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chapter 27 : My soulmate my wife

Ridhima and Armaan were not talking
with each other after that
fight. Armaan showed her his rude &
angry face look as if he doesn’t
care. And Ridhima made sure she

never ended up before him. She
only did her works and returned
back home.. she gave her full
attention on works , Anjali just
waiting for a chance to humiliate
her for that .
after three days …………………
Anjali again called an urgent
meeting for all designers… all were
sitting around table.. Anjali
passed a “ I’ll see you ” look to
Ridhima then start her speech .
Anjali : we’re going to part –Delhi
couture 2015. so half of
designers with their inters will work
for this show and half will
work for our upcoming project
Charismas. But which people will
do good and whose design would be
selected for Delhi show, and
would be liked by fashion critics they
will get change to launch
their own designed dress in market
on includin BM sticker for
EID collections …
All designers became so happy.. it’s
a great opportunity, a
milestone of their career.. they all
work in BM but public don’t
know then individually, for which
design who are best, which one
is whose forte.. so now henceforth
they will get to know
particularly this dress is designed by
that designer and she/he is
best for that category …
Anjali : wait, wait.. it’s not end..
let me finish.. and those all best
designers will work for our mega
project winter-fall & happy new
year.. back to back.. so it’s going to
peak all of your career so just
pull up your socks and show you
best…. Umm,, you all will get
directive written order on your
table……. All the best [ Anjali
said it again looking at Ridhima]
with zeal all went back their cabin,
called their inters whose work
under them individually .. has
started planning , making blue
prints for designs…… but it’s only
Ridhima… something else was
running into her head. It’s obvious
… she was feeling suffocated..
she didn’t know why even she’s
fighting with Armaan.. what she
wanted to prove.. yeas, she was
doing work.. it’s not all. The truth
was she still stuck on that point.
She couldn’t move on.. she still
though about her ex- husband..
Ridhima stood up and tried to drew
something but no use.. she threw
pencils on floor.. all broke down.
Just then Peon knocked on
door….Ridhima turned and looked
back ..
Peon : maam…here is your papers ,
Anjali maam has sent..
Ridhima nodded and took.. she has
no mood to have a look so she
just pinned it on hardboard, picked
her bag and walked out….
At kapoor house……….
Nidhui : umm.. Ved I wanted to
tell you one thing but didn’t
know how you will react.. so I’s
quiet ..
Nidhi and Ved were getting ready
to attend Tina’s reception
party. In fact all were getting ready
in their room..
Ved : what ? tell..
Nidhii : ummm.. Nandani Aunty really likes Ridhima.. [ Ved
stopped buttoning and turned toRidhim ]
Ved : what do you mean by she
likes Ridhima.. Akash loves Ritu
and Ridhima isn’t ready to get
married soon..Nidhi you know all
then what’s this crap ?
Nidhii : I knew you’ll become angry ..
Ved : shouldn’t I ?
Nidhi: at first listen my full line..
then react ..
Ved [ irritated ] : tell..
Nidhii : Aunty likes Ridhima and
Akash is blocked but for
Atul..You know Atul, his nature.. and
Aunty wants not for Akash but
for Atul ,Ridhima’s hand staying
here for long..I guess.. 4/5
months. So in the meantime Ridhima
and Atul will get chance to
know each other.. and only Ridhima
likes then we can think for
marriage .. now say..
Ved : Atul.. haan.. he is friendly,
simple, easy going
person..Ridhima will be comfortable
with him.. well, think about it..
now get ready.. where is Ridhima?
has she returned ?
Nidhi : Ridhima is in her room
getting ready.. she came back home
taking early leave today..
In Ridhima’s room…………
Ridhima is ready… she was upset but
not for any particular reason
or actually she , her self couldn’t
figure out the reason of her mood
off…so she called her bua
Bua ji : Ridhi, if you say then I’ll
come there.. or you come to me..
but don’t upset.. if you shed tears
then your ma , papa won’t be
happy in heaven..
