Wednesday, 23 November 2016

part 15 : Bheege Pal

He comes towards all the interns and introduced himself
'Hi I am Dr. Rajeev, your supervisor for next 2 weeks.'
The girls couldn't believe their eyes, such a handsome guy will be their supervisor'but boys were getting jealous

In the mean while, sister Pinky came jumping to Dr. Rajeev and gave a kiss on his cheek and fainted immediately..
Boys were shocked to see all the girls in sajeevani having so much of impact of his. But the intern girls still standing in the same position with their mouth open
Rajeev calls the spot boys, who came and took sister pinky away..
And all the nurses who were passing by were just looking at him, and so were getting bumped in each other
Rajeev looks back at his interns
'So guys.. hello.. I am Dr. Rajeev'
Armaan felt a bit awkward as no was responding to him so decided to initiate 'Ahh..hello doc''' and before he complete his sentence riddhima jumped and hugged him..
Armaan was so shocked to see the sight' 'What's up with riddhima?? I thought she loves me.. and heyy I thought I was the most handsome guy, but who is he?? Competition?? ' armaan looked at them confused.
As soon as riddhima departed from the hug, anjali came in and took the chance to hug him..
Atul was stunned looking at that.. 'anjali bhi?? Mujhe nahi pata tha meri anjali mere sath aisa kar sakti hai..usmein aisa hai hi kya?? Anjali mujhe dekho.. main kitna handsome, smart hoon..aur tumse pyaar bhi karta hoon.. mujhe hug karo na' and he went into his imagination where anjali leaves Rajeev and runs towards atul  to hug him and a cute smile glittered his face..
Armaan notices him smiling 'oye atul..!! tujhe anji ko uski baahon mein dekh kar khushi ho rahi hai?'
Atul comes out of his dream and again sees anjali hugging Rajeev.. and his face fainted again
Seeing this Rahul's eyes were now stuck on Muskaan only.. he was wondering if she too will go and hug him??
And as anjali departed, she introduced muskaan to him and so as other girls Muskaan too hugged Rajeev
Looking at this, Rahul's face also faded' 'mujhe nahi pata tha muskaan bhi aisa kar sakti hai' woh yeh kaise bhool gayi ki woh meri biwi hai?? Shayad woh mujhe apna pati hi nahi maanti'
And soon muskaan too departed.
All the girls were really happy and excited, while boys were not so happy.. they can see the competition cum problem in front of them.
Riddhima shouts with excitement and holds Rajeev's hand 'OMG!! Rajeev.. tum yahaan.. I can't believe this.. tum yahan kaise?? '
Rajeev smiles at her childhood 'riddhima control yaar' main yahan as a senior doctor aaya hoon..aur ab se tum logon ka supervisor bhi hoon'
Armaan continuously stare on their hands with a lot of anger, but showing a weird smile on his if he is very happy to see that riddhima knows him from past.
An: wooow Rajeev.. tum aa gaye toh aisa lag raha hai sanjeevani mein jaan aa gayi..
Listening this Atul thought ' anjali tumhe toh yaad hi nahi.. maine jo tumhe plant gift kiya tha.. sanjeevani mein jaan toh usse aayi thi.. iss Rajeev se thodi na koi jaan aayi hai.. balki yeh toh meri jaan le raha hai.. meri jaan tum anjali.. yeh tumhe mujhse le raha hai..'
Boys were feeling completely left out.. All the conversation was happening between girls and THE DR. RAJEEV..
Armaan couldn't take that any more.. he has been waiting for so long but Rajeev is not leaving ridzi's hand.. so he hopped in
'aheemmmmmmmmmmmm' Armaan cleared his throat to grab the attention
Riddhima sees him and introduces him to Rajeev
Ri: Rajeev yeh dr. armaan hain'
Raj: ohh hi
Armaan chose to shake hands with him so that he leaves her hand at least..
Ar: hi.. nice to have you here
As armaan shake his hands he left ridzi's hand' 'yayy!! Mission accomplished' A smile approached his face
Every one introduces themselves with Dr. Rajeev..and soon they all went to their work.
Armaan goes to riddhima and ask her to come out.. She goes out of the ward and asks 'kya hua armaan??'
Ar: shh'chalo mere sath
Ri: par kahan?? armaan patients wait kar rahe hain
But he manages to take her to the fire escape..
Ri: kya hua armaan..tum aise kyun behave kar rahe ho?
Ar: acha!! Main aise behave kar raha hoon.. pata hai maine tumhe kitna miss kiya raat bhar
A smile approached her face
Ri: acha?
Armaan sees her getting his impact
Ar: aur pata hai main raat bhar so bhi nahi paaya
Ri: (blushes) kyun?
Armaan goes close to her
Ar: tumhari wajah se
Riddhima looks at him surprisingly
Ri: (innocently) meri wajah se??maine aisa kya kiya?
Armaan loved the way she asked it, she is so innocent.
He goes even closer to her and pins her in the wall
Ar: Pata hai kitne dino se tumne mujhe
Riddhima blushed hard out'
Ar: oye hoye! Not bad basket bina kuch kahe hi samajh gayi?
