Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Epilogue : A gypsy's fantacy

As he watched his wife give sloppy kisses to her pathetic pug, Armaan Malik came to a realization.
He was sexually frustrated.
Now you would've thought how could that be possible? They'd made such a grand exit from the Modhis and Armaan had had every intention of taking his wife home and then homing inside her.
But, intentions as they were, the night turned out pretty different.
So there they were, pathetically happy, kisses here and kisses there and he was all ready to shut them in his room and go big.
But that's not how the night went.
Just before he could pull her wedding dress down there was a loud knock at their door.
And there he was.
The bane of his existence.
"What the hell is the problem with you?" Armaan glared at him. He smiled back and barged in making Shilpa squeal.
"Yo, Shilpa. Listen, I've been meaning to say this to you but well, I'm really sorry for what I did a few days back. I was an asshole to you and my behavior wasn't justified. I hope you'll forgive me? Right?"
Armaan held the bedroom door counting the seconds.

Shilpa gave him a cheery smile and nodded. "All's forgiven. It wasn't your fault. Any one in your place would've reacted the same way. I'm so glad we can put this behind us and start afresh."
And then they'd gone on and on about how they were glad to meet each other ticking Armaan off.
"I think we all know HOW GLAD YOU BOTH ARE SO JUST SHUTUP ALREADY AND GET OUT OF MY ROOM!" He pointed a sharp finger at Yuvraaj, "YOU!" then at Shilpa, "Not you. You stay!"
Yuvraaj gave him a lopsided grin and strode out. Armaan closed the door with a sigh and went back to his wife only to be disturbed a second time.
The second time it was Rahul.
And he would've killed him with his bare hands had Muskaan not followed behind and barged in, with Yuvraaj following her all too smug.
"What the hell?" Armaan barked.
"You shutup!" Muskaan glared at Armaan shocking him.
Muskaan Garewal?
At him?
At Armaan?
What the hell?
"You!" she pointed at Yuvraaj, "Now you all tell me everything."
And then there in that frustrating night Armaan sat on his bed with murder in his eyes and watched Yuvraaj tell them everything about the night and what Modhi had done. Where Shilpa, Muskaan and Rahul were paying too much attention,  Armaan was plotting their deaths in his head.
All that went on till morning.
And Shilpa fell asleep in the morning.
Not to forget, a snoring Shilpa fell asleep in the morning.
And next day he'd to explain to his mother who opened her big fat mouth to the media and the media didn't leave them alone. And then his mother told him if he wasn't going to remarry and invite the whole city he'll have to hold a reception and invite the whole city anyway.
So he did.
Hold a reception.
And since everyone was so busy in warding off the media and preparing for the reception, he didn't get the chance to get his wife alone.
So they had a huge reception.
Armaan wore a black tuxedo and totally lost it when he saw Shilpa.
She looked gorgeous. Beautiful and like a wife who needed to give her husband the time of his life!
So Armaan prayed for the reception to get over.
His reception was also attended by their pug that was dressed in white and had a veil of flowers on his head and buff, and Shilpa's frog.
The frog however had gotten let loose and there'd been a commotion before a boy, too fascinated, had caught hold of it.
And Shilpa had jumped up and down clapping.
And not to forget she'd eaten all of Armaan's food too, shifting it to her plate because he was too busy thinking of how to get the hell out of that reception.
And then when he'd looked down at his plate, Shilpa was too busy burping.
"That was some great food Malik! I'm so tired. I just can't wait to go home and sleep."
And that's exactly what had happened.
She'd hit the bed and then she was snoring.
Next day looked bright. Armaan knew this was it!
Before his grandma ended up calling him and telling him to bring her granddaughter to him that instant because she couldn't wait to meet Shilpa.
So off they went. Shilpa and his Granny were on fire the instant they meet. He blamed it on the crack parts of their head that were too alike. Both of them laughed all day and the next thing he knew his granny told them they're staying for a week and before Armaan had the chance to open his mouth Shilpa was giving her full fledged approval.
And so they stayed.
For two weeks instead of one.
Because when Armaan said he'd work back home, Shilpa insisted she'd stay back with Granny for a while, to which Granny beamed.
So he thought he'd google how to have sex without one's wife.
