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Part 5 - Carpe Life with Love

Part 5 – Some Confrontations

It’s been a month since ridhima wasn’t letting any window to let Anjali spoke to her on one or other pretext she kept her distance from Anjali. But today Anjali had it all, she is determined to have a confrontation with her little sister.

Ridhima have left for her home where she was staying all lone, a place she rented for her living. The place of which she never told anyone about so Anjali was left with no option but to follow her todays as they both got free at same time today unlike the other day’s when they have different shift hours.
So without another thought Anjali followed ridhima who was obvious to someone following her. Reaching her home ridhima dig her hand in her bag to find the keys to open the lock of the house. She was about to close the door once she walked inside when Anjali pushed the door open scaring ridhima. But she recover soon to discover the intruder was no one else but her sister.
“Hello Ridhima…” Anjali greeted her making it clear to ridhima that she is not in great mood to be messed with at the moment with the tone she used to great her gave the hint away. “Hi Di” uttered ridhima welcoming her in. Walking with Anjali up to the couch laid in the common room “How did you have the address of this place di” ridhima asked out without thinking twice. Anjali know this will the for sure question that would pop up in Ridhima’s mind but she was surprise to hear it in words as it was the least expected think from the girl who is most polite one since childhood.
“Why ridhima, Am I not welcomed to look after my sisters living” she asked ridhima in indifferent tone. “It’s not like that di, I am just surprise that who you get hold on the address as… anyway chuck it.” Ridhima tried to express her surprise but left her question that she wanted to know but to her surprise Anjali completed her words that she put behind her closed mouth to not heat up the situation “As you haven’t updated it in Hospital staff Data so that no one get to know about your living making it easy for you to run from everyone… Isn’t it the same words you wanted to utter ridhima that you left unsaid?”
“It’s not that di… Why will I run from anyone or everyone as you are putting it?” Ridhima question back to Anjali “Well you know ridhima I may not show it on my face or in my attitude but I am not the one who can buy anything in excuse. So save these stuff for someone who believe you blindly. I don’t do that, not after what you have done in the period I was away from Mumbai” Anjali putt forth her words.
 Ridhima have nothing to say to Anjali after hearing her, seeing her speaking nothing in defense Anjali continued this time with calm voice trying to know what have been happening in her little sister’s life “What’s going on ridhzy… What going on, why you are living here. Why you left home. You got married to someone even I wasn’t there leave alone my presence I even didn’t get to know about your wedding or anything. Now you have been divorced too. What’s going on ridhima?” all these question remained unanswered. “Please say something ridhima. You always loved Armaan… you both have been through so much just for your love that you both treasure in your hearts than why and how you got married to someone else ridhima.” Anjali tried her emotional trick to get ridhima out with her feelings but ridhima remain unaffected to all the emotional tantrum Anjali through towards her.
“Ridhima have you forgotten about all the things you both did just to be with each other. You went panchgani to bring him back to sanjeevni without caring about Dr.Keerti or papa’s anger. Then he sat on the bomb with you just to ensure himself alive only if you remain alive. The cracker accident from which he saved you landing himself in bed of death you stood by him all days. Then you both goes to hunger strike just to manofy dad about you love. Even after memory loss he fall for you ridhima and then when you changed his papers dad caught you even than you both stood for each other in front of papa to prove other one of you both is right. Than that terrorist attack in which you came forward to save him over your own life and he too…”
Ridhima had it all with all the past Anjali was making her go through so her emotion came bursting out in the way Anjali never imagined “And he… What he did di. He just ran away leaving me to die. I saved him from bullet as I have loved him more than my life more than anyone can express or know but he…. He never loved me that’s why he left me behind without thinking how I will live my life know that. He was just a selfish Human cared only for himself” ridhima spoke out her anger and frustration bitching about Armaan.
“I am shocked ridhima. You know the real reason he went away still you have these thing in your mind. I am surprised that you are looking into all these even when the truth is already revealed you used to overlook his mistakes which were of attention to look upon but know when you know it wasn’t his mistake you are bitching about him. That poor guy went to lengths just to ensure you remain happy with someone who can keep you protected and save even if that killed his soul in letting you go for your own good.” Anjali paused for a minute to see ridhima not looking even a bit guilty.

