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part 14 : Bheege pal

Both looks at each other with the shock, she actually heard their conversation.
Anjali continuously stares at Atul
Atul was not shy, or did not hesitate. He too looked into anji's eyes. For the first time he was sure what he said was right. He loves her, and he can do anything for her.

Armaan sees both of them in an ultimate moment, so decides to leave..
Atul and Anjali had their eyes locked. Atul waiting for what Anjali will do, is she going to scold him..while Anjali looked her shocked, how can anyone love her so much!..
Mu: oye kaan khajure tu samajhta kya hai apne aap ko..
Ra: abbe oye' main kuch keh nahi raha toh yeh mat samajh ke jo tu kahegi main maan loonga
Mu: oye pidde maanna  toh tujhe padega hi
Ra: ja main nahi manunga kya karlegi
Mu: main tujhe chodungi nahi
Atul and Anjali got disturbed from their main eye lock, because Rahul Muskaan were fighting so loudly'both hurries up and go to them
At: hey muskaan..kya hua yaar
Mu: maine iss pidde ko kaha ke apne mohommad ali wale posters nikal de kyunki yeh living room mein nahi lagate..
An: haan toh?
Ra: haan toh main kyun nikalun? Mujhe yeh poster yahin acha lagta hai
Mu: mujhe aaj pata chal gaya tera taste kaisa hai
Ra: matlab kya hai tera.. tera taste acha aur mera taste kharab?
Mu: kya bola tu..mera taste kharab'dekh ab main kya karti hoon
Ra: haan haan.. kar jo karna hai kar..
Muskaan goes towards rahul's cupboard and start throwing all his clothes on the floor
Rahul gets worried
Ra: tu pagal toh nahi ho gayi hai.. mere kapde kyun nikal rahi hai
Mu: meri marzi
Rahul gets tensed, what if she founds 'something secret' that he has put there..
Ra: acha theek hai.. jo tujhe karna hai kar.. tujhe woh poster nikaalna hai nikaal le..magar mere kapde chod de
But it was too late
Muskaan already had her hands on his secret diary..
He instantly grabs it from her
Ra: yeh meri dairy hai..isko chod
While he took the diary from her, one photo fell from it on the floor
Muskaan notices it and moves down to pick it up. It was written 'I Love You' on the back it. As she turn it, she find out it was her photo only.
She gets shocked seeing this, while rahul panics, where she got the photo from?
And he quickly snatches that from her too
Muskaan lowered her eyes; she couldn't believe what she just saw. Rahul loved her?
Rahul notices her getting upset, so he tries to cover himself
Ra: woh yeh maine nahi likha.. yeh mere taya ji ke bachchon ne likh diya tha' tujhe toh pata hi hai na kitne badmash hain woh
Muskaan looks at him even shocked, she knew it was his hand writing, but why was he lying'may be he just don't want to accept as early
So she goes from there, and rahul takes the sigh of relief..'thank god aaj toh bach gaye'
Armaan goes to riddhima
Ar: hey riddhima'mujhe tumhe kuch dikhana hai..chalo na
Ri: abhi nahi armaan..abhi mujhe kaam hai
Ar: kaam toh hota hi rahega..abhi tum mere sath chalo
Ri: par armaan
He grabs her hand, and takes her towards the Rahul's bedroom
On the way, she kept on saying
Ri: plzz armaan..chodo mujhe.. mujhe kaam hai
But armaan without listening to her, continues pulling her
Anjali sees this; she just couldn't believe her eyes
She thought Ridzi seriously needs her help
An: (angrily) armaan.. tum yeh kya kar rahe ho?
Armaan and riddhima gets stunned seeing anjali there
Ar: woh anjali main
An: Riddhima keh rahi hai usse kaam hai, usse chodo
But Armaan didn't leave her hand
But lowers his eyes
Seeing this, Anjali fumed and grabs ridzi's hand
An: chalo riddhima yahan se
She pulled riddhima and slowly armaan and riddhima leaves their hand. Riddhima goes with her, but looks back at armaan while armaan was sad, little depressed and riddhima felt bad about it' it was completely like as if they were getting separated forever, and it was the last time they were together with each other' and maybe it was true'both might not meet again like this, it might be an end of their love story. Both kept on looking at each other with the pain in their eyes of being separated. They didn't know what, but there was something that was taking away something very precious from them..both had tears in their eyes and soon she faded away..!
All go home
It was a very quiet, incredibly depressing night. All had some kind of pain in their eyes..
At Rahul-Muskaan's place
