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part 8: Woh Lamhe

Armaan Riddhima looks at each other with so much of affection, care, and warmth in their eyes. Riddhima stepped down the stairs hurriedly and came out of her house running. Once she was at her house door, they were in front of each other with meters of distance in between.

Armaan's eyes were stuck on the beauty standing in front of him. In saree, she looked so elegant, so graceful, so soft and so pretty. He thought is it the fairy he fell in love with. Looking at him gazing her from top to bottom, she felt shy. She twirled her eyes to ignore the eye contact with him. She slowly placed the hair strand from her cheek to the back of her ear and swiftly moved her steps forward.

Her cheeks were getting crimson red when his eyes gazed at her continuously. She took another few steps forward when found him smiling and his arms wide open as if he is waiting her to run and come in his arms for a big hug. She smiled seeing his emotions were no more in his control. She took few more steps forward trying to control her goose bumps and anxiety.

She gradually dared to look into his eyes when she was almost flattered seeing the love in them. Those few steps were now felt taking longer time, as the two souls who were falling in love, perhaps were not able to wait even for a second now. They wanted to be together forever.

Her steps slowly become bigger and faster when her walk turned into running. She was running to hug her love; separation for them was unbearable now. Soon she came running and landed in his arms. Both hugged each other. Both were crying in the love and affection for each other. The world was now twirling around them. Riddhima moved her arms all over his back, pulling him towards her and Armaan caressed her hair while rubbing his cheek with hers.

"Female Voice: Tujh se hi meri bandagi'tujhse meri jaan hai.. saayan tera mera aashiyaan..tu mera armaan hai'lalalala'lalalala'tu zindagi..mera izhaar tu'mera iqraar tu.. pyaar hi pyaar tu..tu zindagi"

The dream was over when Armaan snapped his finger in front of Riddhima, who was just standing in front of him near his car. Her smiling face told so many things to him.

Ar: So.. Riddhima ji..chalien

Ri: (with hesitation, while playing with her fingers) haan.. magar..woh

She was unsure what to say.. she was so much lost in her dream that she could not able to distinguish between her dream and the reality.

Armaan put his hand on her shoulder to bring her to the reality

Ar: haan riddhima.. bolo

Ri: Armaan..woh.. tum'

She looked up and down with nervousness. She was still unsure what to say.. Seeing her hesitation he asked her to sit in the car

Ar: Riddhima.. tum mujhe baad mein bata dena.. abhi tum baitho.. we are getting late

Both sat in the car, and Armaan started driving.

Ar: Riddhima..ek baat kahoon?

Armaan asked her softly

Ri: haan..

She was still half lost.

Ar: you are looking gorgeous.

She was amazed with the compliment. She didn't knew what to say, she thanked him while placing her hair strand to the back of her ear

Ri: thanks

Both smiled.

He slowly picked those hair strands and placed them back on her face

Ar: yeh aise jyada ache lagte hain..

He whispered

Ridzi blushed even more

Ri: Armaan.. ab main ek baat puchoon?

Ar: haan..poocho na.

Ri: hum kahan jaa rahe hain?

He gave a cute smile on her innocent question

Ar: that's the surprise. You have to wait a little more while..

She was excited hearing the word surprise. She really like surprises, and this will be the first surprise that Armaan will give her and it will be a great one she knew.

Armaan noticed the way she was eager to know what that surprise can be.
After a while they reached somewhere, and Armaan parked his car. It was an unknown place to Riddhima.. but she can smell the salt in air. Armaan opened her car door, and she slowly stepped down her feet on the sand. She gazed at the sand and then quickly to the Armaan with a wide smile on her face.

Ri: Are we on the beach??

She asked excitedly while Armaan was pleased to know she liked it.

Ar: yes we are

Armaan said while giving his left arm to her to hold. Riddhima first stunned at him then looking at him smiling and being pure gentlemen; she eagerly put her arm in his.

After first few steps she felt uncomfortable walking on the sand. She looked down on her sandals

Ri: oh no..!!

