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part 6 : Bheege Pal

At: Anjalii tum yahaaaaannn
Said Atul excitedly, after seeing his love from medical college..
Anjali almost shocked.. 'Atul.. tum??'
Riddhima was puzzled..what's going on?
At: anjali main yahan intern hoon'

Anjali got so excited and hugged him tightly
An: oh my god atul.. I cant believe this.. I am so happy..
At: Sachi..Tumhe mujhe yahan dekh kar khushi ho rahi hai?
He just couldn't believe his destiny can be so good'
Anjali comes back to the reality'
An: haan atul, I am so happy atleast I know someone here from my college.
Atul disappointed, but then again cheered up
At: koi baat nahi anjali' main humesha yahin rahunga..tumhare paas
And a sweet smile glittered his face up.
Riddhima interrupts'
Ri: diii' aap inhe jaante ho
An: haan ridzi, he is from the same college
At: Anjali yeh tumhari behen hai? Wooww.. hi I am atul..tumhara hone wala jija
Atul is a very sweet boy, very good in his studies, loved anjali since the college days' anjali knows this, but doesn't care about it, and considers him as her friend only'
Riddhima, Anjali both shocked!!
An: Atull!!
At: ahhh' I am atul, yahan ka naya intern
Riddhima laughed' and understood the situation..
Ri: hi..i am riddhima, tumhari hone wali Sali..
Atul and riddhima both laughed.. but then they see annoyed anjali
Ri: ahh.. I mean I am riddhima, yahan ki nayi intern..
And they both (atul and riddhima) exchanged mischievous looks and winked at each other..
At: wow anjali.. tumhari behen toh bahut sweet hai
An: thanks atul.. after all woh behen kiski hai
At: so toh hai anjali
Someone unexpectedly screamed 'aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh'
Here enters two more interns.. Rahul and Muskaan.
All turn towards the locker room door, to see who shouted and what was happening there.
Ra: ehh.. chilla kyun rahi hai
Mu: oye..tune mujhe itni zor se dhakka kyun maara?
Ra: chal hat na fir..mujhe yahan se jaane de
Mu: dekh tu subah subah mere mu mat lag'pehle main aayi thi.. toh pehle main jaungi..chal hatt yahan se
Ra: oyeee..tu panga na le mere naal
Mu: main bhi jhalander ki jatni hoon'itni asaani se haar nahi manungi
Their story goes like, they both are from Jhalander, they hate each other very badly, they never agree on one thing, but their parents have arranged their marriage. They don't have any other option, but to live with it.
Anjali interrupted, seeing this argument is soon turning into wrestling match..
An: hey hey hey guys.. just relax.. what's wrong??
While rahul was busy listening to anjali, muskaan took the chance and first get in the door
Mu: yayyy!! Main jeet gayi
Rahul gets annoyed..but didn't say anything.
Muskaan and Rahul introduce themselves to other interns but didn't tell anything about their would-be marriage.
Padma enters the locker room, and announces
Pa: hello interns, main hoon Mrs. Padma Gupta, sanjeevani ki head nurse' aap log mujhe sister padma kehke bulayenge. Today is the first day of all of you, so wishing you all the very best
All: thank you
Pa: Aap sabko senior doctor, dr. keerti mallik ke under kaam karna hoga. Woh ek bahut hi strick doctor hain so make sure you are always on time.  Abhi woh aap sabka apne cabin, which is room no. 10 mein wait kar rahi hai.. so you all must leave now. And have a good day.
All noded their heads and leave to meet dr. keerti.
In doctor keerti's cabin
All enters one by one, and all were wishing good morning to her..
Muskaan first enters and says 'good morning mam'
Then atul enters ' good morning man'
Then rahul enters 'good morning mam'
Then anjali enters 'good morningggggg'''.' She was surprised!!
And finally enters Riddhima ' good morning dr. keerrrrrrrrrrr'rrrr'rrrrrr'
She couldn't able to complete her sentence..she was so stunned. Armaan's mom here.. ohh myy god' how is that possible.. is she really dr. keerti??? Or may be she is just here to visit dr. keerti?? But why is she here.. kahin dad ne toh inhe yahan nahi bulaya??
