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Saturday, 26 November 2016

part 16 : Bheege pal

Raj: Toh tum teeno ko dikhana hoga ke ladke tumhare liye kuch bhi kar sakte hain..BUT if you failed..toh tumhe meri baat maan ni padegi
All Girls: DONE!!
From outside the canteen, all the boys were looking at the view.. all the girls were laughing, talking' pretty much very busy with rajeev..
They all were getting really jealous, the girls were treating them as if they don't exist.
At: (singing)Jiya jale jaan jale..

Armaan and rahul both looks at him with the amaze
At: Jiya jale jaan jale..naino tale..dhuan chale dhuan chale
Ra: oye kya ga raha hai?
Atul turns around
At: main nahi dekh sakta anjali ko aise.. pata hai mera jiya kitna jal raha hai
Armaan puts his arm around his shoulder
Ar: I can understand champ
At: nahi' tujhe kuch nahi pata.. meri anjali ne kabhi mere podhon (plants) se bhi aise baat nahi ki.. jaise woh uss Rajeev se kar rahi hai
Ra: mujhe bhi kuch aisa hi lag raha hai.. muskaan meri biwi ho kar aise behave kar rahi hai jaise ki uski shaadi hi nahi hui
Ar: tum dono ki haalat dekh kar.. ab mujhe hi kuch sochna padega
At: haan mere bhai, mere dost, mere yaar.. kuch soch na.. main apni anjali ko apne saut ke sath nahi dekh sakta
Armaan and rahul both gets puzzled
Ar & Ra: saut???
At: haan..rajeev.. mera saut
Ar: phewww'acha toh aaj shaam ko mere ghar par aana..wahin sochenge humara plan dr. Rajeev se peecha chudao
At: haan theek hai.. thanks armaan.. tu hi mera sabse acha dost hai..
Atul hugs him
Ra: aur mera bhi Hug
Next day morning in sanjeevani
First was anjali's turn..
Anjali goes to Atul who was talking to his plants
Rajeev was hiding behind the wall to listen to their conversation
At: bunty aur babli..bunty aur bably..inn dono ki jodi shamat shamat aur qayamat yaaron'hoo hoo
An: ahem ahem..
She cleared her throat
but Atul didn't replied
At: bunty..babli' dekho ache bachchon ki tarah bilkul shararat mat karna ok..papa ka kehna maanoge na..
Anjali tries again
An: hi atul
And she sat next to him
Atul looks at anji and couldn't believe she is sitting next to him..he was about to faint..but then he controlled
An: atul'maine hi kaha
At: (stammering) hhhhiiii anjjaalliii
And he immediately turned his face to his plants.. if he kept on staring at her'he would have fainted right away
Anjali was confused with his behavior today.. why was he not responding her the way he always do' so she decides to put some extra effort
She puts her hand on his hand
An: so atul yeh bunty aur bably kaun hai..mujhe nahi bataoge?
Atul shakes with her touch' he was shivering
So without even listening of what she was saying..he ran away
Anjali was so shocked to see that' that was not at all what she expected.. she was pretty much confident that atul will agree with whatever she says.. but hell no' she was wrong.. and she lost her bet with Rajeev
Rajeev with a big smile goes to anji
Raj: so anjali.. dr. atul toh yahan se chale gaye..
Anjali is all annoyed
An: m sure koi aur baat hai.. give me one more chance.. woh meri saari baatien maanega
Rajeev's smile even broadens and sits next to her
Raj: you had your fair chance' but sorry bad luck!! Tum haar gayi
Anjali makes the sad face.. and puts her head on his shoulder
Rajeev puts her arm around her
Raj: aww..dont worry anji..abhi do ladkiyan baaki hai
An: hmm..i hope they win
Just then Atul enters the room to say sorry to anji..but finds her in rajeev's arms.. he was stunned looking that..
Anjali sees him and leaves rajeev's shoulder
An: atul??
Atul had tears in his eyes.. unlimited number thoughts stroke his mind.. by now he got the fair idea that anjali doesn't love him..she only loves rajeev
Anjali stuns looking at that.. why atul has tears in his eyes
An: atul kya hua?? Tum aise'
And before she could complete her sentence Atul went from there'and anjali followed him..
Rajeev smiles
Raj: Chalo'inka kaam toh ho gaya'ab baari hai doosre couple ki
Raj: so muskaan are you ready?
Mu: haan haan.. usmein tension ki kya baat hai.. rahul toh meri ungliyon pe naachta hai
Raj: ohhh' let's see
Mu: pehle yeh toh batao..mujhe karna kya hai?
Raj: its very simple.. ismein sister pinky bhi humara sath dengi'jab rahul yahan se aayega..tab tum dono wahan uske saamne jaana.. aur uske ek dum paas aate hi girne ki acting karna..
Mu: girna padega.. chalo woh toh koi nahi'magar girne se kya hoga?
Raj: agar woh tumhe bachata hai, so that means u win.. aur agar woh sister pinky ko bachata hai so you know the rest..
Mu: mujhe pata hai rahul mujhe hi pakdega
Pi: (with attitude) I wish the same' par mujhe dekh kar ache ache fisal gaye hain..rahul kya cheez hai
Muskaan shows her angry eyes
Mu: oyee'tu bhool mat woh mera pati hai.. samjhi na
Raj: haan muskaan woh jaanti hai.. acha ab tum dono jao rahul aata hi hoga..all the best
Mu: thanks..
She prays baba ji'and goes to the corridor..
Rahul soon came there, but he was reading his file..
