Monday, 3 October 2016


Months passed and many things changed in Mallik Mansion and all happened for good especially for harish Avantika n Armaan Ridhima. Its been six months that both Ridhima and Muskaan came to London for with Avantika n Harish. Since the celebration of holi since Armaan had taken that one step on insisting by Ridhima to play holi with his parents the relation between both parents n son had improved a lot. And now since with Ridhima in life of Armaan he had almost left all the bad things
like smoking..drinking and especially one night stands had came to end bow Armaan's life only revolved around one girl who unknown to him now rules his heart i.e. Ridhima. And he was happy with the changes in his life unknown to him he was changing for good.

But as they say that when a person is too happy he or she always forgets that maybe that people associated with your life who wants to harm you or your life dear ones for maybe own selfish reason will surely do that by hook or crook. But for now the whole Mallik Mansion is deeply in engrossed in their happiness to even think about any such thing.

As usual it was sunday morning in Mallik Mansion n like since six months now its a rule that every sunday the basketball match will be held between Armaan Ridhima which was very interestingly was watched by the whole fily members n staff of Mallik Mansion like audiances n sometimes even Rahul Muskaan used to join them along with their family friinds Juneja's son n daughter-in-law Prem n Heer and the whole juneja family. But maunly it was held between only Armaan n Ridhima. And now today also both Armaan Ridhima had a match of one on one in which Armaan had won but by doing cheating and Ridhima knew it so now she is damn angery with him and afrer game was over the whole mallik n junejas ce back to home while both Armaan Ridhima were nickering like kids.

Ar: "basket I know ke tum kabhi nahi haarti but that doesn't mean na ke had baar tum hi jeeto"

Ridhima fumed hearing him and replied

Ri: "Armaan don't you dare say a word sabko pata hai tumne cheating ki thi last ball ke time pe"

Ar: "baby accept your defeat I know am super awesome and somewhat you are also but uska yeh matlab ni that tum kabhi haar ni sakti"

Hearing him Ridhimalooked at him with red face full of anger and

Ri: "Armaan Mallik apni cheat se jeeti hue match pe itna mat itrao... You also know infact everyone knows ke main tumse zada achha basket ball khelti hun aur tum har baar haarte ho and whenever you win you always cheat n won the won... You 'CHEATER' "

armaan hearing her calling him cheater made an angery face and said

Ar: "baket don't call me cheater"

Ri: "bulaungi..kya karloge... Cheater.. Cheater.. Cheater"

Armaan looked at her with anger and before he could say Muskaan came from behimd and supporting Armaan she said

Mu: "hero tu chill kar yeh yoh bachpan se hi aisi hai.. Jabbhi haarti hai aisa hi ladhti hai sabse"

Hearing him Ridhima opened in O shape and

Ri: "haww Muski tu iss cheater ka saath de rahi hai"

Before Muskaan could say Rahul came

Ra: "Ridhzi di chhidho in dono ko yeh tph hain hi cheater aur bhai kabhi nahi defeat accept nahi karte... toh aaj konsi badhi baat hai"

Hearimg him Muskaan fumed and

Mu: "oye kaankhajure teri toh...teri itni himmat ke tu mere hero ko kuch bole kamine rukk tu"

Ra: "kya karlegi bhootni aaja main bhi dekhun"

Muskaan hearing him went near him and started pulling his hairs and while he did the same. Seeing them fighting like this Ridhima looked angrily towards Armaan whl was enjoying the live tom n Jerry show heard

Ri: "yeh sab tumhate vajah se hua hai"

Ar: "huh..."

Ri: "huh kya karre ho yeh sab tumne shuru kiya tha tum cheating karte.. Na Muski tumhaara saath deti aur na Rahul usse jawab deta aur na in dono ki ladhai hoti"

Ar: "oh hello.. Ms. basket gupta yeh sab tumhari vajah se hau.. Na tum mujhse ladhai karti aur na yeb sab hota"

Ri: "huh"

Ar: "huh"

All four Rahul Muskaan n Armaan Ridhima fighting with each other turned their faces away not facing each other while here Avantika Harish along with Heer n Prem chuckled seeing their bickering and called them

Av: "achha ab bass ladhna band karo aur jalsi se aake breakfast karlo"

Ha: "haan jaldi aa jao phir hume picnic pe bhi toh jaana hai"

Hearing picnic both Muskaan n Ridhima squeeled and said in unison

Ri n Mu: " uncle hum park challenge the famous "VICOTIRIAN GARDEN"

Hearing them Rahul n Armaan made faces and

Ar: "Raool kuch log zyada hi excite ho jate hain aur bachhon jaise suggestions dete hain"

Ra:  "haan bhai you are right such mein kuch zyada hi"

Ar: "aur isilie hum beach jaayenge jahan hum paani mein volleyball khelenge"