Ridzi and anji both exchanged horrified looks with each other'
Dr. keerti exactly knew what was happening. She was already aware that riddhima will be joining sanjeevani. She was indeed pleased about it.
All interns giggled listening to riddhima's stammering.
Keerti looks at them with the anger..
Ke: (she shouted) INTERNS!! Yahan koi joke chal raha hai?
She made the atmosphere more tensed, and serious.
All: sorry mam
Keerti chills a bit.
Ke: Main hoon doctor keerti' aapki supervisor. Aur abhi tak toh aap sab ko pata chal hi gaya hoga ke main bahut strict hoon. Sanjeevani's reputation means a lot to me. And I hate late comers.
The door opened and here enters our dr. armaan'
He quickly ran into her office and stood next to ridzi, with half of his lab coat on him. All looks at him, including riddhima.
Seeing 'The Armaan' standing next to him, ridzi almost fainted.. she took a step back with nervousness but anji held her hand just to stop her.
All giggled, seeing him 'ab toh yeh gaya' dr. keerti toh ab isse nahi chodegi'
He himself was pretty worried because he was late, on his very first day'and he knew his mom.
Armaan quickly wears his lab coat'
Ke: yeh koi waqt hai aane ka?
Ar: (making puppy face) sorry mam
He knew keerti will melt if he did that, and it did work.
Ke: This is the first and last warning to you all' aage se late hue toh u will be send back to your home.
Ar: it won't happen again
Ke: good
All were giggling again; armaan sees everyone there one by one'
Muskaan, rahul, atul, anjali..and finally riddhima (who was facing downwards)
Armaan gets happy seeing riddhima there' wow armaan..its great.. so riddhima bhi yahan intern hai..coooll' and uski khadoos behen bhi hai..ab aayega maza
Keerti gives pagers and id cards to all of them, and tell them to explore the hospital for one hour, and then meet her in dr. shashank's office. All nodded their head and leave from there.
At: yeh kya hua..kaise hua..kab hua.. kyun hua' jab hua
Mu: oooo..choodooo yeh naa poochoo
All giggled..
Ar: hi, I am armaan..
He says this to everyone but was only facing riddhima, who was still in a shock!!
At: hi, I am atul..waise ek baat toh bata.. tu humein hi kar raha hai ya fir sirf riddhima ko?
All laughed, and riddhima get even more emberrased. She didn't even have a look at armaan, not even once, she was extremely shy.
Mu: oye hero.. main muskan from jhalander..
Rahul interrupted 'jhalander toh aise bol rahi hai jaise pata nahi kahin America se aayi ho'
Anjali laughed and gave hi5 to rahul..
Atul gets jelous seeing anji getting to close to rahul..
Ar: oyee raoooool' tu bhi yahan par rahi
Ra: haan hoon' koi problem?
Ar: arey arey no problem..par pehle yeh to bata.. uss ladki ka kya hua jisse tu dekhne gaya tha?
Muskaan raised her eyebrow with the shock' how come armaan get to know about it?
And rahul was also unsure what to say to him..
Ar: mujhe pata hai'bechari bhaag gayi hogi teri shakal dekh kar..
Listening this, muskaan laughed heehhhehhehehh (her weird laugh)
Mu: sahi keh raha hai armaan..
At: acha chalo' canteen mein chalte hain..
An: haan' chalooo
They all go there, except riddhima'
Armaan turns back to see her if she is coming or not. But he found her still standing in the same position.. So he goes to her
Ar: (very politely) riddhima tum nahi aa rahi?
Riddhima didn't answer.
He noticed her feeling uncomfortable. And he knew what to do next.
 'hey you are looking gorgeous ' said armaan
Riddhima feels shy and happy listening to this comment, so she finally looks up at armaan but her blushing expression suddenly turns into angry look'she found another girl standing on her side. She gets shocked, and jelous' armaan smiles noticing this (mission accomplished), and continued
'riddhima toh canteen aa nahi rahi' toh hum hi chalte hain.. kyun riddhima theek hai na'
Riddhima gets red with anger'how dare he!!!
Armaan takes her arm in arm' and riddhima still fuming behind..
'main chodungi nahi armaan ko' said riddhima to herself and goes to the canteen.
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