Thursday, 3 November 2016

part 12 :Woh Lamhe

Both Rahul and Anji exchanged their greetings with Ridzi while she settled herself down. She slowly looks upward at Armaan and finds him still staring at her. She felt a bit uneasy as they were sitting in the boardroom full of people, and he was staring at her without caring about others. He was so much wanting to run to her, caring a damn about others and hug her tightly. They were meeting again after such a long time, but cannot talk or ask about each other.

One of the members ask Armaan to start the presentation due to which he struggled to keep his eyes away from her otherwise he would again started staring at her beautiful eyes. He introduced himself in front of everyone "Hey everyone, I am Dr. Armaan Mallik, a senior doctor of Sanjeevani…." And continued with his presentation.

He showed the attractive slides and gave a powerful speech explaining about the different departments in Sanjeevani, their staff members, their way of giving treatment to the patients, their friendly environment, all in a very impressive way. But in the middle, two of the board members got an emergency call due to which they all decide to take a short break and called for some snacks.

Few of the members left the room to freshen up including Ridzi. "Very nice presentation Dr. Armaan" Rahul complimented Armaan, who was sitting there doing his laptop.. "thanks…Dr..??" Armaan fumbled as he didn't knew his name.. "Rahul.. Dr. Rahul Garewal" Rahul added with a smirk.

He suddenly remembers the bike scene, where Ridzi was holding him from his waist, sitting very close to each other, as both were lost in each other's laughter and talks. Armaan astound to finally meet THE RAHOOOOOL, the only curse of his life. He still could feel the jealousy in his heart.

Noticing his pale face, Rahul again exchanged his glare with Anji. One of the Starship board members asked Rahul "Rahul suna hai tumhari shaadi pakki ho gayi hai" to which Rahul blushed "jee.. infact kal hi engagement hai.. I hope you all are coming" All smiled seeing him getting red "haan haan..kyun nahi Dr. Shashank ne humein personally invite kiya hai..hum toh aayenge hi.. we are really happy for you both". "Thanks uncle", Rahul responded.

Armaan become happy to hear the news that this Rahooooool has someone else in his life already. For no reason he was blaming him for getting close to Ridzi. So much of tension relieved as his all the misunderstanding cleared up and after knowing that yes, Ridzi and Rahul are just good friends.

"Congrats Dr. you are getting engaged hun" Armaan shouted with excitement. Rahul was puzzled seeing his sudden reaction "Thanks.. Dr. Armaan" he answered in a suspicious tone.

Ridzi soon comes back and again takes a seat next to Rahul. "What took you so long sweetheart" Rahul asked her while giving a slight peck on her cheek, due to which Armaan's heart suddenly burnt. "What's wrong with you Rahul, I was just away for 5 minutes..tum bhi na" she said while hitting on his arms affectionately.

The sudden burn deep in his heart made him hold his hot coffee mug even tightly. He exerted himself to control his anger, his suspicion. "So kal engagement ke liye ready ho" Rahul asked holding her hand. "Offcourse, I have been desperately waiting for this day..aww..m soo excited Rahul" Ridzi said with warmth in her eyes.

Armaan couldn't take this restlessness any more. His irritation, his jealousy was now at the peak. She didn't even talk to him since she has come for the meeting, and now she is even trying not to have an eye contact with him. She was so much avoiding him and that was hurting him deep inside. May be her fianc doesn't like her talking to the other guy, or was she trying to hide the pain, the guilt of choosing Rahul in front of him, he doesn't know. His eyes turned red as the mug in his hand broke due to the pressure of his hand.

The sudden creaky sound made Ridzi furious. Seeing Armaan hurt she couldn't limit herself and ran towards him "Armaaaan.. kya hua tumhe" she shouted with a moist voice and sees his hand was bleeding. "Dhyaaan kahan hai tumhara" she said while slowly taking out the glass pieces from it. She orders the first aid box from a nurse.

With the help of cotton, she slowly wiped the bleed, trying her best not to hurt him. Feeling the sudden pain of the lotion he ouched.. "sorry..sorry armaan..dard ho raha hai" Riddhima panicked hearing his painful voice, she could feel his ache in her heart. Armaan notices her being caring towards him, but what was the use now? She is marrying someone else.

"Ridzi you know him?" Rahul inquired seeing how she was concerning towards him. "hmmm.." she answered while putting the ointment on his hand. "Wait a minute.. is he the same Armaan you used to talk about?" Rahul confirmed, while Ridzi nodded her head. She was not in the state to talk at the moment, and neither she wanted to show it to anyone.

Armaan realizes the fact that Rahul knows each and everything about him whereas he doesn't have a clue who was Rahul.. and how much importance does he carry in her life. He understood it all, he now knew his own place in her life. He doesn't carry any importance; she never informed him that she is getting married, but was she getting married to Rahul was still a doubt in his mind, as somewhere in the corner of his heart, he believed in his love. He trusts his love to be pure enough that will not let her marry someone else.