Hearing him Ridhima fumed n so did Muskaan

Ri: "ji nahi hum Victoria garden jaayenge"

Ar: " no hum beach jaayenge"

Ri: "Victoria garden"

Ar: "beach"

Ri: "maine kaha na Victoria garden jaayenge toh bas vahin jaayenge"

Ar: " aur maine bhi kaha na hum beach jaayenge bass"

All were  looking at Armaan Ridhima they know they always bicker but today they were damn more then kids hearing them fighting like kids both Avantika n Harish n heer  Prem and

Av, Ha, He, Pr: "shut up both of you"

Av: naa hum beach jaayenge aur naa hum Victoria garden"

He: "hum yahin ghar pe rahenge aur Armaan don't forget yahaan Mallik Mansion mein ittna badha garden hai aur ussi ke pass you have a big swimming pool jisme you n Rahul both can play volleyball and Ridhi n Muski tum dono agar volleyball nahi khelna toh mat khelna meri aur Avantika aunty ki kitchen mein help karma khaana banana mein"

All four liked at each other with daggers and


Ri: Yeh kaisa ladka hai (Turururu - Pa..ppara)

(Ridhima looking at Armaan sang and made her way to her room)

Ar: Yeh kaisi ladki hai (Turururu - pa..ppara..)

(Armaan sang looking at Ridhima with narrowing eyes and went to his room)

Mu: Iska main kya karoon (Turururu - Pa..ppara)

(Muskaan sang looking at him and went away with Ridhima)

Ra: Isse main kya kahoon

(Rahul looked at Muskaan in anger and went away to his room while all sighed seeing them and then Avantika went to kitchen Harish to room and Heer followed Armaan n Rahul while Prem went to Ridhima n Muskaan)

Ri: Yeh ladta hai (Haan.. haan)

(Ridhima sang remembering all their bickering)

Ar: Akadti hai (He he)

(Armaan remembered all their fightings and how she was so stubborn to even accept her mistake)

Mu: Jhagadta hai

(she remembered all her n Rahul fightings since she came here)

Ra: Bigadti hai

(Rahul remembered how she behaves like a junglee billy all the time)

Ri: Deewana hai

(she remembered how he flirts with all the girls he look at)

Ar: Deewani hai

(he remembered how she keeps troubling him for her kiddish demands)

Hee: But she is your best friend ya

(Heer came and sat next to Armaan n Rahul and said to them making them remembering their friendship)

Pr: But he is your best friend ya

(Prem came and sat next to Ridhima n Muskaan and said to them making them remembering their friendship)

Turututururu.. lala.. (Chorus)

(hearing them all four smiled and came out of their rooms and saying sorry all hugged each other while the whole family admired their bond)

Ri: Haye haye re haye yeh ladka
      Haye haye re haye (Hye)
     Karta naadaniyaan kyun
     Poocho to haye (Yo)

(getting ready in a cute dress of shorts n shirts Ridhima went out of the room to Armaan's room and seeing him setting his hairs n whistling she went near him messing his hairs and sang)

Mu: Kabhi yeh hamse ladta hai
        Kabhi jhagadta hai
      Koi paas iske na aana

(Muskaan got ready and went out of the room to downstairs and sang while teasing Rahul)

Ri: Yeh ladka hai
Deewana hai deewana
(Deewana, deewana, deewana)

(Ridhima sang as she saw Armaan running behind her chasing her for messing his hair)

Ar:  Haye haye re haye yeh ladki
        Haye haye re haye (Hey)
         Karti naadaniyaan kyun poocho to haye (Yo)

(Armaan saw Ridhima entering his room n then suddenly messing his hairs which he settled in half n hour and ran behind her chasing her down the hall)

Ra: Kabhi yeh hamse ladti hai
          Kabhi akadti hai
         Karo door se chhedh khaani

(Rahul saw Muskaan teasing him and he tesed her back while hitting her head and ran to save his life)

Ar n Ra: Yeh ladki hai
                    Deewani hai deewani (Deewani, deewani, deewani)

(both Armaan n Rahul sang as they teased girls in their own way)

Turututurururu.. (Chorus)

Ar:   Iski baatein (Hey)
        Yahi jaane (Hey)
         Koi bhi toh jaane na..
           Aisi vaisi (Hey)
Kaisi hai yeh (Hey)
Koi pehchaane na...

 (Armaan sang smiling as he saw Ridhima helping his mom n Heer bhabhi settling things outside in garden but she left with a smirk on her face...)

Toh bhaago
Oh yaaron
Kar na de shaitaani

(while he was busy finding her she suddenly came behind him from nowhere and put water on his head wetting him)

Ra: Yeh ladki hai
Deewani hai deewani (Deewani, deewani, deewani)

(Rahul sang as he moved out in garden and saw Muskaan had plugged earphones in her ears and was dancing listening some music)

Ri n Mu:  Yeh ladka hai
Deewana hai deewana (Deewana, deewana, deewana)

(both Muskaan and Ridhima sang while they saw both Rahul n Armaan removing their clothes and going pool to play volleyball along with Prem)

Ri: Aate jaate (Hey)
Chhedhe hamko (Hey)
Ke maane na yeh kehna..

