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part 13 : Woh Lamhe,

Armaan looks at the Gupta Mansion from the distance; it was all completely decorated with flowers and lights.. "wow.. sasur ji ne achi taiyaari ki hui hai" he thought. A lot of crowd was gathered in the garden area, so he decided to park his horse outside the house only and go inside to search for his love. Who knows he might have to become a hero of a hindi film and break his heroine's engagement in front of everyone just like in Kambakht Ishq, where Kareena goes at Akshay's wedding to break it and they live happily ever after.

He was prepared for everything now, either making her confess in front of everyone or run away with her in front of everyone..par dil waale toh dulhaniya le kar jaayenge. Hiding from the gupta family, he entered the house but couldn't able to find Riddhima anywhere.. "where can she be?,  sab toh yahan par hain.. rahul, anji, sasur ji.. bas woh hi nahi hai" he thought rubbing his chin when shockingly someone tabbed his shoulders from behind.

He was terrified thinking the worst thoughts, who can be behind him. He slowly turned around keeping his eyes closed in scare but relaxed finding Padma there. "ohh.. hello aunty.." he touched her feet. "Armaan… beta tum aise chup ke side mein kyun khade ho..?" she questioned him.. " woh bas yun hi aunty.. main toh.. main toh" he looked around for some excuse and finally his mind buzzed as he found one "main toh snacks dekh raha tha… side mein.. they are smelling really nice" he said giving his unreasonable laughter.

She wasn't fully convinced, but didn't say anything too. " so beta.. lo na.. kuch lo" she requested him to take something, but he denied.. "nahi aunty abhi nahi.. baad mein le lunga.. acha aunty jee..riddhima kahan hai? Dikhai nahi de rahi" he finally asked.. "beta woh apne room mein hai", she pointed towards the backyard but suddenly someone called her "beta.. main abhi aati hoon.." and she excused herself.

Now his next goal was to go to her room and confess his love before she does engagement with someone else. But it was impossible to go in her room directly. There were so many guests gathered, and no one would allow him to go up there, especially Shashank.. if he finds him there at Riddhima's engagement, then he will definitely ask him to leave.

Escaping from everybody's eyes, he went at the backside of the house and finds the balcony of her room. He needs to climb he thought, there was a pipe attached, "pyaar ke liye kya kya papad belne padte hain" he garbled. So without wasting a single moment, he climbed up in her balcony. It was now become very essential for him to meet her.. he had to meet her before engagement.. his whole life depended on it.

From the door, he looked there was no one in the room. He tried to enter it, and to his luck, the door was already open. Without hesitating he entered and finds Riddhima sitting on the dressing table, applying the final touches of her make-up. "Uff..yeh di bhi na.. mujh par make-up bilkul suit nahi karta.. magar fir bhi lagana padh raha hai" Ridzi muttered to herself.

"kyunki tum ho hi itni khoobsurat.. aur tumhari saadgi hi tumhari sabse badi khoobsurati hai" Armaan responded directly from his heart. Ridzi astounded to hear Armaan's voice, she quickly look upwards in the mirror and finds his there at her back. She swiftly turned around with a shock, and found his there in actual. She jumped out of the stool, "Armaan.. tum yahan..?? oh my god.. kisi ne dekh liya to.. armaan..tum jao yahan se" she literally pulled him out but he didn't move, instead he smiled.

He mesmerized seeing her looking gorgeous, in that elegant red dress with golden embroidery and beading was so much complimenting her beauty. The simple shiny necklace and the matching maang tika added the serenity to her face. Seeing her biting her red lips with nervousness, he uncontrollably blinked his eyes with the delight. She was just looking like the most beautiful bride, so pretty yet so innocent.

"Asmaani rang ho.. Pyaar ki boond ho.. Roshni ho.. dhoop ho.. chahaton ki goonj ho."

"Main yahan sirf tumse milne aaya hoon, tumhe acha nahi laga?" he asked with full passion, continuously glaring at her eyes.. She got a shiver in her spine seeing his that look.. "Nahi Armaan… aisa nahi hai.. koi dekh…dekhega to… kya sochega?" she fumbled, tangling her fingers with edginess.

He put his hands on her cheeks to hold her face and lightly kissed on her forehead, "Riddhima tum aaj bahot khoobsurat lag rahi ho" Armaan complemented her, to which she forgot all her fears, her shivering went away, all she could do is feel the moment, feel his presence. His occurrence brings charisma in her. She put her hands on his arms and looked deep in his eyes. All she could see was love, pure love. Their eyes shared the affection, the care for each other, while their hearts were beating tune in it.

"aanchal mein hai nag chandni, haathon mein woh chand hai.."

Forgetting all the sorrows, the engagement party.. both vanished in the moment. "Riddhima.. main ek baat kahoon?" he whispered in the watery voice, to which she nodded her head.. "Main nahi jee sakta tumhare bina.. Lonavala mein ek-ek pal maine ek-ek janam ki tarah bitaya hai.. mujhe nahi pata yeh sahi hai ya galat, mujhe yahan aise aana chahiye tha ya nahi..par main tumse ek pal ki judaai bhi bardasht nahi kar sakta.. nahi jee sakta tumhare bina" Armaan confessed his feelings and bent down on his knees.

"gairon se bhi hai wasta.. apno mein pehchaan hai.. tarara tarira..tarara tarira.. tarara tarira.. Tu Zindagi."

Ridzi was so much admiring the moment. She could feel his each and every word touching her heart through the nerves. She was getting such a pleasure, happiness, and fulfillment in her. It was like a daydream to her. Her heart never beat so profoundly. She knew him being there, in her room alone was illegal, but the whole thing was so much away from her control. Her spirit was crying with the joy, as the tears from her eyes started to fall.