After the bandage was done, Ridzi received a call on her cell phone; to pick it up she went outside the boardroom. "Wow..we finally met Armaan.. I hope you don't mind me calling you Armaan, as you are a very good friend of Ridzi.. toh aap humare dost bhi to hue na.." Rahul started the conversation with a broad smile on his face.

"Offcourse" Armaan replied in the fainted smile. "So Armaan.. did Ridzi called you for the engagement party?" Anji asked to which Rahul instantly reacted "come on yaar.. Armaan to aayega hi na.. kyun Armaan.. apni dost ki engagement party mein nahi aaoge?" Armaan shuddered listening to their conversation. His assumption, his biggest fear was getting true.

"Kiski engagement?" Armaan asked clearly with the most fear in his eyes. "ridzi ne tumhe bataya nahi?? Rahul and Ridzi are getting engaged?" Anji replied that shacked Armaan's world. His biggest fear came true; Ridzi is getting engaged to someone else, but how? May be that was the reason she was not able to have the eye contact with him.

He suddenly remembers Padma called her to say something. Despite of the disturbance in phone line, he heard her saying Riddhima is getting married, but he wasn't sure if what he heard was right. He trusted his love blindly and didn't react. He was cursing himself for not realizing that before.

Soon the meeting was called off and Ridzi entered the boardroom to collect her stuff. Rahul went near her and kept his hand on her waist "So Ridzi tumne Armaan ko engagement mein invite nahi kiya?" Rahul asked to which Ridzi replied keeping her eyes down "Arey haan, Armaan please kal engagement par zaroor aana". Armaan couldn't believe his ears, it really doesn't bother her marrying someone else.. in fact she is sounding so happy.

While leaving the room, Anji, Rahul and Ridzi were having a small chitchat session to which Armaan was listening unwanted while winding up his laptop. "So when are you getting your engagement ring?" Anji asked the duo. "Rahul..mind you agar tum engagement ring akele lene gaye to.. mujhe woh ring apni pasand ki chahiye… I know your taste.." Ridzi teased Rahul while Rahul answered "haan haan.. tu hi pasand kar liyo.. ek kaam kar meri bhi tu hi kar liyo.. tujhe to pata hi hai mera taste" all cracked in laughter hearing that and they left.

Armaan was burning from inside, Riddhima betrayed him, his true love. "One more drink waiter" Armaan ordered his 15th drink while sitting in the bar late night. "Sorry sir, the bar is closed now" the bartender replied as it was already 2am. He really wanted to forget his sorrows; he wanted to forget Riddhima who deceived him, his true love. "Band ho gaya hai..?? yeh kaisa bar hai? Itni jaldi band ho gaya.. abhi to raat shuru hui hai.. fir thodi der baad subah bhi ho jaayegi aur riddhima ki engagement bhi" Armaan mumbled and fell down on the floor when suddenly Abhi came and get a hold of him.

"Armaan… sambhalo apne aap ko.. tum yahan iss halat mein kaise?" Abhi questioned seeing him totally drunk. He payed the complete bill and took him away from the bar.

"Abhi mere dost…tujhe pata hai…main ek bahut bura insaan hoon.. main kissi ko pyar karne ke layak hi nahi hoon.. maine aaj tak kisi ladki ki taraf aankh utha ke dekha kya?? Nahi na.. maine kabhi tere sath kissi ladki ko line maaari?? Nahi na.. toh woh samajhti kyun nahi hai yaarr.. meri poori life mein bas ek hi toh ladki mili thi.. ab woh bhi kisi aur ki hone jaa rahi hai.. main hoon kaun uski zindagi mein?? Jo bhi hai..woh rahoooooooooool hai.. rahooooool…chi naam bhi acha nahi hai.. magar fir bhi woh mujhse pyar nahi karti.. main kya karu mere bhai.. uske bina zindagi kaatne ko daudti hai.. main ek pal bhi nahi jee sakta uske bina.. kisi aur ki baahon mein dekhte hi pata nahi kyun dil mein itna dard kyuun hota hai.. ab mujhse yeh dard aur bardasht nahi hota… Pata hai Abhi maine ek sapna dekha tha… ki meri aur Riddhima ki shaadi hogi.. woh mere ghar dulhan ban kar aayegi.. meri family mein ache se ghul mil jaayegi.. saara din bas sab log Riddhima Riddhima kehte rahenge.. sabki chaheeti ban jaayegi.. sab kitne khush honge.. fir humare bache bhi honge..bilkul Riddhima ke jaise..cute se bas unke dimples meri tarah honge.. magar ab.. kaisi shaadi aur kaise bache.. woh Rahul ke sath shaadi kar rahi hai.. mere saare sapne toot gaye Abhi…saare sapne..mere saath hi aisa kyun hua. I love you Riddhima..I love you" Armaan confessed his heart out in the drunk state and soon he fainted away.

