Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Part 7 - Carpe Life with Love

Part 7 – You Will See Dreams Fulfilled With Ur Eyes

Next day ridhima woke up to see herself in Armaan’s arm. Instantly last night flashed in her brain replaying everything from her walk out of the hospital till her requesting Armaan to let her be in his arms. Her face was resting on his chest arms around his waist holding on to him with legs over his.
She was cuddling to him life a baby bear cuddle with his mother a beautiful smile played on her lips looking their position of sleeping. He was holding her arm over his waist while other hand was below her head letting her sleep over his arms with face hidden partially hidden by her hairs. She moved her hairs away from his face moving a little she kept her chin on his chest looking at him lovingly.

After few minutes of silent admiring her trance break with Armaan’s voice “I have been dreaming of such morning since you first confessed you love to me in OPD” hearing him ridhima blushed a little then got away from him sitting on the bed beside his lying posture. Seeing her sitting Armaan to sit beside her holding her in his arms. Armaan wished her “Good Morning” kissing her hairs from side she looked at him wishing the same to him. “Okay get up, freshen up it’s already a bright day” Armaan said getting up from bed pulling her out of the bed. Ridhima got up from the bed with him. She was about to ask him something but before that he spoke “There are few cloths for you that you can look in the wardrobe and wear the suitable one’s. I am outside in the living room you freshen up soon. Hmm” saying so Armaan gained her nodding head in response. He then moved out of room letting ridhima have a little space to get ready for the day.

After an hour ridhima came out wearing a red suit with hint of green in designing that was kept in the wardrobe. Ridhima saw Armaan sitting in the living room with few files around him, laptop opened in from of him at a distance, a writing-pad in his laps along a pen in his hand resting on his lips with his specs on. He was seriously involved in something she can see that as he didn’t even notice her walking towards him. She moved towards him standing beside the couch she called him out to gain his attention. Armaan then looked at her looking at him in confusion. Armaan kept his writing-pad pen away pulling his spec out he got up, walking towards her he hold her in his arms. “You ready… come let’s have breakfast. I have made bread omelet and juice to go along with. Come let’s have it.” While speaking Armaan have already taken up to the dining table that was laid with breakfast ready to eat.
“Armaan what all this first I found number of dresses suiting my taste in your room and now this…” point to the table ridhima asked him. Hearing her question Armaan said “All the dress are for you only ridhima you know my shopping gets over with one dress of our along so every time I shop is the result. And this” pointing to the table he said “Its breakfast for us. I know you never do breakfast other than having a glass of juice but from now on you will be having breakfast daily with juice” seeing her about to speak up in defense Armaan said “no arguments”.
“Why are you doing all this Armaan? Even when I have given you so much pain” Armaan didn’t wanted to reply her about anything like that so he just kept a bit in her mouth shutting her up from speaking any further. They both have their breakfast with Armaan forcing her to eat every single bit of her food not listening to her protest of not having. His eyes fall on clock, seeing it’s almost her reporting time he screamed “Ridhima you are late Dr.Keerti will kill you. You are late basket… its 8:45 already while your reporting time is 9’0’ clock.” But soon she become sad “Leave it I am already dying what Dr.Keerti will kill me when god is already going to take away my life” hearing her Armaan to sadden but he tried to ignore the fact for now. “Basket where have you been lost… hurry up Dr.Keerti remember” ridhima came out of her trance “And you… what about you. It’s our reporting time even, at least I am ready but look at you sit bed ridden sleepy untidy bum” hearing her he smiled “That’s because I am on leave today”. “why so” ridhima enquire him “That’s because I have a urgent work to give my attention to so you better be get going before you delay yourself more” ridhima looked at him then hurried to go out of the house when Armaan asked her to wait he will accompany till Sanjeevni when she denied forcing him to stay, at last Armaan give up letting her go on her own. Once ridhima was gone Armaan moved back to his files in the living room, he kept working on them searching one or other thing in laptop noting them in his writing-pad. Armaan was so engrossed that he never came to know when whole day came to end, without eating anything he was only working. It’s been 7 Pm when the doorbell rang gaining his attention. Armaan got irritated to get disturbed in his working but never the less he opened up the door to see ridhima standing there. “Ridhima You came back so soon. What Happened?”

