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part 15 : Woh Lamhe,

"Riddhimaaaaa" he shouted in a shock.. Everyone turns around and finds the whole Gupta family in front of them.. "Riddhima.. yeh tumne kya kiya??? Tumne yun aise.. shaadi kar li?? Humein ek baar bataane ki bhi zaroorat nahi samjhi..?? tum ek baar keh kar to dekhti Riddhima.. hum tumhari shaadi isse karwa dete.. but I think you never trusted me..your father.." Shashank busted his anger, he was completely annoyed after noticing Armaan, the same person with whom she accidently got married and after declining his proposal she again married to him, while Anji stopped him in between "no.. dad.. please calm down.. I am sure iske peeche koi reason zaroor hoga.. dad we trust Ridzi.. woh kuch bhi aisa kaam nahi kar sakti jisse aapko sharminda hona pade…"

"You are right Anjali.. meri Riddhima cannot do this.. sure issne usse apni baaton mein behlaya hoga.. you don't worry Riddhima.. I will tackle him.. " Shashank happily blamed it all on Armaan. With the sudden jerk of so many questions, so many accusations she was puzzled.. what just happened??

She was frowned.. she stood there just like an idol.. she never assumed all this to happen in such a sudden.. she didn't apprehend what she just did.. she got married to Armaan.. without her family around.. how could she do that?? What was wrong with her in those past moments, why didn't she realize.. running through that balcony happens only in movies.. not in real life.. her whole life was in a mess now..

She turns and looks at Armaan who was just standing there, taking up all the false accusations on him.. he was not at fault, but still he was taking responsibility for it.. only for her.. he never did anything that was wrong.. he loved her.. and love is no crime.. this time the marriage wasn't an accident.. it was very well done in the consent of both of them. Why would then everyone just blame him?? She couldn't take it anymore.. she accepted the fact that she is now married.. married to her love.. now she is Mrs. Riddhima Armaan Mallik and they all are hurting her husband.. but now she has to make them all understand it..

"Papa.." she softly shifted their concentration on her.. she swiftly holds Shashank's hand.. and explained " papa.. mujhe pata hai.. jo sab hua.. woh aise nahi hona chahiye tha.. aapke bahut saare armaan the mere liye.. meri shaadi ke liye.. aur mujhe poora yakeen hai ki main aapko ek baar kehti aur aap haste haste meri shaadi Armaan ke saath karwa dete.. par papa.. jo hua.. ab woh ho gaya.. I love him papa.. aur usne mere saath koi zabardasti nahi ki.. yeh hum dono ka faisla tha.. " she then turns towards Padma and holds her hand too " mama.. aap hi batao.. pehle jo humari shaadi accidently hui thi.. kya woh bhagwaan ki marzi nahi thi?? Aur ab yeh bhi bhagwaan ki marzi hi hai ma.. mujhe aur kissi se nahi Armaan se hi pyaar hua.. aur mujhe pata hai main Armaan se jyada kissi aur ke saath khush nahi rahoongi.. mujhe yeh karna pada ma.. apne liye.. apne pyaar ke liye.."

She fell down on her knees crying in front of them.. "mama.. papa.. iss mein Armaan ki koi galti nahi hai.. pleasee humein maaf kar di jeeye.. ma.. pleasee..".. Something deep inside really hurt Armaan seeing Ridzi in such a state.. he immediately goes towards her and put his hands on her shoulders to support her. Padma too bent down and hugged her tightly.. She was fully supporting her… Everyone's heart were melting, seeing her position.. after all they were her parents.. they would not be happy if their daughter is not..

"Shashank.. please.. main apni beti ko aise rote hue nahi dekh sakti.. please keh di jeeye ki aapko yeh shaadi manzoor hai..pleasee.. Armaan ek bahut hi samajhdar aur acha ladka hai.. mujhe uss par poora yakeen hai.. woh humari Riddhu ko humesha khush rakhega" Padma literally pleaded for her daughter's happiness.

After thinking a while, Shashank decided to give it a thought atleast, "Armaan.. does your parents know about it?" but Armaan fumbled in terror "nnnn..nno sir.. " he said facing down the floor.. "I cannot believe this.. you both are so immature.. you both didn't find it important to tell your parents atleast.. that's really disgusting.." After taking a pause and gulping the anger he continued "ok fine.. now I want you to call your parents right now." he announced.

" I have already called them.. woh bas aate hi honge" Abhi replied in between.. "By the way Armaan.. what do you do? I don't have any knowledge about you what so ever.. and being a father… mujhe haq hai yeh jaan ne ka" He asked him in a very strict voice..Armaan was already bobbling so much.. He was very terrified with the abrupt accusations from Shashank.. "I.. I am… I am a doctor".. Shashank was rather surprised to hear that.

