Thursday, 27 October 2016

part 11: Woh Lamhe

After coming from the shopping center, Riddhima went inside her room, keeping the teddy on her bed she stood near her window. It was the sunset time, and she always loved to see how the sun fades away to give rise to the new moon.  Soon looking the chirping birds and the colourful sky, she lost herself in her own thoughts.

Remembering her all the encounters with Armaan, first that sindoor episode, when she clearly rejected him from being her husband and then also he came to save her from Abhimanyu. He has always been so protective, so nice to her. Then when she heard him saying that he still considers her as his wife brings water in her eyes.

The night she spent with him was marvellous, the most unforgettable, the most complete. She never felt been loved so much before than this. Whenever she finds herself in trouble, she finds him in front of her to help her, to save her.

Today itself, how badly she was confused to choose a teddy but he came from nowhere and helped her in a second. He is so perfect, a perfect gentleman, a perfect lover. The hug she remembered, she doesn't know what happened to her, why she reacted this way after listening him going away for a week. What was it that hurt her deep inside thinking of the separation with him? There were still many answers she was trying to find.

Few days passed in their separation, on this side Ridzi keeps on mesmerizing the moments she spent with him, adoring the teddy he gifted her, hugging it thinking it was Armaan standing in front of her. On the other side, even though getting less time from the meetings and the busy schedule, he was still missing his wife, his life.

What she must be doing now? Is she also been missing me? Does she love me? Were all the questions he was getting in his mind. All the time he just wanted to finish his work as soon as possible so that he could go back and meet his love soon. The days were now felt like the years passing by.

But soon these 7 days passed, and Ridzi cheered with excitement "YES.. all the seven days have passed, and Armaan must have been back by now.. aur woh mujhse milne jaroor aayega", she was very happy today. Seeing her happy again Shashank assumed something.

While having coffee, Shashank asks Padma to sit next to her as he had something very important to tell her. "Hey Padma suno na.. " he said with mischievous smile "Hanji Shashank boliye" she sat next to him. "Padma today I am very happy" "Magar kyun??" she questioned. "Aaj tumne dekha Riddhima kitne dino baad itni khush hai" he said cheerfully "Haan.. woh to maine bhi notice kiya" she replied.

"And I know the reason behind her happiness" he tried to create some suspense "kya reason hai?" she was confused.

"Arey Padma tumne dekha nahi, Jab se Rahul wapas aaya hai woh khush rehne lagi hai, and specially after today morning, aaj woh log around do ghante saath the and after that Riddhima mein change dekha? She is so happy, she is smiling, she is laughing with us.. after so long.. especially after jo kuch bhi uske saath mandir mein hua.. my daughter is back" his happiness nowhere uncontrollable.

Padma too agreed "yeh baat to aap sahi keh rahe hain.. Rahul bahut acha ladka hai aur woh humesha try karta rehta hai riddhima ko khush rakhne ki". "Haan aur aisa pata hai kyun.?" He asked with even excitement "kyun?" she questioned.

"Woh isiliye.. I think they like each other" Shashank declared in full confidence. "Yeh aap kya keh rahe hain?" she was shocked to listen that. "Arey Padma.. tum toh ma ho uski.. tumne nahi dekha she is always so happy with him. Aur Rahul ek acha ladka hai… yeh tum bhi maanti ho.." ."Haan woh sab to theek hai.. par unhone kabhi aisa kuch nahi kaha" she tried to protest.. "Padma bache humse kehne mein sharma rahe honge isliye nahi kaha..bas." he concluded.

Padma didn't like it, so she again tried to object "magar Shashank.." but unfortunately Shashank spoke in between "Aur Padma pata hai.. maine Rahul ke parents ko bhi phone kar diya hai.. woh bhi yahan aate hi honge" he stated due to which Padma almost shivered. "Magar Shashank pehle Riddhima se to pooch lo" she tried her best, but he again replied back "she is my daughter..aur bahut ache se jaanta hoon main apni beti ko.. jo main kahoonga woh bilkul waisa hi karegi.." he assured and stood up to leave the room.

