Wednesday, 9 November 2016

part 14 : Woh Lamhe,

After Riddhima stopped sobbing in Armaan's arms, he told her lovingly.. "riddhima.. pata hai aaj tum yun meri bahoon mein ho.. mujhse aisa lag raha hai jaise mujhe sab kuch mil gaya.. I am top of the world.. ab mujhe aur kuch bhi nahi chahiye.. bas tum yun hi humesha mere saath rehna", he lightly kissed her hair, "Acha.. yunhi humesha tumhari bahoon mein bethi rahoon??" Ridzi asked teasingly. "hmm.." he replied in obvious tone. "Aur agar aapko Sanjeevani jaana pada toh??" she asked innocently, "Toh kya hua.. main tumhe apni baahon mein utha ke apne saath le jaaunga" he winked after saying that to which Ridzi blushed, as her smile become uncontrollable she hid herself in his chest.

"Oyee hoyeee, abhi se itna sharmaogi toh fir shaadi ke baad kya haal hoga?" he added teasingly.. she held him even tightly to hide her red cheeks. "Acha Riddhima.. kya tum mere saath chalogi?"…"kahan??" she was confused, but he didn't wanted to disclose this to her..she might object..he thought. "It is a surprise… chalogi?" he made it suspense for her.

She was confused thinking, would it be appropriate to go with him? Outside the engagement party is going on, and what are they, her parents going to think if she does not come? He finds her puzzling in her thoughts, so he asked with the very affectionate voice "Do you trust me Riddhima?" moving his hand forward, due to which she smiled "Khud se jyada" and kept her hand on his.. "Toh fir done.. you are coming with me.." he announced with excitement standing up from the bed. "Haan.. magar kaise??" she was confused..

He slowly went to closer to her and put his finger on her soft red lips.. Seeing him getting so close, her breath stopped for a while "shhh… Riddhima.. ab koi sawal nahi.. ab tum meri zimmedari ho.. aur main kuch galat nahi hone me" he whispered making her quiet, and to make her believe him blindly. She had a complete faith in him, and so decides that she would not be asking any more questions from him.

She remembers his first surprise, it was the best time she spent on that beach, the dance, the dinner and now when he wants to give the second one, then it has to be something very very special, she thought. "Ok Armaan.. I wont ask you anything now.. Whatever you say I will do.. because I trust you…" she said affectionately confiding her heart.

"Thanks Riddhima.. " he kissed her forehead and whispered "I love you", winking his eyes, which brought a huge smile on her lips, and reddened her cheeks, but she manage to whisper back to him "love you too".

"Acha ab mujhe..mujhe.." he yelled walking in the room looking for something.. "kuch chahiye?" she asked, he took the bed sheet from her bed "haan.. bas yehi chahiye.." taking it he went to the balcony.. Ridzi got confused, what actually was he doing. So she decided to follow him. "tum kar kya rahe ho armaan?" she followed but no answer from him as he was busy in planning few things in his mind. He put a tight knot of the sheet on railing of the balcony and asked for her hand.

He jumped on the other side of the railing.. "Armaan.. no way.. tum mujhe aise kaise le ja rahe ho??" she was dazed, he was actually trying to take her from the balcony. "Shhh.. tum bas mujhe apna haath do" he calmly tackled the situation, and she hesitantly gave her hand to him and both went down safely. "arey wah.. main zinda hoon" she was surprised to see herself safe and sound to which he reacted sarcastically "hehe.. very funny..". Seeing him like this she couldn't help but smiled.

"Acha..yeh sab chodo.. aur chalo mere saath" he took his hand and pulled her off the garden area safely, without letting anyone notice her. He made her wear the big ghoonghat on her head covering her face while most of the time he kept his hand on his face so that no one can recognise them. "Armaan.. itne andere mein mujhe kuch dikh nahi raha" she teased him mockingly.. to which he answered even sarcastically "Don't worry jaan.. ab meri aakhien hi tumhara map hai.. jaahan main bol raha hoon.. bas wahin chalo.."

After they came out safely, she couldn't believe herself, for the first time she was hiding from her own family. They walked for a while, when Ridzi couldn't help but asked him "tumhari car kahan hai armaan?", to which armaan gave the notorious smile.. "Woh rahi.." he pointed towards the white horse.