Ridzi feels proud, she just got a compliment
So puts her arms around his neck
Ri: yes dr. armaan..!! hum aapke nek iraadon ko ache se jaan chuke hain
Armaan gets naughty after hearing that
Ar: achaa.. toh batao main kya keh raha tha?
Saying this he started playing with her hair strands
Riddhima became red with his slight touch on her face
Ri: armaan.. tum keh rahe the ke
Armaan nuzzles his face on her cheeks
Ar: main keh raha tha ke?
It was now getting hard for riddhima to breath; she put her hands on his chest
Riddhima whispers.. 'Armaaaaaann'
Her warm breath on his chest made a shiver in his spine
He put his one hand on her other shoulder and kissed her neck
Riddhima closes her eyes
His touch made her fervent in his love
She tightens her grip on his chest, to control her feelings, the madness she was getting because of him
Ar: haan riddhima..main keh raha tha ke?
And kisses on her ear and slowly puts her hair strand away from her face
Riddhima was completely lost now' the love, the passion inside her went to its extreme
He kisses on her cheek and instantly she hugs him tightly
Armaan smiled and took her out of his arms
She looks at him, but his eyes were just stuck on her lips
He holds her cheeks and came very close to her
Both close their eyes
Riddhima's pager rang
Both separates from each other..
Armaan gets a bit frustrated
Ar: yeh pager humesha galat time par hi bajte hain
Ri: nahi'bilkul correct time par!
Ri: mujhe jaana hai
When she goes few stairs up, armaan holds her hand
She looks back at him
Ri: armaan..emergency hai
Ar: aur mera kya? Meri bhi toh emergency hai
And pulls her back to him
Ar: tumne yeh toh bataya nahi ke main kya keh raha tha
Ri: Armaaaaaannn!! Rajeev ka page hai..koi emergency hai.. mujhe jaane do
Armaan makes puppy face
Ar: achaaa'. Jao
And leaves her hand, she sees him feeling sad.. so she gives a quick peck on his cheek and runs away
Armaan all happy now
Ar: oyee hoyee!! I love her.. par uss Rajeev ka kuch karna padega!
Ri: Rajeev.. kya hua? Koi emergency hai?
Raj: Nahi.. maine socha lunch time ho gaya hai.. so chalo canteen chalte hain
Ri: Rajeev you are too much.. mujhe laga koi emergency hai..isiliye tumhe mujhe bulaya
Raj: kyun bhook lagna kya emergency nahi hoti?
Riddhima laughs at this
Raj: acha chalo ab
In the canteen
Ri: Rajeev..mujhe tumhe kuch batana hai
Raj: kya??? batao
Riddhima blushes
Raj: kya hua ridzi tum itna sharma kyun rahi ho?
Ri: woh Rajeev.. I know mujhe tumhe pehle hi bata dena chahiye tha par tum yahan the hi nahi
Rajeev gets anxious
Raj: par baat kya hai??
Ridzi holds his hand
Ri: (shyly) I am in love
Raj: WHAT?? You are what?
Ri: Rajeeeev..plz aise act mat karo.. and promise me you will keep this secret with you
Raj: I can't believe this you know.. meri riddhu ko bhi kissi se pyaar ho sakta hai
Ridzi blushes even more
And before Rajeev could have asked anytging more, all the girls and Armaan came in the canteen.
An: hey guys'kya ho raha hai akele akele
Raj: kuch nahi pyaar mohabbat ki baatien
Armaan thrills listening to that..and especially after seeing Rajeev and Riddhima holding each other's hand.
Mu: kya baat hai.. lagta hai hum galat waqt par aa gaye
Anjali, muskaan and Rajeev laughs at that
Ri: nahi muskaan aisa kuch bhi nahi hai.. Rajeev mere bachpan ka dost hai.. And I am so happy he has come
An: haan woh to hai
Armaan fumes at that.. 'bachpan ka dost!! Matlab kya hai?? Mera bas chalta toh iss bachpan ke dost ko bachcha bana kar football ki tarah kick karta'
Ar: Riddhima tum yahan kaise? Mujhe toh laga tum kisi emergency case ke liye gayi ho
Ri: haan armaan..woh actually Rajeev ne hi bulaya tha, he wanted to have lunch
Armaan madden at this, 'lunch matlab meri riddhima ko khaayega kyaaa?'
Ar: (in anger) Mujhe kuch kaam yaad aa gaya hai..isiliye mujhe jaana hai
And he goes from there
Ri: armaaan..ruko toh.. kahan jaa rahe ho?
Rajeev notices ridzi's special attention towards Armaan
An: ridzi chill yaar..kuch kaam hoga
Raj: tum ladkiyon ki na bas yahi ek bahut badi problem hai tum logon ke sath
Mu: problem? Matlab?
Raj: yahi ki tum sab log ladkon ke peeche bhaagti rehti ho
Mu: hum kissi ke peeche nahi bhaagte.. balki woh log humare peeche bhaagte hain
Raj: acha aisa hai toh prove karo
An: woh kaise?
Raj: hum har ek ladke ke sath prank khelenge.. and then we will see how they react! Aur agar fir bhi woh tumhare paas aaye then you won
Mu: good.. chalo sath mein ladko ka test bhi ho jaayega..what say girls
An: Done!!
Ri: yes definitely
Raj: ok'done! Toh tum teeno ko dikhana hoga ke ladke tumhare liye kuch bhi kar sakte hain..BUT if you failed..toh tumhe meri baat maan ni padegi
All Girls: DONE!!


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