Tuesday, 8 November 2016

part 10 : Bheege pal

Ar: I love you ridddhima..
Both aparts from the hug, seeing in each other's eyes..
Armaan put his hands on her cheeks
Ar: aakhir bulwa hi liya na

Both laughed while tears were rolling from their eyes
Ri: (making puppy face) haan' aur mujhe rula bhi diya
She hits on his chest and both laughs again
 Armaan wipes her tears
Ar: ab kabhi nahi rulaunga
He kisses her forehead, and she smiles.
It was quite late at night, around 2 am.
It was yet raining heavily while both of them were now sitting in armaan's car. Riddhima was lying on armaan's shoulder and his arm was around her back
A tear tickled out of riddhima's eyes and fell on armaan's chest
Armaan paniked, he held her cheeks with his hands
Ar: riddhima tum ro rahi ho? Kya hua?
Ri: armaan'tum mujhe chodoge toh nahi na? I love you very very much.
Armaan wipes her tear'
Ar: (teasingly)riddhima main tumhe usse thoda jyada pyaar karta hoon' ab toh mujhe yeh darr lag raha hai..kahiin tum toh mujhe nahi chod dogi? riddhima mera tumhare bina kya hoga?
Listening this, riddhima hits hard on his chest'
Ri: (shouted) Armaaaaaaaannn..
A dimple approached his face, and riddhima quicky kissed it before it fades away
It makes his dimple even deeper. Seeing him staring at her with a surprize, she blushed trying not to giggle.
Ar: oyyyyeeeee hoyeeeee'
Riddhima closes her eyes, her face almost turned red.
While taking her in his arms he said
Ar: Main duniya mein sabse jyada aur sirf tumse pyar karta hoon' tum meri zindagi ho.. aur koi apni zindagi se alag kaise reh sakta hai..
Listening this emotional line both hug each other
Ri: I love you armaan..
Armaan plays the radio to lighten up the atmosphere
Riddhima in armaan's arms'..and the music plays
Zara zara mehak ta hai, behek ta hai aaj toh mera tan badan, main pyaasi hoon mujhe bhar le apni baahon mein
Listening to the song, they both blushed, both felt awkward..a bit uncomfortable..
Armaan gave fainted smile'.hehehe'
 'OMG!! Abhi yeh hi gaana chalna tha?? Ohh maan!! Radio walon ko bhi koi kaam nahi hai but they play these romantic songs' sochte bhi nahi hai riddhima kya soch rahi hogi''!! Wat m I saying?? Unhe kya pata riddhima ke baare mein.. ok I wil change the channel'
He changes the channel..now the song goes like ' 'baahon ke darmiyaan'do pyaar mil rahe hain..jaane kya bole mann, dole tan ke badan..dhadkan bani zubaan'baahooon ke darmiyaaan'
Armaan smiled even weirdly'.hehehehe..
Riddhima looks at how armaan is behaving awkwardly, she felt like laughing hard out, but looking at the situation she tried to control.
Ar: pata nahi in radio walon ke paas bhi koi ache songs hi nahi hain..
Ridzi broke up laughing'
Armaan got confused seeing why is she laughing??
Ar: (worriedly) riddhima kya hua.. main radio band kar deta hoon' u just stay calm ok..
She laughed even harder'holding his hand..
Ri: armaan tum bhi na' the song is ok..
Armaan too smiled thinking how stupidly he was behaving.
Just then a thunderstorm struck loudly, it was really the powerful one' even their car shaked
Riddhima get scared and hugs armaan tightly
Ar: riddhimaa'
Riddhima was breathing heavily, she was too scared. She was shivering with the frightening voice of the thunder storm. Armaan unsure of what was happening..so he again asked her'..
Ar: riddhima kya hua?
She hide her face in armaan's chest and holding his arms as tightly as possible
Ri: armaan hold me..mujhe bahut darr lag raha hai
Armaan tries to comfort her by nuzzling his hands all over her back..
Riddhima gets shivered even more with his touch. His continuous nuzzling on her back was making her loose herself to him..
Ri (whispered): ar ' arm- armaaaan'..
He could feel her warm breath on his chest, he shaked' he could feel how his whole body has taken that warmth all over
He nuzzled in her hair, riddhima could feel the passion, and gives a kiss on his chest'Armaan trembled with her lips touching his chest'he pulls her hair and start kissing her neck, her ears' he was getting wilder with every kiss'he needed her desperately'he just wanted to be in her..
While riddhima burning with the fervor.. the desire of love was increasing with every moment'from her neck and ears he goes to her face, kissing inch by inch. Riddhima was so much burning that her nails were biting into armaan's back.. the car mirror, windows all frosted with the mist. he finally reaches her lips and they have the most passionate kiss..
