Tuesday, 15 November 2016

part 16 : Woh Lamhe,

It was already evening after they finished their dinner. "Chalo.. ab dinner ke baad I am feeling very sleepy.. I am off to bed.. Good Night everyone" Shubhankar wished everyone and went inside her room.. "main fatafat yeh saara samaan andar rakh deti hoon.. tum log bhi araam karo" Keerti started clearing up the dinning table. Seeing her working, Riddhima too stood up and started to tidy up.. "Nahi nahi.. Riddhima.. tum mat karo.. abhi nayi nayi shaadi hui hai tumhari.. aur ghar ki nayi dulhan yeh sab kaam nahi karti" Keerti explained her the rituals.. She smiles nodding her head.

After Keerti finished up, she too went to her bedroom to sleep. Now it was just Armaan, Riddhima, Atul and Abhi left at the lounge.. "Chalo.. bachchon ab araam karo.. " Abhi said teasingly to the newly wed. Armaan looks at Ridzi and finds her just looking at the floor, lost in her own thoughts.. "Haan bachchon.. ab apne ghar jaake araam karo" Armaan answered sarcastically pointing him that he should go home now..

"Arey wah.. bhabhi aa gayi toh ab doston ko aise bhagaa raha hai.. dekh Atul.. ab humari koi value hi nahi rahi" Abhi said making a fake sad face.. ".. to which Atul replied "nahi nahi.. actually bhai ko bhabhi ke saath akele waqt bitana hai.. kyun bhai.." Abhi gave a high 5 to him, making Armaan indeed surprised "Champ. .tu bhi..  main toh bas iss liye keh raha tha.. kal tujhe Sanjeevani nahi jaana?".. "Haan.. jaana to hai.. magar abhi aisa lag raha hai.. tujhe apne room mein jaane ki jyada jaldi ho rahi hai.." Abhi said making them feel even embarrassed..

All the time Riddhima just kept on tossing her fingers, all those Abhi and Atul's talk was making her nervous, indeed scared. She will be all-alone with Armaan for the whole night. How is she going to deal with everything? What would be his expectations from her as a wife..She was totally confused.

Armaan was very much irritated now. He thought he only has to do something, otherwise Abhi will just waste all the night in this teasing session.. He excused himself and went inside for a while. All were puzzled why has he gone in such a sudden.

After he came back Abhi asked him furiously "kyun Armaan.. kahan gaye the..?? kuch special taiyaari karne?" he laughed as he again didn't miss a chance to tease him.. "nahi kuch nahi.. bas yun hi gaya tha.. ab apne ghar mein ghoomne ke liye tujhse permission leni padegi?" he replied ironically.

Soon Abhi's phone rang, "Haan.. abhi.. ok.. main aa raha hoon".. he disconnected the phone.. "kya hua" asked Armaan hiding his mischievous smile. "kuch nahi.. woh Sanjeevani mein ek emergency case aa gaya.. I gotto go.." he acknowledged.. "ohh… that's sad.. but that's what our profession is all about.." he teased him back.. "yea right.." he made faces and turned around.. "chal.. main chalta hoon.. you take care ok.. ok bhabhi.. byee..have a great night.. bye atul" he bid bye to everyone and took few steps back.

Suddenly he notices something in Armaan's eyes.. he turns back.. and realizes.. this phone.. he got.. "Ab samajh mein aaya tu andar kya karne gaya tha.. nice move" Abhi winked at Armaan..he actually caught his trick, in reality Armaan went inside to call Sanjeevani and ask them to call Abhi for any emergency case. While both Ridzi and Atul were confused.

"Acha Atul.. ab tum bhi so jao.. its quite late..", Atul nodded his head as a good boy and left wishing both "good night" along with a naughty smile. Now it was only Armaan and Riddhima sitting up there quietly. Breaking the silence Armaan said "Riddhima.. chalien".. she nodded her head anxiously.

Both stood up and went upstairs silently. As they reach the room, Armaan opened the door for her as she entered. They were mesmerized to see the decorations of the room. It was completely decorated with the scented red and white lilies, with small candles glowing the whole room with its light. It was looking scenic.

As they moved few more steps, Armaan was actually surprised to see his room so tidy. He remembered when he saw his room last time, it was almost impossible to even reach out to the bed. All his clothes, towel, shoes, boxing gloves, weights were all in its way.

She looks around the room carefully; it was completely her dream room. Everything there was perfect, huge olden bed, family photos, a huge Armaan's portrait on the wall, a walk-in wardrobe, a nice dressing table, and a huge window that gives the perfect moonlight.. everything seemed so perfect.