And google said have sex with someone who's not your wife.
So they stayed for two weeks.
Not that Armaan couldn't have tried then but there was something totally unholy and dirty about having sex beneath one's grandmother's roof and neither was the chalet that big. She'd hear it all. And the visual didn't particularly suit him.
Not that he didn't try. He took her to the cornfield one day and there they were.
Kissing. Kissing. Kissing.
He was all too sure that his wait had come to an end when someone threw a chit at his face.
It said: If you're going to make babies, at least make sure they're cute. Minnie.
And that was enough to make him groan.
His first time wasn't going to be an eyeful for way too curious kids.
And then they came home but there was too much pending work and too many of his relatives who all of a sudden remembered they'd a relative known Armaan.
Bingo! You exist too? Congratulation! Now go back to your home!
Gappu, the son of his cousin's aunt's daughter in law's friend's son fell in love with Shilpa too. He was tiny and he was broad. Not vertically. Horizontally.
And he wouldn't leave Shilpa alone, following her everywhere like a besotted puppy.
And making her sleep with him at nights in the nursery.
How f**king adorable.
How he wished he could throw him off the sixty sixth building in his office.
So that brought them to now.
He was eating croissants and watching Shilpa talk to her ugly pug.
She was giving him too many kisses much to Armaan's comfort.
Saala Kutta! Armaan muttered under his breath.
"Shilpa!" he put the plate back and stood up.
She looked from where she was feeding pug at Armaan and raised a brow.
"It's midnight. Shouldn't we be sleeping now?"
"Are you sleepy?"
"Very!" he gritted the words out.
"Then go sleep Armaan. I'm going to feed him then walk him around a little. He's gotten so lazy I can't tell you."
Armaan counted back to ten.
"Tell Raamdeen. He's anyway very besotted with him. He'll walk him around. You come with me."
"Armaan Raamdeen took the day off, remember? You look tired. Why don't you go sleep? I'll come after walking him around promise."
Armaan grumbled and went back to the room cursing Ramdeen.
How dare the fool take a day off!
By the time Shilpa was back he was actually asleep and the next morning when he woke up Shilpa was up and about the house.
This was it. He was going to do something serious now.
The night when he came back from work he watched as Muskaan and Shilpa had blue caps on and were cheering and laughing.
"Oh my god! Oh my God! I just...I Just hit a six!" Shilpa laughed squealing and jumping.
Armaan watched from the balcony and smiled. His crazy, adorable wife.
"Wow! OMG Rahul, we gotta do this more. Cricket's totally the shit! This game is it! I hit a six!" she was jumping and jumping then bent once more to bat.
Rahul threw a pathetic kind of ball that any kid could play and Armaan had an urge to laugh as he watched Shilpa hit another shot and his watchman go after the ball again as she laughed and cheered and Rahul almost rolled his eyes.
"MOOSIE DID YOU SEE THAT? YOUR MOMMA'S SO GOOD." Moosie was the new addition to their family. Moosie was a black Cat who walked and acted like it was the Queen of England and ate food that cost a lot of money. She had her special bed and her special bath tub and she had ten tonnes of tantrums.
Except, Shilpa loved her.
And Armaan was whipped worse than cream when it came to his wife.
The word no had been totally removed from his dictionary.
Over the month, they'd taught each other a lot, and to his amazement he'd fallen more in love with her everyday just like his grandmother had said. Shilpa had taught him to not take shit from his mother and sister just because they'd had some part in his existence. She taught him how to not hide his emotions. She taught him how to live life to its fullest. And she taught him a lot of curses to the point he'd started cursing like her too.
She'd brought out the better in him, and every day was better than the one before. They'd explored each other in ways they'd not known. Shilpa was a heavy sleeper and she snored like hell but things which would've irritated Armaan just months ago made him smile now. She was also a very active sleeper and Armaan had to press her to him and keep his legs over hers, lock her arms beneath his when they'd sleep so she won't be hitting him in the face or in the place where a man shouldn't be hit all night. A lesson he learned very well the first time they slept together.
Shilpa was also a very good listener. One of these days when he'd had too much tension at work he'd just been off at home and told her of all the things that had been frustrating him and she'd listened very calmly then helped him with his work whole night.
He also came to know she totally hated snakes and alligators and sharks.
