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part 12 : Bheege pal

Part A

Armaan riddhima both in the terror..

Ke: dr. ridhima yeh aapke gale mein nishan kaisa?
Armaan riddhima both in horror and shock
Riddhima looks at armaan, she was panicking, didn't knew what to answer

And armaan trying to tell something to her
But then immediately keerti turns over at armaan
He panicky starts looking at the other directions
Riddhima still struggling with what to answer
Ri: dr. keerti its nothing..bas woh wohh'.
And looks back at armaan in the hope she might find one excuse
While keerti was constantly looking at armaan
Armaan start tapping his hands in the air
Ke: dr. armaan yeh aap kya kar rahe hain?
Ar: woh mam..machchar (mosquitoes)
Ke: machchar?
Riddhima too got confused..machchar??
Ar: haan machchar'woh aaj kal machchar bahut ho gaye hain
And starts tapping again in the air
Keerti looks at him confusedly..
While armaan signaled ridzi to say what he just said
Riddhima understands
Ri: (innocently) haan dr. keerti'aaj kal really mein machchar bahut bad gaye hain' yeh nishaan mosquito bite hi hai
Keerti kinda not satisfied with the clarification
Ke: par dr. riddhima.. mujhe yeh mosquito bite nahi lag raha..ek kaam kariye, aap mere sath aaiye main aapke kuch tests karwa deti hoon
Armaan and riddhima looks at each other shocked
Ri: nahi mam..yeh kuch nahi hai
Ar: haan mom..mujhe bhi yeh mosquito bite hi lag raha hai
Ke: par mujhe satisfaction nahi ho raha hai.. usse better hai hum kuch tests kar waayen
And clutched her hand
Both of their hearts were beating faster now..
Now what is going to happen.. she will get to know, it's a bite..
And then what will she think about them..
They both panicked with the thought
but couldn't find any way out
Keerti pulls her to take her to the lab
While riddhima facing at armaan,
Asking him to do something
But armaan, he himself was scared, lost for thoughts.
While they were walking
Keerti stops near nurse station
Looking at her stopped, armaan and ridzi looked at each other puzzled
They look at keerti but saw her giving wicked look
So they both turned where keerti was looking
But they too got shocked to see the sight in front of them, especially amraan
Keerti was giving such a disgusted look
The sight in front of them was simply marvelous
Sister Pinky is on the floor with her broken knee
And shubhankar is helping her getting up.
(Guys, if u remember in Part 2, there was a nurse about whom keerti was was Nurse Pinky only')
Pinky is shouting with the pain, and is unable to stand up
While shubhankar give his hand and shoulder to her, to give a bit of support to her.
Armaan panics with the situation..
'kuch karna padega..nahi toh aaj dad pakka gayee' thought armaan
Ar: hmm'dad..
He shouted,
Just to make shubhankar realize that keerti is here, and don't do anything further
While riddhima was confused, with the present situation.
She was infact happy, that shubhankar is actually helping a nurse.
Shubhankar looks at armaan, and then on Keerti
And instantly stands up leaving Pinky on the floor
Sh: keerti tum'
He gets all sweaty.
Keerti looks at him with so much of anger
He runs towards keerti
Sh: keerti..woh sister pinky gir gayi thi
Ke: (silently to shubhankar) woh toh mujhe bhi pata hai ki sister pinky kitni giri hui hai
Ri: (shouted) huh??? giri hui??
Unfortunately, it wasn't that silent, riddhima and armaan managed to listen to it.
Both keerti and shubhankar turns to her
While armaan tackles the situation
Ar: hmm..riddhima.. main tumhe baad mein bataunga
And gives cheeky smile'
While keerti calls the spot boys to help pinky'and she goes from there with the disappointed face.
Ke: shubhankar main tumhe baad mein dekh lungi
'ab mujhe koi nahi bacha sakta hitler se' thought horrified shubhankar.
Ke: chalien riddhima..
She again grabs her hand to take her to the lab
Making armaan and ridzi again terrified.
Sh: armaan help me yaarr' main kya karu
Ar: dad abhi toh mujhe khud help ki zaroorat hai
And runs from there to follow keerti and ridzi
Sh: parr armaaannn' uff yeh bhi gayaa..ab main kya karu?? Pinky se help mangu??
After thinking for a while, he hits his head..
'Nahi nahi..woh toh bilkul nahi.. ussi ki wajah se toh yeh problem hui hai'
Keerti was again pulling ridzi but stops again on the way
And the sight now was even better than the last one!
Armaan n ridzi both took a sigh of relief
As they look at the front..
They too got shocked!!
 so as keerti..
All of their mouth were wide open, and their eyes were about to come out
Atul Anjali too comes there
At: hi armaan..hi ridzi.. kya ho raha hai
no reply
Atul Anjali both looks at each other surprisingly
An: dr. keerti' kya hua
But no reply
And they both too ended up looking at the magnificent sight.
They too got amused with the sight..
An: (shouted) rahuuul'muskaaaaaan
Yes, rahul muskaan standing there, married.
Part B

