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Part 3 - Carpe Life with Love

Part 3 – No One Else but Friend Stood By

Both Sid and atul’s pager goes off for reporting on their duty. Atul when to general ward while Sid wen towards ICU. He checked the patient once then seeing him sleeping Sid went to collect the reports from path lab when he returned taking the reports he went and sat on the Couch placed in the
room. Instead of reading the reports or analyzing it Sid was lost in his own memories lane of past month. Suddenly the patient lost his stability over life, he started sinking lost in his own life earlier he was unable to recall the history of the patient and ordered sister assisting to bring an injection with certain medical terminology to stabilize the patient but instead it worsen his condition. As the patient was a heart patient with high sugar level which is a risky level and the injection Sid gave him was high in sugar content. And Next second Armaan who was passing in reach of atul saw patient sinking in bad condition with Sid standing little away in the shock of learning his misdeed.

Armaan controlled the situation with sister assistance they he was to turn back to Sid when his eyes fall on the broken medicine tube kept beside he bed table. Armaan saw the name over the medicine with surprise. He in raised voice asked Sister “Sister Who gave this injection to the patient.” Sister got afraid with his anger and pointed her finger towards Sid who was by now looking down. Armaan who have operated the patient 4 days back with the outcome of success was about to lose that patient due to an intern. So he stood in-front of him “What the Hell Dr.Modi…. What is this… don’t you know that patient is highly allergic to any of the sugary content due to high sugar level of his body then why the hell you provided him this certain Medicine… are you out of your mind… If you don’t want to work then better stay home and rest don’t come here and play with people’s life.”

Sid was standing with bow head but ridhima witnessed this incident in the ICU. For the moment she went from there with a thought cooking in her mind. Armaan too went away from there instructing sister to observe the patient and keep him updated about his health glaring Sid. “I want you in my cabin Right now… Dr.Modi” Sid nodded his head a little and then followed him.

In cabin Armaan asked Sid to explain the situation but Sid never gave any words in his own favor. Armaan sight and then gave him suspension of a couple of week with the responsibility of clearing the on-ward billings of the same patient…. He have to report this incident high authorities now as a rule to be followed. Ridhima came to learn this next day when Sid asked her to go alone he won’t be coming.

Ridhima before going to Sanjeevni reached Armaan’s house. Knocking the door ridhima went in finding the door open to be greeted by atul with cold response. “Ridhima what are you doing here….”
“I am here to meet Armaan.” Atul hate the fact now “Why you want to meet him now. After breaking him apart completely what are you here for.” Ridhima looked at him in surprise. “Don’t be surprised ridhima… I am the same atul but I guess you are not the same ridhima we all know about months ago. And don’t think Armaan is alone in his life. You have hurt him enough for this life now he have his brother with him who won’t let you hurt him now.”

Armaan who came from the kitchen hearing atul talking to someone saw ridhima in his home.  Wiping his hands Armaan walked towards her. But atul stopped him “No need Armaan… there is nothing left now Ridhima…. You can leave. We don’t want to hear anything from you at all.” Armaan spoke “Chill Champ… let her speak first.” Atul looked at him and then spoke up “Armaan you still want to hear her... even now…”

“chill Champ nothing going to happen to me I promise you…. I know you care but she is guest.” Atul in huffing and puffing went away “Okay…!! Whatever… do what you want I am out for some time.” Saying this atul picked the keys and went away leaving her and Armaan back.

Armaan was all silent giving ridhima the time to start with her words for what she came in his house after all the talks they had earlier month.  Armaan settle down on the couch indicating ridhima too to have seat but she kept standing. “I am here Mr. Malik I came here to you but don’t mistake the reason of my coming as my own will I am here due to my circumstances…. Husbands are god for their wife so tell me what you wanted to free Sidhant from the torchers. Say it Armaan…”

Ridhima then through her dupatta aside “This is what you wanted Na Armaan…. Just my body isn’t that… So here I am do whatever you want to do with me fulfil every greed of yours today I am here to serve you myself. But then don’t torcher Sidhant just because am his wife and you failed to fulfil your lust.”

Armaan smile sarcastically looking in space. He got up from the couch walking towards ridhima he look at her from head to toe for a minute. But next second he slapped her hard on her face making her fall on the couch beside her.  “What do you think, I need your body…? I have a hunger for your body, a lust. I have always loved you, your nature, your soul never your body. But you…. You never cared for me… never waited for me. You forgot me as some random past memory and moved on holding hands of someone else. We both have loved each other but what I got are just suffering from the start as the fate of our love. The tie between us was already broken on that same day when you form a bond with Sidhant as his wife. That day when I came to your doorsteps it was not because I wanted to confess my love to you neither I was there for reckoning (process of calculating) of my pains to get any sympathy. But I was there on your door to ask the forgiveness for the mistake that happened by the hands of my heart which was wounded due to the pain of your separation from me.  But you didn’t care for my feelings thinking me as some cheap, bloody bustard your reproached me. Whatever I did wasn’t due to any payback or revenge but it was for clearing your misconceptions about my Will. I have no bad thoughts, no revenge list that may concerned with you”
Saying so Armaan was walking away too got to his room upstairs but then he turned back “The pain of love is very deadly Ridhima JI… I have now forgiven you Ridhima Ji but if in next birth you got a human life then please do love after thinking numerous times beforehand as you know not every person have the power to bear the pain their whole life.” Saying so he walked away front here leaving shattered ridhima behind.