Thank God for that!
She made that boy he'd lost somewhere come out a little more every day. Yes he'd had his insecurities but she'd made them all fade day by day.
His day was made just by looking at her.
He'd never been this happy.
Armaan walked up to them, loosening his tie and putting his hands in his pockets. He came right behind Shilpa and nodded at Rahul.
Rahul grinned and threw another pathetic ball to the left and Armaan shifted the wicket to left and grinned as the ball knocked it to the ground.
"Too bad Shilpa. Looks like that's the end of your great innings. Back to the pavilion now." Shilpa stared at the wicket then back at where it was supposed to be, confused.
"no buts. That's it. And Rahul, this game ends here. You and your wife are heading back home now. Shilpa, you're coming with me."
"Where?" she blurted, still darting her eyes back and forth between the wicket and its original place.
"I think I've lost an important file. Can't find it. Rahul and Muskaan? it was very nice to see you. Now both of you go home." Armaan took Shilpa's wrist and started moving back.
"File? Which file? I kept all your files in the study. Armaan did you check properly?"
"That black file. I can't find it."
She was still staring at the wicket and muttering, "Armaan, you've so many black files. How would I know?"
He dragged her behind him, "yeah. So I can't find the one I want."
"But Rahul and Muskaan?"
"They're going home."
"But I invited them to dinner."
"Good. Then they can come back for dinner. Come back for dinner Rahul." He yelled over his back only to hear Rahul's booming laughter.
"All the best Malik. May the Gods be with you."
"Why are you wishing him luck?" Muskaan scrunched her nose at him and Armaan heard Rahul mutter something before he was probably dragging her away too.
"Armaan, which way are you going? The study is downstairs." Shilpa pulled at his hand but he didn't relent quickening his steps.
"No, the file was in the room."
"No, Armaan. I remember putting all the files in your study. Armaan!"
He pulled her inside the room and locked the door.
Shilpa turned around and began shuffling through the cabinets.
"What are you doing?" he pulled his watch off putting it on the side table. Shilpa looked at him like he'd grown two heads.
"Trying to look for your file? What's gotten into you? You're acting so strange Malik." She waved her hands at him, "how many fingers are these?"
He caught hold of her palm and pulled her forward. She slammed into him and he whispered, "how about you count how many fingers you can take before you come screaming for me." And then he was kissing her. Shilpa stilled then put her arms around him and kissed him back with equal fervor.
She pulled back and started undoing his buttons, "but your file?"
Armaan pushed her blouse done in one rough tug, "To hell with the file."
She giggled, and he smiled, his dimple showing.
"I really love your dimples."
He smiled even more.
"Armaan Malik, you act like you're one arrogant, scowling, unpleasant son of a bitch, but you're actually, so cuteee!"
Shilpa squealed pulling at his cheeks and Armaan laughed grabbing hold of her arms and walking her to the bed before dropping on it.
"Call me cute one more time, I'm going to make you pay for it." He whispered pulling her dress down her knees and over her feet and onto the floor.
Shilpa grinned and said, "Armaan Malik, cutie!" and he came over her.
"Oh no you didn't." he tickled her hard, until she was gasping with laughter and then kissed her harder, pulling her panties and bra off.
"Shilpa, Armaan Malik," he said against her mouth, "I want to make love to you."
She smiled a lazy sultry smile, pushing his clothes off him then curling her legs around him, "Armaan Glorious Malik, you've a lot of impressing to do."
He laughed and kissed her, "Someone told me, if you're making babies, at least make sure they're cute. Are you going to let me make babies with you?" she kissed him and dropped back, "Totally. I'll totally let you do anything you want if you promise me they'll have your eyes."
He shook his head, "No. I don't care if our babies are going to look like me or you or if they'll be any less cute or perfect. They'll be my babies and I'll love them to death."
"Armaan Glorious Malik?"
"I think I just fell in love with you."
He gave her a breathtaking smile.
"Shilpa Armaan Malik?"
"I think I'm going to make babies with you now."
And he did.
He made up for all the lost time.

Though it wasn't Armaan or Shilpa who gave babies.
It was Moosie.
She gave birth to six babies and Armaan was gawking at her.
"Who banged this chick?" Rahul was watching a football match and laughing.