Muskaan and pinky goes towards him'
Their heart was beating faster and faster
Step by step they were getting close to each other
Rahul was constantly looking at his file
Muskaan panicking looks at Rajeev
Rajeev shows her thumbs up'saying all the best and keep going
Muskaan then sees sister Pinky'she was much closer to rahul.. so she speedens herself and gets in front of her.
Pinky cannot see herself at the back so she too hurriedly goes in front of her'
Now instead of looking at rahul, they both were busy with their own fight..
And then they all BUMPED!!!!
All of them on the floor and all the papers from rahul's file were falling on them..
Muskaan quickly gets up to see what was happening and where is rahul.. but gets shocked to see the sight
Sister Pinky was on the top on rahul
Muskaan stands up
But rahul a bit confused.. what was happening.. he was simultaneously glaring at both of them.. muskaan and pinky
While pinky was just staring at rahul' she didn't even realize if they have fallen down
Muskaan gets very angry
Mu: rahul tu aur sister pinky'chiii
And she turns the opposite side
Rahul gets tensed if she is misunderstanding him.. but is unable to stand up because of sister pinky still on the top of him
He hesitantly pushes her and gets up
Ra: muskaan'yeh tu kya keh rahi hai
Mu: haan main sahi keh rahi hoon.. mujhe pata nahi tha tu aisa niklega
Ra: (confused) main aise niklunga?? Maine kiya kya hai?
Muskaan looks at sister pinky angrily
Mu: doosri ladkiyon ke sath kya kya karte ho..aur poochte ho maine kiya kya hai' haayee rabba.. maine isse shaadi hi kyun ki??
Rahul looks at her shocked..
It was not at all expected to him.. muskaan is saying why she married him.. its unbelievable.. she doesn't like him..
His eyes filled up with tears
Ra: haan tu mujhse shaadi karke fas gayi hai na.. don't worry tujhe jald hi main apne aap se chutkara dilwadunga..
Saying this he goes from there..
And then muskaan realizes what she said.. it was all wrong.. she never meant that.. how can she leave him like this..especially when for the first time she was getting so much love and attention..
Rajeev observes the situation and once again a smile stroke his face
Raj: good work dr. Rajeev.. now 4 down' 2 more to go
Raj: so ridzi are you ready?
Ri: haan.. magar karna kya hai?
Raj: udhar dekho' woh Sonia hai.. armaan ki ex-girlfriend..
Ridzi looks at Rajeev surprisingly
Ri: tumhe kaise pata?
Raj: that's not important.. woh abhi armaan ko milne ja rahi hai..
Ri: haan toh?
Raj: toh tum bhi jao.. aur dekho armaan tumhe usse introduce kaise karwata hai.. agar usne sahi sahi kaha ki woh uski ex-girlfriend hai'that means you win.. aur agar usne kuch aur kaha..toh samajh jana ke woh tumhe trust nahi karta
Ri: ok..done..!! mujhe pata hai armaan mujhse kabhi kuch nahi chupayega
Raj: lets hope..go now
Ri: ok
Sonia goes to armaan in the general ward
So: hi armaan..
Ar: tum yahan kya kar rahi ho?
So: kyun armaan..mujhe yahan dekh kar tumhe khushi nahi hui?
Ar: mujhe tumhe dekh kar kyun khushi hogi?? Aur main abhi duty par hoon..tum jao yahan se
So: armaan tum mujhe jaane ko keh rahe ho?? Pehle toh mujhe humesha apne paas bulaate the.. kahin tumhe koi nayi girlfriend to nahi mil gayi?
Ar: isse tumhe kya?? You just go
So: acha toh yeh baat hai.. armaan dekhte jao main tumhari nayi girlfriend ko kya kya baatien batati hoon.. aur fir woh tumhe chod kar chali jaayegi..aur tum sirf mere hoge.. sirf mere
Ar: you dare not do anything..nahi toh mujhse bura koi nahi hoga
So: tumse acha bhi koi nahi hai armaan.. I love you.. and I can do anything to get you
And here enters ridzi
Ri: hi armaan'
Armaan shocks to see her there' 'ohh nooo'.. riddhima is here?? What is she doing here..?? what if Sonia gets to know she is my gf..no way.. I won't let that happen.. kuch soch armaan kuch soch.. kuch toh karna padega..'
Ar: hhhhi riddhima
Ridzi looks at Sonia and asks armaan
Ri: armaan busy ho?
Ar: busy..nahi..kuch khaas nahi.. riddhima main tumse baad mein baat karta hoon ok
Ri: armaan yeh kaun hai?
Ar: yeh' yeh meri patient hai..sonia
Sonia looks at armaan
So: yeh sahi keh rahe hain.. inhone mera dil churaya hai' aur main inki dil ki mareez hoon.. kyun armaan darling..
Riddhima looks at her shockingly
And armaan finds himself in a great trouble'he knew this is going to make his life all messed up
Ar: excuse me.. main toh aapko jaanta tak nahi.. who are you?? And just get lost
Ri: armaan.. mujhe sach sach batao yeh kaun hai?
Ar: main bhi nahi jaanta..
Ridzi gets tears in her eyes.. 'armaan mujhe trust nahi karta' woh mujhse pyar hi nahi karta'I hate you armaan..i hate you..' and goes away from there..
Armaan keeps on calling her 'riddhima..riddhima''.
Rajeev laughs looking all that..
Raj: all down' well done dr. Rajeev.. aap toh mohobbatien ke shahrukh khan ban gaye ho'
Saying this he too leaves from there'

Precap: All confesses their love, and a happy ending.


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