(He purposely made faces teasing her making her roll her eyes)

Dekho dekho (Hey)
Paagal hai yeh
Haan bachke zara rehna..

(She smiled remembering all his cheatings and his antics just to annoy her)

 Yeh aisa
Hai phir bhi
Apna isko maana

(Ridhima sang while admiring him seeing him playing volleyball and remembering their basketball matches together and the nights they spend telling each other their heart outs)

Mu: Yeh ladka hai
Deewana hai deewana (Deewana, deewana, deewana)

(Muskaan sang rememebering all his cute antics and how he is a gentleman towards girl)

Ar: Ho yeh ladki hai
Deewani hai deewani (Deewani, deewani, deewani)

Ri n Mu:  Haan haye haye re haye yeh ladka
Haye haye re haye (Hye)
Karta naadaniyaan kyun poocho toh haye (Yo)

Ar n Ra: Kabhi yeh hamse ladti hai
Kabhi akadti hai
Karo door se chhedh khaani
Yeh ladki hai
Deewani hai deewani (Deewani, deewani, deewani)

Ri n Mu:  Yeh ladka hai
Deewana hai deewana (Deewana, deewana, deewana)

The whole day in Mallik Mansion witnessed the cute masti of all four children..and somehow both Avantika n Harish knew that the laughter which echoed now in Mallik Mansion was only because of the two angels that walked in their lives six months back. And now this Mallik Home which was house made of only bricks n cements and luxurois items where the family members always remained busy in their work has now turned into a proper home where family members now eat together and enjoy every small and big happiness together.

Days were passing like winds and no one knew when it was the day of Rahul's birthday. Everyone in the Mallik Mansion except Ridhima n Muskaan knew that he doesn't like to celebrate his birthday because it was a day just before it he lost his parents in an accident when he was only 17years. so when Ridhima came to know about Rahul's birthday she decided to talk to Armaan and know what he was planning for his baby berother's  birthday. As usual both Armaan Ridhiama after dinner met in garden at night. As since six months  since both Armaan Ridhima became friends it had become a habit of both to meet at night in garden n tell each other about their day and heart talks. So after dinner Ridhima went to garden to see Armaan already there and was lost somewhere. She came and

Ri: "hey"

Hearing the melodious voice which his ears always yearn to hearlooked back to see her standing in her black tank top n salwar.

Ar: "hey"

Ridhima looked at him to find him lost somewhere. She while sitting beside him asked

Ri: "kya hua Armaan tum itna kahan ghoom ho"

Armaan looked at her and sighed he knew he can't hide anything from her. Although they both knew each other just for few months but still she can read him like an open book

Ar: "basket you know na ke is Sunday ko Raool ka birthday hai"

Ri: "haan I know..isme why you feeling so sad"

Ar: "you know Ridhima voh kabhui apna birthday celebrate nahi karta"

Ridhima was little shocked with this news so she

Ri: "aisa kyun Armaan voh kyun nahi celebrate karta apna birthday"

Armaan looked at her for once and then said

Ar: "kyunki jab uska 17th birthday tha use ek din pehle hi uske mom dad yaani badhi maa aur papa ki death ho gayi accident mein bass tabse voh unke accident ka khud ko responsible manta hai kyunki usko lagta hai uski unka accident uski vajah se hua hai as voh dono uske birthdayparty ke liye hi venue book karke vapas aa rahe the"

Hearing him Ridhima felt bad for Rahul. She had always taken him as his small brother since she had come to London and he had started calling her di and thuis word "DI" from his nmouth has given her some rights over him same as Armaan had on him. And she knows what she has to do so looking at Armaan she said

Ri: "don't worry Armaan iss baar aisa nahi hoga. Iss baar uski di hai uske saath dekhna tum hum uska birthday kitne dhoom dhaam se manaayenge..tum bas party ki tayaari karo aur uske saare friemnds ko invite karna"

Armaan lookd at her and just one look at her he knew that she had already thought what to do but still

Ar: "tumhe kya lagtahai basket ke agar tum use bologi ke uske liye surprise hai toh usse samajh nia ayega k humne uske liyye party rakhi hai voh kabhi nahi aayega I have tried it many times"

Ri: "Armaan tum sad kyun hote ho dekhna iss baar hum sab milke humaare Rahul ke liye aisi party denge ke voh apne har gham bhool jaayega"

Ar: "hope so"

Ridhima kept her hand on Armaan reassuring him that everything will be fine. And Arman also knew that when ridhima is with him everything will be fine whether its his relation with his parents which has improved a lot since last six months thanks to Ridhima and now when she said that she will celebrate Rahul's birthday toh he knows that she will.