"That stupid cat had been having the time of her life while I was suffering a dry spell." Armaan ate another chip making Rahul snicker.
"Dude, just shutup! You're one lucky asshole. It took me years with Muskaan after the first time we did it."
"Ouch, Rahul."
"Yeah. Totally."
Armaan had been amazed at how quickly he and Rahul had become friends. Rahul had an amazing sense of humor but beneath all that was a man with a lot of depth and he was one of the most intelligent and wisest men Armaan had ever come to know and respect.

He and Muskaan had filled the hole in his life along with Shilpa. They'd become a good foursome, tagging along everywhere and Armaan was glad and joyous to finally have something he could call a family. He wasn't lonely anymore. All thanks to Shilpa.
Shilpa and Yuvraaj, actually, did set on fire. They were pulling each other's legs all the time and Armaan had to literally drag one or the other off as they bickered and bickered on things that didn't even make sense.
Like if purple was too purple of was it a little blue too? idiots!

"Shilpa!" Armaan jumped two steps up at a time as he returned from office. He was hungry. And he needed food and he'd become a typical husband after marriage. She doted on him and he totally let her and spoiled himself. He wouldn't go to office until she'd take out his clothes, wouldn't have breakfast until she'll make him eat, wouldn't eat dinner until she'll make him. It was like the child in him that had been forced to grow up was coming out. And Shilpa just loved him more and more.
"Shilpa!" he barged inside the room but she wasn't there. He looked around, confused, then put the briefcase on the table and took off his now wet shirt. Rain. It had been raining all over again.
He pulled the shirt off and stared out at to the balcony and froze.
There she was.
Drenched and laughing and jumping in the rain.
And he thought he fell all over in love again.
He held his tie in his hand pulling it off and throwing it to the bed and walked to the entrance. She wasn't aware of him and he stood there, lolled back against the door frame and watched her.
When she was finally done she looked back at the room and halted.
He was staring at her with big blue eyes that were too intense. She blushed running to him.
"When did you come?" she pulled her dripping hair down and Armaan wrapped a towel around them, drying them.
"A while ago."
"You should've told me. Did you have something to eat at the office? I called you at lunch time. Did you take your lunch?"
Armaan had this absolutely irritating habit of skipping lunch that made Shilpa worry all the more. She'd been working on breaking him out of this habit for a while now. Nobody had really cared about him before. His mother and sister didn't even know and that made her angry as hell. Armaan wasn't used to so much care, most of the time he simply shrugged it off, telling her he was totally fine and she was worrying too much. But he simply didn't understand how it felt to be cared about. Slowly, though, he'd warmed up to it and now he was like a little spoilt baby she adored too much.
"Shilpa," he whispered huskily making her mouth go dry, "I don't want to talk about lunch. I want you against my shower wall right now."
"Shower wall? Right now?" she raised her brows.
"Yes," he pulled her to him and carried her to the bathroom, divesting her of all her clothes, "Right now." He pushed her against the shower and she unbuckled his belt. He turned the faucet and water splashed and gulped all their moans as he made love to his wife.
He kissed her birthmark, biting the edges and she squeaked and gasped. He always did that, he'd a stupid fascination with her birthmark, and either he'd be kissing it or touching it and Shilpa loved it too much.
"I missed you." He groaned kissing the hollow in her throat.
"Mmm, me too."
"Liar. You didn't call me."
"What? I called you at the lunchtime," she said huskily, throwing her head back.
"No, you didn't call me after that. That was like five hours."
"You told me you were busy,  Armaan."
"So? You call me if I'm on f**king Mars. I don't care." He suckled at her earlobe.
"You missed me," she laughed.
"Shilpa Armaan Malik, don't get cheeky on me."
"I love to get cheeky with you."
He grabbed her ass, making her gasp and laugh, and pulled her up, kissing his way down to her nipples.
"I'm mad at you."
"You're always mad at me."
"No, I'm always mad about you. Right now I'm mad at you."
"What is the day today? I'm getting so many confessions from you."
"Today is the day you didn't call me."
"You mean I didn't call you five times."
"Whatever." He grumbled kissing the faint marks left by the underwear.
"Armaan," she moaned as he went down on her.
He came up back to kiss her and she tasted herself.