Armaan looked at her questioning

Ar: kya hua riddhima?

Ri: my heals..

Ri: nahi..kuch nahi

And gave a sweet smile to him, but he understood it all and appreciated her hiding the main problem as she does not want to spoil his surprise

Ar: shoes they are so uncomfortable

He said while looking at his shoes.. whereas riddhima was puzzled, what was he saying.. how can shoes be uncomfortable?

Ar: so lets do one thing.. apne shoes yahin nikaal dete hain.. waise bhi without shoes hi sand par walk karne mein maza aata hai..haina..

He said while taking off his shoes. Riddhima was glad; she too slowly moved to the side and took out her sandals. While taking them out, she realized he was doing all this for her only. Just to not let her feel embarrassed (cz of getting bare foot), he took out his shoes too. A sweet smile soon approached her tensed face.

Ar: so ab chalien.. ma'm riddhima

He said while again giving his arm to her.

Without thinking, she immediately placed her arm in his and they started to walk.
Both were smiling cheerfully, riddhima was glaring at him with her eye corner. She adored him being so charming, so caring and so loving. She was blushing in her own thoughts. On the other hand, Armaan was feeling very complete having his wife on his side; it was like a dream come true for him.

Armaan slowly touched her hand on his arm and asked her sweetly

Ar: so Ma'm Riddhima.. will you dinner with me?

Riddhima looked at him with a surprise, as there was only sea and sand around them and no food arrangements at all.

But all she could utter was "yes.." while blinking her eyes softly.

Ri: magar kahan?

She asked him with the confused look.

Armaan smiled as his eyes twinkled. There was again a surprise for her. He pointed her a place and when she followed his fingertip, she was amazed to see the centre of sea that was all dark. Soon her eyes sparkled seeing a sudden light flashed on a table that was kept somewhere on the sea. It was not foreseeable where exactly the table was kept as there was again dark everywhere else.
The table was covered with some candles and beautiful flowers. She was astonished to see it, she again looked at Armaan with a surprise..

Ri: Its beautiful Armaan.. par hum wahan jaayenge kaise?

She asked him with the amazement. His smile dimpled this time when he again pointed her the same place.

She again looked at the place with the puzzle.. when she was astound to see again the few lights flashing up right in front of them showing the way to go to the table.

Ar: chalien?

He asked her elegantly to which she nodded her face. She got water in her eyes, while they were walking to the table hand in hand. Nobody ever made her feel so special. This was the most touching moment of her life, a huge wave of emotions were bursting in her. All the way, she was just gazing at him; her heart was beating just for him. She felt being loved, being protected and being complete just with him.

He made her sit on the chair while sitting next to her. She was enjoying the beauty around her when Armaan interrupted

Ar: so shall we start?

Armaan said while signifying the food. He gently served the food and they ate it in peace, admiring each other at times or blushing at other. After finishing the food, Armaan questioned

Ar: how was the food?

Ri: bahut acha was excellent..

Armaan cheeks reddened and lips smiled widely at this while Riddhima was perplexed..

Ri: kya hua Armaan

She asked him impatiently

Ar: actually yeh khaana maine banaya tha.. darr raha tha pata nahi tumhe pasand aayega ya nahi..

He confide candidly. She loved his simplicity; he was so adorable, just like a baby.

Ri: nahi nahi.. yeh khaana to bahut acha hai.. infact itna acha khaana maine pehle kabhi nahi khaya.. aur pata hai yeh khana itna special kyun hai

Ar: kyun?

Ri: kyunki ismein tumhara pyaar..

She stopped in between her sentence as she realized what she was saying; Armaan was all delighted listening to it.

Ri: I mean ismein tumhara pyaar for our friendship jo mila hua tha.. thanks so much Armaan, today I had my best time with you.

Armaan kept quiet, as he was acquainted with the fact that she does know about his love towards her and then also she is not ready to accept their relationship, and neither she wants to reject it. After knowing the whole truth, she is still with him.. but why.. he was fighting in his own thoughts.

