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Part 4 - Carpe Life with Love

Part 4 – Getting Back To Old Memories

Next day Sid came out of the room only after getting ready to leave finally from India with his luggage. As it was early in the morning so he expected ridhima to be at home only but when he went
to her room to inform her about his going he saw her room empty. He checked whole house but found no one in the house. When his eyes fell on the dining table laid with papers holding then in his hands he read them only to see ridhima have signed the papers divorcing him. With divorce papers she found one more paper opening its fold he read ridhima’s Writing.

“Sidhant. I have signed the papers making you a free bird once again. I wish you a happy life ahead. I am sorry for all these days you lost of your joy because of me. But better late than never. So yeah…!! That’s it… Bye Sidhant. All the Best.  - Ridhima”

Taking the papers he left to fetch his needed document of transfer from the hospital and also to say good bye to all his colleague and friends. After that he called his lawyer submitting the papers to him Sid left for the airport leaving his mother land behind forever. After his flight took off an hour later another flight from the Airlines landed from which the Doctor who will be joining Sanjeevni Mumbai came wearing glares on her eyes she came out once luggage was collected to heir Taxi to reach her destination.

…….At Sanjeevni Reception…..
Armaan was standing allotting duties to his inters when Dr.Keerti approached him. Dr.Armaan today a new Resident Doctor will be joining us from US. She should be here by now in few minutes. I hope you will help her to settle down around soon and inters be at your best behavior there should be no pranks like you did with Dr.Armaan on his first day. If I get any complain against any one of you then you will find yourself in between the path lab’s wall for a month. Inters nodded their head with silence while Armaan too nodded saying “Dr.Keerti I will take care of it. I will help her settle down and familiar with surrounding soon”. “Okay… Get back to your work all of you” Ordering them keerti left for her work and interns follow the lead. Armaan turned around to see atul coming to sign his duty followed by ridhima too. Armaan patted his back hugging him while atul to return the hug. They both turn to sign the register for their in time talking about the case they keep standing there talking about the patient. “Hey Armaan I have heard that Some New Dr. is joining us today” atul asked Armaan to which he replied “Yeah..!! Dr.Keerti just now informed me about this new arrival” atul nodded “between do you know who is she and from where she have transferred to your branch” Armaan took the file of the doctor in his hand to look at it while saying “She is from US as Dr.Keerti told me… Let me check her name wait a second.” Before Armaan can open the file to read the name of the new arrival they heard a voice from behind “Its Dr.Anjali Gupta Written in the file Isn’t It Dr.Malik” Armaan without actually hearing it said “Yeah..!! Its same as you said but who……” But before he can complete his Sentence he turn around to See Anji standing behind them with her perfect persona with broad smile on her face. “Anji…. How are you Mann? It’s so good to see you after such a long time.” Armaan said hugging her with a warm welcome back hug to which anji replied hugging “I am great see all smiling” both of them moved apart from each other “Suddenly you here. How”

“Why… I am not welcomed here.” Anji asked questioning back in mischievous tone “No... You are most welcome. By the way here meet Chamm…..” his sentence got faded in the voice of silence to see there is no one standing beside him.

Anji asked “Meet whom Armaan… there is no one beside you with whom I can meet” Armaan looked around to see atul’s retiring back “Armaan where are you lost…. You were about to make me meet with someone who is it.” Hearing her question he said “Hunh…!! No… No-one. You tell me how you are and how come you transferred back” Armaan asked her while they started to move towards café “I am just great and about transfer I was missing home and all my friends but I don’t want to be back at that place where I lost so much but when I heard that you came back I can’t hold the excitement to be back and applied to be back so here I am in front of you.” She said waving her hand in front of her as if airing herself. “By the way don’t you want to go to your duty its duty hours Na... plus Dr.Keerti must be on rounds at this hour of the day” Armaan looked at her with amaze expression on her face. “Not bad Anji… You remember about her rounds but above it you remember the timing of her round.”

“Well Dr.Malik I remember everything but I think you got your habit of forgetting things back” he looked at her in confusion “What do you mean by that Dr.Gupta” Anji laughed at him saying “Well then Dr.Malik do you remember about partial amnesia” Armaan with smile scratch his head “That was past Anji.. But what I forgot now” Armaan asked stopping near the gateway of café. Anji turn towards him “Armaan we have done your internship under Dr.Keerti only so I have by hearted her routine in hospital back then only you know we were always over one or the other mission in this hospital so”. Armaan “oh that way”.