"I think I'm falling in love with you," he murmured over her lips and she giggled.
"I think I'm falling in love with you, too."
He kissed her hard and they both came up for air gasping.
"Are you happy with me?"
 There was so much fear and sincerity in his voice it made the back of her eyes pool with tears. He always asked this question. When they were just simply lying at night, or in the morning, or times when he was upset or totally confused.
She tangled her arms around him and joined their bodies. He let her take the charge and kiss him like her life depended on it. And once he was inside her and they were a mess of frantic bodies and too much urgency she whispered.
"I've never been more joyous. Never been this happier."
And then with eyes drooped low and breathing ragged, Armaan always gave her a breathtaking smile.

"Dude, you've become your wife's whipped fool. Shilpa and that isn't a good idea!" Rahul looked weary and Armaan laughed. He knew he was a besotted fool when it came to his wife but he was past caring.
"Where are Muskaan and Shilpa? She was supposed to bring Shilpa here."
"Well it'll be a blessing if women got anywhere on time," and both of them grumbled.
"What's this about women and time, Rahul Garewal?" Muskaan scowled with her hands akimbo.
Rahul smiled and winked at her.
"I didn't heard shit wife."
Muskaan laughed and Shilpa followed in, looking around.
"So Armaan what are we doing on an airport field?"
"Come here."
She went to him and he wrapped his arms around her. Armaan Malik was excited. Armaan wasn't like her or Muskaan or Rahul. He never went jumping or talking like them when he was excited, which he was very less, especially like this. He wasn't smiling like crazy or anything but there was such a bright gleam in his eyes and he was looking at her hopefully.
"What is it?" she looked up at him."
Shilpa felt his excitement take on her.
"Okay, Rahul."
Rahul rolled his eyes and shot Armaan a, you-are-going-to-regret-it-look, but pulled down the cover anyway.
It was the new 2014 Porsche Cayman.
Black as night.
"Armaan!" Shilpa squealed crazily.
He smiled and pulled her into his arms, kissing her nose.
"All yours."
"All mine?"
He nodded his head, "All yours."
Tears pooled in her eyes, "I love you!"
He kissed her nose again and pulled her against his chest, resting his chin over her head, "I know, baby. I know."
"RAHUL! Give me a test drive!" Armaan laughed as Shilpa beamed and got inside the car. He looked at Rahul and snorted as he followed Shilpa sulkily.
"I don't like this," he muttered, "I don't like this at all. Malik you're going to pay for this shit."
Armaan laughed and watched Shilpa drive around the runway with so much excitement.
He lived to see that smile on her face.
"Armaan. Wake up. Wake up Malik!" Armaan yawned and opened his eyes, then smiled. Shilpa was wearing her favorite SpongeBob SquarePants shorts and a mickey mouse shirt and sitting on him on the bed. She had this eerie habit of sitting on him every morning pulling his eyelids up to see if he was awake. He'd to always grab her hands and pull her beneath him to stop her ministration.
"Malik! Get up! It's Sunday! We are supposed to go driving. Get up you sleepy man!" he grinned then closed his eyes again.
Damn right. It was Sunday and he was going to damn well sleep.
"Armaan!" her hair fell in his face as she lowered down and tried tickling him.
Except it didn't tickle.
"Ugh you suck. Get up!"
"Tell Yuvraaj. He'll take you."
"No. He'll just sit there and tell me how clumsy I am and repeat his Armaan's gone nuts line. One day I'm gonna hand him back his snotty ass. I'm waiting for him to fall in love."
Armaan grabbed her cute butt and took ahold of her hair falling in his face, "God bless the girl." He pulled her face down and kissed her open mouthed then pushed her back down and turned over, lying on his stomach and going back to sleepy.
Shilpa groaned and jumped back on his back.
"Armaan! Wake up. You promised me." She pulled at his shirt.
"I didn't promise to take you in the morning," he said, his voice muffled in the morning.
"But but it is morning and the roads are clear at this time."
"The roads are never clear."
"Armaan if you don't wake up I'm not going to talk to you."
"Did I tell you how much lovelier you look with your mouth shut? Such a rare blessing."
Shilpa gaped at him, "You you."
"Arrogant? Aristocratic? What was it? Despot?"