To hide her embarrassment, Ridzi kept on looking at the other side, while her fingers kept on tossing with each other.

Ar: Chalien Riddhima

He asked tenderly.

Ri: hmm..

Both came out of the dinner place, back to the seashore.

While walking, both were just enjoying each other's company and a loud sound of clapping waves. Soothing, a gentle sea breeze rustles through their hair when her eyes got stuck on the sand castle up at the side.

Ri: dekho Armaaan..  sand castle

She jumped with joy and took him with her and sat next to it

Ri: kitna sundar hai..

Ar: but..thoda toot gaya hai.. I guess hawa ki wajah se..

Ri: chalo Armaan..isse firse banate hain

He admired the sweet smile on her face.. her radiant face made him skip his heart beat.

Ar: sure

He helped her building up the castle, while she was already enjoying making it with her wet hands.

Ri: pata hai armaan.. mujhe bachpan se hi yun beach mein aake castle banane ka bahut shaunk hai.. aur pata hai jab main choti thi toh mujhe lagta tha jaise main apna castle bana rahi hoon jismein main bade hoke rahoongi.. jahan mera rajkumar aayega safed ghode (white horse) par, and just like Rapunzel woh meri balcony mein chadke mujhe bhaga kar le jaayega'

She was delighted telling him about her dreams, her childhood. She still wanted to live in it and fancy it like a fairytale.

Soon the castle was completed.. and both went near the sea to wash their hands.

Ri: wow armaan..kitna sundar lag raha hai na humara castle

Armaan liked the way she called it not just her but their castle

Ar: haan.. humara castle..

She bent down to wash her hands when noticed him being lost in his thoughts.. She deliberately filled her fist with water and throw in on his face to which Armaan instantly came back to the reality and looked at Riddhima with a surprise.. he didn't knew what was happening.. The naughtiness was stroked her mind, she desperately threw another hand full of water on him to which he uttered "Riddhima" with a shock.. but she continued throwing it

It was a revenge time, he too slowly bent down started throwing the water on her.. She started running, seeing him after her.. "Sorry armaan sorry.. plzzz" while he didn't wanted to take a back and continued following her.. "no Riddhima.. I am not going to leave you this time"..

After both become half wet, they decided to stop it and continued taking the walk. Suddenly Armaan stopped but unnoticed to Riddhima, who walked few, more steps. When she did not see him next to her, she turned back and found him standing with a smile on his face. She quickly went back and asked him

Ri: Kya hua armaan.. tum yahan aise?

Armaan didn't say a word and just continued to give his mysterious smile, seeing which something clicked Ridzi's mind

Ri: don't tell me.. there is another surprise?

She looked at him with the unbelievable face

He slowly moved his one hand towards her asking

Ar: Riddhima..will you have dance with me?

Riddhima was shocked..

Ri: Armaan yahan???

She literally shouted

Ar: haan.. yahan..

Ri: but where is the music?

She asked thoughtfully

He slowly kept his hand on his heart..and suddenly a loud music started playing..

"tan tana tana tan'the famous romantic kuch kuch hota hai dance tune"

She was surprised, where the sound was coming from. The song, the environment made her excited and she kept her hand on his to which he hurriedly pulled her closer and kept his other hand on her bare waist. It was a golden touch. She could feel the goose bumps all over her body, as her heart started beating at his tunes.

She kept her hand on his shoulder as they slowly started to move. The stare was locked between them; their breath could easily be smell by each other when the distance between them even decreased. It was a close romantic dance where the two souls were meeting in the moonlight. Both lost in each other's wet arm, enjoying each and every moment of it when the clock stroke 12.

Armaan stopped his dance and went behind her. She looked at him puzzled.."kya hua armaan?" she asked him but he whispered "shhhh.." in her ear. His warm breath tickled the butterflies in her stomach. He affectionately kept his hand on her eyes to close them and went so close to her that his chest was touching her back. He little by little took the hand off and pointed towards the sky..

Where suddenly a lot of colourful firecrackers burst and wrote

"Happy Birthday My Angel".


Luv yaa

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