“Soon…!! Armaan are you okay have you for once looked the time. It’s already 7 in evening. It’s been 10 hours since I left and you are saying soon” Armaan saw the time in his wrist watch to confirm the time. Indeed it was 7Pm. “it was dam tiring day… I have no energy left in me” ridhima spoke coming inside the house leaving Armaan behind only with open door. Soon Armaan too came in closing the door he made ridhima to go to the room to freshen up and rest little. Ridhima obey Armaan without any argument as she have no stamina to speak even a single word. Armaan filled a glass of water then took it towards room offering it to her. Soon she freshen up when he asked her to wait he will bring something to eat but the time he came back he found her sleeping with legs hanging down the bed. Armaan kept the snacks and juice aside on the bed side table, he corrected her sleeping form making her have a comfortable sleep for a while. He moved out of the room so as not to disturb her sleep, once he was out he called Atul saying he will be staying his old house for some days to supervise some work around the house. Atul tried to join him to lend helping hand to him but Armaan denied. After talking to him Armaan decided to make something to eat as seeing the time he felt his stomach grumbling demanding for some food. For the time being Armaan have a glass of juice to silent his demanding stomach, then busied himself in cooking dinner. It’s been hour that he was in kitchen he was done with everything, he was covering the vessels when he felt Ridhima’s hand around his waist. “What are you doing” asked a sleepy voice “Nothing just making dinner for us” Armaan said bumping his head behind into hers “Why you made it I would have done that” ridhima asked him to which he gave her a smile saying “It’s okay he have done it. She was tiered already.” She too smiled at him.

Armaan have already tide up the living room stacking the files writing-pad pen in one place with laptop along them. They both have dinner living old days silently within themselves in their thoughts not voicing them out. After dinner they were having coffee made by ridhima sitting in the terrace. Armaan was relishing coffee made by his basket after almost a year. Ridhima looked at his face. His expressing give it away that how much he is relishing coffee made by her. After the coffee was over Armaan asked ridhima “Ridhima I need all your past reports. Every single test reports, prescription, scans every single thing. And I need them by morning.” Ridhima looked at him with sudden demand. “Armaan”.
“Don’t avoid it ridhima I need them by tomorrow. All your present report give it away everything to me I needed to know. But I need past report to get every single update from past to present please ridhima. I have searched for every single thing just old report will complete my work” saying it Armaan keep looking at her to decrypt her expressions. “So that was you important work that you took an off for. That’s what you were doing all day that you forgot to even give a glance at clock” ridhima enquire just to get an agreement nod from him. “Why I know there is nothing that can be done Armaan. It’s late already. Why you doing it now.” Ridhima asked him helplessly “Because I want you to see our dream getting fulfill by your own eyes being beside me”

It always happens he give away his emotions in simple words making her heart move miles with his love. Nodding her head she hugged him dearly snuggling her head in his neck arms around waist as if a small scared baby girl hug her father demanding protection from the bad world who is chiding her over something. Armaan hugged her too then he carried her inside. He made her lay on the bed then himself moved to keep the cups away, locking the doors of the house properly he came back to see ridhima waiting for him to join in with her, to  take her in his arms. “Ridhima you sleep here I will sleep in the room adjacent to this one” but hearing him ridhima protested “Why Armaan. What Happened?”

“Ridhima it’s against the protocol of the society. I will sleep in other room.” Said Armaan to which ridhima opposed “you know Armaan in these few months without you I just learnt 2 things. One that I can’t leave without you or hate you even if I try with all my strength and second that I have learnt is that the society does nothing for the people living in it. But just blamed them for one or the other thing. They just know to speak over everything or anything that falls under the universe. While there statement will change with every possible situation. Other thing is that outside these four wall of the house no one know where we both are but they will say only one thing without knowing anything”

Armaan looked at her in surprise “Don’t give that look Armaan. This is hollow society that you were taking about, holding on to their protocols one can’t leave one’s life with happiness. Holding hands of the protocols one can only learn to make adjustments and sacrifices”. Armaan was in dilemma now what should he do. While his answer was found in the open arms of ridhima calling him to herself be with her. He moved towards her and soon was in her arms both were holding on to each other once again.