Her hand slowly reached up and started caressing his cheeks, moving towards his ear. Her touch was again making him crazy, the craziness he could not handle anymore. He finally took a hold of her hand and put down beside her. Armaan's lips trailed away from her lips and he nibbled her ears, she wanted to move her hand but armaan's grip just got tighter. His lips made their way to her neck and took off her dupatta. The passion was burning, he bite her neck, with a pain she shouted 'oucchhh..'
Armaan came back to his senses, and panicked if he has hurt riddhima..
Ar: riddhima tum theek toh ho na
Riddhima holds her bitten neck'
Ar: I am sorry riddhima.. main yeh sab..pata nahi kaise..hmmm..m really sorry
Armaan realizes his fault, he couldn't believe how can he do this to her, what she might be thinking about him. He was feeling very guilty, he lowered his eyes and a tear fell from them
Riddhima sees how guilty he is feeling, and takes the tear on her finger...
Armaan surprizingly sees her
as she gave a kiss on his cheek
Ri: armaaan'I love you, and I trust you'
Armaan looks at her and gives a tight hug.
For a while, they stay in each other's arms.
Ri: armaan, ab mujhe jaana chahiye'bahut derr ho gayi hai.. di wait kar rahi hogi
Ar: nahi riddhima..matt jao na..(making puppy face)
Ri: armaaan' thode dino ki toh baat hai' fir toh hum sath hi rahenge'humesha ke liye
This lightens up armaan's face, getting a dimply smile on it.
Ar: thode din chodo'chalo hum abhi shaadi kar lete hain
Riddhima laughed with the thought..
Ri: armaaaaan'. Acha ab chalo..plzzz
Ar: ok..
And they go from there.
Outside Riddhima's house
Riddhima stared at armaan all the way while he was driving the car.
Ar: riddhima tumhara ghar aa gaya
Riddhima looks around..
Ri: arrey haan' mujhe pata hi nahi chala..
Armaan smiled.
From inside she didn't want to go, she was hoping armaan might stop her..
Ri: (making sad face) acha main chalti hoon. ..
She wanted to give it a last try..
Armaan understood, and holds her hand while she was going out of the car.
She smiled..'yesss!! armaan ne mujhe rok liya... thank you god..thank youuu'
She turned around..
Ri: (showing some bhaav) armaaan..mujhe jaana hai
Ar: itni bhi jaldi kya hai..
He pulls her n gives a quick peck on her cheek.
Ar: good night!
Riddhima blushed..
Ri: good night'
And goes out of the car. While he turned his car, she waved him good bye..
Next morning'
Riddhima making her hair in front of the mirror singing the romantic tune of 'bahoon ke darmiyaan'..mesmerizing the romantic moments from last night' she touches her cheek remembering how armaan kissed it while saying good night and her neck, which has now turned purple because of the love bite that armaan gave. She blushed by herself'
Anjali comes out of the bathroom..and notices riddhima singing the tune
She hugs her from the back side
Riddhima quicky puts a dupatta on her neck to hide the mark.
An: arey wah.. aaj meri behen bahut khush lag rahi hai..kya baat hai
Ri: kuch nahi di..bas yun hi..
An: hmmm'kuch toh baat hai'warna tum aise koi dhun gungunao..aisa ho hi nahi sakta
Riddhima widened her eyes
Ri: nahi di...aaj subah radio pe yeh song aa raha tha.. toh isiliye bas...aur kuch bhi nahi hai di
Anjali smiled..
An: arey main toh aise hi pooch rahi thi'
Riddhima took a sigh of relief
An: acha ridzie tum kal raat kahan thi??
Ri: woh di, main dr. keerti ke sath thi..
An: ohk'ab woh kaisi hain?
Ri: (giving fainted smile) ab woh kaafi theek hain di.
Just before getting another question from anjali, riddhima spoke
Ri: di ab jaldi karo.. warna hum late ho jayenge.
An: ok meri behena...i am ready..chalien
Ri: ji..
In sanjeevani
All in locker room
At: hi anjali..tum kaisi ho? Tumhe theek se neend toh aayi na?
An: haan atul main bilkul theek hoon..aur mujhe ache se neend aayi
Saying this she caressed his cheek
Feeling her touch atul fainted, he fell on his back
Armaan came hurriedly and holds atul from the back
Ar: arey champ' kya kar raha hai yaar...dhyaan se
Atul stood back again..but still lost in anjali
Anjali smiles at this.. giving "yeh atul bhi na" look
Armaan goes to his locker while ridzi was already standing near her locker. She sees armaan from the side and armaan too glares at her..
He too was singing the romantic tune of ' baahon ke darmiyaan..'
Riddhima blushes at this..while anjali get shocked!!
An: armaaaan'!! Tum bhi?????

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