Rahul was wearing his casual dress but
Muskaan was wearing the red chura on her hands with the dark mehandi
And they both were just entering sanjeevani
They get nervous as they notice others staring at them.
Ar: rahul..muskaan.. tum dono aise?
Ri: tum dono toh holiday par gaye the na?
At: haan yaarr' aur muskaan yeh kya tune matching chudiyan bhi nahi pehni
All looks at atul, what he was saying'but atul smiled innocently
Ke: dr. rahul..dr. muskaan.. what is all this?
Muskaan was feeling really uneasy; she didn't know how to explain this to everyone so she signaled rahul to tell.
Ra: Muskaan aur main holiday par nahi.. shaadi karne gaye the
At: kyaaaaa keh raha hai???? Oye muskaan..tu toh isse bilkul pasand nahi karti thi fir??
Ar: chalo canteen chalte hain'wahin baat karenge..
In the canteen
All staring towards the newly married couple
While muskaan constantly looking downwards
Ra: humare parents ne zabardasti humari shaadi kara di
Ar: aur tum dono ne kar li? I can't believe this'
Mu: yaar hum bhi kya karte..unhone apne saare relations todne ki dhamki di thi
Ar: jo bhi ho yaarr' either parents or anyone else, this is your life dude.
Keerti surprisingly looks at armaan..what was he saying.. parents really doesn't mean anything to him??
Before she could say anything, riddhima spoke up
Ri: armaaaan'. Woh unke parents hain.. and they have every right you know.. unka haq banta hai
Ar: haan chahe bachche khush rahe ya na rahe?
Ri: nahi armaan, they are the parents, they cannot do anything wrong to their children..
Keerti was really impressed with her thoughts..
Ke: riddhima bilkul theek keh rahi hai armaan'
Ke: rahul, muskaan' I am personally saying what you both did was absolutely correct
At: haan very good very good.. ab yeh sab chodo aur batao.. tum log Mumbai kab aaye?
Ra: bas abhi hi aaye hain.. directly yahin aa gaye..luggage bhi bahar car mein rakha hua hai
An: par tum log rahoge kahan?
Ra: main jiss quarters mein rehta hoon, I don't think wahan koi problem hogi'agar muskaan chahe toh
And gives a quick glare to muskaan, to see if she does not have any problem.
Mu: haan koi aur raasta bhi toh nahi hai' meri mummy ji ne mere land lord se keh kar mera saara samaan rahul ke ghar shift karwa diya hai..ab mujhe iss kan khajure ke sath hi rehna padega
She wasn't too happy to shift at rahul's place, but at the same time she didn't had any other option.
But Rahul is happy; she was kind of coming back to the real muskaan. The word 'kaahkhajura' was like the most delightful word he could listen, for which he was eagerly waiting since they got married.
Keerti's pager rings
Ke: sorry guys mujhe jaana hai.. and all of you, aaj ke liye you all are done, now you all can enjoy with rahul and muskaan.
All: (excitedly) thank you mam
Ke: not a problem.. and yea congratulations to both of you..
Ra & Mu: (with fainted smile) thank you mam.
And she goes'
At: arey yaar yeh toh bata tumhari shaadi kab hui?
Ra: bas do din pehle
Mu: haan aur hum log wahan bahana bana kar jaldi se yahan aa gaye'agar main wahan do din bhi aur rukti na, toh mujhe hi doctor ki zaroorat padh jati'sabke per (feet) chu chu kar mere toh kamar mein dard hone laga tha
All giggles'
At: iska matlab''
Looking at all the sides, atul gave a naughty smile
All confused with his glance except armaan
Ar: iska matlab.. tum dono ki abhi tak first night nahi hui???
Riddhima blushes with the thought of 'first night'
While rahul muskaan became uncomfortable..
Seeing riddhima blushing armaan held her hand inside the table
Rahul nodded his head to say no..whereas muskaan lowered her eyes
Riddhima panicked, and looks armaan' plead him through her eyes to leave her but instead he grinned while tightening his grip
At: cooool'.chal hum tere ghar chalke..taiyaariyan karte hain..kyun armaan..
Ar: haan haan..kyun nahi
And armaan secretly winks at riddhima
Riddhima blushes even more, as if all were planning for their first night instead of rahul and muskaan..
An: chalo chalte hain'maza aayega
And they all go---


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