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Part 6 - Carpe Life with Love

Part 6- Just With You beside Me

One day there was an accident case of a bus came in causing a high rush in hospital. Being the senior in the hospital four of them volunteer to take full charge of the situation. One of them giving instruction to get stretchers soon. Other was asking to get OT ready. Another asking for blood bottles.
Another asking for ICU to be ready. Everyone is rushing from one place to another for blood, tests, retrieving victims, calming the family members. Interns assisting their seniors with full dedication when one last person that came in hospital being victim of the accident was on verge of her life and death. The patient happens to be a women who have been thrown out of the glass window due to passive hit and she happens to hurt her baby bump badly, she was screaming in pain holding her stomach. Ridhima volunteer to operate for saving baby and mother while Armaan volunteer to operate same lady to bring out the glass pieces from her head and face that have injured her badly.

Both Armaan ridhima started with their own surgeries assisted by few nurses. Initially Armaan was taking out glass pieces out of her body while ridhima was trying her best to save the baby. Once she was done with baby delivery successfully. Armaan started his part of job after helping ridhima in delivery. While this time ridhima help him with head injuries. It was unsaid sharing of work load. Both of them soon come out with success news to announce to the family. They moved to wash their hands when they both congratulate each other. It’s when Armaan after days have proper look at her and saw her in changed skin. She was pale and thinner than ever she might have lost her large amount of weight. Armaan tried to question her but she rush away seeing the question coming her way.

Soon their day came to an end with situation under their control. Atul was on his night duty when on Armaan’s idea Anjali to stay back with him to steel the chance to talk to him. Armaan tried to question ridhima but she left before he can hold on her. Armaan was wondering what might have happened to her but thinking to get hold on her next day to get answers he left for his house.
Next day too Armaan tried to talk to her but again ridhima kept avoiding him he was again to leave for his house when he got a call from another reputed hospital for getting his assistance on one of the case. Armaan went to their hospital, talking on the case for an hour guiding the doctor about the medication he can carry on with Armaan was about to leave when he saw ridhima coming out from one of the Dr’s Cabin.
He called her out but she was so lost in her own world that she didn’t heard about him calling her. She was walking in daze staring into space not knowing where she is heading too. Armaan kept calling her but she never heard even a single call from him. It started to rain but ridhima remain unaffected to all this. Armaan knew something is utterly wrong else she wouldn’t have been like this. His brain knows she have changed but his heart was still on her side only. He knew that there is something wrong, he can feel it. He keep following her leaving his own car in parking only.

Obvious to where is she walking, she was on road. Due to Heavy rain a truck was about to hit her when due to the fear of losing her Armaan run towards her to save her but he was little late to save her from getting herself into an accident. It was not major accident but she fell unconscious with sudden turn of events and the sudden hurt on her arms took a toll on her. Armaan run towards her patting her face he called her name to bring her to conscious.

Ridhima opened her eyes with few patting on her face. She opened her eyes and keep looking at him for few minutes. Armaan made her stand up on her feet. Her legs were still shaky but she got out of her shock with his call of her name, she gave a look to him and seeing him worried as hell with concern in his eyes dripping, she gave up her shield unconsciously hugging him around his waist. He was about to hold her when she slides down on the ground with tears. He got more scared now seeing her like that. Sitting in front of her he hold her from her shoulders “What happened Ridhima…? Why are you crying… let me know I will sort things out for you please say what happened to you. Please.”
Ridhima spare a look to him to see him pleading her to come out with her tensions towards him, even after everything that she made him go through he is still in hell lot of love with her. Realizing that at her once again look down uttering “I am dying Armaan… I am dying”
Armaan became stiff hearing her uttering words, he was monetary in a state as if gone paralyses who can’t react according to his will but can only hear to the person in front of them. Same situation was of Armaan. He wasn’t able to react anything once her word fall on his ear drums. Getting no reaction from him ridhima looked at him siting lifeless. Shaking him out of his shock Traumatic she spoke again “Did you hear me Armaan… I am dying Armaan. I am dying. Please save me Armaan please save me. I don’t want to die Armaan, I don’t want to die so soon. I want to do so much in life I don’t want to die. Do something Armaan please save me? Please save your basket Armaan. I don’t want to die leaving you alone in this world. Please Armaan save me.” Shaking him continuously she kept pouring out her pain in front of him.

Armaan came out of his trauma with her shaking looking towards her he would utter anything. No words where coming in his mind to say to her. All he did was to hug her to himself as tightly as he can. Not letting her even an inch away from him. “I will die Armaan. I will die.”
Armaan tears to flow while hugging him hearing her uttering same thing like only thing she know. Armaan shake his head in a no hearing her out. “No way basket. I won’t let you go. I won’t let you go away from me. I won’t. I know you hate me and you don’t want to be with me but you can’t go that far basket. You can’t leave your Armaan like that ridhima if you have to go I will accompany you.” Armaan came out of hug holding her from shoulder looking deep in her eyes “You might have forgotten it ridhima but I have promised you that I will follow you everywhere irrespective of what place, till where and when. I will keep following you.” He said.