“You know what ridhima. Seeing you so heartless I am happy that Armaan have been saved from your torture. That poor guy have been through so much that now I wish he find  a girl that take care of him and love him more than anyone else. And for you I just wish you find you lost mind before it’s too late saying all this Anjali storm out of the house leaving ridhima as a statue.
Seeing Anjali went away banging the door shut in anger ridhima uttered “It’s already late di. I have lost everything but the mind is what helping me to live else you wouldn’t have been talking to me right now in anger but you would have been…..” And she left it in middle not wanting to bring those thoughts back in mind but it was too late to stop those thoughts.

Armaan on other side Confronted atul. Reaching home they both sat having coffee after dinner while watching some random stuff on Television. “Champ. Can I ask you one question” Armaan started the conversation with her “Yeah... Say Na... Since when you have to ask before speaking Armaan. And you are my Bhai you can ask anything you want to.” Atul uttered asking Armaan to fire his question on him “Atul why are you ignoring Anjali.” Armaan asked direct question not wanting to beat around the bushes. Atul shifted uncomfortably in his place wanting to ignore the conversation knowing where it will be heading to which he don’t want to hear about. “Its late Armaan I think we should call it a night” atul tried to escape but Armaan hold him by his words “You can run away Champ for now but someday you have to face it atul.”

“There is no need to have this conversation Armaan this subject has been closed long back and opening it now won’t help any of us. Its better we all move accepting it.” Atul told his mind out to Armaan but the words that left Armaan’s mouth made him think twice. “Until you talk it out atul about the past you can’t move on easily. U already know it by know atul. And I know the feeling of losing on to your love.” He tried to counter reply Armaan not wanting to accept any of it “It’s not like that Armaan. I know it hurts to loss on to the person you loved and when it as the only person you have in your life. But Armaan I have moved on from it way ahead.” Said atul
But they both knows the truth was something else only. “If that’s the thing that you claim atul than why does it matter to you seeing Anjali, leave seeing her why can’t you talk to her normally than.” Armaan tried to put some sense in him but he was not ready to accept. “I am not ignoring her Armaan. It’s just that I have changed myself in these loneliness period I got to spend all alone.”
“No atul. You haven’t changed so much to ignore people around its just you are ignoring Anjali. As you are scared that your’ raw emotions will came rushing to you on the surface if you have normal conversation with Anjali. It’s that you are scared of yourself to let her come near you not wanting to even now her side of story now” Armaan accused atul wanting to get through his brain even if it needs to hurt him in his way to do that.
Seeing his fallen face too hurt Armaan. “See atul.  I don’t want to hurt you nor do I want you to hurt yourself. And ignoring this all your life isn’t possible for either of you. I mean you can move on with the questions that remain unanswered. You need to get the answers of the questions that keep popping up in your mind so that you can actually move on or make peace with her only” even this explanation of his action bring nothing out of atul but just the silence “Atul I am saying you this because I know how much the loss love hurts and the fact that your love can’t be your anymore make it worst to live every single second of your life. I have put my mind without talking with ridhima after that terrorist attack and see what I got in return atul, I have left her that time as I wanted her to remain happy all her life but see who is happy today no one of us. Neither me nor her. No one is happy atul. I have lost her back than with one decision of mine that doesn’t hurt me that much which the amount of hurt I am holding on too today knowing she have been someone else. You have the chance atul, Anjali have left you there was reason for her to do that but now that she is back do talk to her atul. Have words with her let her about your feeling and get to know her feelings. Do ignore this now atul else one day you will blame yourself for not even stepping ahead even once to confront her. She have return today it’s not all day that she will go to return there will be some day when she will leave for forever” Armaan tried last time before leaving him alone for the time to pounder on his words and his own feelings.

Atul was in long thoughts hearing Armaan’s words and his feelings. Armaan’s word made sense to him but he don’t want to agree with him. Armaan was right he is not ready to get another hurt just not yet. He won’t be able to get another rejection.

