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part 10 : Woh Lamhe

Next day, Rahul goes to Riddhima's place to wish her Happy Birthday.

He directly goes to her bedroom where he found her totally lost in her thoughts holding her teddy..

Ra: my my. Someone's in deep thought today.

Riddhima looks at her with an irritated face..

Ra: ohh..acha to aaj birthday girl humse baat bhi nahi karegi..

She said teasingly while sitting next to her

An: Rahul zara bachke.. she is very angry with you..

Ra: Heyy Anji.. what a surprise when did you come.

He goes towards her and hugged her

An: haan..bas kal hi aayi

Ra: wow that's awesome.. so now ridzi got herself a company.. ab usse meri kya zaroorat..

He said while pouting..

Ridzi stared at him

Ri: haan haan.. aur lagta hai tumhe bhi koi aur mil gayi tabhi to ab time mila hai tumhe yahan aane ka..

Rahul kept quiet

Ri: dekho to sahi di isse.. iss ne abhi tak mujhe birthday wish bhi nahi kiya

Ra: anji..she is such a liar.. kal hi to kiya.. exact at 12.

Ri: haan..toh usse kya hota hai..what about my birthday hug?? You never gave me that..

She said while showing some attitude.

An: aww…my lil sis is right.. kyun Rahul, that's not too good

Ra: acha baba.. sorry.. lo I hold my ears

Ridzi smiles seeing him holding his ears and pouting cutely

She soon goes close to him and hug him tightly..

Ridzi suddenly gets a call on her cell, which was kept, on her bed

An: don't worry ridzi…I will see

She picks up the call.. and it was Armaan on the other side

An: hello

Ar: hello.. is this riddhima?

An: no I am her sister Anjali..

Ar : oh.. hi Anjali..may I please speak to Riddhima..?

An: yea sure.. just hold on for a sec

An: hey ridzi agar tumhari rahul ke sath hugging khatam ho gayi ho toh..there is call for you

Anjali said teasingly

Armaan on the hand over hears the conversation. It hurt him deep inside. He had no more words left to say to her so he disconnected the call. "iss rahoool ka kuch karna padega.. he is too much interfering in my life now" he thought when suddenly a call struck his mobile. He replied in frustration

Ar: hello

Sh: hey Armaan.. kya kar rahe ho

Ar: hey dad.. nothing much.

Sh: haan toh fir you have to do me a favour

Ar: yes dad, you just order

Sh: tumhe aaj shaam tak Lonavala jaana hoga for the Mittal project. Because of some urgent work main nahi jaa paa raha hoon.. will that be ok?

Ar: aaj shaam ko??

"Oh no.. aaj Riddhima ka birthday hai.. aur aaj hi mujhe jaana padega" he thought but he could not deny his father too

Sh: kyun koi problem hai kya?

Ar: nahi prob. Main aaj shaam tak pakka chala jaunga

Sh: great.. thanks beta. You really solved my problem.

Ar: no worries dad.

Sh: acha ek kaam karte hain.. lets go for some shopping. Keerti bhi keh rahi thi usse bhi jaana hai so lets go together

Ar: sure dad..will see you at GIP in an hour

Sh: done!

Armaan hangs up the call and thinks if he should tell Riddhima that he will be away for a week or not.

Armaan was driving to the mall in a hurry when he sees the duo, Riddhima with some guy on the bike. He was astounded to see how close they were sitting to each other and that person was also how much enjoying her company. Seeing both of them laughing, enjoying each other's company Armaan got jealous. He didn't like the way the duo was behaving. If any third person sees them, he would definitely conclude their relationship that it is more than friends. He wanted to stop them right there, he knew Ridzi is too innocent to know with whom she should get close. Though seeing her happy, his heart skipped a beat but the person who made her happy was not him but someone else and that hurt him even more.

As soon he tried to go near them, the bike rushed and it soon was not visible. He too continued his driving to the mall. He was very upset, as Riddhima on such a special day is with someone else, but not with him. He finds Shubhankar and Keerti waiting for him.

Ar: hey mom…dad

He hugged them both.