"what Armaan.. tum mazak kar rahe ho.. right?" she was shocked.. "no riddhima my car broke down.. isiliye humein issi mein beth kar jaana hai" he explained. He made her sit on the horse first and then he too climbed on it. "I cannot believe tum mujhe yun ghode par leke jaa rahe ho" she said while feeling very uncomfortable. "Kyun tumhi ne to kaha tha tumhe safed ghode par jaana hai" he reminded her but made her confused instead "matlab??" She held him tightly as he started to ride it. "yaad hai uss din beach par tumne kya kaha tha.. "


Ri: pata hai armaan.. mujhe bachpan se hi yun beach mein aake castle banane ka bahut shaunk hai.. aur pata hai jab main choti thi toh mujhe lagta tha jaise main apna real castle bana rahi hoon jismein main bade hoke rahoongi.. jahan mera rajkumar aayega safed ghode (white horse) par, and just like Rapunzel woh meri balcony mein chadke mujhe bhaga kar le jaayega…

**Flashback over**

"toh dekho.. main tumhara rajkumar, safed ghode par aaya aur bilkul Rapunzel ki tarah tumhari balcony mein chadke tumhe bhagake lekar jaa raha hoon".. Listening him, the water was filled in her eyes. Seeing it he asked in a very concerned voice "kya hua Riddhima?"..

"Armaan woh sab to bas yun hi tha.. main choti thi toh fairytales se inspire ho kar yeh sab socha karti thi.. mujhe nahi pata tha ki yeh sab jo main soch rahi thi actual mein..i mean real mein mere saath hoga.. sach mein.. mujhe to abhi bhi lag raha hai jaise hum dono kisi fairytale mein ho" she cheered with the huge baby like smile on her face.

Soon they reach to the temple where they got accidently married "Armaan.. hum yahan kyun aaye hain??" she asked him shockingly.. "Riddhima sach sach batana.. tum uss din ke baad yahan kabhi nahi aayi na?" he asked knowing her inside out. It was hard for her to accept it, but it was true, she never came back to this temple. "Main soch raha tha… pehli baar inhone hi humein milwaya tha.. toh kyun na jab hum dono ek hain inka aashirwaad lein?" he expressed.

Wow, she loved this new feeling, with him she feels so complete. He thinks about her so much, and do so many things to make her feel special. Hearing his full of love talks, she felt the goose bumps all over her body and she nodded her face to say yes..

Both came down of the horse and keeping hand in hand both enters the temple. Taking their shoes off, a lot of memories fresh up in their mind. Without looking at the either side, both directly went towards the lord Shiva and Mata Parvati ji's statue. Both folded their hands in front of them. "Dekhiye.. aap jo chahte the woh ho gaya" he declared it to the god, she looks at him with a surprise.. "aaj main aur Riddhima saath hain.. aapki wajah se", she kept on glaring her love all the time.. he continued "Aap hi chahte the hum dono ko milwana.. aaj hum humesha humesha ke liye ek ho jaayenge.. aap apna aashirwaad humein yun hi dete rehna".. she was shocked what was he talking about?.. hum ek ho jaayenge? How?

On the other side, the same pandit ji who witnessed their accidental marriage, heard everything. "Arey bachon.. tumhe yahan dekh kar mujhe bahut khushi ho rahi hai" he expressed his happiness. Both sees him and touches his feet together.. "khush raho bachon" he gave blessings to them. "mujhe tum dono ko saath mein dekh kar bahut khushi ho rahi hai… aakhir upar waale ne tumhe mila hi diya".. looking at each other both smiled. "aur isko dekho.." pointing towards riddhima, "aaj kitni khush lag rahi hai..aur uss din kaise gussa ho kar chali gayi thi".

All laughed.. "Bas pandit jee uss time keh sakte ho hum dono ek doosre ko jaante nahi the may be yeh sab issi liye hua.. magar ab hum ek doosre se sacha pyaar karte hain.. ab hum kabhi alag nahi honge" Armaan replied holding her hand.