Next morning the whole Mallik house was on its toes as it was Rahul's birthday and both Avantika n Harish had kept a pooja for Rahul for his well being. Soon all preperations were done and all the Malliks..staff and both Ridhima n Muskaan came down all ready. Ridhima had wore simple yet very elegent yellow colour suit with with red pyjaamin red n yellow dupatta.

While Muskaan wore simple purple Patiala style suit with her hairs left open.

All came full ready..soon Avantika n Harish along with Rahul came all ready for the pooja only Armaan was not there. Seeing this Riddhima asked Avantika

Ri: "Avantu maa sab aa gaye par Armaan nahi aaya abhi tak"

Hearing her Avantika sighed and

Av: "voh kabhie iss pooja mein toh kya kisi bhi pooja mein shaamil nahi hota. Voh in sab mein believe nahi karta beta"

Hearing her Ridhima thought something and then

Ri: "maa mujhe kaam yaad aa gaya main bass abhi aayi"

Avantika nodded and concerntrated on pooja while Ridhima went upto Armaan's room and called him out

Ri: "Armaan..Armaan kahan ho tum"

Armaan came out of washroom fully ready in business suit and seeing this Ridhima gasped and

Ri: "arre Armaan tum tyaar hoke kahan jaa rahe ho..neeche pooja chal rahi hai aur tum ho ki pata nahi kahan jaa rahe ho"

Ar: "basket I know tum mujhe yahaan kyun bulane aaye ho par you know main yeh pooja vooja yaa whatever mein believe nahi karta"

Ri: "I know ke tum in sab mein believe nahi karte but agar tum apne chhote bhai ke liye aaoge uske saath pooja mein baithoge toh Rahul ko bohot achha lagega Armaan. Kisi aur ke liye naa sahi apne bhai ke liye toh aa hi sakte ho naa. Jaldi aana sab wait kar rahe hain"

Saying this Ridhima went out of the room while Armaan was left behind thinking on what Ridhima said. Its true Armaan loves Rahul endlessly not only like his brother but to him Rahul is like his baby for whom he can do anything and so why can't he give him this small happiness on his birthday. Smiling to himself he sighed as he knew if in place of Ridhima there would be anyone or infact Rahul would be there he would have refused to going to pooja but there is something in Ridhima that her way of speaking and explaining things make him realize that he should be little open towards his close ones.

Soon he got ready in white kurta pyajama with a hankerchief tied on his head.

After few minutes Armaan came down to hall nd hearing footsteps all looked upto see Armaan in kurta Pyajama and coming in the direction where pooja was held and sat beside Rahul. Rahul looked at him greatfully and then back at his Ridhima di as he knew that it was only her  who must have made it possible as Armaan never attended any pooja on anyone's saying wether its been he himself Rahul also.

Armaan sat beside Rahul n both performed the ritual with full dedication. After sometimes when pooja ended and Armaan went back to his room to get ready for office Rahul came to Ridhima and

Ra: "thank you di"

Ridhima looked at him confused and

Ri: "kisliye"

Ra: "I know aapne hi bhai ko manaya hoga pooja mein aane ke liye varna itne saalon tak voh kabhi nahi aaye..isilie thanx di"

Ri: "its okay apne chhote bahi ke liye main itna toh akr hi sakti hun"

Soon all went to their respective jobs. Full Malliks went to office and Ridhima Muskaan to college. And now it was evening and Ridhima was in her room and was continuously trying Armaan but he was not picking up and this was making her damn angry.

Ri: "samajhta kya hai apne aap ko pagal insaan phone hi nahi uthata waise toh din bhar phone se chipka rehta hai aaj pata nahi kahan phone rakhke bhool gaya"

Muttering curses to Armaaan she went outside the room and was going to Muskaan's room when she bumped into someone. Closing her eyes tight she was ready to hit the ground but soon found herself hanging in between and felt someone holding her. Slowly she opened her eyes to see Armaan holding her protectively in his arms..looking into those blue hazel eyes the green orbs were lost in them.