“I have not forgotten anything Armaan. I remember each and everything. Every single thing every smallest thing that you said and you did, every single thing that you dreams for us, every single thing I remember Armaan” he looked at her in surprise hearing her. His mind was already working at super speed thinking of different things to do to see her back to health again. He looked at more deeply than her action bring reasons to him with her later words to which he spoke “You knew all this since long. Don’t you ridhima” She just nodded her head looking down not meeting his eyes. Armaan got all his answers. All the answers to his pain, sufferings came rushing to him. “Why basket. Why” it was the only words that he can think of. “I never wanted you to be in pain all your life. I want you to be happy” she pause for few min before continuing “May be without me”

Armaan hugged her again to himself. Then standing up he helped her to stand holding her near him he took her with him till his car supporting her all the way her drove his car to his house. Parking it he came out, moving towards her side he opened the door then bring her out holding her hands. Holding her he took her inside the house unlocking the door. As soon as the door got opened all the old memories came rushing in her heart. It wasn’t the same house where Armaan living in at present but his old house where they have lot of memories attached. A house which Armaan have decorated with her photos all over, a house where she came running when shashank have house arrested her leaving her house behind, a house where they have knitted thousands of dreams for their after married life, the house where their relation was fixed with shashank consent, the house where she came to visit him with flowers in the morning to find him sleeping in living room., the house where she have taken care of Armaan after modi’s fight, the house where they almost have a bath together. This house hold numerous memories of them together which Armaan have abdomen knowing she is someone else. But today they are standing in the same house which bring all the memories of them haunting her now.

Seeing ridhima not moving in Armaan hold her hand, feeling a hold on her hand she looked towards him looking at their joint hands first then in his eyes with tears falling from her eyes she saw Armaan nodding his head to her asking her to come in. They both walked in making ridhima sit on the couch Armaan moved to bring water for her. Son he came back with glass of water, offering her water Armaan settle in front of her on the table. After drinking a sip from the glass ridhima gave it away to Armaan who hold it and kept it aside. Holding her hands he kept looking their hands only not having courage to look in her eyes. “Why you never told me basket. Why you kept all these thing to yourself ridhima. Why. Have you thought yourself so strong that you can fight alone without anyone beside? You didn’t shut me out of your life but everyone around you. You blocked every single person out of your life. Your parents, Anji and even me. Why ridhima. You think I will be away from lifetime pain after this pain you were giving me till last hour. You thought that I will be able to live once I will know all the reason of your rudeness. You thought I will be happy away from you. Yu have mistaken basket. You have mistaken a high time basket. You never get to know me in real” hearing his last line she looked at him who was still looking at their hands.

Leaving her hands from his grip Armaan walked till the window staring out in the open sky “You know basket if you would have known me in real you would have known that the pain that I would be getting back then was more deadly than this pain, as later I would be knowing your reason for all your action and then I would have blamed myself for not seeing behind you fake walls. That pain would have been taking my life every single sec with my every breath.”
“You thought I will be though I will be able to live once you will be gone then again you are wrong. If you have known then you would have thought that I won’t the alive then I would have died on the sport with the guilt that I never tried to save you that you died in front of my eyes and I wasn’t able to do anything.”
“You thought that I will be happy then what happiness you wanted to give me… I would have gone insane living in mental asylum knowing every little truth of your later. Do you wanted me happy in that way ridhima”
“Answer me ridhima… answer me basket please say it. Would your soul have rested in piece thinking that I have gone insane with all the guilt, shame, and loss and all alone in this world? You never knew my love for you. You never respected for my love ridhima. You never did”
Hearing him ridhima forgot all her pain feeling his pain. His pain is much more than her pain. She is dying it was her destiny, her pain was destined to be reaching her but his pain…. Do he deserve any pain? Do her deserve pain for loving her so selflessly, for loving her leaving his existence behind. No. he deserve all the happiness of the world. He deserve to be happy. His destiny have happiness only and she will fight for his happiness be it be god to fight with she will without another thought. He is her everything.
Ridhima walked towards him hugging him from behind she cried while speaking in hiccups “No Armaan. You have to be happy for me. You will be happy Armaan. This is my fate to go away from you, it’s my destiny of not being loved by you all my life. It’s my bad fate that I won’t be living all the dreams I knitted with you of our future but promise me Armaan you will fulfill every dream we saw together”

Armaan turn around to look in her direction ridhima for a moment left him to let him turn but as soon as he did she again hugged him back resting her face on his chest. “Please Armaan promise me you will fulfil them. Please. Promise me that your kids with be playing in the garden outside as we dreamt of and you will name the girl with my name so that you won’t ever forget me please Armaan. Promise me you will have 2 kids just as we dreams of. And yes don’t forget the dog you will have one. I will be gone doesn’t means you will not bring one as I demanded back then”

Armaan looked at her but she kept hugging him not leaving him even for a second. Armaan placed a kiss on her forehead saying “I promise I will fulfil every dream of yours. Every single dream that we have seen together. I promise” hearing him ridhima let more tears flow from her eyes. Then she heard Armaan “With you… I will fulfil every single dream of ours with you beside me basket. I promise you.”
Ridhima tried to cut him but he spoke before she can speak anything “I promise this over my life basket. I will fulfil them JUST WITH YOU BESIDE ME”
“Armaan I….” before she can say anything he kept his figure n her lips not letting her speak. “Shhh…. It’s enough for the day… come you must be tiered. Now sleep ridhima you need rest.” saying so Armaan took her to his room still covered with her pics. Making her lay on the bed covering with comforter fixing AC temperature Armaan kissed her forehead and get up to leave when ridhima hold his hands stopping him to go. Armaan turn around to see her holding his hands “Armaan please take me in your arms please. May be its last time I will be near you heart may be last time I will be hearing you heartbeat please. Please take me in your arms. Please.” Armaan felt form there which ridhima decrypt his action as he is still angry with her but he soon came back, he moved comforter little bit sliding in it holding her close to himself he keep caressing her hairs making her fall in sleep with in second.”


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