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part 9 : Woh Lamhe

After reaching home, she finds everyone waiting for her with a huge birthday cake.  "Surprise" they all shouted.. Riddhima's mouth was wide open when she finds Anjali her sister was standing there, wishing her cheerfully. She went running and hugged her tightly

Ri: Oh my god di.. aap kab aayi?

An: main to bas thodi der pehle aayi..par tu bata.. tu kahan gayab thi?

Ri: kuch nahi di.. bas yunhi ek friend ke sath thi..

An: ohh…friend.!!!

She teased her, while Padma and Shashank interrupted

Pa: acha..tum beheno ki baat ho gayi ho to cake kaatien

Sh: haan..aur waise bhi tum dono ke paas puri raat padi hai baat karne ko..

All smiled and cheeredBig smile

Ridzi cuts the cake and feeds the piece to everyone and after some chitchat all went to their room.

In Riddhima and Anji's room

Ri: Di. I am so happy u came..

An: Even I am happy my little sis.. its good to be home

Ri: Ab main aapko kabhi wapas nahi jaane doongi

She pouted while making a small baby's face

An: awww… my baby.. don't worry iss bar main bhi wapas jaane ke liye nahi aayi

Ridzi jumped her bed with cheer and went to her bed to hug

Ri: aww…..di.. thank you soooo much… that's the best birthday gift u gave me..

An: love you ridzi.. ab main bhi soch rahi hoon.. tere sath internship yahin kar loon.

Ri: it will be great di..

An: acha..woh sab chod aur yeh bata.. kya chal raha hai.. aur ab tak kahan thi ma'm?

Ridzi blushed a bit.. she know that she can't lie to her sis otherwise she will definitely be caught

Ri: di.. woh actually main Armaan ke sath thi..

An: Armaan?? Who is he? Pehle to uske baare mein kabhi nahi suna..

Ri: haan di.. you were in Australia jab yeh sab hua

Anjali was surprised

An: kya hua?Confused

Ri: Di... actually around a month ago I went to the temple and there…
She told her the whole story.. Also how they are meeting up again and again co-incidentally in Sanjeevani, and most importantly how special he made her birthday. Ridzi blushed and shied at times while telling her about him to which Anjali did sense something was definitely fishy.

An: aur bata.. how is Rahul..

Ri: he is good di.. woh bhi holidays finish hone se pehle wapas aa gaya

An: oh great.. so did he wish you?

Ri: yup.. exactly at 12. Warna main usse maar na dalti

She laughed..LOL

An: ohh.. so woh tumse milne nahi aaya?

Ri: nopes.. actually uske friends usse night club le kar gaye hain..

An: so late?

Ri: come-on di.. they are night clubs.. so itni der main hi toh jaayenge na..

Anjali laughed..LOL

An: haan haan..pata hai. Tongue


At the night club

Ra: Guyss.. it looks like a nice club!! The gentry here are awesome.

Sa: Haan yaar.. yahan ki girls bhi badi kamal hai..

Ma: arey woh dekh.. woh ladki to line de rahi hai.. chal chalte hain

Ra: arey yaar.. come-on hum wahan nahi jaayenge

Sa: Rahul.. ek kaam kar tu yahan beth ke drink enjoy kar.. Main aur Mayank wahan jaa rahe hain.. see you then.

Ra: arey.. ruko..ruko

But he was too late, his friends left him alone at the bar to enjoy his drink.

Irritated Rahul orders the drink for him

Ra: Same order please.

He said to bartender.

As he served the drink back, some other girl comes takes a hold of that drink before Rahul could..

Ra: hey..excuse me..

He shouted.. But too late.. She already gulped the whole drink in one go.

She sits next to him and asks the bartender "Same for him please"

He was shocked to see a girl, looks like to be from a good family, gulping the whole drink like this.

When the bartender again serves the drink, Rahul looks at her. She was half drunk, her curly hair were coming all over her face..

Ra: thanks..

He said politely.. while she stood up from there. He could see her pink backless top from the back. Suddenly the world around her twirled when she was about to fell down and Rahul hurriedly caught her in his arms..

Ra: hellooo… are you ok?

She becomes conscious putting up her hand on her head..

Mu: yeaa.. I am fine

He made her again sit on the chair and assured she could hold on of herself.

Ra: waise.. you should not drink this much if it affects you so much

Mu: excuse me Mr… mind your own business..

She said rudely..

Ra: ok fine.. main to tumhari bhalai ke liye bol raha tha..

She again ordered a drink, and gulped it all. She was trying too hard to hold on to herself holding the bench tightly.