Armaan was sitting in his room after having conversation with atul near the window watching The moon shining bring in the dark night giving its light to his companion in dark ‘the stars’. He was staring at moon as is searching for something in it for few minutes then his search all of a sudden felt complete unknown feeling of being watched by some loved one surrounded him. He felt as if someone sending prayers to keep him protected in the dark and lonely word. Suddenly his thoughts were broken with the ringing sound of his mobile phone without looking at the caller id Armaan swipe the screen to receive the call.
“Armaan… how are you Beta.” Came the voice bringing Armaan out of his thoughts whispering in surprise he called the caller out “Mom” bringing the phone in front of his eyes he saw the screen showing the display pic of ananya revealing it’s his mom only. “Armaan…” ananya once more called him hearing no reply from his side. Armaan placed the phone on his ears once again. “I am good mom. How are you and Billy?” he enquired to her “We both are fine Armaan. You Tell Me. Are you taking your medicine on time.” Armaan sigh hearing his mom crossing his fingers he replied “Yes Mom I am taking them you don’t worry about me. You take care of yourself…. By the way what are you doing now.” Armaan asked her trying to dismiss the topic of his health he don’t want to lie to his mother so it’s better to distract her. “Oh… Billy and I have Been on a walk earlier now I am sitting in garden watching out moon how beautiful it have been. Running in life we have forgotten the pleasure the nature offers us.”
Armaan thought to himself that it might be his mom that would be sending his safety wishes up to good who else will do that for him that now.  But brushing it off, he said “What you made for lunch today… I am really missing your cooking mom. It’s too tasteless in here every food have either a bit sweetness involved in it or extreme spicy. I missed normal food” Armaan confessed geniusly to his mother. “Why… you have been there before for couple of year but you never complained back then, then why now” Armaan feel silent on that remembering this food always got taste earlier due to ridhima who use to bring something or other for him.  Ananya understand his silence and tried to change the topic but Armaan spoke up “Earlier Padma aunty or nani use to send me something or called me home to have dinning with them” he said sadly over the phone feeling nostril. “How is atul Armaan” she tried to not extend the topic bringing her to her baby boy “He is great mom. But since Anjali is back he have gone to the shell I hope he talk to her for once” Armaan tried to explain the situation to his mother who responded “I hope he do. You all were so happy before that attack in sanjeevni, all together all happy. Now every one of you have gone scattered I just swish you all come together once again… Armaan I have to go Billy is calling I will call you tomorrow hmm.” Saying the late night greetings they cut the connection.
Looking longingly at his mobile screen Armaan tried to get some peace but he frown to see 2 miss calls. Opening up the call log menu he saw both calls were from Anjali’s number. Dialing back on the number he placed his phone once again on his ears to hear dialers tune before Anjali’s voice bloom in.
“What the hell took you so long Armaan in calling back.” Anjali burst in from the other side of the line. “Wohooo… Chill Anjali. What happen to you all of a sudden? Care to explain my mistake before being ready to beat me up” Armaan tried to make humor in their conversation but clearly Anjali wasn’t in mood to have fun “Cut it Armaan. I have confrontation with ridhima and you know what she have lost it completely. I don’t know what’s with her, she was never like that before then how can she be like that now. She was dam rude, she was like a person I never know about.” Anjali tried to bring her frustration on Ridhima’s words while talking to Armaan.
“Hmm… I guess the loneliness is taking up on her Anjali. She have been alone all this while. I mean after that attack we all left her to be on her own with everyone have their own reason but I think she might be feeling ditched. You left too for you career call. Rahul left even before it all happen and due to him muskaan to left not wanting the memories of them to haunt her. Nikki too left due to Abhimanyu’s revelation about his wedding. Even I left her due to my reasons she might be hurt to core. She need us that time and we all left her. I can’t understand her rudeness Anjali.” Armaan tried to make her see through other side of lens only to shock her in surprising manner.
“How can you still see the good thing out of it Armaan. Even after being ditched so badly by her how can you still stand for her? How Armaan?” she questioned him not able to decide what a human he is who is still taking a stand for her sister even after she have hurt him so bad. “I am not taking stand for her Anjali. It’s that I have lost the relations and I know how much it hurts to be left all alone in the word, when on one is there to look after you even if you fall sick. It’s only you who have to look after yourself, no one will come to care for you. So I don’t want you to loss onto anyone in your life.”
“Mold it in anyway Armaan I know what your words really taking way to. Anyway I won’t say anything to you I know how much you still love her even after all these happening. It’s just she have bad luck to loss on to such a gem of person. I wish your happiness Armaan. Hope your love got answered by god and someone loves you in same way you have loved her to forget every bad memories or her.” But her words didn’t bring him any help but helplessness “Anjali Please.” He whispered closing his eyes while taking and her face flashed in front of his eyes.


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