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Saturday, 29 October 2016

part 7 : Bheege pal

Everyone in the canteen.
Riddhima in red face enters the canteen, and finds armaan sitting with all the interns.
Without even noticing that girl is not there, Riddhima asked
Ri: (angrily) Armaaaaan.. tum mujhe aise chod kar kyun aaye

Armaan smiled from inside' iska matlab she was jealous..wow armaa you are just too cool..
Ar: (making naughty face) main chod kar nahi, bas tumhe sath lekar nahi aaya
Ri: armaan..its one of the same thing.. mujhe toh tumse kuch baat karni hi nahi hai
And start looking at other side with anger. Rahul thought it was the golden opportunity, so he said
Ra: very good riddhima ji, good going' isse baat karne ka waise bhi koi faida nahi hai
Armaan was so not happy with rahul trying to come between him and riddhima
Ar: aye raoooool' tu toh kuch bol hi mat' jaa apni jhalandar wali ke paas
Rahul looks at muskaan, who was sitting there annoyed.
Atul thinks, wow great.. armaan seems to be a good guy..woh bhi rahul ko bhagana chahta hai aur main bhi..wow..great
At: haan haan rahul..jaa jaa'
And gave hi5 to armaan.
Muskaan didn't like why everyone is after rahul only.. but she also didn't wanted to say anything..
Anjali seeing the room getting hot with all the arguments..  so tries to cool down everyone
An: hey guys' tum jhagda kyun kar rahe ho? Lets go to dr. shashank's cabin, dr. keerti humara intezaar kar rahi hongi.
They all go..
Riddhima was trying to keep as much as possible distance from armaan.
After a quick meeting with Dr. Shashank, keerti gave them their duties.
Ke: ok interns, aapka first day hai toh aaj log pair's mein kaam karenge.
All: yes mam
Ke: Dr. Atul and Dr. Anjali aap OPD mein
At & An: ok mam' (atul had a broad smile on his face)
Ke:  Dr. Rahul and Dr. Muskaan aap dono cancer ward mein
Ra & Mu: ok mam' (While giving each other evil look)
And keerti sees armaan and riddhima standing separately at the far ends' 'inko aisa kaam dungi jisse yeh dono aur close aa jaye'
Ke: Dr. Armaan and Dr. Riddhima aap dono children ward mein
Ar & Ri: ok mam.. Riddhima was still fuming in anger and gave 'chodungi nahi' look..but armaan was happy..
All the interns are working with their full dedication.
An: dr. atul kya aap mujhe who injection pass karenge
Atul smiled thinking, 'aaj pehli baar anjali ne mujhse kuch maanga..woooow'
At: sure anjali..yeh lo'
An: thanks
At: no problem anjali' doosre wala bhi doon?
An: (said annoyingly) atul!
Anjali unsure about the injection so she asks atul..
An: Main yeh wala injection de doon patient ko?
At: Haan anjali tum yeh injection de do, tum kabhi galat nahi ho sakti..
Anjali shaked her head after listening to Atul, and gave whatever look.
In Cancer ward
Mu: oye kaan khajure yeh kya file leke khada hai? Padhai nahi aati?
And takes the file from him
Mu: ohh English mein hai isiliye'kaha tha maine nahi aayega..aao samjha deti hoon..
Ra: tu samjhayegi mujhe? Punjabi nahi hai yeh
And snatches file from her
Mu: oye kuch bola?
Ra: nahi maine kuch nahi bola
Mu: chaddo
And goes from there
In the children's ward
Ar: dawai kha le warna gabbar aa jayega
Ri: tum dawai khila rahe ho ya dara rahe ho?
Ar: matlab?
Ri: bachon se koi aise baat karta hai?
Ar: (sweetly)toh fir kaise baat karte hain? (while leaning towards her)
Ri: armaaann.. hatto
Takes the medicine from his hand, and sits on the bed
Ri: (to the patient) dekho aap good boy ho na.. toh yeh dawai le lo..
Rohan(patient): nahi main nahi khaunga
And hold his superman.
Armaan giggles'
Ri: dekho rohan aapko superman banna hai na.. aur superman banne ke liye aapko strong banna padega
Ro: sachi mein didi.. main bhi superman ban sakta hoon?
Ri: haan bilkul..magar uske liye pehle aapko yeh dawai khaani padegi
