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prologue & part 1 : ~*Ek duje ke vaaste*~

Kitne hi door door hon, hum donon ke raaste
Mil jaate hain jo bane, ek duje ke vaaste
~*Ek duje ke vaaste*~

Ek duje ke vaaste, destined to be together

Riddhima is a daughter of a kind-hearted mother, Padma and of a cruel stepfather Shashank. She has a stepsister too, Anjali, who is fully pampered and spoiled by Shashank. He gives all his love to her and fulfills her each and every small wish. Shashank's behavior with Riddhima is not good, as he never accepted her as his daughter while Anjali never pay much attention towards Riddhima. Padma is the only one who loves her both the daughters and tries her best to protect Riddhima from any tantrums of her father.

Armaan, a son of rich parents Jai and Tara Mallik. He is a successful doctor of Sanjeevani, and believes in humanity. He has an elder brother Shubhankar and a sister-in-law Keerti.

This story is about Riddhima, and her life. How she finds herself facing the hardest times, and how her life changes when Armaan falls in love with her while he was supposedly to choose Anjali as his arranged life partner. They are destined to be together, after facing various difficulties, their true love make its way..


~*Part 1*~

Gupta Mansion is fully decorated with flowers and lights, as there is a wedding taking place. Not many guests were invited, just some close family members. Everyone was really happy for this marriage; it has always been Madhu's wish to see her daughter's remarriage after her son-in-law died in a road accident making her daughter and granddaughter all alone.

It took her a lot of efforts to persuade her daughter to marry a man who also has a child, and to whom she never met. Madhu really wanted her daughter to re-marry as she knew if something happens to her, there would be someone at least who would take care of her. But after a huge hunger strike, and all the emotional blackmails, her daughter finally agreed and today she is marrying him.

"Hey what's the name of bride and groom, they look so good together.. " one lady asked another, "didn't you see a big board outside, it says Shashank weds Padma", the other lady replied.

Yes, it was Shashank and Padma's wedding going on..

Shashank had nothing against remarrying, as he found Padma much prettier then his late wife Savita. And with Savita too, he only married for her money not because of love. But now, things have changed, his life is his daughter Anjali, and if she is happy to find a mother in Padma then he doesn't have any problems in re-marrying.

After the wedding was over, Padma entered her new home. She notices the huge house, well decorated with the expensive furniture and lighting. It looked no less then the palace. She looks at Shashank, who tells her that it's now her new home.

She notices a lady coming from a room, and Shashank introduces her to Padma..
"Padma, she is Jaya.. Anjali's nanny".. Padma was confused,
"oh yes, Anjali is my daughter, she must be in her room right now." He notifies her.
Jaya bids hello to Padma and asks who is the girl hiding behind her. Padma looks at her back, a little girl was hiding her face in her mamma's saree.. She slowly pulls her in front..
"Give your introduction baby, see they are asking who you are.." Padma politely requests her when she comes forward
"My name ij Liddhima, I am theee yealj old", saying this very cutely she again ran back to her mother's saree hiding her doll in her arms.
Jaya really likes seeing such a cute intro of her, while Shashank never paid attention.. "Padma, you feel it home.. I have some urgent work to do, I will catch you later"
Saying this he went to his room, fading Padma's face, as she never expected this kind of behavior. But she found it important to make Riddhima first feel this new home more comfortable then her.
Jaya takes them to Anji's room where she was playing with her huge dollhouse. Anjali introduced herself to Padma, and soon they become very comfortable with each other. She even started to call her mum.
Riddhima too gets fascinated to see her huge dollhouse and tries to make her friends. "Hello Anji.. my name ij Liddhima.. will you be my flend..".. Anji too bring her hands forward and they both become friends.
"Do you want to see my dollhouse", she asked while Ridzi nodded her head "yes..". They both play there for hours, and become good friends.
Padma was relaxed to see both the kids mixing up so well. So she left them there and started to do other work.
"Anji.. you al older then me to can I col you di?" Ridzi asked her very sweetly..
"hmm.. yes.. you can.." Anji replied and they both shook their hands, when by mistake Ridzi's hand lightly hit the toy tea set in the dollhouse and it broke down into small pieces.

Anji gains anger, she could never see anyone mistreating her stuff. She cried very loudly when Shashank immediately reaches their room to see his darling daughter. He quickly holds her in his arms and soothed her to ask what happened, and all this while Riddhima got all scared.

In-between her sobs, Anji tells Shashank that Riddhima broke her tea set. He started to boil at her, he could not see anyone ever hurting her daughter, and today because of Riddhima, Anji was crying so badly.

