Sunday, 9 October 2016

part 4 : Bheege Pal

Armaan sees someone coming from the stairs, and gets nervous. He decides to look in the other direction as he was least interested in seeing her.
Anjali brings riddhima in the white saree, which she got from nani's room and made her wear ghoonghat. Ridzi was about to fall on the stairs but anjali gets hold on her
An: Ridzi kya kar rahi ho? dhyaan se chalo!!

Ri: Di uske liye mujhe kuch dikhna bhi toh chahiye na..itna bada ghoonghat jo dal diya hai aapne mere saamne.
Anjali giggled..
An: Sorry ridzi main toh bhool hi gayi thi.. acha ridz hum log aa gaye.. so best of luck..tumhe pata hai tumhe kya karna hai
Ri: ji di
Padma and nani are standing at the back side of the sofa.. While others are sitting on the sofa.
Riddhima, Anji reaches the living room.. First nani noticed them
She almost fainted seeing Ridzi..and fell a bit on Padma who was standing at her back'.. but padma managed to hold her..
Pa: mummy kya hua?
Nani expressionless.. she nodded her head to tell padma to look at ridzi
Padma sees her' and so as everyone else (it also included armaan LOL)
All were like shocked!!!!
Keerti (thinking in her mind) ' maine toh socha tha yeh Australia se aayi hai!! (gave confused look)
Shubhankar was happy..he always liked girls in sarees..Wink
And Armaan with a scary face, his eyes wide opened 'Ohhh myyy gooodddd.. mom dad ne yeh gaon(village) ki gawaran(illiterate) ko pasand kiya hai??eeewwwwuu.. I simply can't believe this.. I hv to go from here right now.. I can't stay here anymore' and he stands up
Padma instantly goes'showing her angry eyes to anji and takes ridzi's ghoonghat off.
Her eyes were almost closed, she just didn't wanted to face padma or anyone else there.. Although wearing all old times jewelry, riddhima was looking very pretty, yet innocent. The golden jewelry was complementing her so well. Armaan who was about to go, sees her innocent face and couldn't take one more step towards the door.
Background music ' Asmaani rang ho' pyaar ki boond hooo'.
Padma makes her sit in front of Armaan's sofa' she quietly sits there, facing downwards..
In the mean while, shubhankar sees armaan standing there..
Shubh: Arey armaan khada kyun hai betho..
And armaan sits down.. still looking at her beautiful face.
Background music : roshni hooo'' dhooop hooo
Armaan blushes seeing his dream girl sitting in front of him.. His face was red, with a cute little smile.. and he faced down. But he wanted to look at her again' so he again look up to see her and this time his eyes were sparkling..
Background music: chahatooon ki..goonj hooooo
Flashback: Riddhima standing on the airport, struggling with her hairs, which were blown very hard by the air.
Present: Armaan again mesmerized her beauty.
Flashback: Armaan seeing Ridzi dancing in the rain' and he was lost
Present: Riddhima facing downwards innocently.
Ke: Riddhima beta.. kaisi ho? India kaisa lag raha hai
Flashback: Anjali telling riddhima.. ' ridzi.. chahe tumse koi kitne bhi questions pooche, tum answer mat karna'
Present: Riddhima didn't answer..
Keerti looks at Padma, as she didn't expect that from her..
Padma understands the situation.. And goes
P: Riddhima na bachpan se bahut shy hai (giving fainted smile)
Keerti who wasn't fully satisfied, but gave understanding look.
P: Riddhima beta, sabko tea serve karo..
Now Anji had a big smile on her face' and so as riddhima (from inside)
Anjali pointed her to do what they have planned..
And Ridzi blinks her eyes saying ok.
Armaan notices this.. he knew something is drastically wrong here.. but what can that be??
Riddhima gave the first cup to Keerti, then to Shubhankar'and now it was Armaan's turn. She started moving towards him.. Getting closer step by step.. her heart was beating faster and faster.. she took the last cup from the trey to give it to armaan.. but her hands were shivering.. Everything was still there.. it was pin drop silence.. armaan was trying to figure out the prank she is going to play on him' and at the same time he was also admiring her beauty.
She slowly moved down towards him to give the cup, she opened her eyes to see him for the first time, and armaan was already lost in her.. both were looking each other's eyes.. Those green eyes again made riddhima loose herself' how she can forget those deep eyes she saw on the rainy night'
Background music: Aaanchal mein hai nag chandni, haathon mein woh chand haiii
Flashback: Armaan Riddhima in the rain looking at each other's eyes'
Present: Armaan and riddhima has a stare lock. They were literally holding each other's eyes, none of them were letting other's eyes even blink.
armaan puts his hand on top of ridzi's hand to hold the cup. Riddhima shivered even more, instead of throwing the tea on armaan(which was their plan), it fell on her sari.
Riddhima shouted 'aaaahhh' everybody stood up'along with armaan' Nani almost fell down on sofa, after seeing her favorite sari in that position LOL
P: arey kya hua beta' koi baat nahi chai hi toh giri hai' chalo ander jaake change karlo
And take her inside.
Shashank to calm everyone down says "woh kuch nahi bas thodi ghabrai hui hai.. aur kuch nahi.."
Inside the room'
P:' riddhima yeh kya mazak ho raha hai?? Yeh kya pehen rakha hai tumne'chalo ab main jo saari bolungi tum woh hi pehnogi'' and gives a beautiful red saree to her.
Padma leaves from there' and goes back to the living room
While shashank was giving tea to armaan, padma notice some tea stains on armaan's shirt..
P: arrey armaan beta.. tumhari shirt pe bhi tea stain aa gaye..
Armaan sees his shirt.. and ask ' may I use your washroom please'
P: haan haan beta' it's there at the left.
Ar: cool
And go where riddhima is changing her saree.


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