"Welcome Riddhima.. ab se yeh humara room hai" he was indeed happy to share his room with her. "Its beautiful Armaan", she softly whispered while glaring at the room. Although it anxious him.. "hmm.. Riddhima.. sorry but yeh decorations maine nahi kiye.." he fumbled.. Looking at him she smiled, "Offcourse Armaan mujhe pata hai.. main toh room ki baat kar rahi hoon.. its so perfect, so beautiful" his lips curved with the smile, but it didn't stayed there for longer.. "and yes, tidy.." she added to the list..

Armaan was horrified to listen that .."What??".. " Kya hua armaan.. Main toh bas yeh keh rahi hoon ke.. thank god you are a tidy person.. meri aur di ki humesha issi baat pe ladai hoti thi.. woh kabhi apna samaan theek se nahi rakhti thi.. but iss room ko dekh kar aisa lag raha hai.. mujhe aapse yeh shikayat kabhi nahi hogi" she expressed her happiness bringing Armaan to panic.

Though he didn't wanted to waste his night by telling her about his untidiness.. "Riddhima tum yahan aao", he took her near the window in the moonlight. Both looks at the moon together, it was a full moon that night..it looked so striking.. the way moon was complete today, they too were going to be complete.

"Riddhima.. pata hai iss din ke liye main kab se intezaar kar raha tha.. tumhe yakeen nahi hoga.. par main roz yeh sapna dekhta tha ki tum kab mere ghar mein meri dulhan ban kar aaogi.. aur kab main haq se tumhe apna kahunga.." his notorious smile, showing his affection to her, touched her heart..

His words seemed so true, so pure.. Her shivering felt very low after she started feeling comfortable with him.. "Riddhima.. log kehte hain ki shaadi ki pehli raat ko ek ache husband ko apni beautiful si wife ko ek gift dena chahiye.. magar main tumhare liye kuch nahi laa saka.." he said pouting, "kya main acha husband nahi hoon?" she giggled at his innocence.

"Armaan.. mujhe kuch nahi chahiye.. mujhe aap mil gaye... aur itni pyaari family mil gayi.. mujhe aur kya chahiye..hmm.." She assured him. But he nodded his head.. "nahi Riddhima.. yeh toh tum ek achi wife hone ki duty nibha rahi ho..issiliye bol rahi ho.. agar tum mujhse kuch nahi maangna chahti.. toh theek hai main hi tumhe kuch de deta hoon."

She gulped her throat after listening his last sentence.. "woh kya?".. he took out a very pretty red rose from his pocket and gave it to her.. she raised her hand to take it, but he too kept on holding it.. she looks at him confusingly.. "Riddhima.. I want to promise you something.." she looked deep in his blue eyes,

"Labon ki hasi tere naam kar dunga,
Har khushi tere naam kar dunga,
Jis din hogi kami mere pyaar mein,
Zindagi ko maut ke naam kar dunga."

She quickly puts her hand on his lips to shut him for the last sentence he said. He smiled and held his hand to continue

"tumhari ek muskurahat ke liye main poori duniya ki khushiyaan tumhare kadmon mein laa dunga.. main kabhi bhi tumhe udaas ya ek bhi aansu bahane ka mauka nahi doonga..I promise"

He kissed her forehead, which brings the emotions out of them.. it gave a deep satisfaction to her, listening all this from a husband was way different than listening it from a boy friend..

Listening him, his promise, some thoughts gathered her mind, "Armaan.. mujhe bhi aapko kuch kehna hai.." he looked at her puzzled. "Aap aaj baar baar keh rahe the na ki aap mujhe kissi aur ka hote hue nahi dekh sakte.." he was furious, he thought she might now be going to talk about Rahul.. today at their first night, again Rahul was going to come between them.

"magar main toh kissi aur ki ho hi nahi sakti Armaan.. yaad hai jab hum pehli baar Sanjeevani mein mile the.. " he remembers how he saved Riddhima by punching Abhi for misbehaving with her.. he mumbled "hmm.. yaad hai".. "uss din aapne sab ke saamne mujhe apni wife kaha tha.." he smiles at this..

"pata hai.. pehle mujhe bilkul acha nahi laga tha.. magar baad mein jab main aapko jaanne lagi.. pehchanne lagi.. tab mujhe realize hua ki aap ne woh baat yunhi nahi balki dil se kahi thi.. aur mera dil mujhe bilkul allow nahi kar raha tha ki main kissi aur ke baare mein sochoon bhi.. " She finds him standing with a stern face in some deep thoughts..