Ridhima went away from there with straight face. After suspension of couple of week Sidhant join back with trustee’s warning ‘If the incident repeated then his medical license will be taken away from him.’ Sidhant once again asked for a sorry from them while joining back. After few days Sidhant Came in locker room with 2 Envelope in his hands which were addressed to Ridhima and Armaan.
Sidhant give the papers to ridhima then left the locker room leaving her alone and went on searching Armaan. He found Armaan standing at a distance from him talking with atul. Sid move towards them to hear “I am Sorry Champ you know everything this place have too many memories which aren’t letting me walk all alone in these lanes of memories without her beside to cherish them, those cherishing memories of past are haunting me now not letting me live peaceful. Its breaking me apart more and more daily so I have decide to move back to Panchgani and serve there.”

“Armaan you will go away just because she left you and have you ever think of me… everyone stepped out of this place just because they can’t handle that incident in a good way but what about me. I have been left behind due to my failure in the intern-exam. Has anyone ever think about me, about my feelings, about my loneliness. I tell you what IT’S A BIG NO…. No one even give a damm about me. Rahul left because he have some problem in him. Muskaan left because she have memories of rahul attached and she can’t handle them in his absence. Anjali Left partially as she get greatest opportunity in LA and partially due to her sister vanished. Then Nikki left because she left her best friend here and even her love ditched her. Abhimanyu was never our friend. Ridhima and you got vanished in thin air after that day. Suddenly you both came back initially ridhima came back surprising me with her yes to marry Sid and then you came back why… just to go away again… if you have to be leaving back then why the hell you came back. You want to go back Na… go back who give a damm about ATUL JOSHI. He was alone since his childhood and he will be alone all his life. Go... Go away… Just go Armaan. You are giving importance to the person who have moved on from you. Not to me who have you only as a family no one else. ”

Armaan who was listening to atul moved towards him hugging him dearly Armaan said ‘sorry’ to him. “I am Sorry Champ I am not going anywhere… you said it correct I am caring about myself I have never thought about you. I am sorry champ you know Na your bro is such a selfish man…. Please forgive me.” Armaan said pleading a forgiveness from him. “Armaan I am already angry with you don’t raise my temper now. My bro is best person I have meet ever in my life don’t you dare to abuse about him.” Hearing him Armaan get sentimental and have him again dearly. Sid who have witnessed this all moved to them to lighten the mood.  “Guys mera bina.” Armaan atul looked at him, then opening their one arms they welcomed Sid too for hugging.  After moving out of the hug Sid gave envelop to Armaan to which Armaan raise his eyebrows in questioning manner. Sid gesture him to read it to which Armaan took the content out to read about Sid transfer requesting application form from this branch to US branch.

Armaan after reading looked at Sid looked at him he seek for explanation.
“I just want to move out of unwanted circumstances. I am not running away from things but I am backing out from hollow relations and life”. Hearing him Armaan got his indication but didn’t said anything to conform his doubt but just nodded. Armaan left from there to meet the board of directors to forward his transfer application to which board contacted the branch of US to see if they have any vacancy to accommodate an inter. Talking to them they got to know one of their doctors too wanted transfer to Mumbai branch Happily they decided to made an exchange of the doctors from one branch to another.

In Night Sidhant reach his home to see ridhima sitting with the papers in her hands. Sid look at her but then ignoring her he left for his room to freshen up after a long tiring day. When he came out of his room to have something ridhima approached him without any word she brought the papers above to her eye level showing it to Sidhant. “What the hell this is Sidhant… What you want to say by giving these papers to me.”

“I think the content of papers should have cleared your question….. Still better Why to read the content when the title of the content is summed up in one word written in the bold letters in the middle of the page” ridhima was looking at his face blankly “Your read it Correctly Ridhima… I want Divorce, I want freedom from this un-wanted wedlock that have locked us together without your will”

“Do you think this all is a joke… this a wedding damm it, this is not some puppet show where you one day get married and other day you just give divorce papers”. Hearing her Sid passed a sarcastic smile to ridhima “Absolutely Correct ridhima this is wedding not some game that you playing with life. Armaan’s life, my life and even your own life. Armaan’s have a great heart that he let you play with his heart and still letting you free without any  making guilty or regretful, but I am not Armaan. I am Sidhant. And I want freedom. You know what ridhima when in initial days you asked me that you want time for this relation that day I thought that you are new to all these relation so you must be feeling awkward being with some stranger all of a sudden but that was my illusion to think so. But that illusion ended the other day of your bday with the entry of Armaan. Now I know why all this while you never let me come close to you it was not for new relationship but for your past. I don’t hold any grudges for Armaan but I petty on him that he fall for such a girl who don’t know the meaning of love at all.” Saying all this Sid leave from there but reaching to his room’s door he turn back saying “I am going US tomorrow this time for settling there permanently So after signing these papers Submit them to my lawyer. He will come to you once you have signed them to collect them. Good Night and Good Bye Dr.Ridhima Gupta.”


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