Ra: heyy..take it easy.. jab itni sambhali nahi jaa rahi to pi kyun rahi ho?

Muskaan held her forehead tightly taking her hair away from her face but unable to. So Rahul decides to help her and took all her hair strands away. Now he could look at her soft elegant face. She was so pretty, just like an angel who has just landed on earth.

Mu: thanks

Ra: main ek baat poochu?

Mu: hmm..

Ra: tumhare haath mein yeh drink suit nahi kar rahi… I mean.. why are you drinking so much..

Muskaan looked at him with a puzzled face..

Ra: dekho..main jaanta hoon we are strangers.. but still I might be able to help you.. tell me your problem.

He showed her the full sympathy.

Mu: woh.. mujhee…main..woh..

She mumbled while Rahul puts his hand on her shoulder

Mu: tum ladke.. sab bahut bure hote ho.. I just hate you all.. you all are creep, insensitive, bas***ds, morons…

He was shocked with her sudden outburst

Ra: hey heyy.. cool down lady.. don't you think you being prejudice. How many boys do you know? Aur hum sab ek jaise nahi hote..

After thinking a while about the reason behind her this behaviour

Ra: waise.. tumhe kisi ne kuch kaha hai kya?? I mean has someone cheated on you???

Seeing her plain face he understood

Ra: but how can anyone?? You are so pretty.. and looks like to be sensible too.. Totally a want to be with girl.. then who can..

Mu (with red eyes): haan… kissi ne mujhe bhi choda hai.. I just hate him.. he such a ba****d. I just want to kill that f****in a**..

She had tears in her eyes

Rahul holds her hand tightly to control her

Ra: that's so insensible of that guy.. but you should move on. He is just not worth your love, and so nor of your tears. Restart your life.. and leave your past behind.. Trust me this life is too short to enjoy and you are wasting it in shedding tears for that good for nothing ba****d.

Muskaan gets some satisfaction and a ray of hope, that yes her life has not ended yet.. a lot more of happiness is yet to come.

Mu: but I love him…anyway..isiliye I left that family..everything.. I want to move on.. thanks anyway..

After having another pack, she just left from there making Rahul amused.

"This girl is quite different.. how can anyone love someone this much that they even leave everything, her home her family just for the sake of forgetting all the memories of this girl has guts"

When he looked at her leaving, he noticed she was not even able to walk properly.. he thought it would not be safe for her to go alone at this condition.. but she was nobody to him, he thought.

Soon few boys came and spread around her.. They didn't seem to have good intentions but for Muskaan, it was really hard to notice around what was happening. Rahul who was seeing everything from the distance could not able to take it..he hurriedly went to her and held her hand tightly to take her out. But suddenly, one the guys held his hand "hey where are you taking her?? She is our chick for tonight", he said while laughing but Rahul answered him back by taking off his hand from his "Mind your language.. I am taking her, and if any of you tried to stop me.. I sware I am not going to leave you".. "Heeyyy..chill dude.. yeh teri lagti kya hai jo iss par itna haq jata raha hai" the other guy asked.. "yeh..yeh meri fianc hain.. any problem." Listening which all raised their hands… "Sorry dude.. go and enjoy" and everyone left.

Ra: tum pagal ho gayi ho kya..pata hai kaise log the wahan

But Muskaan was fully drunk now.

Mu: achaa..kaise log the wahan…bahut burre the?? Hawww.. arey yaad aaya..tum hi toh the andar..

Hehehehehhh (Muskaan laughed at her usual style) LOL

Mu: you are a bad man..hehehehe

Rahul thinks to himself "yeh to gayi…"

Ra: acha yeh batao tum rehti kahan ho?

Mu: main..ghar mein..stupid.. tumhe itna bhi nahi pata..sab log apne ghar mein hi to rehte hain..hehehehe…..

She was moving all around the place like a drunk and Rahul followed her, trying to hold on to her.

Ra: Muskaan..ruko.. wahan car aa rahi hai..

He takes her on the other side of the road..

Ra: magar tumhara ghar kahan hai??

Mu: mera ghar….

She thought for a while, and keeping a finger in her mouth..

Mu: haww… mera ghar khoo gaya.. subah tak to yahin tha..

She slowly started to cry..

Mu: mummyyy jiiii…papa jiii……. Mera gharrrrr……..

And goes into Rahul's arms

He first gets surprised, but then thought she was not in her senses.. She really needed her support.. he affectionately caressed her hair..

Ra: don't worry… hum tumhara ghar abhi dhoond lenge.

He takes her purse and finds her license in it which had her address..