While leaving he notices Padma didn't respond to her, neither she was looking happy. He again went near her and bent down "acha theek hai.. agar tum chahti ho to hum unse pehle pooch lete hain.. happy?" he asked making a child like face due to which she smiled optimistically.

Unfortunately Ridzi overhears their conversation from the door and she instantly ran towards her room. She was shocked how can her dad consider hers and Rahul's friendship in such a wrong way. He wanted to get them both married, how did this new twist came in her life.

While in deep thoughts her eyes struck with the teddy on her bed. She took it in her arms and hugged it tightly with a lot of water coming out of her eyes. She strengthened herself from inside thinking she can very well tackle this situation.

She instantly takes the phone in her hand and dialled Armaan's number, but sadly he cuts her call. "Why isn't he picking up my phone now? He didn't even call me after he has come back.. Where is he?" she threw her phone on the bed and went to the window side. It was almost the sunset time, and still no news from him.

She remembers her father's word "she is my daughter…aur bahut ache se jaanta hoon main apni beti ko.. jo main kahoonga woh bilkul waisa hi karegi..". He has so much faith in her. How can she forget, he always stood by her whenever she needed. Either it's the childhood fight with Anji, where both want that one chocolate in his hand and Shashank most of the time gave it to Ridzi saying she is the smaller kid. Or it is at the temple, where everyone declared her marriage with Armaan, but it was him only who supported her. How can she forget, him not being her real father then also he did so much for her that he never did even for his own daughter Anji.

As the sun was setting, she again tried to call Armaan but hard luck he again disconnected her call. She was all frustrated, she then realized may be what she was thinking about him was wrong. How can she ditch her father for him? she thought.

Soon Rahul and Anji enter her room. "Hey ridzi.. what are you doing here in dark" Anji asked seeing her standing on the window side. "Kuch nahi di..woh bas.." before she could complete Rahul completed her sentence "woh bas sunset dekh rahi thi" he said teasingly. "Yea right.. how can I forget you love to see that" Anji said while turning the lights on.

"Hey Ridzi do you know why did your dad called me here?" Rahul enquired, and Ridzi understood it completely. She knew what would they be asking from him. Anji was surprised to hear that "What?? Dad ne tumhe yahan bulaya.. I wonder why". But Ridzi kept quiet, she found it better if Shashank himself tells them about it. "Chalo koi nahi.. jab dad aayenge woh khud hi bata denge.. what is so much of suspense in it."Anji replied.

Shashank and Padma approaches the room.. "wow, its great everyone's here today" Shashank initiated the conversation. "Dad.. why did you call Rahul here? Is there anything serious" Anji asked furiously while Ridzi kept staring at the floor. "Haan beta.. there is a very serious topic that I would like to discuss" he said in a serious tone.

"jee uncle boliye.." rahul asked gulping his throat. Shashank went near Riddhima and kept his hand on her shoulder "Beta.. yeh baat riddhima aur tumse judi hai", he tried to create more suspense. Rahul looks at Riddhima with the surprise.. what can it be that's related to me and ridzi.. he thought.

"Beta main aur Padma yeh chahte hain ki kyun na tum dono ki dosti ko rishte mein badla jaaye", Riddhima pressed her fist tightly to drink the pain in her heart while Anji and Rahul both looked confused. "Hum kuch samjhe nahi dad" Anji asked.

"In clear words hum chahte hain tum dono ki shaadi ho jaaye" he said it all in one sentence listening to it all were shocked. "Dad..what are you saying?" Anji jumped in excitement while Rahul looked at Ridzi with the unbelievable disbelief in his eyes.