"UGH!" She got off the bed and huffed all the way to the washroom. He laughed and went back to sleep.
"WHAT THE HELL?" Armaan jumped up, sitting on the bed and stared down.
Shilpa turned the phone to herself and kept talking, "And there we go! Armaan Malik's ice bucket Challenge! Thankyou thankyou." She saved the recording and beamed at him.
"Shilpa, I'm going to murder you."
"Not before I forward this to all your colleagues! And oh youtube!"
"Come here."
"No! You get up."
"You come here this instant, wifey."
"No you get up and change."
"Oh, you've had it Shilpa." He pushed off the bed and charged at her like a linebacker making Shilpa shriek and run for the balcony.
"Armaan! Armaan stop or I'm going to upload this right now!" she flashed the phone at him jumping over the table between them.
"Haha! Very funny. I'm going to throw your ugly dog in the garbage bin if you do that."
"Not before my time's over." He dodged her to the left and caught her when she strode right. He pulled her hands behind her back and threw her over his shoulder.
Shilpa shrieked but Armaan carried her inside and all the way to the pool.
"Oh no Armaan! No no!"
He patted her butt then threw her full force into the pool.
Shilpa came up spurting and gasping and her hands flailing.
She pushed up from the water and Armaan bent on one knee and smirked.
"Enjoyed baby?"
Shilpa just glared at him and he grinned.
All the servants laughed secretly and went about their work. The Malik house had changed completely. This wasn't new to them anymore. In the start they were all shocked but then they saw the silence of the house taken by the storming laughter that now echoed through the rooms, the house that had once been too lonely and depressed now burst with too much people and too much happiness. They'd seen their owner change from a brooding, angry guy to a happy, besotted husband. All of them adored Shilpa. She spent hours in the kitchen talking to the cooks or helping the other servants clean the house. There were so many chores she insisted on doing herself. Most of the times, she was up on ladders and cleaning the chandeliers herself. She'd come like a blessing for them and their Mr. Malik.
"Armaan Malik I'm going to make you pay for this!" Shilpa splashed the water everywhere.
Armaan flashed his phone that he'd snatched before throwing her in the water and laughed.
"No problem. I'm going to head back to bed now, in the other room, since you've done such a good job of wetting ours, and I'll make sure the door is locked."
Armaan laughed and marched out of the room. He counted down, 3..2..1 and stuffed his fingers in his ears.
Yepp, he'd gotten pretty used to it.

"Hello? Is this Mr. Malik?"
"Yeah, who's speaking?"
"Armaan Malik?" Armaan laid back in his swivel chair and checked his watch. There was still a lot of pending work at the office and he couldn't wait to get home. When had that started happening? He and no work? Wow, miracles were happening everywhere he thought.
"Yes, Armaan Malik. Can I help you?"
"Sir we are calling from Marala Police Station. Your wife is here in the jail. She asked us to make a call."
"What the hell?" Armaan wondered if he was being played.
But before he could ask the police officer to repeat he heard the shrilling voice behind him, "SAALE KAMEENEY TAKLEY OFFICER! KHOL MUJHE! EK BAAR BAHAAR NIKALNE DE TERE POORE KHAANDAN KO GANJA NA KARDIYA NA TOH MERA BHI NAAM SHILPA MALIK NAHI. KHOL!"
Armaan closed his eyes and smacked his head on the table. "What did she do?"
"Ermm, Sir, I'll understand if you don't want to come bail her. Totally."
"What did she do?" Armaan was already packing his suitcase and assembling his files.
"She hit a man hard on the head. I think your wife's crazy."
"I'll be there in ten minutes. If one f**king scratch comes on her I'll have your whole station turned upside down. The name's Armaan Malik, and if you doubt if I can carry out my threat just check the internet or whatever." He disconnected.
Armaan was dashing to his car when his manager stopped him in his tracks.
"Sir," he came to Armaan urgently, "Can I get a lift? My car broke down."
"Erm, actually I'm in a sort of emergency and I really need to be somewhere."
"No problem Sir. I'm in no hurry. Please? It's a transport strike today and no worker's leaving before 6."
Armaan sighed and nodded. He was in for it.
As they made their way up the police station stairs Armaan's manager frowned.