Ri : Bua I’m not crying why
I’ll cry ? I just wanted to talk
with you…..can’t call you..
Bua ji : Ridhi, I’m not your ma,
but I can hear your heart,
Ridhi, could feel your soul.. mujhe
maaf kar do.. I couldn’t take
care of your.. couldn’t keep my
promise to your parents..
Ri : Bua why are you saying
this.. pls, don’t say like that.. I
almost forgot ma, Papa aspect
for me you’re my Ma, my
Papa what you’ve done for me no
one on earth could ever done
for thire child not ever Ma , Papa if they ever alive.. if you cry
or say something like that…then
remember my one word..I’ll go so
far away from you.. you never ever
could able to see my face
Bua ji : nehin.. asia maat bolo.. main
to jite ji mar jaungi [ don’t say
like that..I’ll be living dead ] ..
Ri : then.. you never ever cry
,henceforth .. ok ?
Bua ji : thik hai.. per beta meri ek
baat manoge.. .. Ridhi, life is so
short.. you’ll get chance only one to
live.. ise purii traha sai jio. Jee
bharke jei.. har paal jeo.. bhul jao wo
sab.. [ live your life
thoroughly, each and every moments
.. forget all bitter memory ]
don’t shed your tears who never
cared for you.. accept who cares
you.. accept who loves you.. move
on.. you never know how much
happiness is waiting for you ahead..
just grab his hands , for
whom you mean a lot.. for whom
you’re his life.. don’t let him go..
life doesn’t give everyone second
chance …. You get it.. cherish it..
live it.. love it.. are you listening
me ?
Ri : hummm.. .. hum.. Bua
Now I’ve to leave.. umm..I’m
going out with bhai Bhabi..
Bua ji : thik hai. Convey my love to
Ved.. I’ll talk to him later..
Ri ; hmmm…
Ridhima heard bua whatever Bua
was saying her, for every
Moment , Armaan’s face flashed into
her eyes.. his eyes.. which
always full of love and for her.. she
could feel it.. she got it from the
first time.. but she is scared for her
past experience.. what if again
he left her.. she again will be alone
.. she scared to knit new
dreams again.. she is scared to fall
in love again.. that’s why she ‘s
avoiding Armaan…
At reception party convention hall …
All Malik family except Armaan and
kapoor family arrived almost
same time.. they have started
Atul: hello, Ridhima how are you ? I
liked you design..I’ve seen it
at office..
Ri : I’m fine .. thank you…
Nidhi : Mumma, where is Ammy ?
Ananya: he didn’t come with us.. will
come alone..
Akash : hey, bhai is there.. coming ..
Then they looked back and saw
Armaan was walked towards them
but Anjali was with him, holding
his bicep… this scene sure
disliked by every members of the
family.. they don’t have problem
with Anjali but they always wanted
a daughter in law like Ridhima ..
when Ridhima saw Armaan
was coming along with Anjali
she didn’t know why but felt
something pierced into her heart..
Ri : umm.. Bhabhi.. I’m coming
back in no time..
She wanted to move away .. didn’t
want to meet Armaan
Atul : Ridhima wil; you mind if I
join you.. actually I’s not so close
with Tina.. but I think I should
congratulate her personally..I
didn’t do that in wedding day..
Ri : yea, sure.. pls come.. I’m
going to her..
Ridhima n Atul walked fast and moved
from there.. Armaan saw that and
gritted his teeth..
Anjali : relax.. Ammy.. relax.. have
patient …
Ar: hmmm..
Rdhima walked to Tina, hugged her..
and asked her that dress fit
her perfectly.. they talked for long..
as Anjali was invited
because she was Tina & Armaan’s both
common friend.. So when
Armaan stood in front of his family ,
Anjali greeted them then she
excused herself..and walked to Tina..
to see her coming here..
Ridhima was about to move away as
because Armaan could anytime
come here..
Anjali : hey, Ridhima wait.. though
we don’t like each other but
always ended up in same place ,
who so ?