On the other hand Armaan's phone was continuously ringing since last half n hour and he was intentionally not picking up as he knew who was the caller and he was already late as he Ridhima n Muskaan have to reach venue on time.reaching home he parked his car n came running inside the house. He was going up to his room when he bumped into Ridhima who was coming outside her muttering curses n he knew to whom she was cursing. Soon he bumped into her n not letting them both fall he hold her through waist  holding her tight and soon he was lost in her innocence. Both were lost in each other's eyes. Both were feeling different feelings for each other..both knew that it's now not only mere friendship which they share its much more than that..still both were confused what it was. As the windows clicked each other due to winds both came out of eye lock and were feeling little awkward but soon Ridhima remembered that she was angery with Armaan for not picking up the phone asnd as soon as she rememebered it her anger was abck and Armaan on seeing her face expressions knew that she rememebered that she was angery with him so as she was trying to get away he heard

Ri: "kahan jaa raho..tum phone kyun nahi Utah rahe the apna...waise toh din bahr phone se choipke rehte ho aaj kya hua..jab itna important kaam tha tab tum gayab the duffer kahin ke apne hi bhai ki party ke liye itna late"

Armaan on hearing her doing bak bak and not even giving him a chance to speak got fed up and pinning her to wall making her shock by keeping his hand on her mouth and

Ar: "bas..bass bak bak..kitna bolti ho tum mujhe toh bolne do..sorry ke main late ho gaya par sab preperations kar raha tha isilie late ho gaya aur  ab bass tayaar hoke aaya aur Muski ko bolo voh bhi jaldi se ready ho jao aur tum bas Raool ko time pe farm house le aana"

But when Riddhima didn't replied he looked at her confused and

Ar: "abhi toh itna bak bak kar rahi thi ab kyun nahi bol rahi ho"

Riddhima with her eyes pointed out to his hand which was covering her mouth and Armaan seeing it smiled sheepishly and

Ar: "ohh..sorry I forgot"

Ridhima looked at him in anger and

Ri: "humesha bhoolte hi rehna..huh ab hato aur jao jaldi ready hona ghante mat lagana..samjhe"

Saying she went from there to Muskaan's room while Armaan looked at her retreating figure and smiled dreamily and mumbled

Ar: "angery bird"

After that he went to his room to get ready while Ridhima entered inside Muskaan's room only to find her engrossed in her almirah and selecting something t wear while her all the clothes were apread on the floor and seeing this Riddhima

Ri: "yh kya hai Muski tu abhi tak ready nahi hui vahan Armaan aa gaya aur tune abhi tak koi dress bhi select nahi ki"

Mu: "tch yaar Ridhzi mujhe samajh hi nahi aa raha main kya pehnoo..tu meri help kar na please"

Ridhima then looked at her clothes and find one very beautiful multi coloured frock type dress which had blue pink n many colours and many on short the dress was perfect for the event. Taking it out Ridhima.

Ri: "yeh le Muski wear will look fab on you"

 Seeing th dress Muskaan also liked and

Mu: "aaww Ridhzz its damn awesome you..thanx cha lab main bhi jaldi ser eady ho ajati hun"

Soon Armaan also dressed in   black jacket with black t-shirt n blue jeans was looking hawt n handsome.

within half n hour both Armaan n Muskan got ready and left for the venue. Riddhima also soon got ready in a beautiful read short dress with only eye liner and lip gloss as make up. She wore only a wrist watchin one hand while  a elegent bracelet with a ring on her one finger.

She was waiting for Rahul.soon she saw Rahul's car entering and she ut her phone on her ears and pretenteed to be very worried. She had tensed expressions on her face as she was dialing someone's number. Rahul entered inside and saw Ridhima tensed and

Ra: "kya hua di aap itna tensed kyun ho"

Riddhima on hearing him sighed in relief a little and said

Ri: "Rahul main bohot der se Armaan ka number try kar rahi par voh pick hi nahi kar raha..dopeher mein mera usse jhagdha bhi ho gaya tha aur usne kuch kahya bhi nahi hua hai mujhe bohot tension ho rahi hai Rahul uski"

Hearing Riddhima even now Rahul also became tensed as he knew his bhai if he becomes angry then he stops eating and doesn't talk to anyone. He seeing Riddhima moving fromone end to another trying to call Armaan. He moved towards her and

Ra: "di relaxe I know bhai kahan honge"

Ri: "kahan"

Ra: "farm house..bhai ko jab bhi akele rehana hota hai toh voh vahin jaate hain"

Ri: oaky toh chalo hum bhi vahin challte hain"

Soon both reached farm house but found it all dark and seeing it Riddhima

Ri: "Rahul yahaan  toh pura andhera hai"

Ra: "haan di aap rukiye main pata karta hun"

Saying so he moved forward to find the caretaker of  farmhouse while Riddhima chupke se moved inside the house and told everyone that Rahul has come and while here Rahul wwas searching someone who could tell him if Armaan has come here or not but didn't find anyone..but after few minutes he went back where he asked Riddhima to wait but didn't found her either so he went inside and all of a sudden he saw a spotlight fell on him and Rahul's head turned as soft music playing in the background caught his attention.

 He froze as he saw the way the couple dressed up in front of him. He knew them, they were the ones who had raised him; Avantika and Harish but they looked exactly like...his parents; the once he had long lost. They smiled brightly at him as they enacted a play reminding him of the good old days with his parents.

