Friday, 11 November 2016

part 11 : Bheege Pal

An: Armaaan!! Tum bhi?
Armaan and riddhima both ignores her, as they themselves were busy in looking at each other's eyes.
An: (frustratedy) armaaaaaaaaan!!
Hearing his name, they both came to their senses

Ar: haan anjie..kuch kaha tumne?
An: maine kaha''..what are you guys upto..pehle ridzi aur ab tum bhi?
Both gets confused  and looks at each other
Ar: main bhi kya??
An: yeh gaana jo tum ga rahe the abhi
Ar: gaana? u mean baahon ke darmiyaan?? yea wats wrong wid it..its cool song
He gives a quick glare at ridzi to remind her abt the last night.

But finds her looking at him so stunned,

He raises his eyebrows to ask her what happened?

But all she did was nodded her head..

An: Armaan tumhe pata hai, subah se ridzi bhi yeh song gunguna rahi thi

Riddhima first looks at anjali with a shock, why did she said that, and then lowers her eyes as she was too shy to face him

Armaan was lost for words, he was amazed listening riddhima was actually cherishing the moments from last night

Announcement: All interns nurse station mein report karein

An: ok guys we will discuss it later on... abhi lets go

Ridzi relieved looks at armaan
and signals him ' abhi toh bach gaye"
Armaan signals back to her 'dont worry main hoon na'
And winks at her
Ridzi gets surprised to see this.
She looks around if anjie didn't see it
And gave 'not here armaan' look
Armaan smiles at this.
All go, except atul.
Armaan looks back and sees atul still standing there in one position with this hand on his cheek
Ar: hey champ chalien
Atul no reply
Armaan goes to him and shakes him
Ar: (shouts) champ!!!
Atul trembled and spoke 'anjalii'
Ar: arey champ main hoon..armaan
Atul looks at him and realizes it was him
Ar: chal ab anjali ki duniya se bahar nikal aur hospital mein wapas aa.. dr. keerti humara wait kar rahi hogi
At: haan yaar..chal jaldi chal warna woh hitler humein chodegi nahi
Armaan looks at him shocked.. how can he call his mum a Hitler
He looks at atul very angrily
Atul shakes and realizes what he just said
At: arey nahi yaar.. main toh ab unhe hilter jaisa powerful bula raha tha..sachi
Armaan laughs at him..
Ar: arey champ don't worry' main bhi apni mom ko hitler hi bulata tha
At: sachi??
Ar: haan yaar.. yahan tak mere dad bhi
At: arey wah..dr. shubhankar bhi

Both laughs at this'

At: (teasingly) chal yaar..hilter wait kar rahi hogi
Armaan again looks at him with the angry face

Seeing this, atul panic

And armaan laughed again giving hi5 to him
All doing their duties..
And Riddhima was walking over the corridor
While armaan too comes to join her
Ar: hi dr. riddhima
Riddhima looks at him, and blushes
Ar: kaisi ho?
Riddhima smiles
Ri: main theek hoon dr. armaan
Ar: so did you miss me?
Ri (teasingly): miss? Nahi toh!!
Ar(shocked): kyaa?? Tumhe mujhe miss nahi kiya??
Ar (making puppy face): Aur main toh bas tumhare baare mein sochta raha
Riddhima blushes
As soon as they reach at the end of the corridor,
He pulls her to the fire escape
Ri: armaaann..kya kar rahe ho?
Armaan pins her against the wall
And puts his hands on her sides
Ri: (hardly managed to whisper) armaaaaan
Ar: toh tumne mujhe miss nahi kiya?
Riddhima smiles at this
Ri: (innocently)  nahiii
Ar: (naughtily) achaa?
And goes very close to her
Riddhima breathing heavily
She knew what was coming
She tries to pull herself at the back
But failed as she was already pinned with the wall
She was now completely trapped..
He was coming closer and closer
She didn't had any other choice now
He gets even closer
Their hearts were beating profoundly
Armaan continuously staring at her lips
She gets even conscious
Breathing heavily
Pulse rate at the highest
He was as close that she could now feel his breath on her face
She closes her eyes
Getting ready for the kiss
the biggest and most passionate kiss

Her lips were automatically moving with the feel of kissing him

But he turned towards her cheek

She moves her cheek closer to his lips
Still shivering
Armaan moves his hand and takes her dupatta off
Riddhima breathing heavily
He suddenly moves away from her
Ar: toh fir yeh kya hai?
Riddhima opens her eyes with the shock!! What has just happened??
She continuously stares at him with the blank face
Still breathing heavily
Armaan signals her towards her neck with the naughty smile on his face
She touches her neck and realizes that love bite
Ar: bolo riddhima toh fir yeh kya hai??
Ri: armaaaaan!
Ar: ab bolo.. tumhe meri yaad nahi aayi?
And winks at her
Ri: armaan tum bhi na.. main chodungi nahi tumhe
Armaan laughs and runs out of the fire escape
While riddhima takes her dupatta half on and runs towards him
Armaan while running teases her by giving funny looks
And riddhima still struggling to catch him, not caring about her dupatta half on the floor
Unfortunately she bumps into keerti
 Ri: sorry dr. keerti

Seeing her in trouble armaan to joins her
Ke: dr. riddhima aap'
She stops in the middle as she notices a mark on her neck
Ke: dr. riddhima yeh aapke gale mein nishaan kaisa?
 Armaan and riddhima stuns!!

 Both looks at each other with the terror'


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