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chapter 26 : My soulmate my wife

Armaan : well, do you ever to know
what Akash feels … never ever..
he loves someone else. But he knew
his family won’t accept that

girl as she isn’t compete with his
social status .. so he preferred
remain silent.. now tell me one
thing, do you think he will be ever
happy with all of your choice ? do
you ever think what it feels when
a person has to live his whole with a
person who he never wants ?
Saying that Armaan angrily walked off.
Ved : Akash, is it true what Armaan
had said ?
Everyone turned their head to
Akash. ….waiting for his reply.
But before he could defense himself
Nandani spoke up.
Nandani: kya ? you.. you my son likes
other girl , going against me..
tell me which type of girl she is ?
from which family ? which
stander she belongs. ? tell.. Akash
don’t dare to become dumb now ..
Ananya : haa,, Nandani. pls….[ she
gestured her to be polite in
front of kapoor family at least ] ,, let
him speak…….
Dadi : just for your this habit he hid
everything to us.. it’s good
that Ammy let us know about this……
Akash slowly has started speaking..
Ridhima thought It won’t look
good to be present here being most
junior.. so she silently stood up
and walked to living area.. then she
remembered she kept her
purse and mobile in Nidhi’s room.
So she walked upstairs … she
was about to open door but Armaan
was there, opened door and
came out.. … Ridhima moved a side to
let him go but Armaan walked
to her and folded his hands on
Ri : move..
Ar. : why you came to me ? are
you following me ?
Ri : kya ? I came here to take
my bags… now move ?
Ar: why you’re brushing your
legs with mine under dining
table ?
Ridhima [ utter shocked] : don’t tell
lie .. it’s me or you were doing
there all ? just move aside..
Ar : chipku ….
Ri : main ? [ pointed fingers to
herself] dekhiye Mr. Malik ..
Ar : I’m watching.. do you want
me to watch more closely or
something else ? [ he raised his
eyebrow ]
Ridhima [ flung her hands in air]: why
I’m even talking with you..
She turned to go back but in a swift
turn Armaan held her hand from
back then spin her, folding her
hands on her back.. now Ridhima
was near Armaan’s chest, facing him
and her hand on her back
holding by Armaan.
Now Ridhima became more angry..
everything has limit.
Ri : just leave me.. I said leave
Mr. Mallik otherwise it won’t
good.. [ Armaan saw a determination
into her eyes so he left her but
not that warning for he noticed
she’s getting hurt.. how can he
gave her pain. Ridhima stepped back]
Ri : now you listen to me.. I
don’t have a bit interest in you..
Don’t dare to touch me henceforth ..
I’m tolerating these all, just
for the sake the knot of these two
family. ..I never want for me any
bitterness between them.. .. don’t
take my silence as my weakness.
Ar : ohh !!! really ?? the great
Ridhima Gupta could even
speak up.. I never knew that [ he
mocked] I could see how strong
you’re. …who won’t able to walk one
step without your brother’s
support.. who doesn’t have enough
dare to stand by against
wrong.. to retaliate others .. wiho
still sheds tears thinking her ex
husband, who still live in past.. who
couldn’t move on.. shame on
your this worthless courage.. Miss.
Ridhima gupta..
He said just line leaning over Ridhima
and walked off. Ridhima stood
there like lifeless idol.. numb, yes,
what Armaan had said to her was
each and every words were true. Her
inner soul knew it.. and truth
is all ways bitter.
Akash has told everyone about
Ritu except Nandani all were
happy. They don’t have any problem
to accept her but Nandani
has lot of dreams.. her daughter in
law will be any miss. India
and from rich family , beautiful like
her. Etc etc.. but now she is
seeing to break down into
Mr. kapoor : that’s really great.. now
you’ve found perfect girl for
Akash.. so rest of decision should be
taken by only family
members.. ok.. Ananya ji.. foods were
so delicious.. thanks for that..
now we’ll take your leave.……..
They all one by one bid bye.. Mr &
Mrs. kapoor walked out ahead in
one car..
Nidhi : Mumma, where is Ammy ?
Mohan : Nidhi Dii..Armaan bhaiya in anger
went out..
Nidhi : mumma, Dadi pls.. don’t say
more anything to Ammy
Ananya :haan..why not ? when even we
get chance to say something
that nawab jade…
Ved : it’s ok.. Mumma.. forget all
look forward.. Ridhima let’s go..Ridhima hugged Dadi ji and bid bye
from all.
In the car… Ved was driving..
Nidhi sat beside him, Ridhima on
back seats.
Ved : I don’t think, Aksah’s choice
good be wrong. He is a very
foresight and sensible and patient
Ved : me too.. from the childhood
he was quite reserve but
always took right decision.. But Now
I hope Aunty agree. Without
her consent..nothing could be
To see Ridhima all quiet, Ved lookd
at her through front mirror..
Ved : Ridhimai, what happened ?
Ridhima nodded no..
Ri :So, Akash is in love..
what’s the name of that girl ?
Nidhi : Ritu.. isn’t a nice name ?