"Don't you dare hurt my daughter again.. you understand", he shouted loudly pointing his finger towards her.
She was petrified hearing his loud voice. After he went shutting the door loudly, she sat at the corner of the room, hugging her doll as tightly as possible.
Hearing these voices, Padma hurriedly comes to the room and shocks to find Riddhima whimpering at the corner. She ran towards her and hugged her tightly.
For some while, she tries her best to comfort her, soothe her and make feel protected.. "nothing would happen baby.. stop crying.. I am with you.. mumma loves her baby.."
And after sometime, when she was feeling a bit better, she tells Padma everything.. and all Padma could say to her was "don't pay attention to them baby.. your mumma will always love you.. she will never shout at her baby.. you are my little princess..right.."
Riddhima promptly felt better and started to play with her mum and Padma too shifted her to another room so that she could stay away from them.

At night, when she made sure that Riddhima was sleeping peacefully, she went to Shashank to talk to him about it, but he never gave any answers to him.  Instead he turned off the lights and pulled down to sleep.

Padma was now scared because of his behavior towards Riddhima.. for now atleast she knows that he has not accepted her as his daughter. He never reacted when the little girl was introducing herself so cutely. She felt like a big bomb has thrown on her, and her hands were all tied up.

She goes to the temple that was built inside their house and started to cry her heart out. This is not what she has expected. With this marriage she thought, her daughter at least would get some happiness, and more then that she would not miss her dad.. but now.. She wanted to kill herself.. Because of her only her daughter's happiness is in danger.

She cannot do anything for her daughter. Today she has soothed her but what would happen if this gets repeated again.. And she knew that this thing would be repeated. Weeping aggressively she spent all her night at the temple.

As the sunrays lightened the whole temple in morning; Padma woke up and realized herself spending the whole night there only. Recollecting the incidence from yesterday, she folds her hand in front of the god's idol and promises herself that she will protect her daughter from everything. She would give her all the happiness, all the love she needs.. She would never find herself alone when her mother is there.

She goes towards her room to get ready and made breakfast for Shashank when he leaves for his office. After finishing the kitchen work, Padma goes towards Riddhima's room and finds her sleeping hugging her doll.

She smiles looking at her little princess and goes towards her "my ridhu is still sleeping. aww.. my baby.."
Ridzi smiles listening her mother, but she acted as if she was still sleeping.
But Padma catches her smiling.. "aww.. I can see your shining teeth that means my lil princess is not sleeping"
Listening her, Ridzi instantly hid her teeth and remain asleep.
"oh no.. now I cannot see your teeth.. that means my Riddhu is still sleeping", Padma said pouting.
It made Ridzi's smile even bigger, finally she has successfully bluffed her mother, without realizing that she was actually showing her so many teeth now..
"haww…. some one is trying to fool her mother hun…" She excitedly run her fingers on Ridzi's stomach, cuddling her making her full awake..
She too just giggled hard out, "Choli ma.. pleaj.. leave me.. Cholliiiii".. Ridzi literally pleaded, as she needed some breath.
Seeing this Padma leaves her and she quickly got up from the bed giving a kiss to her
"Gooood Molning momma.. you aal my beshht momma" saying she hugged her tight.. "And my princess is the best princess..".
She quickly makes her bathe and wear her favorite pink frock.  And tied her hair with two cute little ponies. With the broken teeth smile, she was looking so adorable.
Anji too joins their room, and finds Padma doing Ridzi's hair. She found Ridzi's hair do was much better then hers.. so she quickly ran towards Padma
"mum.. can you also make me these two ponies", Anji asks her innocently.
Padma's heart melted, Anji was so innocent, and she was also just a small kid.. what was her fault in everything.. Padma smiled and bring her in front of the mirror and made her exactly same ponies. Anji and Ridzi again become friends, while Padma made their favorite dishes and made them eat their breakfast.

Time passed, but the things did not change. Shashank never talked to Padma regarding Riddhima. All he mentioned was, you take the money and buy whatever she wants.. and that's all she could expect from him. He fulfilled each and every small need of Anji. Whereas Padma never differentiated between her two daughters, she gave equal love to them.

Today, 20 years has passed.. and both the girls are now grown up. Riddhima completed her graduation while Anji was working with the top fashion designers. Shashank and Padma were both very proud of their daughters, actually just Padma, because for Shashank, what Anjali is doing is the only thing that mattered.

Riddhima came home running and showed her trophy to Padma that she was awarded on her graduation party.
"mumma… see what I got.. I topped the whole university.. mumma.. can you believe that.." she excitedly twirled her around..
"I knew my daughter would do it.. I am so proud of you." Padma happily kisses her forehead.
But suddenly her face fainted that shocked Padma..She keeps her hand on her cheeks and ask "what happened Ridhu?"
She hesitantly asks "Can I show this to papa?", to which Padma smilingly replies "offcourse, I am sure he will be really happy"..
"Are you sure?"
"yes.. definitely" Padma assured.
Listening to this she excitedly ran upstairs to Shashank's room and knocks it.
"Come-in", he replied.
Oops.. you got to wait for the next part to know Shashank's reaction.. LOL.. Hey guys, I really really hope you liked the very first part of this fic. All I want to say that the time never remains same, it changes with circumstances.. and as per Ridzi is concerned, her time will also change.. but when.. even I don't know :p

Nw m desperately waiting for your reviews.. please give me your true feedback.


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