Tuesday, 1 November 2016

chapter 28 : My soulmate my wife

Ridhima was walking fast but no use…
rain has begun falling with
heavy drop.. Armaan came out from
his car in rain.. leaned over
car… and… closed eyes …………..

Rain’s heavy drops drenched him
thoroughly …. But couldn’t
washed away his grief, inner pain..
time is running out from his
hand.. it’s only he knew how much
he’s hurt from inside. His hard
like stone heart , no one could feel
from outside.. actually he is
like that won’t let anyone to know
what’s going on in his mind.
After all he is Armaan Malik ,
naa, ke saath saath Ego vi
zada hai..
Ridhima looked back.. there is no
point to go back, as she is middle
of the road and already got wet..
better she walk fast and got a
taxi…. She was cursing herself to do
this kind of big mistake..
she literally scared … praying god’s
name she was walking fast also
most running.. and after 2 minutes
she saw Armaan . she stopped
momentarily. Didn’t understand
should she go to him, ask lift or
just avoid him.. but what’s he doing
here… he left party long back
then ? Ridhima slowly walked forward
…. Still in shilly-shally …
Armaan slowly opened his eyes.. stood
straight …… looking at her..
Walked few steps ahead…
Ridhima was reached near him.. she
once looked at him and looked
down.. firstly she was drenched
totally. It’s night and heaving
raining.. bad weather, low
temperature. She was shuddering ..
wrapped her pallu around her body
but nothing working in heavy
rain.. Ridhima hugged herself to
suppress her shivering….. Ridhima
wanted to stop and went to him but
her uncertain mind didn’t help
her.. she continued walking.. when
she was passing Armaan.. a car
was coming from back.. Armaan’s car
already blocked once side of
the road, so obviously then car has
to pass road from the other
side… and Ridhima was walking on
the middle position.. so there
is a little chance car could hitRidhima.. Ridhima was lost in her
inner thoughts.. she didn’t hear
horn of the car… Ridhima passed
Armaan and he was silent but when
Ridhima stepped more two steps
onward Armaan grabbed her left hand
,upper elbow and pulled her
to him and spun… made hit her with
car…. And then that car
passed them though enough far
away…. Won’t hit Ridhima but
how could he took risk of her life
which turned into now his life.
Ridhima was dumbfounded for sudden
movement.. Armaan saw her
how she was shuddering .. he
pulled her towards him..
Ridhima looked up at him..all
clueless. Armaan was gazing at her
holding her waist, making her stand,
drawing her near him No
one was uttering a single word.. just
looking into each other’s
eyes… one was trying to convey his
LOVE and other one was
trying to feel to believe the depth of
LOVE ,.. they were so close ,
So near that he could feel her hot
breathe on his chic.. so near that
Ridhima could feel his hot breathe on
her nose, lips. Armaan felt how
she was shuddering into his
embrace Armaan slowly left her, but
didn’t move back or break eyelock.
He got off his coat and
wrapped it around . Now he heavy
drops of rain directly picked
into Armaan only over his shirt.. now
he felt how it’s darting Ridhima
Ridhima felt little warmth though
coat was also wet. She slowed her
Shivering.. she looked down…
feeling a strange feelings.. couldn’t
able to meet Armaan anymore. His
gazing making her weak..
Ridhima shrunk and stepped back ,
slowly.. Armaan still without
breaking eyelock maintaining pace
with her. After two or three
steps her back hit car.. as she
stopped so did Armaan
Armaan raised his hand.. moved her few tufts of
hair from her forehead to get
more clear view of her. He pressed
his thump’s tip on her
forehead and slowly drew it ,down
on her cheeks, slightly patted
on cheeks then more down, till
corner of her quivering lips..
Ridhima wanted to stop all these. It’s
not that her hands were
locked just under his coat, she never
could collect that much
energy to raise her hands and stop
Armaan. And when Armaan got a
playground without goalkeeper ,
which player won’t take it’s full
advantage …..
He started playing with her lips by
his thump… when he didn’t get
any king of obstacle he leaned over
her.. Ridhima was in full sense.
He could feel his hot breath fanning
over her face. She again
started shivering but not due to
cold, due to this new sensation,
Due to scare of this unknown
feelings.. what if this all is a dream,
she will open eyes and found
herself alone, lonely ,solitary
,abandoned like before. She is
scared to love, to be loved.