While his eyes were busy watching the two dressed up as his parents and fought animatedly, there was a tug at Avantika's saree pallu and they looked down to find a cute little boy around 6 years old. Rahul gasped as he figured out the kid was apparently his (Rahul's) childhood version. Harish picked him up in his arms forgetting about the silly fight and Avantika kissed the kid's cheek pampering him while they both started singing happily at the little bundle of joy they held in their arms;

 Itti si hansi
Itti si khushi
Itta sa tukda chand ka
Khwabon ke tinkon se
Chal banayeinn aashiyaan (x2)

[The things in front of his eyes turned misty as tears clogged his vision but he blinked them away as the sight was too good and nostalgic to miss. Avantika called the tiny ones towards herself and Harish held the tiny Rahul's hand helping him reach his mother.]

Dabe dabe paaon se
Aaye haule haule zindagi

[Rahul saw the happy family on stage have some great time with each other and instantly he pictured his own parents and himself instead. When his mother tried to feed the tiny Rahul but he kept fighting so his father tried to distract him by making funny faces and the trick worked. The little kid on the stage was crying out of fear but his mother was soon right there to comfort him. When he had out of his naughtiness broken and messed things but his father had taken all the blame and gotten even more scoldings from his beloved wife to cover up for their son. He remembered how his parents were always by his side in every little activity of his]

Hothon pe kundi chadha ke
Hum taale laga ke chal
Gumsum tarane chupke chupke gaayein

[How they always supported him for every other step that he took, to be there when he was right and correct him when he was wrong. His face was full of tears as the tiny Rahul in front of him ran into the arms of his mother with a trophy while his father patted his head feeling proud. Soon there was a cake brought up by Harish. Singing the birthday song they brought tiny version of Rahul in front of it and handed him the knife and he cut the cake happily. After it was cute the kid held it up but instead of feeding it to anyone all three of them looked up. At that moment Avantika and Harish disappeared and all Rahul could see instead in their places was PRERNA, ANURAG (Rahul's real parents) and a tiny Rahul flashing smiles at him.]

Aadhi aadhi baant le
Aaja dil ki ye zameen
Thoda sa tera sa hoga
Thoda mera bhi hoga apna ye aashiyan

[Another set of tears was set free as tiny Rahul walked towards Rahul and tugged at his pant calling him up as everyone looked at him hopefully to join in the celebrations of his birthday. All his childhood memories flashes in front of him filling up his eyes. Right in front of him were his parents smiling at him inviting him too, as if telling him that it was all okay. It was his day and he deserved to celebrate and let go off all the bitter memories; just cherish the good ones and move on creating some new.]

As Rahul was busy in his thoughts he spent with his mom dad he saw Avantika n Harish again coming back on stage and

Av: "Rahul beta I know aaj tum bhaiya bhabi ko bohot mis kar rahe hoge and that's why you don't celebrate your birthday but beta remember one thing always agar tumne ek maa baap khoye hain toh tumne dusre mom dad bhi toh paaye hain..tum mere aur Harish k liye sirf  Prerna bhabi aur Anuraag bhaiya ke bte nahi ho balki humaare chhote bte bhi ho"

Then taking mike from Avantika's hand Harish said

Ha: "Avantika bilkul theek kaha hai Rahul tum humaare liye humare bte ho sirf bhaiya bahbi ki aakhiri nishaani nahi..we all love you Rahul"

Seeing n hearing all the heart confession from his chachu n choti maa brought teras in everyone's eyes especiall the four Rahul Muskaan Armaan  Ridhima today Riddhima was missing her parents a lot she really hoped that today her parents would be with her. Armaan who was standing beside her knew what she was feeling as in these six months he have understood in what situation what she thinks n misses. So he very gently held her hand in his and feeling it she looked back in his eyes and he assured her through eyes that everything is okay while she just nodded.

While here Rahul walked upto stage where Avantika n Harish were and hugged them and

Ra: "thank you so much chachu n Chhoti dad ke jaane ke baad yeh mera pehla birthday hai jisse aap log ne special banaya...thank you so much"

Ha: "thank you hume nahi apne di bhai aur Muskaan ko bolo yeh sab un teeno ka hi plan tha"

Hearing them Rahul turned to three and before he could say anything

Mu: "dekh khotte apni yeh thank you speech baad k liye rakh abhi jaldi se cake kaat dekh kitna yummy lag raha hai"

Hearing him Rahul mocked and

Ra: "haan moti mujhe pata hai tere jaisi bhookadh aur kuch kar bhi nahi skati"

Hearing him

Mu: "kya bola kamine teri toh"

Before further she could do something Ridhima came in between n

Ri: "bass..bass kitna ladhoge..aur Muski aaj ke din toh usse chhodh de uska birthday hai aaj"

Muskaan just puffed and Armaan smiled and coming to rahul hugged him

Ar: "haapy birthday Raool..finally itne saalo baad tera birthday man hi gaya"

Then Ridhima came n wished him

Ri: "happy birthday Rahul"

Ra: "thank you di"

Soon Rahul cut the cake and first fed Avantika n Harish n then Armaan n Ridhima.soon the party started on full swing Avantika n Harish left for home leaving youngsters enjoying the party.