Muskaan sleeping on the bed, while rahul on the sofa
Muskaan had tears in her eyes, she was feeling very lonely. She didn't have anyone with whom she could share her feelings. Her family has just thrown her away on rahul. Rahul, the last person she wanted to marry. Now she has to share the same place with him. She thought herself not being loved by anyone and then she remembers that 'I love you' photo' she was unsure what that meant, but takes that out of her mind thinking if she is not being loved by her own parents and why this piddi would love her?
Rahul is depressed seeing Muskaan being sad' He was more worried about the photo.. he was feeling guilty, thinking what muskaan must be thinking about him.
At armaan's place
Laying on the bed, armaan felt absolutely uneasy' he didn't know what was happening to him. He could feel that soon something will be wrong.. And that something will bring drastic change in his life.
While riddhima thinking the same.. today for the first time it felt as if god was not with them.
Anjali had something different going on in her mind.
She was very angry with armaan, how dare he behaved like this with ridzi.. She thinks armaan is actually annoying her, because of how she behaved to him when he came to see ridzi for marriage. But she couldn't see ridzi being hurt. So she decides to call someone.
On the phone-
An: heyy
Other person: heyy anji.. wats up?
An: nothing much! But I need your help!
Other person: help? Kya hua? Sab theek to hai na?
An: haan sab theek hai..but ridzi is in a trouble..
Other person: ridzi in trouble? Kya hua usse?
An: she is fine don't worry, but there is another person armaan, he is actually bothersome ridzi a lot.. aur mujhe kuch samajh nahi aa raha hai kya karu
Other person:  par woh ridzi ko pareshan kyun kar raha hai?
Anjali tells this other person, the whole situation and asks him for help
Other person: ohh toh ridzi armaan ko hate karti hai..i see!!!
An: haan.. issi liye mujhe tumhari help chahiye
Other person: sure don't worry'!! Main kuch karta just wait and watch!
Anjali gets all happy, finally ridzi will be saved from evil armaan!
Next day at Sanjeevani
Announcement: All the interns report Dr. Shashank in his cabin immediately
At Dr. Shashank's cabin
Sh: So interns, how are you all feeling today?
All: gud sir
Sh: Aap sab log soch rahe honge ke maine aapko yahan kyun bulaya
At: yes sir, humein suspend karne
All look towards him
Sh: kuch kaha aapne dr. atul?
At: nahi sir kuch nahi
Sh: haan toh aap sab jaisa jaante hain Dr. Keerti ki tabiyat kharab hone ki wajah se unhe 2 weeks ki leave di gayi hai..toh issi liye maine ek senior doctor ko lonavala branch se bulaya hai aap logon ko supervise karne ke liye'I hope you all will support my decision.
All: yes sir
Sh: so doctors carry on, aapki briefing ka bhi time ho gaya hai'woh kissi bhi time yahan aate hi honge
All: thank you sir.. and all left.
At: kya yaar' pata nahi ab yeh naya hitler kaisa hoga
An: yea right!!
Mu: arey jo bhi ho par mujhe iss pidde ke sath koi case na de
At (secretly in Muskaan's ear): par mujhe anjali ke sath hi case de
Both giggle at this
Riddhima wasn't excited about the new doctor, but was very concerned about keerti
Ri: armaan'ab dr. keerti kaisi hain?
Armaan liked it' No one else cared about her but ridzi did.
At: haan armaan'main uss naye doctor ke chakkar mein poochna hi bhool gaya..ab dr. keerti kaisi hain?
Ar: she is fine now.. par dad ne zabardasti unhe rest lene ko kaha hai
At: hmm'that's good..
Ra: chalo nurse station chalte hain.. warna uss naye doctor par first day hi impression kharab pad jaayega
At Nurse Station
All interns standing there waiting for this new doctor
At: pehle din pe hi late..uff.. dr. keerti hoti na kab ka suspend kar diya hota usse
Mu: woh dekh lag raha hai aa gaya
All turns their face towards the entry of the Sanjeevani
And they finds a very handsome, dashing doctor approaching there..
The wind was blowing all over the place, everyone seeing the main center of attraction. He was so stylish, attractive, and good looking' the nurses around him bumped into each other as they were busy looking at him.
All the boys notices their girls (Riddhima, Muskaan and Anjali) had their mouth open seeing him.
He comes towards all the interns and introduced himself


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