Ke: armaan.. kya baat hai?? You are looking a bit upset..sab theek to hai na

"Oh no.. yeh mom ko sab kaise pata chal jata hai" Armaan thought

Ar: nahi mom..aisa kuch nahi hai..

Ke: kuch toh baat hai tabhi toh tumhari forever huge smile gayab hai

He gives himself a punch in his head and tried to bring a fake smile..

Ar: nahi mom sach mein kuch nahi hai.. bas woh raat ko der se soya tha isiliye..

Ke: ok.. pakka koi aur baat nahi hai

Ar: no mom…..

Sh: acha agar tum ma bete ki enquiry session khatam ho gaya ho to lets proceed towards our shopping..

Ke: haan chalo.. acha pehle I have to buy some jewellery..

Sh: lagta hai aaj toh meri pocket gayi..

Keerti hits him hard from her elbow

Ke: don't worry itna bhi kharcha nahi karaungi

Shubhankar gets an alert.."oops lagta hai naraz ho gayi"

Sh: arey darling.. main toh mazaak kar raha tha..tum toh jaanti ho na mujhe

And slowly puts his hand on her shoulder. Feeling his touch she melted and gave a sweet smile..

Ke: acha ab chalien

Ar: dad..main wahan jaake kya karunga.. I will go at the men's clothing section ok?

Sh: theek hai.. hum tumhe thodi der mein milte hai then.

Armaan with his off mood goes to the other side of the mall to find the shoppers stop when his eyes stuck on a toyshop. He sees Riddhima there, adoring the teddy bears on the shelf. His heart beated profoundly as he found her there in front of him. He went inside the shop and stood just a row before hers. She was looking so cute while admiring each and every teddy bear lying there. She looked like a cute little princess trying to choose one teddy bear when she is already in love with the whole lot.

Armaan amused to see her innocence, her childhood, and her simplicity. She took a huge pink teddy in her arms and gave it a tight hug, and then rubbed her nose with it, adoring it while making cute cute faces. Armaan couldn't control and finally got the dimpled smile on his face.

Ri: arey armaan..tum yahan

She noticed him gazing her from the distance.

Ar: haan woh actually..bas kuch shopping ke liye aaya tha

Ri: ok..

Ar: so you like teddy bears

Ri: I like teddy bears.. I just love them. They are soo cute.

She said while again hugging the teddy.

Ri: par armaan.. I am not able to choose.. kaun sa loon

She pouted

He went near the shelf and took one of the cutest bears up there and gave it to her

Ar: yeh wala

Seeing it Ridzi mouth was wide open

Ri: ohh myy goodd.. armaan.. this is chooooo cuuuuuuuuteeeeeeee

She quickly took it in her hands and caressed it.

Ri: awww…its perfect.. thank you soo much armaan.. this is exactly what I wanted.

Armaan felt proud of himself. His and Ridzi's choice was so similar. He was now enjoying the day after making her happy, when suddenly a call comes on his phone

Ar: hello…yea I am coming.. bye

He disconnects the call.

Ar: I have to go..

He said dishearten

Ri: its ok armaan.. thanks for helping me
Ar: your welcome.

And before leaving he remembers something to tell her

Ar: acha riddhima..ek baat to batana bhool hi gaya

Ri: haan bolo

Ar: I am going Lonavala tonight for a week

Listening this, something really hurt her inside. Nothing was coming out of her mouth.. She tried hard but all she could say was

Ri: magar kyun?

Ar: woh kuch official work hai

He answered slowly.

The silence filled between them, when the chorus of the shop music struck their heart

 If I had to live my life without you near me
The days would all be empty
The nights would seem so long
With you I see forever oh so clearly
I might have been in love before
But it never felt this strong

 Our dreams are young
And we both know they'll take us
Where we want to go

Hold me now
Touch me now
I don't want to live without you

Both felt sad for this separation of a week but couldn't say it directly to each other

Ar: kya hua riddhima?