"So beta.. ab hum aap dono ka answer jaanna chahte hain" Shashank was now desperately wanting to their answer. He looked at Rahul, "Rahul..batao".. he was completely shacked. He kind of understood why Ridzi has been keeping quiet in between all this, why is she not reacting the way she should react. "Uncle main pehle Ridzi ki marzi jaan na chahta hoon, if you don't mind"

"Offcourse not beta… aur mujhe pata hai meri beti aur main kabhi alag soch hi nahi sakte.. haina beta.. ab tum bhi bata do apna decision" Shashank said while rubbing her arm in affection. "Jee papa.. aap sahi keh rahein hai.. jo aap kahenge main woh hi karungi.. mujhe iss shaadi se koi objection nahi hai" Riddhima declared her answer, gulping her throat. And listening to what, everyone jumped with joy.

"I am so happy Ridzi.. mujhe pata tha you both are made for each other" she hugged both of them with the cheer. "Great.. so main Mr. Garewal ko jald se jald yahan bula leta hoon sagai ki date fix karne ke liye" Shashank announced with so much of happiness in his eyes.

Seeing everyone happy, especially Riddhima, Padma got a big shock. She thought Ridzi actually likes Armaan, but here the truth seems something completely different. She has no objections in marrying Rahul, infact she is happy. Padma disbelieved the truth she was seeing. Escaping from everyone's eyes she quickly went to her room and called up Armaan.

"hello..armaan..hellooo" padma tried calling Armaan but the voice was very unclear.. "hello..armaan.. main padma bol rahi hoon, riddhima ki mom…hello beta kya tum mujhe sun sakte ho" she asked to confirm but all she could hear was his very unclear voice with full of disturbance "haan aunty boliye" he answered. "beta..riddhima ki shaadi ho rahi hai..hellooo…Armaan..heloooo.." but unluckily the call was disconnected. "Hope armaan tumne sab sunn liya ho" she prayed to god as he was the only hope left.

Few days passed in all the preparations, but still no news from Armaan. All were happy and excited for the engagement. Happiness and cheerfulness was uncontrollable at Gupta mansion. Rahul's parents agreed for their wedding and soon a priest was called to take out an auspicious day for engagement. Everyone including Padma lost himself or herself in organizing the best outfits, the best designers, the best dcor, and the best food for engagement.

Shashank calls Anjali and Rahul in his room for some important discussion. "Yes dad aapne bulaya" Anji asked. "Haan beta.. aaj ek bahut important presentation hai and I want you both to attend it and take a decision" Shashank answered. "Par yeh presentation hai kiski?" Rahul asked to clarify.

"Few days back, we got the proposal of expansion from a bas tumhe decide karna hai if it would be beneficial for us or not.. I know its an important decision that's why the two board members of Sharship will accompany you guys..any doubts?" Shashank explained. "yes dad.. which hospital are you talking about?" Anji asked.

"Sanjeevani" Shashank acknowledged to which Anji and Rahul exchanged a gaze with each other. "Ok dad we will go" Anji said while leaving, but Shashank added "take riddhima also, she knows quite a lot about Sanjeevani". "Sure dad, we will take her too" Anji replied as they both left.

Rahul and Anji soon reach the Sanjeevani boardroom. "The hospital is looking quite cool na?" Anji asked Rahul. "Yea I know.. there is something different about it". They settled themselves down with the other two board members from Starship when Rahul asked "Yeh Ridzi kahan reh gayi?? Usne kaha tha she will be here in 5 minutes ab 15 minutes ho gaye hain". " Don't know.. anyway it seems like presentation is going to start at any moment as Sajeevani board members have also arrived."

Soon Armaan enters the boardroom with other members and shakes hand with everyone. He soon goes to the front to introduce himself and to give the presentation when his eyes stuck up at the door where Riddhima was standing.

Riddhima was shocked to see him up there while Armaan become excited to see her in front of him. They had a sweet smile on their face as their stare locked and their heart started talking with each other. Anji turns behind and finds her at the door lost "hey ridzi..come here". Riddhima was disturbed with the voice and her stare lock broke. She notices Anji calling her, and she instantly went towards her and sat next to Rahul.



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