“Yes Dr.Malik that way. Between don’t you have to join back your duty”. “Duty…!! Phuleaseeee… Today you return back after long time so and duty we do that every day so I will join that tomorrow today is all yours. Today this Armaan Malik and first friend of Sanjeevni will be spending time together reliving old days” Armaan said in a superior tone to hear “okay - okay… cut it out… say me the real reason now.” Anji spoke laughing on his over dramatic lines. “Hahahah Actually I got relaxation today all because of you” With questioning voice she asked him “May I ask why and how”.

Moving in settling on the chair he said “I have to been under the duty to make new doctor comfortable and familiar around. So I am already on my duty.” Armaan indicated the helpers of the café to bring two coffee “Smart Move Armaan” anji said praising his smartness “Thank you for that Anji… So tell me about US, your life there and about the hospital and colleagues”

Soon both of the updated each other with the developments in their life in all the long gap. There was no talk about any other person in the world. If anyone of them mentioned about others then it was just for a second and ended in another second.

After half day both of them joined their duty back. On her duty back she faced atul who was all this while ignoring to pass by her but now they are face to face. Atul tried to make excuse to avoid her but Anjali caught him off guard “Atul I know you are just trying to avoid me.” Atul turn back “No Anjali I am not avoiding you I have work to give my attention to. You know Dr.Keerti She will be on her rounds.” He tried to go flee away but again Anjali’s word stop him “She have Go already from her rounds I know that atul and even you know that.” He stayed mum without moving. “Anjali i….” but no words left from his lips. “Atul I need to talk to you can we talk after duty hours please.”
“I need to return home back Anjali you know my land-lady don’t like me being late” atul turn to leave “I know you staying with Armaan now. Stop running away atul. I know I did numerous thing wrong and you are hurt with those actions of min but atul I have reasons too. You know it all then now why are you avoiding me” atul turn around to face her “Yeah..!! You are right Anjali… you have reasons as everyone have for their actions may it be a valid one or a nonsense one every, single soul have reason behind their action. But you know what it’s about choice with which you want to attach your excuse with.  Life is about choices Anjali not about running away holding weakness as excuse. You run away from this place showing Armaan ridhima vanishing as your reason. Everyone did that but you know what I didn’t I could have gone some other branch to complete my internship once again making excuse of numerous things but I chose to stay to serve that place where I got to learn not only medicine but also about what relations are”

Anjali stare at him in amaze “atul I…” she tried to say but no words are there that can show her actual state of mind. She was still observing what atul just said to her. The person who in past wasn’t able to voice even his smile sweet thoughts in front of her was not repealing her. “Let it be Anjali I think what you have rejected back then every single time to acknowledge has ended from my end this time. By the way welcome back I hope this time when you flee away you have strong reason to go. And yes if you got time then see what your family have been all this months behind you.”

Hearing him she was all confused “What you mean by that atul. What about my family.” He smiled in sarcastic tone. “Your sister is divorced. Sid went away giving her freedom” anji was shocked “Divorced… when she got married…. Who the hell is Sid now… and when they married why divorced…. How she married him over Armaan”. “Talk it out with your sister only. She have changed but maybe she can relies on you as both Gupta sister have degree in crashing the heart of beloved once. See you later got to go” and he left leaving her behind wondering on the little riddle that suddenly came in front of her.
How the hell she wasn’t informed anything. And what about Armaan then do he know all that. What is he up to now above all this why the hell ridhima did all this? The girl she knew was always ready to give up her life just from Armaan then what happened that she left him behind and married someone else without informing her even. What about Armaan….
It’s been a month now that Anjali have joined back in Mumbai. Since then these once upon a time inseparable group of people over one or the other mission every day together are now on their own individual missions.

Atul was avoiding both gupta sisters on personal front but otherwise it’s totally professional. Even when Anjali tried talking to him several times he keep avoiding her as if totally blocking her from all the access of her over him.
Anjali all this while was on mission to be back to square one that is to get back to the bond she use to share with atul back then. But in all her these little mission Armaan was constantly supporting her encouraging her to get his old champ back who use to the jolliest person around without any depressing things in his head, not tension engulfing him beside the tension of someone plucking his dearest plants around.
Ridhima was on mission to avoid every single person be it Armaan atul or Anjali. She have even moved to her own home where she live all alone blocking everyone out of her life. Even her parents aren’t allowed to be with her who didn’t even give another thought of her moving alone divorcing Sid, as her decision on her wedding make shashank so pissed off that he broke his ties with her.
Armaan was helping atul Anji to be back together knowing what it feels like to be broken apart with lonely life. But he ever pressurize atul to be with her or talk to her. He tried to make him understand for couple of times but when he asked to let him be Armaan backed off from direct convincing him but never backed off from helping Anjali to mollify with him. Secretly he know something is majorly wrong with things around him he have always a lagging feeling in him as if a great storm is to come.


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