Armaan leaned more , now there is no
gap between their body.. no
space for even air. was about to
capture her lips , his lips already
brushed her lips…. Just than Ridhima
gasped ..
Ri : Nehin [ no] .. only that
word came out from her mouth
like whisper and she again choked
down her breath.
Ar: kyun ?!!! [ he didn’t move a
little bit , even when he
uttered that word his lips brushed
her lips ]
Ridhima couldn’t reply, she was not a
position to reply, they were
not in a position to explain or
discuss rather ,either accept this
feelings OR just deny…..
Ridhima turned her face aside,
whenever anyone of them moved a
bit their lips brushed others one,
they were in this much close
position…. Armaan was still gazing at
her. Ridhima pressed her
lips ,to choke her tears back. Still it
was raining.. and they were
standing in heavy rain.. but these
heavy drops of rain couldn’t
hid it to Armaan . Armaan clenched his
fist and banged on car…
indeed hit so hard and earned
hurt. Ridhima startled…..
Armaan moved back to see her
reaction. He politely held upper
arm and walked other side of the
car. Opened door, made her sit
in.. Ridhima was all quiet, silent..
Armaan bent down and picked
plates and pallu of her Sari.. kept
them inside the car locked door
safely. Stood there for few seconds
to give space his inner turmoil.
To compose himself…. Then walked
driver side , got in. looked at
Ridhima who was looking down didn’t
tie seat belt. He waited for
few seconds then leaned over her,
made sure his body didn’t
touch her , pulled belt and tied it.
Then tied his one.. started key,
pressed accelerator , drove fast…
Ridhima was still in same
position. Looking down but at
nothing particular .
Armaan frequently looking at her
through front mirror. Then he
saw her again shivering , pulling
coat more , around her body..
Armaan instantly switched off AC .
without a single words they
passed whole path. Due to cold,
tiredness Ridhima slowly dozed off .
and slowly tilted her head in angle
position for that she could get
sprain… Armaan saw that.. he slowed
car speed and drew her head ,
kept it on his shoulder, fixed his
coat, covered her properly and
again speeded car … maybe with
peace of mind. Armaan now
looking at her , at her angelic with
regular break…
kapoor Mansion……..
Mr. & Mrs. kapoor reached 15 minutes
before Nidhi and Ved. They
went their When room to take rest
and get sleep. Nidhi and
shaym reached and Nidhi went their
room to get change and
Ved went to Ridhima’s room to
check her.. but when he opened
door , entered in as expected she
was not there . Ved checked
washroom but she was not there..
Ved came out from the room
and went there room…
Ved : Nidhi, where is Ridhima?
she’s not in her room ?
Nidhi : I’ve not seen her, may be
elsewhere.. kitchen or balcony ?
Vef: no, I’ve checked
everywhere.. she isn’t at home,
Nidhi [ startled ]: What ? , how that
possible ?
Ved : have you exactly seen her
got into car with Mumma- Papa
Nidhii [ nodded no ] : but she was
standing with mumma-papa..
and I’ve also searched her, so I
thought she left with them..
Ved : Nidhiiii [ angry] sometimes
you’re really impossible..
now you’re telling me this ?
They both came out and again
checked house thoroughly.. but
Ridhimaa nowhere. .. Ved was
calling Ridhima’s mobile, it’s ringing
but she’s not answering..
Ved : darn !!! Ridhima pick up the
phone.. [ Nidhi turned to
Nidhii : no use, she left her purse in
our car, on backseat..
[Ved started at Nidhi].. you can
rebuke me later now go and
find her..
After 30 minutes …………Armaan
reached at kapoor mansion. He
halted car in front of main entrance
of home. untied his seat belt.
He looked at her.. Ridhima was
sleeping with no tension , huddled
Against Armaan’s body, wrapping his
bicep , keeping head on his
shoulder. Armaan gazing at her
innocent face. He didn’t know how
he could be separated from her, how
he could keep himself apart
from her. Armaan felt tug into heart.
Armaan was ready to go away
from her but he has to.. he cursed
his fate. Armaan slowly moved
her head and kept on seat-
headboard ….He gawped at her ,……
He reading her face.. .. he found
his resistance zero percent…. He
leaned over her and kissed on her
forehead.. he was craving to feel
her ,lips tike petal …. Armaan was
about to kiss on her cheeks but then
pulled back to remember her
resist. She isn’t in sense , he can’t
do that with her.. he can’t cheat
with her.. Armaan patted his fingers
on her cheeks and slightly on
her lips.. he choked back his
breath and hurriedly got down…
opened her side door and carefully
picked her up into his arms
and walked towards house…………..