Rahul Muskaan were standing and teasing each other and Riddhima was busy with guesta while Armaan was on bar asking to serve drinks when Rahul said

Ra: "waise chudhail mujhe yakeen nahi ho raha tu yeh sab planning bhi kar skti hai tere khali dimagh mein itna sab kuch aa kese gaya"

Hearing him Muskan turned furious

Mu: "tujhe kya lagta hai main bina dimagh ke aiwee medical padhke doctor ban gayi"

Ra: "well ab tujhe itna hi confidence hai khud pet oh theek hai"

Mu: "dekha zyada bakwass na maar samjha"

Ra: "theek hai I challenge you himmat hai toh sabke saamne dnance karke dikha..main bhi toh dekhun iss Punjab ki sherni mein kitni himmat hai"

Muskaan turned furoious and had 5-6 glass of vodka and soon she was on dance floor


Nachange Saari Raat From Junooniyat
Dance dance everybody
Getting hot in the party
C'mon c'mon stop feelin'
Dance dance everybody (x2)

(Everyone attention turn to the spot light which was on one of the table where a girl stood giving her best smile... Rahul who was dancing with Riddhima turn around to see Muskaan giving a grin to them making them shocked with her action... Armaan was standing not far away from them with a smirk on his face as he had seen Muskaan emptying two shot of whisky... Muskaan move her hips to the beat not caring about the hundreds of eyes up on her body as it reveal half of her skin due to the short dress...)

Bhangre di queen main taan
Kudi so haseen main taan
Meri hai gazab gal-baat
Figure hega kaint mera
Thumka excellent mera
Groovy groovy hoja mere saath (x2)

(Muskaan move her body to the beat as she keeps doing step... Next moment she was lifted by some boys and move down on the floor where she joins with Riddhima pulling her as they both move to the beat making every guy drool over them...)

Nachange saari raat soniyo ve
Nachange saari raat soniyo ve
Karlo thoda sa pyaar soniyo ve
Karlo thoda sa pyaar... (x2)

(Armaan and Rahul look at both girls as they move towards them... They had a smile on their face as the pass from the girls and soon they were dancing as if challenging they can dance as well as the girls could..)

Ae jhanjharan da sound
Te hilda ground
Main cham cham nachdi firan

(Muskaan move to the stage and did some dance step as the boys stood watching them...)

Ankh meri tight
Jaavan main left right
Ke mundeyan ton bachdi phiran

(Riddhima move with some girls as she gave a grin to the guy who was just lost watching her moves...)

Munda hoga woh to lucky
Jiske liye tune rakhi
Apne yeh aankhon ki sharaab

(Rahul move to Muskaan as Armaan move to Riddhima as they dance around them...)

Dil mera theek hega
Ishqe ch weak hega
Karde tu isko kharaab

(Muskaan and Riddhima also joins them as they move their feet's together to the beat enjoying the song...)

Nachange saari raat sohniyo ve
Nachange saari raat sohniyo ve
Karlo thoda sa pyaar sohniyo ve
Karlo thoda sa pyaar...
Daaru bharlo mug'on mein
Partiyon mein pub'on mein
Beat baje jab Meet'on ki
Sab jhoom uthenge club'on mein (x2)

(Armaan move to the bar, taking whisky bottle as he serve some guys around him...
Rahul who was in the dance floor move his legs and body with both girls and boys...)

Dance dance everybody
Getting hot in the party
C'mon c'mon stop feelin'
Dance dance everybody (x2)

(Armaan, Riddhima and Muskaan joins Rahul in the dance floor as they move their legs together to the beat... Everyone single person were enjoying to the fullest as if the party has just started...)

Kudiye tu fine
Ab de de mujhe line
Main tere naal jachda badaa

All were dancing crazily and enjoying the party on full swing all four Armaan Ridhima n Rahul Muskaan were enjoying together but seeing them so happy and enjoying especially Armaan who was only focusing on Ridhima and no one else made one guy fumed and that was Vivek. He was just burning in anger seeing him so happy with that Riddhima that he didn't even remember that his so called best friend is also there but Armaan care damn about anything in front of  Riddhima.  Soon all were tired and stopped dancing and Muskaan Riddhima got busy in guests while Rahul made his friends comfortable and Armaan on seeing Vivek went to him.