"Sir, what are we doing in a police station?"
Before Armaan could answer he heard another string of curses.
His manager gulped and flexed his neck, "Bechaara aadmi hoga Sir jiski yeh wife hogi. I pity him."
Armaan turned around and shot daggers at him, "Meri biwi hai."
His manager turned white and started coughing. He knew Armaan was married but never came to see her in person.
"Mrs. Malik?" he gulped and Armaan gave him a sarcastic nod.
"What were you saying?"
"No-nothing sir. I'm so sorry," he started sweating and quickly marched forward.
Armaan gritted his teeth and followed.
The officer sitting on the table with his head in his hands was bald as a coot.
Armaan looked at him then at the jail where Shilpa was sitting with another dirty rat in her hand and telling him something with so much fascination.
Armaan slammed his fist on the table and raised a brow.
"Armaan Malik. That's my wife in there. What did she do?"
The officer gulped and sat down, "Bhai leke jaa isko! Kuchh nahi kiya! Lekin agar rahi toh kuchh zaroor kardegi! Leke jaa!"
His manager snorted then started coughing when Armaan shot him a look.
"Armaan!" Shilpa jumped from inside the jail.
"Oh my God, Armaan! Armaan, this this asshole threw me in here for no reason! I was just warding off a murderer and he caught me instead of that insensitive cold hearted cold blooded killer!"
Armaan tensed, "killer?"
"Hunter," the officer grunted, "He was hunting in a legal area."
"Hunters ARE KILLERS! KILLERS! How dare you say hunters like they're moral saints. They're the worst kind of killers! They kill all these pretty animals! They should rot in jails and rot in hell! How dare they? Armaan I was just warding that ugly man with a big gun and this," she pointed sharply at the officer and narrowed her eyes making him jump back, "This asshole here CAUGHT ME INSTEAD OF HIM!"
Armaan shook his head and looked at the officer, "Release my wife right now. My lawyer's going to send you the papers of her bail in an hour."
The officer nodded quickly and let her out. Shilpa gave him a murderous glare and ran too happily to Armaan.
"Shilpa you're going to make a promise to the police officer to not assault men, now."
"What? But Armaan-
"Now!" he stated sternly.
She pouted her lips and looked down, "Fine." She said
"I'm sorry douchebag. I'm not going to assault murderers anymore. That should be your job anyway."
Armaan nodded and took her hand dragging her out.
"Hey Malik, who's this guy?" she looked at his manager who was following them.
"I'm Sumit. Mr. Malik's manager," he said too pleased.
"Oh, hey Sumit, what's up?"
As they chatted behind them Armaan had a mad urge to throttle both of them. He pulled Shilpa faster and got inside the car.
"Wow, you watch national geographic too?" Sumit beamed, "and animal planet? That's like awesome sauce! Me too."
Armaan glared at Sumit in the rear view mirror but he ignored Armaan.
"IKR!! And discovery! Omg did you see the last episode of aircrash investigations? And Break out? Oh my god that guy was just so freaking good!"
"Oh my God I know! I was literally glued to the screen. And that way the guy made a key? Omg what a f**king genius."
"Tell me about it!" Shilpa jumped in her seat with huge eyes, "I was like how is he even going to do it? And then he did, I was like wow that was amazeballs."
And the next half an hour went with Armaan putting all his strength into keeping his hands plastered to the steering wheel instead of their throats.

Some days at nights Shilpa had nightmares. Whatever had happened nine years ago still came to haunt her and on these nights she tensed and twisted, screaming. Armaan had discussed this with his psychiatrist and she'd told him it took time and they'd to take it gradually. He was always there on those nights pulling her against him, kissing her hair, rubbing her back and whispering sweet words against her hair. Shilpa never remembered anything in the morning, and Armaan wanted to keep it that way. She didn't need that extra burden.
They celebrated Shilpa's birthday in a grand grand way. Armaan made sure every elite of India was present and he made it the best birthday ever celebrated. However what was astonishing was the fact that mostly everyone gifted Shilpa some new pet or some animals' book or some new crime show CD. His wife was quite famous with all that with the media. They'd go on all these sites where animals would be found or anything and  Shilpa would go to the rescue and then she'll be all over the tv.
She'd become quite the icon.