Ro: (making sad face) achaa main kha leta hoon.. magar sirf superman ke liye
And take the medicide.
Riddhima stands up from his bed, while armaan is just 2 steps away from her.
Ar: arey wah..tumne toh jaadu kar diya
Ri: (with attitude) I know
Armaan gets closer to her
Ar: toh tumhe bache pasand hain?
Riddhima sees in his eyes, and started melting
Ri: haan..aur tumhe
Ar: mujhe bhi bahut pasand hai
And locks his fingers with hers'the hospital, patients seems faded away
Ri: (slowly whispered) armaaan..
Armaan smells her perfume, which was making him crazy
Riddhima closed her eyes while armaan was getting closer and closer to her. His face touched her hair, and he starts rubbing them feeling the warmth. They were now so close, that they were almost hugging each other.
Armaan feels as if someone is laughing around and come into his senses
Ar: (whispered in her ear) toh fir toh hum apni cricket team khadi kar hi denge
Listening this, riddhima too came in her senses, she opened her eyes and found armaan smiling cheekily and she shyly ran away from there.
Armaan says 'oyee hoyeeee!!' while putting his hand on his head and with his dimply smile.
Ro: armaan bhaiya
Armaan turns around and sits on his bed
Ar: kya hua?
Ro: armaan bhaiya mujhe sab kuch pata hai
Ar: (with a weird look) kya pata hai?
Ro: yahi..ke aap aur riddhima didi'
And started giggling
Ar: (confused) main aur riddhima kya?
Ro: kuch nahiii'
And started giggling again
Armaan stands up from there
Ar: acha rohan..ab so jao.. hum thodi der mein aake tumhe again check karenge ok
Ro: ok
Duties finished...It's the time to go home
All in the locker room
An: aaj kitna tiring day tha..
At: tum thak gayi anjali.. main tumhara sar daba du?
An: nahi atul..no thanks
At: ok anjali..jaisa tum kaho
Armaan comes out of the changing room while riddhima was on her locker.
He goes to his locker, giving a lovely look to riddhima
Riddhima blushes' and looks into her locker.
She finds a beautiful red rose there, she took it in her hand and smelled it.
Then, looks at armaan to check if he kept it in her locker, and finds armaan was still staring at her with a lovely smile.
She understood, and blinked her eyes to say thank you to him and now his smile was even broader.
Muskaan and rahul were talking secretly in the corner.
Mu: oye rahul' mujhe tujhse ek favour chahiye
Ra: kaisa favour
Mu: woh na kaafi dino se meri mummy tujhse baat karna chahti hai.. toh tu unse baat kar lega
Ra: unhe mujhse kya baat karni hai?
Mu: mujhe nahi pata.. par lagta hai shaadi ke baare mein hi baat hogi
Ra: theek hai.. hum kahin bahar jaake baat kar lenge
Mu: theek hai..main nikalti hoon..tu bhi jaldi aa jaiyoo
Muskaan shouted.. ' ok guys main chalti hoon.. kal milenge..bye'
All: bye
And rahul also goes..
An: chalo ridzi hum bhi chalte hain..
Ri: haan di..
She hides the flower in her dupatta
Armaan sees her doing that.. and smiles thinking 'good riddhima..mujhe pata nahi tha tum itni smart ho'
Ri: chaliye di
While going from there, she looks back at armaan and gave him 'how was that' look
Armaan smiled and wave his hand to say bye
And soon she went out of his sight.
At Gupta Mansion
Riddhima was lying on her bed, and takes the rose out of her dupatta
She blushed seeing it, as if it was armaan standing in front of her.
She started playing with the rose, took it on her cheeks to feel its electrifying touch. She kissed it 'good night Armaan' and put it on her side and went to asleep.
At Mallik House
Armaan playing with the basket ball in his room, and thinking about what happened today, how riddhima was jealous, and then how she hide the flower just for him' He thinks does she really love me?... pata karna padega but how?? For a while he thinks and then goes to a sleep.


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