Ved was about to go out , then
Nidhi stopped him..
Nidhi : wait, wait a seconds.. let me
call Ammy, may be he is still
there or has seen Ridhima
Ved : whatever want to do , do it
hurry up Nidhi. this is
highest.. she hasn’t reached at
home and no has any headache ,
don’t even know where she is ? is
she ok or in trouble ? damn it !!!
Ved was so much angry, and Nidhi
literally feeling shame , how
could this kind of mistakes
happened by her.. Mr. & Mrs. kapoor
sleeping, it they get to know , than
she will be mortified .. though
practically she was not at fault
solely. Nidhi dialed Armaan’s
number and just then she saw Armaan
was walked in, carrying
Ridhima in his arms .
Nidhi : Ammy [ Ved followed
her attention and saw Armaan, he
hurriedly walked at him]
Ved: what happened to her ,
Armaan ?
Ar : nothing… she dozed off..
Saying that he walked upstairs..
entered in her room. He wasn’t in
a mood to do formalities , he knew
which one was her room so he
directly entered in without asking,
lay down Ridhima on bed. and Nidhi followed him..
Nidhi: Ammy how she got wet ?
[ Armaan pulled a blanket over her ]
Ar : she was searching taxi and
then rain has begun… I was
passing on that time , saw her and
gave her lift [ he gave all answer
in one go ]
Nidhi : ok, but then how you got
wet… [ Armaan passed a irritating
look to Nidhi for her never ending
questions and then stood up
from bed ]
Ved : is she ok ? I mean.. [ Ved
was scared to see Ridhima like
that and his fear was visible on his
face. Armaan could easily read
his concern for his sister. ]
Ar : she is perfectly fine Jija ji..
don’t worry.. [ then looked at
Nidhii] Dii, just change her wet
cloths, and check if she comes
down with fever , then give her
medicine.. .
Saying that Armaan left room but
before came out of room he turned
back one to get her a single
glimpse.. and quickly walked down
with say bye to Nidhi or Ved,, he
was feeling suffocation..
Next morning…….. Ridhima woke up,
little late.. then remembered
last night.. to remembered that she
again felt that same sensation..
She easily could understand how she
came into her room, who lied
her on bed.. she got down and then
her eyes fell on Armaan’s coat
which was lying on char, though now
it’s dry. She picked it, and
walked in washroom.. put it in
washing machine , she got fresh
up.. came out, then pressed it, got
ready and came down…
she was little scared..didn’t know
what everyone will ask and what
she will reply, she pulled chair, but
to surprise her, everyone were
Ved : Ridhima , Are you ok ? have
you got fever ?
Ridhima : no, bhai, I’m ok..
Nidhi: Sorry, Ridhima , for my
stupidity, you’ve to drenched into
Mrs. kapoor: Kyun ? what happened ?
Ridhima : nothing, aunty..I just
wanted to drench into rain.. it’s
long time I didn’t get that
opportunity .. nothing else..
[Ridhima gestured Nidhi to keep silent] ..bhai, I’m done.. my office car must
be arrived.. I’m leaving.. bye,
Bhabhi..bye Aunty, uncle..
Ved: Ridhima Listen..
Ridhima : I’m getting late bye..
Armaan reached at office … keeping
bag on table , he sat down
then at first called reception .
Ar: has Miss. Gupta arrived in
office ?
Receptionist : No, Sir, not yet.
[Armaan cut call ]
He logged on his laptop , tried to
work but couldn’t concentrate.
Ar : why she is late today ? [ just
then someone knocked on
door ] [ Armaan with irritated voice ]
… Come in…
Ridhima slowly walked in.. she once
looked at him but when saw
him again gazing at her, she
instantly looked down.. stood in
of his table..
Ri : umm..Mr. Malik, your
she stretched her hand holding his
coat , waited Armaan to take it,
looking down.. but when didn’t feel
any movement, she looked up
and then saw, with blink Armaan got
up and walked to her.. She
again got scared.. stepped back..
but Armaan grabbed her upper arm
but politely, softly.. .. drew her
towards him , near him.. and to
her big surprised he placed his
palm on her forehead , pressed
and then again placed reverse side
on his palm , pressed, just to
check her temperature .
Armaan: did you come down with
fever ?
To be continue……………


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