Life was busy.
But life was beautiful.
They'd never been happy.
Two years later, on Monday, at 11:10 in the morning Armaan's son was born. He was a healthy boy with Shilpa's wavy brown hair and Armaan's azure blue eyes. The moment he'd been given into Armaan's trembling hands uncontrollable tears had smeared his whole face and he fell all over in love so hard and so fast he was shaking.
He'd vowed that day. He'd vowed to be a good father, he'd vowed that nobody on Earth will take his son's childhood away from her. He vowed to make a good man out of his son and he vowed to never take things in life for granted, and most importantly, he vowed to love his family more and more.
Six Years Later.
"You chipmunks!" Shilpa laughed as her two daughters doused their brother in the pool. Both of them grinned and ran for safety. He came out spurting and took after him.
She put her book on a side and picked up their discarded funky shoes and went inside. They'd messed up the whole house again. she and Armaan had a son and two twin daughters. They were blessed. Added to the family were Muskaan and Rahul's two sons and Yuvraaj's new born daughter. They were a big family. They were a happy family and she couldn't have asked for more.
"Minnie! Your milkshake! You still haven't finished it. Come back and finish it or else I'm going to not let you play outside today. Minnie OW" she squealed as Armaan picked her from behind and carried her outside.
"Armaan Malik! What is wrong with you? You just gave me a heartattack!"
"Good. Since you've given me too many, it's only fair I return the favor."
"Where are we going?"
"You'll see!"
He brought her to the backyard of the house and Shilpa gasped. Her eyes stung with tears.
Armaan had had the whole backyard extended since the last two years and some work was being done. It was underconstruction all the time and since work was going on she kept the children away and herself stayed away.
Now as she stared she didn't know what to say.
He'd gotten her her whole personal zoo with no big homes everywhere. She could keep as many animals she wanted here.
"Armaan," her voice came out watery.
He wrapped his arms around her from behind and snuggled his face in her neck.
"You like it?"
Armaan, I don't know what to say."
"Shilpa Armaan Malik, it's very rare of my wife to go speechless." He laughed and she smacked him.
She turned about and wrapped her arms around his waist.
"I love you so very much."
He sighed pulling her closer.
"Me too, Shilpa. Me too. I fall in love with you more everyday."
"By the way your kids are fighting inside. You better go save your little boy from the girls."
Armaan groaned, "He really can't intimidate them, can he?"
"Nope. He just ends up getting beaten up all the time by his sisters."
Armaan laughed, "I've two goons for daughters. And I love it."
Shilpa giggled, "They've taken too much after me."
"Wouldn't have it any other way." She smiled and gave him her mouth as he bent down to kiss her.
"DADDY!" Armaan groaned and pulled back.
"I'm going to teach him how to be a man. Seriously, he gets beaten up by all the boys in school and doesn't say shit. I'm handing him to Yuvraaj."
Shilpa laughed and patted his back, "Good luck with that."
"Daddy!" His son came running and Armaan picked him up in his arms.
"What's up big boy?" he took his fallen slippers and walked to his room.
"Minnie and Sia hid my favorite fifa CD. They're not telling me where now. Daddy, tell them to give it back."
Armaan smiled looking into his son's innocent blue eyes, "Okay, I'll do that. Let's put you to bed for now."
"Daddy?" he looked up as Armaan tucked him in the bed and reached for the milk on the sidetable.
"We learned how to plant seeds in science today. We even planted one outside in the garden. It was so cool." Armaan laughed shaking his head, "I suppose it was. Did you enjoy it?"
"Yeah! Can we plant one in the garden too?" Armaan bent low and kissed his son on the forehead.
"Yes, we can. Whatever you want son. Plant as many as you like."
"Okay, cool. Thanks dad!" he beamed and pulled his duvet over him.
Armaan watched his son sleep then turned around to go.
"Daddy?" he heard his son call him from the bed.
He turned around.
"You're going to tell Minnie and Sia to give my CD back?"
"Yepp. I'm just going to go tell them to stop irritating you."
"Okay." Armaan walked to the door.
Armaan smiled and switched off the lights, "Good night, Atul."

At times we meet people who change our lives.
But some times we meet people who bring us back to life.
Armaan and Shilpa did that for one another.


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