Thursday, 13 October 2016

part 5 : Bheege Pal

Armaan goes to the room where Riddhima is already changing her dress.
Background music: tara ra ra ra' tara ra ra tari ra.. tara ra ra ra tara ra tari ra..tu zindagi
He slightly opens the door, and finds Ridzi already standing there in front of mirror making some funny faces.. Armaan smiles seeing her'

'oye hoye!!!' said Armaan very cutely Day Dreaming
He moves forward, and stood right at the back of her, she noticed armaan in the mirror.. with the panic she turned around and bumped in him' he was standing so close to her that when she turned around her lips touched his cheeks.. it was their first kiss..
Background music:  Mera izhar hai..pyaar hi pyaar hai' yaaron ki yaar hain'tu zindagi
She hesitantly moves away from him, lowering her eyes' the light was sparkling in Armaan.. her touch made him loose himself in her.. he never felt this lovable feeling before' he didn't knew what was happening to the moment all he wanted was her'
Background music: tara ra ra ra' tara ra ra tari ra.. tara ra ra ra tara ra tari ra..tu zindagi
Riddhima was blushing, her cheeks were as red as tomatoes' with a lots of courage she looked into his eyes.. and whispered 'armaaaan'
It's the first time, Armaan heard to her voice, her sweet voice, his name from her voice. His name never felt as pleasent as it did when riddhima said it.
Armaan didn't wanted to disturb this romantic moment, and said 'shhhh'' putting his finger on her soft red lips' riddhima melted with his touch' she closed her eyes..her heart was pounding at the most, he could hear her heart beat, and really liked the effect she has of his touch. He smiled' and still staring at those charming looks'
'knock knock' the gate knocked. They both came out of the divine moment.
Riddhima panicked, and armaan saw her panicking so he asked while holding his shirt
Ar: woh actually..meri shirt.. woh restroom kahan hai?
Ri: (still a bit uncomfortable)woh wahan saamne hai'
Armaan goes there and closes the door and ridzi took a sigh of relief.
Armaan in the bathroom (no naughty stuff guys WinkLOL)
He looks at himself in the mirror, he had never seen himself this red.. He noticed a red lipstick mark right on his dimple and a smile strokes his face'
Background music: Tujhse main kya kahun' tu hi mera sukun'sang tere rahunnn' tu zindagi..
He touched that lipstick mark, and enthralled the magnificent moment..
An: ridzi tum ander ho?
Riddhima realizes there is someone at the door..
Ri: haan di..
Anjali comes in and give a big hug to her..
An: good work ridzi..m proud of u.. tumhari saree ko toh sab dekhte hi reh gaye aur tumne armaan ko dekha tha'
Ridzi's face lightened up listening armaan's name, she really wanted to know what was his reaction!!
An: woh toh wahan se jaane hi wala tha
And giggles..
Listening this, ridzi's face fainted'
Ri: kya di? Woh jaane wala tha?
An: haan' wohi to..fir pata nahi kya hua woh gaya hi nahi
Making sad face..
An: but ridzi what happened to you? Humne toh plan kiya tha ke usspar chai girayenge but tumne toh apne upar hi gira di
Riddhima a bit shy
Ri: woh pata nahi kya hua.. bas chai gir gayi
An: koi baat nahi ridz.. chalo ab main chalti hoon..tum bhi jaldi aa jana
Ri: ji di
Riddhima took all the jewelry off, and wore red saree' she was looking stunning with her simplicity, and her actuall beauty came out.
Armaan who actually listened to all their conversation in the bathroom.. was a bit disappointed and angry. He thought 'chal armaan yahan se nikal le'tera kuch nahi hone wala' without even realizing that lipstick mark still on his face, he comes out of bathroom.
He has finally decided that he won't stay there for even a single moment. But then he sees riddhima struggling to close her necklace around her neck, which had one sparkling diamond pendant on it. Armaan sees her pretty face from the mirror, that red saree was very well matching with her red face and that sparkling pendant faded in front of riddhima's sparkling eyes. He went towards her and touches her bare back' riddhima felt shiver in her spine.. she saw him in the mirror, but this time she didn't turn.
Armaan closed her necklace, she could now feel his fast breath. He forgot that he decided to leave.. he forgot this is the same girl who tried to play prank on him.. all he remembered was that he had never seen any beautiful girl like her.. Her simplicity took his breath away. He holds her from her bare waist, riddhima was shivering but at the same time she was enjoying it..but hang on..this is not correct thought riddhima.. and she whispered 'chodo armaaaan''
'riddhima' whispered armaan in her ear and started feeling her beautiful long hair on his face'
Ri: who was ready to surrender herself to him but she held herself.. 'nahi armaan yeh sahi nahi hai' and goes from there.
Armaan shakes his head 'whats wrong with you armaan' main yeh kya kar raha tha'
And they both went to the living room. Everyone there faced them.. they were looking so good together
Anjali gets a call, and goes from there..
Nani comes and puts black kajal on armaan and riddhima both..
Nani: kahin nazar naa lag jaye mere bachon ko
And sees that lipstick mark on armaan's face'(omg how can u guys forget abt it?? LOL)
Na: (shocked) hayee raaam'
Then every one notices that mark on armaan's face'
All were shocked!! More than shocked,  they were blushing and smiling'
Riddhima and armaan found it pretty weird, why everyone is reacting in such a way and ridzi looked at armaan with a confused look. She notices that lipstick mark and gave OMG look'LOL Armaan sees her too reacting with such a weird expression'he signaled her asking 'what happened??' Riddhima was emberrased but though she thought its really important tell him what's wrong.. so she puts her finger on her cheek signaling him to check his cheek. Innocent armaan touches it, and shivered remembering that mark'
He started laughing weirdly putting his hand on his cheek to rub it (just trying to hide his emberrasement)'but the mark didn't go completely'
Shubh: armaan rehne do' yeh pyaar ka rang hai..itni asaani se nahi utrega
This made Armaan and ridzi both so emberrased' but everyone laughed' in their hearts they knew that they both liked each other'
And the day passed, armaan went to his home on his bed..thinking what happened today and fell asleep.
Whereas Riddhima and Anji lying on their respective beds..
An: Ridzi m sure ab woh armaan tumhare paas wapas kabhi nahi aayega..
Thinking this she giggled..
Riddhima was lost in her dreams, she never felt like this before.. how can a guy affect her so much'
And the night also passed.
Today is a very special day for everyone. Today is the day, when everyone was starting the new chapter of their lives.
Yes, today they start their internship in Sanjeevni.
Riddhima, Anjali got ready to go to Sanjeevni. Ridzi first prayed to god before starting her day. She was excited and nervous both. But anjali was pretty cool, it was just another day for her. They both went to the hospital taking nani's blessings. Padma and Shashank were already in the hospital waiting for them.
On the other side, Armaan still on his bed' his phone rang.. it was shubhankar
Ar: (in a sleepy voice) hellooo
Shubh: Armaan..tum abhi tak so rahe ho?? Tumhe pata bhi hai aaj tumhe yahan sanjeevni aana hai.. dude its ur first day of internship
Armaan opens his eyes.. and looks at the time 'Ohh noo..m late' and goes to fresh n up.
In the hospital, anjali and riddhima enters.. they both are so happy, this place was looking so different. Today they didn't come as Dr. Shashank Gupta's daughters but they themselves are doctors now.
Padma comes to greet them.. and asks them to go to the locker room. They both go there and looks at their lockers while a voice came 'Anjaliii tum yahan!!!'
They both turned to see who it was. It was Atul, Atul Joshi.


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