri : it’s me not your girlfriend
..then why you lied ?
Armaan [ folding hands on chest] :
right..I’s also thinking that, why
I’ll take all blame on my head when
you’re with me…
Ri : means ?
Armaan leaned over table and
brought his head near to Ridhima
Ar : media print wrong massage.
It should be Armaan Malik has been spotted kissing
Ridhima Gupta in Tina Raistogi’s
Sangeet party. Hum ? it’s not too
late,, I can a press conference to
amend this mistake ……….
Ridhima was shocked to hear him. Yes
she hadn’t noticed that side
If he reveals truth and everyone will
point fingers towards her.
What she will explain then.. Ridhima
face fell down instantly like
white , bloodless …. She picked
dictation note and ran out from
Next day. ……..
Malik family has invited kapoor family
for lunch at their place.
Ved came back. And Armaan’s
another cosine brother Atul also
came here to spent vacation and
they all were thinking about
Akash’s marriage. And also they
wanted to light the environment
Which was created during
proposing Ridhima – Akash’s
So that’s all the reason for this get
All have reached in Malik family
and sat down on sofa in living
area. Nudhi and Ridhima walked in
kitchen to help Ananya , & Nandani
Nidhi and Ridhima hugged them, they
talked for few minutes.. and
then Nidhi told them to go out , sit
with everyone.. she and Ridhima
will handle rest of cooking. So they
went out and Nidhi & Ridhima
has started cooking..
Ri : bhabhi, you check is there
anything left to cook.. then
we’ll start for that,, otherwise we’re
almost done.
Nidhi : ok.. good idea … hum.. rice,
curry.. dessert.. you Ridhima
Kheer left..
Nidhi : well, I’m cooking it..
Armaan : mumma, where is my ?
Armaan who knew his mother was in
kitchen, so he came here and
asked something but stopped to see
Ananya was not here rather
Nidhi & Ridhima were cooking.. they
both looked at him and
instantly Ridhima turned her face and
continue boiling milk to cook
Nidhi : Ammy.. she screamed in joy..
Armaan walked in and Nidhi
hugged him tightly ]
Ar : how are you Dii ?
Nidhi : I’m fine.. but I’m really
angry Ammy.. you didn’t even tell
about your girlfriend.. we’re siblings
Ammy can’t share it with
Dii.. BTY ..I’m seen that picture..
Ammy you’re kissing her.. haan
?? tell tell ?.. how is she ? tell naa..
Ridhima to hear this started coughing
but Nidhi was super excited
about Armaan’s love lady.. so she
didn’t pay more attention just once
look back is she ok.. But Armaan
looked at her in fact was gazing
her. Ridhima was looking everywhere
but not at Armaan.. looking at
her Armaan replied to Nidhi
Ar : what the Dii ?? too many at
a time…. And how could you
being elder sister asking about your
younger brother’s romance
with his girlfriend..
Anjali’s jaw dropped : Chote ..!!!
Ar : ok..yes, I’s kissing her.. not
only kiss much more than it..
she is too soft Dii !! you know what I
mean [ he winked]
Nidhi opened her mouth in big size
O shape.. but Ridhima fell
Cooking tool to hear Armaan..
Nidhi turned back to her.
Nidhi : what happened ?
Ridhima nodded no : nothing happen
looking down…
Armaan smirked and walked off. He
went living area to meet rest of
guests specially his Ved a jiju. After all
he is in mission to “GET
Ridhima” who is his beloved sister..
After two hours…………..
All sat down around dining table..
chatting, creaking joke and
having snacks. .
Mr. kapoor : so Armaan, you are all set to
get married.. very good we are
eagerly waiting for that BIG DAY..
but now we all think about
Akash as Nandani ji in hurry to get
married him..
Nandani : exactly , bhai shahab , you just
have aid my words..
Ar : well, uncle..we have not even
decide about the wedding
date.. I’ll talk to her and then will
let you know everyone. [ Armaan
was saying all looking at Ridhima
through eye’s corner and
deliberately brushed with her
hands who was sitting on south side
of the table and his left side ..
Ridhima instantly pulled her hands
into her lap and stopped eating .
but Again Armaan placed his nude
lag on her legs.. Ridhima pulled her
leg back and looked at him
why he was doing this .
Armaan was waiting for this.. He also
looked at her . then he
smirked but looking onward..
Ar: actually she is very shy.. to
come in front of you that’s why
it’s taking time..
Ri [ in thought] : whom about
he’s talking , why sometimes I
feel it’s me ?
Nidhi : ohh !! so we’re going to get a
shy bhabhi.. tell more about
her Ammy
Ar : umm.. what ? she’s very
good in cooking, she knows all
household works, and also a very
good designer and also a
dancer....and she is from also
Banglore. she loves sweets and a
sweet chatter box.
hearing all everyone looked at
Ridhima because
it’s all resembled with Ridhima and
with utmost shock Ridhima
looked at Armaan
. Armaan also looked at
her.. then others..
Ar : what ?
Everyone looked at each others but
no one said any words
Ananya : fine.. here one has found his
girl without even asking or
didn’t bother to let his parents..
[ Armaan looked at his mother, as
he knew she’s angry and more that
sad since his divorce matter till
now ] ..Now we’ve to think about
Akash..I mean ..find out a good
girl for him..
Akash was all silent from the
beginning in his own marriage issue.
He is not ready to hurt his parents
or relatives just for sake of his
own happiness. It’s against his
Ar : do anyone ever ask Akash
what he wants ?
Dadi : he is not like you.. he will
respect his elders decision ,
specially his parents wish .
Armaan [ he got where his Dadi
pricked him] : yea, I can see that,,,
that’s why he’s all silent, became
dumb ..
Nidhi : what do you mean Ammy ?
Ar : nothing,, leave it..
Billi : no, when once you’ve
started, you’ve to finish.. you just
can’t put blames on parents
shoulder and walk away.. [ stern
Ar: it’s necessary to consider that every time
parents are right whatever decision
they take.. it’s not.. they could
be wrong and they do wrong..
Rudhima was only solo soul who was
totally confused why suddenly
everyone became so angry and
indirectly hitting Armaan through
words.. what he had done so bad ?
Akash : bhai, pls. stop it..
Ananya : No Akash.. let him speak ..
just make it clear ,Ammy.. don’t
you dare to point finger towards us
to hide your own sin.. [Ananya’s
voice made Ridhima shocked, she
never ever heard her to talk in
this voice – anger was filled in her
Ar : well, do you ever to know
what Akash feels … never ever..
he loves someone else. But he knew
his family won’t accept that
girl as she isn’t compete with his
social status .. so he preferred
remain silent.. now tell me one
thing, do you think he will be ever
happy with all of your choice ? do
you ever think what it feels when
a person has to live his whole with a
person who he never wants ?
Saying that Armaan angrily walked off.
Everyone turned their head to
Ved : Akash, is it true what Armaan had said ?
To be continue…………………


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