Armaan held her hands in his, place it on his heart and said looking at her eyes with the warmth in his voice



(thanks Nidha for the poetry Hug)

"Mera izhaar hai.. pyaar hi pyaar hai.. yaaron ki yaar hai Tu Zindagi"

She got a sudden spark hearing that, it was like beyond her imagination. She too slowly bent down to him, having an urge to tell him so much, to reveal all her feelings, but the words seem too small. Her lips did not cooperated with her to phrase her love to him. Her heart started pumping blood faster; the sensation of being loved by him was making her crazy. She shivered inside out hearing those three magical words. It was a dream to her that was coming true, she hesitantly asked him again to confirm the butterflies in her stomach " Sach Armaan.. kya tum mujhse??" the word like love, or pyaar were not coming out of her lips, she never thought love existed, but this completely new feeling was adoring her.

"Tujhse main kya kahoon.. tu hi mera sukoon.. sang tere rahoon Tu Zindagi"

"Haan Riddhima.. I love you…I love you more than my life.. yeh zindagi bhi kam padegi tumhe pyaar karne ke liye.. isiliye I want to marry you taaki agle saat (7) janmon ke liye main tumhe apna bana loon" Armaan accepted from his heart.

"Asmaani rang hoon.. pyaar ki boond hoon.. roshni ka odh hoon…"

She could not believe her luck, someone can love her with this intensity, is just like a castle in the air for her. His eyes seemed so honest, so pure; love in them was overwhelming. The happiness was witnessing Ridzi's eyes. She has been just proposed by her love. Because of him only her world is whole, she feel blessed being loved, her laughter reaches her eyes. He is strength to her, she feels stronger when he is around. She finally realized it is all love, the clean boundless love.

"main teri dhoop hoon.. tujhse hi hai meri bandagi.. tujhse hi meri jaan hai.."

After footing up he opened his arms in a distance, inviting her to come and clasp him. His life would be apart from him without her. Seeing his moist, searching for love eyes, she could not hold herself for longer and instantaneously ran in his arms. They wrapped each other in love, and affection as they finally confessed their love to each other; they are the two bodies and one soul.

"saayaan tera mera aashiyaan.. tu mera armaan hai.. lalalala lala lalalala lala.. lalalala lala.. Tu Zindagi.."

"Mujhe to pata hi nahi tha Armaan.. ki main bhi tumse pyaar karti hoon.. yes Armaan I love you.. I love you Armaan" she declared her love with the constant sobbing, she continued "nahi reh sakti main tumhare bina.. ab ek pal bhi nahi..", the tears from Armaan's eyes were also uncontrollable. "mujhe promise karo Armaan.. tum kabhi mujhe chod ke nahi jaoge.. " she said putting her hand forward "promise karo.. kyunki agar tum chale gaye toh main.. toh main shayad zinda nahi reh paungi.. " she said gulping the worst thoughts in her mind to which he instantly kept his finger on her lips.. "shhh.. kuch nahi hoga tumhe.. kyunki yeh Armaan ab apni Riddhima se kabhi alag nahi hoga.. I promise" he responded keeping his hand on hers.

"meri izhaar tu..mera iqraar tu.. pyaar hi pyaar tu..Tu Zindagi"

They hugged each other even tightly. What he thought was right, his life, his love loves him.. yes, she loves him. Now he wont let her go away from him. They have already lived in so much of separation, but now separation was unbearable. She is finally in his arms. His heart skipped a bit, as she slowly kissed his chest.

"Tujhse main kya kahoooon… Mujhse kuch na kaho… Sang tere rahooon…Tu Zindagiii"

Everything around is so happy today, the flowers, which are shinning so bright, the birds that are chirping their songs cheerfully, and the clouds, they started to drop the raindrops while dancing with the pleasure. The god has really played his game; he finally made them fall in love with each other. Now, it is the time he take another move, the move that would change their lives completely.

Slowly slowly they knelt down on the floor keeping riddhima on his laps, they kept hugging each other. He wanted her to stop crying, but he himself couldn't able to hold on to his tears that were keep on falling in happiness. "Riddhima bas karo.. ab aur nahi.. stop crying now my baby" Armaan adorably tried to stop her but it didn't affect her. " Pata hai riddhima.. jab tum aise roti ho na.. toh badi cute lagti ho" he said very cheekily, and it gave a sudden shock to her.

He felt this flirt is actually working, so he continued.. " aur jab tum aisi cute si lagti ho na.. toh mujhe tumhe kiss karne ka mann karta hai" saying this, he had a huge mischievous smile on his face, and to its impact she practically stopped her crying, and responded with small-small sobs. She was instead shocked, what was he all talking about, whereas his mission was getting a success, he thought, but yet not succeeded completely.

"aur woh bhi aisi waisi jagah nahi.. tumhare lips pe" he couldn't believe himself he did it. She almost jumped of as he slowly held her cheeks and get close to her. "Armaan.. yeh kya kar rahe ho?" she was completely shaken to which she get the most modest answer "tumhe chup kara raha hoon..aur kya", he sounded so obvious. She really wanted to shout at him but looking at his innocent, cute, cuddly face she melted and rather smiled.. "Armaaaan.. yeh tumhara mujhe chup karane ka tareeka hai?" she enquired and finds him nodding his dimpled face. " baby.. ", she adorably pulled his cheeks and gave a quick kiss on his dimple that brightened up his face.

She wiped the droplets on his cheeks and poked in them due to which he couldn't help but smiled.. "mujhe tum yeh dimple wali smile mein cute lagte ho.." she cheered up seeing his dimples getting deeper. But being naughtier, he moved his lips forward to her, intending that she can now kiss them as she is finding him cute to which she tenderly hit his chest "dhat.. armaan..tum bhi na" and hid her face in him.



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