Next morning, sun rose up very quickly, as today is the big day for everyone. God knows what turn this day is going to bring in their life.

Armaan woke up with a big yawn on his face, stretching his arms he looks at the time, it was already 12 pm, he looks around at the shock and finds Abhi on his bed side "Good Morning Armaan.. yeh lo have this lemon water" Abhi said while passing him the glass. "Abhi tu yahan kaise?? Aur yeh kya ho raha hai?? Why I woke up so late?? And why the hell my head is so heavy??" he was still not fully conscious. "Armaan..pehle yeh piyo.. main fir batata hoon" Abhi explaned him politely to which Armaan drinks the whole glass quickly.

"Armaan.. you were drunk last night and I got you here at 3am in the morning" Abhi said it all in one line. Listening to it he tries to recollect his memories, his sorrows and remembers the board meeting where Rahul declared Riddhima getting engaged to him, and she had no problems with that. Infact she was too happy.. Soon the water starts flowing from his eyes..

Abhi understood seeing his changing expressions "Armaan..dekh.. aise hath pe hath rakhne se kuch nahi hota.. you gotto do something.. dekh abhi tak engagement hui nahi hai.. hone wali hai" Armaan looks at Abhi with a surprise, how does he know about it all "tujhe kaise pata?".. "Dekh..its not important mujhe kaise pata chala.. but whats more important is tu Riddhima se pyaar karta hai" Abhi declared. "haan.. toh usse kya farak padta hai.. woh shaadi kisi aur se kar rahi hai na.. mujhse nahi.. ab kuch nahi ho sakta.. kuch bhi nahi" Armaan said while crossing his legs on the bed.

"Kaise kuch nahi ho sakta.. Armaan..whats wrong with you?" Abhi tried to explain but sees Armaan's unconvincing face. "Dekh armaan.. tu mujhe bata.. kya tu riddhima se sacha pyaar karta hai?" Abhi shooted rapid fire to convince him. "Haan.. khud se jyada" he answered closing his eyes. "Apne dil pe hath rakh ke bol.. kya woh tujhe chodke kisi aur ki ho sakti hai?"

Armaan kept his hand on his heart and remembered all the acquaintances with her, their first date, the dinner, her eyes were telling so much to him. Their first dance, she was so close to him, feeling each other's breathe. They threw water on each other, had the great time playing in the beach. Making sand castle, and she narrated her whole childhood, her dreams to him. And the hug, how can he forget, how keenly they hugged each other thinking of the separation.

He slowly opened his eyes, it had a shine in them, and had smile on his lips "tu sahi keh raha hai.. I trust my heart.. my love.. she cannot marry anyone else when she loves me. Yes she loves me and I know that.. main jaunga uske paas.." Armaan cheered up. "Aise hi jaayega kya?? Go and get ready fast.. fir chalte hain" Abhi said excitedly, he was happy, his friend was back and he knew that his friend wont fail this time.

Armaan came out in his best suit and hurriedly droved his car with Abhi. "kya baat hai..aaj to bada handsome lag raha hai.. bhabhi se milne ke liye itna taiyaar hua.. aur mujhse milne ke liye to tu aise hi mu utha ke chala aata hai" Abhi teased him. "Shut up yaar Abhi.. let me concentrate and drive fast I want to be there as soon as possible". He increased the car speed to 120 kmph, and drove with full intensity. But unfortunately, on the way his car broke down.

"Shit.. ab isse kya hua" Armaan shouted hitting the staring wheel loudly. Both came out of the car, "Ab kya karien.. car ko bhi abhi kharab hona tha??" Abhi said frustrated. Armaan looks around "Ek kaam karta hoon.. I will go by auto.. theek hai" and tries to find one, but Abhi replied "koi fyda nahi hai.. aaj transport strike hai.. you wont get any cab or auto..".

"Damn it! Yeh sab aaj hi hona tha.. pehle car kharab hui, ab yeh transport strike.. oh god how will I go there?" Armaan annoyingly puts his hands on his head looking for some hope. "Armaan woh dekh" Abhi pointed towards the horse, "haan ghoda hai.. lagta hai kissi ki shaadi ho rahi hai? So?" Armaan didnt find any optimism in it.. but Abhi explained.. "look there is a horse.. so you can ride on it and go to Riddhima's place quickly".

"Have you gone mad Abhi.. main idiot lagunga horse par jaake" he rejected the idea. "Tumhe apni image chahiye ya riddhima?" Abhi asked in anger "Riddhima.." Armaan answered innocently.. "So here you go.. this is the only choice" Abhi explained. "Fine.." he finally agreed and went on the horse and took it away without letting any one notice that the horse has disappeared.


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