Ri: nahi..kuch nahi

She answered sadly

He knew what she was feeling as he too was going through the same phase

Ar: ok then..see you

He turned to go but Riddhima stopped her

Ri: armaan…

He turned back to her

Ar: haan?

Ri: armaan your shirt collar is coming up from the side

He checks his collar but couldn't able to get that right

Ar: ab theek hai?

Ridzi nodded lightly to say no

He struggled but no use, the collar remained up

Riddhima went closer to him to put his collar back at place. She slowly put her hand on his shoulder, which gave a sudden shiver to him. They were almost hugging each other with just one-inch distance in between. Her loud breath on his chest was making him loose himself. His heartbeat was in completely sync with hers. He took his arms around her waist and eagerly wanting to hold her tightly but still unsure of how she would feel. His maddening perfume smell created an intimate sensation in her. She uncontrollably went closer to him as the butterflies in her stomach were making her insane. She too desperately wanted to hug him; she wanted to loose herself in his arms. The love, the emotions were slowly coming out of them. Feeling a sudden vibration from her, he lost his control, giving rest to his desires he held her waist tightly with his arms, giving her no space to run away. Her spine shivered from his touch and to its response she replied with equal fervor and by holding his back even tightly, not allowing even the air to through them. The affection, the care could be easily seen on their faces. Armaan tightened his grip as the passion between them increased. He caressed her hair from one hand and held her waist from the other while she could feel the love, the protection, and the completeness in his arms.

"lalalala…lalalala…..lalalala tu zindagi…tujhse main kya kahoon… mujhse kuch na kaho… sang tere rahoon…tu zindagi"

Soon they realized that they are at the public place and moreover that they finally showed their emotions to each other and both departed from the hug. Ridzi kept her eyes down placing the hair strands on the back of her ear while Armaan looked at the other side ignoring the eye contact. The awkwardness was filled in between them. But soon he realized that needs to leave..

Ar: I have to go..

Ri: armaan

She again stopped him

Ri: take care of yourself and have a safe journey.

Both of their sad eyes conveyed so much with each other though their lips were kept silent.

Armaan again moved around to go. He couldn't stay there longer as it would get even harder for him to go then.

After he went, she stood there for a while looking at the teddy in her arms with so many thoughts in her mind. She went to the counter and quickly checked her purse for money when she realized that she forgot her wallet at home.

Ri: oh no.. I forgot my wallet

SP (Sales Person): Ma'm the payment has already been made for this

Ri: its already payed?? How?? Who payed for it?

She asked in a shock

SP: ma'm the person with whom you were talking a while ago

Ri: you mean armaan.

SP: yes mam.

The sales person quickly packed it and handed it to her. Ridzi was surprised yet happy to see how much Armaan cares for her. But at the same time she was sad thinking how will this whole week pass without him near her.

And suddenly she remembered "arey yeh rahul kahan gaya?"

On the other side Armaan reaches to his parents

Ar: hey mom..hey dad.. so ho gayi shopping..aur dad I hope aapki pocket abhi tak khaali nahi hui hogi

He asked teasingly

Ke: arey wah armaan.. tum gaye itne upset ho kar the.. aur aaye itne happy ho.. kya baat hai

Sh: haan yeh baat to hai.. kisse mil kar aa rahe ho barkhur dar?

He asked teasingly

Ar: mom dad.. what is with you guys.. jab sad hota hoon tab poochte ho sad kyun hoon.. jab happy hota hoon tab bhi aap poochte ho main happy kyun hoon.. ab aap hi batao mujhe kya rehna chahiye.. happy or sad

Ke: always happy. Tumhe humesha khush rehna chahiye.. That's like our sweet little ammy..

She said while waving her hand in his hair

Ar: mom.. ab main bada ho gaya hoon.. I am not your little ammy.

He said while settling his hair down

Sh: apne parents ke liye to tum humesha little ammy hi rahoge

All smiled at this.

After the whole family shopping completed, all went to their home and soon Armaan left for Lonavala.

What change does this separation of 7 days is going to bring in their life? Is this going to be a forever separation or just the last 7 days of separation? What next turn does their life is going to take now? Everything is unknown to them..

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