"haan Riddhima.. yeh sach hai.. jiss din humari shaadi hui thi..ussi din se maine tumhe apni patni maan liya tha.. I don't care about the world, but I cared about you.. mujhe sirf isse matlab hai ki tum kya sochti ho.. tum kya chahti ho.. aur issi liye maine tumhe force na karke, apna dil hi tumhare saamne la kar rakh diya.. mujhe bhi yakeen hota gaya ki tum ek din mere pyaar ko zaroor samjhogi… aur jab uss din board meeting mein.."

Finding him so serious, she spoke before he could complete his sentence, "aur jab mere paas itna pyaar karne wala husband ho.. toh mujhe kissi aur ki kya zaroorat.. haina.." her notorious smile glittered his face. "Love you Riddhima" he whispered closing his eyes..

He took her to the dressing table and make her sit in front of the mirror and himself went behind her.. "Pata hai.. ab main sabko keh sakunga ki mere paas chand se bhi zyada khoobsurat biwi hai.. Mrs. Riddhima Armaan Mallik..jisne meri adhoori zindagi ko poora kar diya " he complimented her beauty, her presence in his life. She blushed and no longer was able to look into his blue eyes in the mirror..

He finds her getting uneasy with her jewellery.. " kya hua Riddhima..", "yeh jewellery Armaan.. kabhi itne time ke liye carry nahi ki na.. issliye thodi irritation si ho rahi hai"..

"ohh.. aisi baat hai.." he bent down on his knees at her back, slowly whispered in her ear.. "tum kaho to nikaal doon??" the sensation that his warm breath gave by touching his ear said it all.. she squashed the cushion of her stool with her fist and closed her eyes as goose bumps all over her body started to come..

He slowly loosened her necklace, kissing her neck where exactly it was lying and took it off.  She trembled feeling his lips on her neck.. she tightened her fist to control her fire, he smiled looking how he is affecting her..

He continued, by slowly taking out the earring hook and kissing her ear keeping the earrings on the side.. his lust kept on increasing, as the number of kisses were increasing.. his infatuation make it harder for her to even breathe.. her longer and louder breathe were saying so much to him..

To take out her dupatta that was completely hooked with her dress, shifting to the other side of her he traced the safety pin on her shoulder that was tucked under the blouse.. he slowly pushed his fingers under it and pulled out the pin while kissing it.. his touch, his lips touch increased the fervour in them, it was impossible to resist now..

He bent down further; finding the next safety pin that was attached with her dress was on her waist. He trailed his fingertip on her bare stomach; enjoy seeing her stomach so much tremble with desire. To increase its throb he went closer to it and lightly kissed her belly bottoms while unpinning the dupatta..

She shivered as the butterflies in her stomach become uncontrollable.. she was scared she might not be able to control it any longer and suddenly ran away in the moonlight.. near the window.. she was unsure of why his warm touch was like so magical to her that she was ready to loose herself in his love..

Putting her dupatta on the side, he goes closer to her, while her back faced him.. he quickly pull the knot of her blouse making her back bare.. he traced his spine with his finger making her heart pounding even more and started to kiss her back immensely…

when she couldn't hold it any more, she turned around and quickly hugged him tightly. She wanted to hide herself in him.. He smiled and passionately hugged her.. moving his hands around her bare back and waist.. it was their first hug after marriage, after becoming husband and wife..and this hug was lot more different.. this time the hug seemed more powerful, more passionate, and complete.. yes, complete.. its now a husband who is completing his wife.. who promises to protect her throughout his life, who promises to give all his love and loyalty to her and only to her..

He slowly pulls his hands on her cheek and gets closer to her to kiss her, to kiss on her red passionate lips.. who are thirsty to seduce his lips..getting close to each other, they tasted each other's lips, the first time, liking it, they gave it another go, this time they kissed lightly.. unable to resist to get more.. they kissed once again.. and this time it turned out a passionate one.. enjoying the moment, she slowly took her hand on his shoulders and then to his hair.. she was nuzzling his hair that was making him insane, go more fervent..  he protectively placed his hands around her waist.. holding her as tightly as possible.. it was unbearable for them to break their kiss.. as if this kiss breaks, their world would be apart..  ultimately they got each other.. after the various days of separation.. after all the pain and fear of loosing each other, they are finally united.. their passionate kiss soon become wilder giving no more space to desperation.. but soon they broke as the breath seemed too short to hold her love..

Their heart started to beat profoundly as they again hugged each other even tightly.. they were now ready to loose each other in their love, in their fire.. kissing her lips, he picked her up in his arms and put her on the bed, covering her in his arms.. he kissed his neckline inch by inch, not leaving any space in-between..  the passion increased as he took out her blouse, holding her both the arms.. kissing her.. giving rest to their desires. The night passed..

adhoori saans thi, dhadkan adhoori thi, adhooren hum
magar ab chaand poora hain falak pe aur ab pooren hain hum



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