"ohh.. I see.. in which hospital?" "Sanjeevani sir" he answered as if he was giving viva to his teacher.. "Sanjeevani??" he was amazed. "Yes dad.. his dad is the owner of Sanjeevani.. remember that day we went to the presentation.. woh Armaan ne hi di thi.. Armaan wahan ek bahut hi acha senior doctor hai" Anji gave all the knowledge about him. Shashank found a sudden respect for Armaan after listening about his family background and he himself has a great future..

Immediately Shubhankar enters the temple and shocks finding Armaan Riddhima married like that.. "Armaan.. what is this??.. tumne shaadi kar li??" he was totally confused, when Abhi narrated him the whole story.

"So.. Dr. Shubhankar.. what do you have to say about it??" Shashank asked him straight away.. He thought for a while, capturing those past moments.. he slowly held his thoughts and said "Like what I said last time.." he went closer to Riddhima and put his hand on her head "Ab Riddhima humare ghar ki bahu hai.. Mujhe iss shaadi mein koi buraai nazar nahi aati" he accepted it with the happiness.

Everyone was surprised yet happy to find a big a supporter for them. Armaan quickly goes towards him and hugs him tightly "Thanks dad".. his happiness was clearly seen on his face.. Riddhima too got this sudden positive energy.. she felt even stronger that what she has done is correct.. there is someone atleast who is supporting them.. their love..

"Dekhiye Dr. Gupta.. jo ho gaya so ho gaya.. ab humari khushi ussi mein hai jismein humare bachchon ki khushi hai.. Mujhe toh Riddhima humesha se hi bahut pyaari si.. masoom si lagti hai.. humari koi beti nahi hai.. ab sochenge.. humein bhi ek beti mil gayi.. kyun Riddhima.. banogi humari beti?" Shubhankar asked her teasingly to which she too hugged him..

Gupta family notices her happiness, her laughter and the support she was getting from them..what else they wanted. They were happy to see her in a completely new way.. Shashank gets closer to her and kissed her forehead affectionately when the tears from his eyes were unstoppable "kitni badi ho gayi hai meri beti.. abhi kal ki hi toh baat lagti hai jab tum papa..papa.. kehna seekh rahi thi.. aur aaj dekho.. tumhare do do papa ho gaye… beta.. kabhi iss papa ko bhool mat jana..", he got very emotional thinking of her lovely daughter, to whom he brought up with so much of love and affection is going away, to her new home, to her new family.

All were happy that Shashank finally has accepted this marriage, and he is satisfied that his daughter will be happy.. the whole gupta family and hugged her all together, weeping heartedly.. she is soon going to be away from them.. their daughter, a very important part of them..

Shashank goes towards Armaan, who was standing there folding his hands.. seeing him Shashank too folded his.. "Beta.. I am sorry…maine tumhe jo abhi kaha…" Armaan instantly gets hold of his hands "arey.. yeh aap kya kar rahe hain.. aap humare bade hain.. aur apna haath sirf humein aashirwaad dene ke liye uthaiye..".. what Shashank sensed was right.. he is really a gem and hugged him immediately.

"Di.. tum kyun ro rahi ho.. tumhare liye to acha hai na.. ab se poora room tumhara ho jaayega.. ab rehna maje se wahan pe.. mere saath toh humesha ladti rehti thi na" Ridzi teased Anji seeing her sobbing so much.. "Nahi chahiye mujhe woh room Ridzi.. tumhara bed humesha tumhara hi rahega.. aur woh tumhara stupid teddy.. humesha usse hug karke soti ho na.. ab ussi ko hug kar liya karoongi.. sochungi tumhe hug kar liya.." both hugged each other tightly.. Putting up there emotions.. their childhood..

After a while, when the atmosphere become light Shubhankar said folding his hands "Acha.. Gupta ji.. humein ijazat dijiye.. ab humein chalna chahiye..", Armaan too goes towards them and touches their feet.. they give blessings to him and says "Beta.. humari Riddhima ka khayal rakhna.. agar isse koi galti ho jaaye to please usse maaf kar dena.. abhi bhi woh bachchi hi hai.. kahin bar bahut emotional bhi ho jati hai.. beta please sambhaal lena.." Padma said it all in a worry.. she was worried how will she manage her new family alone..

"Don't worry.. hum sab hain Riddhima ke paas.. aur bahu nahi beti le kar jaa rahe hain hum" Shubhankar replied, but Armaan added "and I promise you aunty ji ab se Riddhima ki aankhon mein kabhi aansoon nahi aane dunga.. main iska poora poora khayal rakhunga" Armaan assured them.. Listening his deliberations all get gratified and hugged them before bidding them good-bye.