Ri : I don’t know.. and I’ve no
problem with you ..
Anjali : really ? well, then at first
tell me are you follow me, not
me Ammy , my boyfriend every
where ?
Ridhima [ got angry ]: what ? see,
Miss Anjali. Neither I’ve any
single bit of interest in your
boyfriend nor in your personal life..
I’m here with my family ..
Here Ridhima was trying to keep away
from Armaan and his related
everything there, he was always
before her with his Anjali and
top of all Anjali to mention Armaan
as her boyfriend just
added fuel in her anger, frustration..
Anjali: ok ..then prove it..
Ri : what, what will prove and
why should I ? just leave me
alone.. [ she was trying to walk off
but Anjali held her hand]
Anjali : when you’re not interested
in him then, what’s the
problem to prove it ?? .. scared and
truth will come out ? haan ?
Ri [ taking long breath in ] :
well say.. what have to do to
prove it I’m not interested in Armaan Malik ?
she stressed on his name and knew
until she won’t prove Anjal
won’t let her stay in peace..
Anjali : umm.. as Malik family
wants a bahu like you.. I don’t
know what even they’ve seen in
you.. whatever it is, give me tips
how I could win your heart…
Ri : you love him, and you’re
asking me how to win his
family.. wao..
Anjali : don’t be so smart.. just
tell me and prove it..
Ri : neither I’ll tell you nor I
need to prove anything.. You’re
free to build up any story in your
mind..I don’t even care..
Ridhima replied Anjali in rigid voice
and walked off..
Anjali turned back to her and
Anjali : wao ..what an attitude !!!..
not bad Ex- Mrs. Armaan Malik woo.. darling I’m
early waiting to see you face
when you’ll get to know this.. then
it’ll be fun … ..
Anjali moved to walk ahead.. and
then Armaan reached there..
Ar : hey, what are you saying to
her ? it seemed she ‘s angry
Anjali : nothing important to know
for you babe.. let’s go..
She held his bicep and walked till
the middle of the party hall to
talk with their other friends……..
After dinner.. one by one all guests
have started leaving..
As Armaan had come in his own car..
so he will go by his car..
So all Malik family biding bye left
one by one in their car.. as
well kapoor family.. but Ridhima left
behind.. as she walked aside to
calm herself then when she was
coming back , she met with a girl
who wanted to talk with her.. so she
has to stop.. when Nidhi
didn’t see Ridhima she thou Ridhima
left with her Mr. & Mrs kapoor
so she and Ved also left……
Ridhima after finishing her talks came
in front of gate and from
security guards got to know that all
kapoor & Malik family’s car left
except Armaan Malik’s car still
in parking lot..
Ridhima will never ever go with him..
she was thinking how to go
back.. security Guard told her if she wants
then he could inform Rastogi
family.. but Ridhima didn’t want to
disturb them.. just then he saw
Armaan & Anjali were coming
towards parking lot. … Armaan
looked at her once .. Ridhima turned
her face other side…
Armaan & Anjali got into car and
Armaan drove car away looking
straight , passing her… Ridhima again
looked at security guard then
he told her..
Guard : maam, then there is only
one option left.. you have to
walked ahead and then you get bus
stop.. there you’ll get taxi..
but I can’t leave this place for
security issue.. if have to walk till
then ..
Ri : it’s ok..I’ll manage ……
thank a lot..
Ridhima has started walk.. after two
minutes.. thunders flashed on
sky.. it seemed going to heavy rain..
she has started walking fast.
And it’s posh area so road was
vacant.. only privet cars are passing
Armaan suddenly stopped his car on
road after going few meters …
Ar : Anjy… get your car and go
home.. I’ll come later..
Anjali : ok.. bye babe.. she smiled
and got down..
In two minutes Anjali’s car was
there.. her driver opened door..
she got in and left..
Ridhima was walking fast but no use…
rain has begun falling with
heavy drops..
Armaan came out from his car in rain..
leaned over car… …………..
To be continue………………..


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