Ra: ohh.. yeh raha iska address.. aur yeh iska naam..Muskaan.. bilkul sahi naam hai…

Ra: acha chalo ab.. mujhe mil gaya tumhara ghar.

Muskaan gets excited..

Mu: woow.. tumne mera ghar dhoond bhi liya.. woow.. you are so intelligent.

And she kisses his cheek with excitement and becomes unconscious in his arms..

Rahul was astonished.. He took her in his arms and made her sit in his car while he droved towards her house.

He opens her house door and put her on her bed..

She holds his hand tightly…"I Love You Rahul" and sleeps.

Rahul stared her for a while with a shock. "How can she fall in love with me.. but people in this condition don't really lie…do they??" he thought. He sat next to her and adored her beauty.. and then remembered her childhood "mera ghar to kho gaya" brought smile on his face. "She is so innocent just like a baby".. He goes towards her to kiss her forehead when it strikes him.. " heyy.. I never even told her my name.. then how does she know it??", he scratched his head.


Armaan gets fresh up and goes to his bed adoring the romantic moments between him and Riddhima.. he had a cute dimpled smile on his face.

Soon he gets a call from Abhi

Ar: hey bro

Ab: hey Armaan.. how was it…and how did bhabhi like the surprise?

Ar: Abhi…it was the best day of my life.. wow.. she was looking just like an angel.. I love her yaar.. I cannot believe she was so much surprised. Pehle woh beach, then dinner and then that dance. Uska chehra dekhne wala tha.. she was so happy

Ab: mujhe to tera chehra dekhne ka mann kar raha hai.. you too sound so happy. Waise bhi bhabhi ko acha to lagega hi na.. after all saara surprise tune jo plan kiya tha..

Armaan blushed.

Ab: acha yeh bata.. woh fire cracker wala surprise? Uska kya hua.. didn't she fainted seeing you were the first person wishing her happy birthday and that too in such an unusual style..

Listening this his face fainted and he kept quiet.

Ab: kya hua armaan..bol na.

Ar: actually.. even I don't know if I was the first person..Ouch

Ab: kyun.. wahan aur kaun tha jisne usse wish kiya?

Ar: arey actually jaise hi unn fire crackers ne "Happy Birthday My Angel" likha.. tabhi she got a call from Rahooooool who wished her happy birthday before I could say anything to her..

Ab: ohh nooo.. yeh rahul hai kaun?

Ar: pata nahi.. hoga koi uska friend.. ya kuch aur..

He said with fuming voice, he knew he was getting jealous.. it was him who made so much of effort to make her birthday so special and some other person came in between and took all the credit. From inside he was presuming that Rahul is evil, he trying to come very close to her… he thought Rahul is trying to take advantage of her.. Ridzi is so innocent that does not know with whom she should go close or with whom she should not..


He little by little took the hand off and pointed towards the sky..

Where suddenly a lot of colourful firecrackers burst and wrote "Happy Birthday My Angel".

Riddhima astounded to see the sky wishing her birthday. It was the best wish she ever got. Her eyes were sparkling seeing his love and affection. She almost forgot it was her birthday when he reminded her by wishing in such a stylish way. But suddenly, before she could thank him or express her feelings, the ring tone of her cell phone rang. She immediately looked at it, it was Rahul.. a broad smile curved her face..

(one side convo)

Ri: heyy rahul

She answered excitedly which Armaan's face dropped

Ri: awww…thank you sooooooooooo much

Ri: I knew you would call.. aisa ho hi nahi sakta that you forget my birthday

Ri: heyy…aren't u coming to wish me now?

Ri: uff..rahul..m gonna kill you..

Ri: its ok.. I will see you tom then..

Ri: youu..

After cutting up the call, she looks at Armaan who was facing down with the pouting face..

Ri: sorry armaan..

She said while holding her ears.. But Armaan doesn't look at her..

Riddhima smiles at his childhood and goes close to him

Ri: Armaan..thank you so much.. it was really the best surprise for me. You have made me feel so special, I feel like being on 9th cloud. Its all because of you.. thank you sooo much..

Armaan gets a sweet smile with his watery eyes..

Ar: tumhe acha laga?

He asked innocently

Ri: hmm..bahut acha.

And gave a kiss on his cheek to thank him

Armaan was stunned with her sudden response.

Ri: Armaan.. now can you drop me home.. its getting very late

Ar: sure..

And the rest of the drive went in silence.


He adored the moments he spent with her today and slept keeping his hand on his cheek with a cute smile on his face. While Riddhima on the other side was not able to sleep as she was lost in mesmerizing the time she spent with Armaan. In such a short time, he made such a special place in her heart.

And soon the romantic, happy, and a little jealous night ended.


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