Ri : hummm..
Ved : but how could Armaan got to
know this ?
Nidhi: yea, I’ve no clue.. he is
genius.. no one, nothing could hide
from him .. he got to know all..
Ridhima [ in thought] : ohh.. so that’s
the reason. Mr. Malik new
Akash ji loves someone else, but
right now he couldn’t tell about it
to anyone.. that why hell told me to
reject this alliance..
he is good to everyone then why he
behaved like that to me….
Ridhima , what are you saying ? how
could you forget, how he
care of you when she met Accident..
did you forget how he was
cried against your head.. how he
encouraged you to design Tina’s
wedding dress. he always helped
you, in every step when you’re in
need. …never leave you alone when
you’re in trouble…. How he
fought with that goons on that day
just for sake of you… he is not
what he shows to everyone.. he is
what he hides to everyone.
Next day at BM office…………….
Everyone designers sitting around
the table… except them
,Anjali, Armaan, Marketing head
were present…….. Anjali was
giving speech.. how much she was
arrogant but she knew her work
best. It’s true……. After giving
preliminary speech on next venture
she has started checking and taking
explanation from all designers
in which basis they drew their
design .
after yesterday’s encounter ,when
Ridhima came in Office.. she met
with Armaan on doorway but his facial
expression was so stern and
rigid. Ridhima once looked at him and
after that she never looked at
him, not even in meeting room
where ironically they were sitting
face to face , opposite side of table…
But Ridhima never knew there
was no single second that Armaan
didn’t steal glances …….
Anjali : well, Sana Bhatt. I liked
your design and accepted it for
present in show.. it will be
presented in second day. ….. Next..
Susmita Ghosh.. .. not selected.. it
seemed you’re too busy talking
with your BF that forget to check
requirements.. ..
Marketing head : but, miss
Anjali..this design is new trend….
top designers company are following
Anjali : don’t try to teach me . my
work.. I know that very well
better than you.. every top designer
company is following it that’s
why BM won’t even try it.. BM will
create new trend.. ..Next .. ohh
!! the great Ridhima Gupta…
Till now Armaan was hearing all typing
his mobile buttons.. and
when Anjali called Ridhima’s name
he once looked at Ridhima ,
and scoffed at her.. then again
continue his act.. Ridhima saw that
and his this smile reminded her his
yesterday’s word…
Anjali : hello, Miss. Princess , look
at me.. here your prince
won’t come to draw design.. so
you’ve to do it.. it’s not selected..
do it again..
Anjali threw the papers almost on
her face..Ridhima saw Armaan
again was smiling which indicating ,
that he’s right about her.. She
lived her life on other’s support on
other’s compassion..
Ridhima instantly caught that paper
and straightly looked atAnjali.
Anjali was about to talk
with next one but stopped by Ridhima
Ri : why ? [ her voice was
crystal and sharp like sword ]
Who even not looking at her , he or
she also turned their face to
her. Anjali frowned as she didn’t
get her word.. and most
shocking person Armaan has stopped
typing on mobile.. his eyes
fixed on nothing but ear awoke to
hear her.
Anjali : excuse me ?
Ri : nope you’re not excused
until you tell me for which fault
you’ve rejected my design…
Anjali [ smirked] : firstly being
head I hold all power to select
or reject any design.. secondly ..
you’ve not follow my instruction..
so I did..
Ri : well, Your instruction was
wrong.. totally nonsense.. so
and I’m not used to do nonsense
Anjali was about to shout on her
but Armaan signaled her to stop
by raising hand..
Ar: well, Miss. Gupta would you
like to explain exactly what
was nonsense ? [ Armaan’s voice was
equally stern like Ridhima]
Ridhima has left one option either do
or die..
Ri : well, which instructions she
has provided was old, and
some of it’s part are quite similar or
Paris- winter fall -12 and rest
of part doesn’t make sense.. because
, we’re designing party dress
for Christmas.. not any fancy dress
that we just do any patchwork..
people will prefer congenial dress ,
they spend money only for
that. I’ll challenge the board to
review the design…
Ar : checked the design again
and if it fix to launch in market
he do it..
Saying that Armaan left the cabin…..
Ridhima attended rest of
meeting and Anjali digesting all
with gritting teeth finished
meetings… Ridhima came out from
meeting rooms and Armaan was
looking her from his cabin..
Ar : I wanted that Ridhima. I
want you to smile again.. I want
you live your life again..I want you
to dance in rain again.. just
fight back.. come out from that grim
…forget all, move on.. open
you heart.. open the door of your
mind.. let me come in.. I will
make you laugh again..I promise..
I’ll make you accept my love
again.. I promise…I’ll make you
mine again.. I promise.
To be continue…………..


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