He was all silent since the time he have joined her in duvet she was observing him, thinking he will say it all what’s going on in his mind and heart but she saw no indication which may support her ideology so she tried to get answer herself. “Armaan what are you thinking since long” Armaan looked in her eyes and soon his long holding tears came in his eyes denying his order to remain hidden. Seeing his teary eyes ridhima got alarmed, panicked and helpless. “What happened Armaan… please Armaan say it you are scaring me” Armaan keep looking at her before getting up a little and hugging her around her waist while she was still in her laying position “can I cry” hearing him she to have tears “Armaan…!” she exclaimed his name in helplessness keeping her hand in his hairs and over his back caressing his back “please basket…can I cry” ridhima just hmmm-ed in response letting him shed is pain that he was holding onto in his heart. “Promise me basket. Promise me you won’t leave me once again. I can’t live without you basket. I just can’t. It’s just not the need but dependency, my breath depends on you. I can live miles away from you know you are somewhere happy, but I can’t live so away from you with dimensions gap. It’s not that I can’t live without you out of habit, it’s just that I don’t want to even think of it. Promise me you won’t leave me alone please promise basket” leaving her a little and holding onto her hand that was in his hairs looking directly into her eyes he asked her “Armaan I…. Armaan you have seen the reports already then why you are making it difficult for me” hearing her he just shook his head in denial tears falling on her chest “I don’t know anything. You have to promise me you will live for me. You won’t leave me behind all alone in this world please promise me basket. Please” again ridhima tried to make him understand “Armaan please understand” again his shook his head being stubborn on his own demand “No… you just promise me. Say you won’t leave me alone”. “but Armaan try to understand the situation, don’t be emotional Armaan think practically you have seen every report of mine then why you are asking me for a promise that soon will  be broken” yet again  he shook his head “You just promise me… only promise is what I need. A promise to hold me for all your life and letting me hold you all my life till last breath”. “Armaan…” but he cut her “Promise only” seeing him all stubborn ridhima knew no way to escape from his demand, and seeing his eagerness of getting only positive response from her in his eyes she don’t even want to break his heart for now. So just whisper a single word “Promise” as if it was a lifeline to him to which hearing his face glowed like anything. She loved to see his face glowing eyes twinkling but these were just for some time. He hugged her with joy again around her waist placing a small kiss over her tummy as if rewarding her for her words. What is an Irony of life, as much as she loved to see him glowing with happiness and joy for the moment she is not like them, as they were being on the basis of lie only. “Armaan my promise will soon be broken don’t built so many dreams” she knew he have started making up his own dreams of their future together which seems impossible to her. But to her surprise Armaan answer her making her heart leap out of her body towards him with his yet again simple reply “No. I won’t let this promise to be broken as I know that by basket hates to break promises. I will protect your promise, that’s my promise” he said looking in her eyes. Kissing her forehead with smile on his face plastering he felt asleep, leaving ridhima staring at him in admiration, love, care, irritation and helplessness all together.
Ridhima after sometime moved her head back from his shoulder still holding on to him she asked looking in his eyes “Okay so many of promises so I want one more of it.” Armaan looked at her in adoration “Anything you asked for” he replied to hear her say “Okay so now you promise me That you will now start having you medicines again without any fuss” first he looked confuse with her promise but then working of his mind helped him raising his eyebrows he looked at her “How do you know about the medicines” he asked her. Ridhima still looking in his eyes said “The other day of your arrival I saw you issuing some medicine from Sanjeevni’s pharmacy first I thought it would be for some patient but than by mistake you left your report from which I got to know it was your and then reading the prescription I know what it was for” he only expression that came out of him was “Ohh…” but after a small pause he asked her again “But how do you got that I am not taking them. Have you got detectives on my back basket” he asked her suspiciously “No need of that Mr.Bhudhu Malik.” Ridhima said hitting his forehead playfully making him frown, giggling herself she continued “Armaan You have thrown those medicines in the Common room’s Bin which I saw after you made an exit next day of my Bday”
He once again said “Ohh…”. “What happen” she asked him hearing his low voice. “It have to be consumed regularly basket to have its desired effect I think i…” he confessed with sadness in his voice. “Is it… Hmm… Let me think than” ridhima voiced in normal but playful sounding vocal making Armaan surprise on her less reactive reaction. “Hmmm…. I wonder how you never suspected the Taste of cafeteria’s Food” ridhima said making Armaan look at her as if she have gone mad while she was smiling back at him looking in his eyes.
 But a while later Armaan exclaimed “You… That means you were adding those medicines in my Coffees and sandwiches.” Armaan look at her accusingly for disturbing his foods taste. “Pleasure is all mine Mr. Malik. But The Ganesh Bhaiya (Cafeteria’s cook) helped me. I have kept medicines with him to add them in any food you ask for” ridhima raised her imaginary collar in her on appraisal. Armaan once again exclaimed “You… I won’t leave you” but ridhima shrug it off “Well thank you Mr. Malik” laughing she once again hugged him but he hugged her back after sometime all smiling knowing his basket is one and the only one who can love him to any extend one can think of passing it by.

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