Throughout the journey in car, Armaan kept on holding her hand.. He wanted to make her feel that he is with him..and will always be.. so what she has left one family.. there is another one waiting for her.. to welcome her. They were now ready to step in their new lives..

Soon they reach the Mallik Mansion, Shubhankar ring the door the bell, and Keerti answers to it. And to their surprise, she wasn't shocked but was happy to see them. Armaan panics thinking may be she doesn't know anything about it, "mom.. woh actually.." he was lost for words.. he didn't knew how exactly to explain the situation but her smile even broadened..

"Mujhe pata hai Armaan.. Shubhankar ne mujhe phone par sab bata diya tha.. aur tu humare liye itni pyaari bahu laaya hai.. ab ismein humein kya problem hogi?? Problem toh isse hogi.. jo ab isse tujhe sambhalna padega"  Keerti said teasingly pointing towards Riddhima.. Armaan Riddhima both smiles looking at each other. They were about to move inside and Keerti stops them "Abhi ruko.. nayi bahu ka swagat to karne do..". She asks Atul to bring up some stuff that she has prepared. He immediately goes and brings out a kalash full of rice and an aarti plate.

"Ma.. yeh sab.." Armaan was obliged to see it all.. "Karne de Armaan.. yeh toh Keerti ka haq banta hai.." Shubhankar patted his back. She quickly takes the aarti of both of them, putting the small tilak on their foreheads. She then asks Riddhima to slightly push the kalash from her feet.. after that all enters their home.

Riddhima was very mixed of feelings; she really does not know anyone there. It was totally a new family, new home and new people around her.  It was the first time she realizes that yes; she has really taken such a big step.. She shivered thinking, how will she be able to adjust in between all this.. She never had to think for what she do at her home.. but now she doesn't know, if they would like it or not.. She was trembling with all the miscellaneous thoughts.

As they entered the home, Armaan introduced everyone to Riddhima.. "Riddhima.. yeh mere pa hai.. tum toh already jaanti ho inhe right..abhi kuch der pehle mandir mein hi mile the.." she smiled.. "Agar aap nahi hote toh pata nahi yeh sab kaun sambhalta.." she expressed her feelings as they bent down to touch his feets.. Shubhankar immediately puts his hand on them "Khush raho..".. "aisi bhi kya baat hai.. kya main apne bachchon ke liye itna bhi nahi kar sakta?" he slowly kissed her forehead.

They turned, and finds Keerti up there.. "Riddhima.. yeh meri mom hai.. world ki sabse pyaari mom.. par thodi strict bhi.. bas dikhati hain strict hain.. magar ander se she is very soft ma.. " he described her mum to her, in other words he literally buttered her.. "Haan haan.. rehne de.. ab itna butter kissi aur ko lagana.." she said mischievously. They both again bends down and take her blessings.. "jeete raho.." she holds Riddhima from her shoulders and give her two gold bangles..

"Aunty.. yeh main kaise.." she mumbled.. "Aunty nahi.. ma.. tum meri bahu nahi beti ho.. aur waise bhi yeh pushtaini kangan hai.. meri saas ne mujhe diye the.. aur ab main tumhe de rahi hoon", Ridzi gets a huge smile on her face along with water in her eyes.. they were the first bangles she ever got.. "yeh mere pehle kangan hain.." she announced emotionally to which Keerti added.."Aur mere bhi.." Both laughs at this..

"Ab meri beti aa gayi hai mere paas.. meri side lene ke liye… ab tum teeno bachke rehna" she said cheerfully pointing towards the three men (Shubhankar, Armaan and Atul).

"Ma.. not fair.. maine kabhi kuch kaha hai kya aapko??.. main toh aapki saari baatien bhi maanta hoon.." Atul pouted very cutely hugging her mum.. "Haan haan.. bas ek mera yeh hi pyaara beta hai.. jo mumma ki saari baatien maanta hai" she cupped his face.

"Riddhima yeh Atul hai.. meri bhai.. mera dost.. yeh hum sabka ladla hai…" Armaan said caressing Atul's hair.. "Babhi.. ab main aapka devar hua.." he was very pleased to say that.. "Haan bachu.. bhabhi ka sabse ladla bhi devar hi hota hai.. ab yeh tumhari zimmedari hai ki bhabhi ko kaise khush rakhna hai..samjhe Atul" Shubhankar proudly gave him the responsibility to which his face lighted up.

"bhabhi… aap mujhe apna sabse acha dost samajhiye.. taaki jab bhi bhaiya se baat manvaani hogi tab aap hi toh meri help karogi na..".. "done!" she replied as they shake hands with each other teasing Armaan..

Armaan fumed seeing Atul and Ridzi made their own team.. but at the same time he was delighted to see his family  and Riddhima are accepting each other with such happiness.

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