Ar: "ohh hi Vivi"

Vivek looked up at him and said sarcastically

Vi: "oh toh tu mera naam bhi jaanta hai I thought ab teri life mein Riddhima hi sab kuch ahi tabhi toh ab club bhi ni aata hai aur mere saath drink bhi nahi karta hai"

Ar: "aisa nahi hai Vivi its just that Riddhima ko mera drink karna pasand nahi isilie I have stopped it aur rahi club aane ki baat toh yaar office se hi aajkal itna late aata hun k kahin jaane ka mann hi nahi karta"

Hearing him vivvek was burning in anger all his talks start from Ridhima and end on it. he knew slowly slowly his poison which he had feeled in his mind against his family n parents is been removed by Riddhima and he could not afford that he just could not afford to do this so he now tried to poison him against Riddhima

Vi:'' Arre ammy tu bohot bhola hai yaa tu in traditional girls ko nahin janta yeh bas ladkon ko fansane mein interested hoti hai''

Hearing him saying something like this for Ridhima he burst out on him and

Ar" "Vivek agar kisi ke baare mein kuch jaanta na ho toh bola toh mat kar especially Riddhima ke baare mein I know her voh kaisi hai so please don't ever say anything bad about her varna teri meri dosti humesha ke liye khatam"

Saying Armaan went way  while both Vivek n Armaan were unaware of the fact that someone has heard their talk and was very happy seeing Arman taking side of Riddhima n scolding Vivek as it was first time Armaan had kept someone above that bas***d Vivek.

And here  Vivek looked around and his eyes landed and scaned her fromtop to bottom. He looked lustly at her long legs. On the other hand Ridhima felt someone's gaze upon herself and founding that gaze made her angry and  she goes all the way uncomfortable with his gaze. He is such a creep. She is frustrated with him. She so wanted to give him peace of mind. But stopped because of Armaan.

Soon around mid night party ended and all went back home while AR n RM stayed back in farmhouse and decided to go back in morning.

As the farmhouse was big it had many rooms in it. As Armaan was usual visitor to farmhouse his room was all cleaned up according to him n had some clothes here also...but since Rahul n Muskaan Ridhima had come for the first time their rooms were arranged neatly. After changing Rahul Muskaan was dead to the worlds but Armaan Ridhima as usual were busy in their thoughts. Riddhima after changing webnt to the open balcony in her room n sat there for sometime thinking how her life changed since she came to London. Looking at the far away space she thought to herself

Ri: "kittna sab badal gaya jab se main London aayi hun..kitne rishtey judh gaye hain sabse..Avantu Maa Golu uncle se toh mera bilkul maa papa jaisa ridshta hai jabse voh mile hain aisa lagta hi nahi ke mere mom dad  mujhse door ho bhi main pichle itne saalo se maa papa ka pyaar miss kiya hai voh sara pyaar avantu maa aur golu uncle ne pura kar diya..aur Rahul usse dekhke lagta hi nahi ke voh mera ral bhai nahi hai aisa lagta hai jaise main usse bachpan se jaanti hun...jaise mera usse pehle se hi bahi behn ka rishta ho aur Armaan..Armaan se toh mera kya rishta hai voh main shayad khud bhi nahi jaanti..shayad hum dono mein dosti se zyada gehra rishta hai shayad dosti se bhi ek rishta hai jo hum dono ke beech hai...jaane kyun main usse kisi aur ladhki k saath nahi dekh sakti..pat anhi kyun main chahati hun k uska dill mein jitna bhi dukh bhi rishtey usne khoye hain usse sab lauta doon..sab kuch dedun usse...bas ski aankhon se dukh gayab karke..khushiyan bhar doon uske dill mein..aankhon main...job hi rishta hai hum dono ke beech I know one thing k main usse kabhie akela nahi chhodhungi kabhi uska saath nahi chhodhubgi...humesha zindgi bhar uska saath dungi"

While here Armaan also lost in his thoughts after changing he lay on his bed and was starring at ceilling and thinking

Ar: "maine kabhi apni life mein kisi ladhki ko itni importance nahi di par pata nahi Riddhima mein aisa kya hai jisse main uske taraf khincha chal jaata hun..bas vahi karta hun jo usse achha lagta hai..mera duin pura nhai hota usse jab tak apne pure din ka maine jo kiya bata na 6 mahino mein voh meri life ka itna impotant hissa ban gayi hai k shayad main khud bhi nahi jaanta k ab main uska kabhi apni life imagine kar bhi paunga yaa nahi..i know main uski taraf attracted hun yaaa shayad yeh attraction se zyada hai par job hi hao main itna jaanta hun k Riddhima akbhi mera saath nahi chhodhegia aur main bhi kabhi nahi chhodhunga saath... I will protect her from the bad world..i will never leave her hand"

Both thinking about each other went to sleep dreaming about eachother unknown to themselves.


some talks between Avantika n Rahul regarding Armaan Riddhima

someone's secret will be out..

someone's life will be filled with happiness

Ra: "so bhai what do you think of Ridhi di"

Ar: "yes I love her...I love you Riddhima..i love you very much"


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