On the other side, Abhi comes towards them.. "Heyy Armaan.. so finally tune bhabhi jee ko manaa hi liya" he said while hugging him. The happiness was clearly seen on their faces. "Namastey Bhabhi jee" he greeted to her, to which she smiled and answered " Namastey.. aap yahan kaise?" she asked surprisingly to which Abhi looked at Armaan.. "tune abhi tak bataya nahi?".. ridzi too looks at him with the question in her eyes. But to control the situation, he excused them from Abhi "Abhi.. ek kaam kar.. tu pandit jee ke saath jaake taiyaari kar.. main abhi aata hoon", he signalled him something from his eyes.

After they went, "Armaan.. how come Abhi yahan par hai?? Aur tumne mujhe kya nahi bataya?" she asked him furiously, but suddenly her phone rang.. "Hi di.. di..meri baat to suno.. please di.. di main abhi Armaan ke saath hoon.. shiv mandir mein.. hello.. di" but unfortunately the phone disconnected.

He was surprised, she has already informed at her home that she is with him, that means he really has less time before everyone comes here and take her away for her engagement.. He looks at Abhi, who signalled him everything is ready; the fire on havan was also lighting. So without wasting a moment, he held her both the hands and looked at her eyes with the deep love in them. She gulped a big throat, as she knew something big is coming up.

He lightly kissed his hands and asked "Riddhima.. kya tumhe mujhe par bharosa hai?", she was unsure what was happening but she lightly nodded her face to say yes. "Riddhima.. jo ab main karne jaa raha hoon.. uske liye mujhe galat mat samajhna.. yeh main hum dono ke liye kar raha hoon..humare sache pyaar ke liye..main tumhe kissi aur ka hote hue nahi dekh sakta.. aur isse pehle ki koi tumhe mujhse chura ke le jaaye.. main tumhe humesha humesha ke liye apna bana lena chahta hoon.." his eyes filled with water as he lightly kissed her forehead. She was again puzzled, she was not getting what exactly is on his mind.."Armaan.. yeh tum kya keh rahe ho?? Mujhe kuch samajh nahi aa raha.." she cleared it to him, and he smiled a bit "Abhi samajh aa jaayega.. but remember Riddhima.. I love you".

Her confusion even increased when he held her hand tightly and pulled her to somewhere with him.. she didn't knew how to react until she looks at the place where he was taking her.. and to her shock they were going towards the mandap.. where pandit ji was sitting doing some chanting, and Abhi standing on the side, making sure everything is ready. Few things were getting clear in her mind, but she still wanted to see what was in his mind..

"Pandit ji.. aap shuru ki jiye" he declared as they stepped in the mandap near the havan kund. He looked back at her to see her shocking face and he blinked his eyes to confirm his love to her that yes he is with him..and will always be..

As Pandit ji started his chants, they started to take their first round around the sacred fire, as Armaan spoke "Aaj hum bhagwan ki marzi se apni nayi zindagi ka pehla kadam rakhne jaa rahe hain.. humara pehla kadam jismein hum humesha honour aur respect se rahenge."

Their second round he promises "Hum humesha khush rahenge.. aur ek doosre ki strength banenge"

The third round he said "hum apni khushiyan.. apne gham sab ek doosre ke saath baatenge"

The fourth round he promised "hum apne parents ko kabhi nahi bhoolenge… hum humesha unke saath challenge"

The fifth round, where Riddhima goes in front of him, and she makes her promise that "Maine sirf tumse hi pyaar karungi.. ab tumhari khushi hi meri khushi hai aur tumhare dukh hi mere dukh.. I trust you"

The sixth round makes them promise that "Hum humesha ek doosre ke saath khush rahenge.. aur main har kadam par tumhara saath doongi"

And at last, the seventh round they both promise to each other "ab hum pati aur patni hai.. hum ab ek hain.. tum mere ho.. aur main tumhari.. humesha ke liye"

After all the pheras were over, he held her hand and promised, "Riddhima.. yeh saat phere aur saat kasmein main humesha nibhaunga.. ab tum meri ho.. aur main tumhare chehre se kabhi yeh smile jaane nahi doonga.. main tumhare liye iss poori duniya ki khushiyaan laa doonga.. I love you Riddhima.. I love you"

The tears of happiness and love, was kept on falling from their eyes.. He takes the mangal sutra out of his pocket and tied it up on her neck and immediately he took the sindoor from a plate and fill up her maang, when suddenly Shashank and family arrives and shocks to witnesses their marriage.


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