Friday, 18 November 2016

part 17 : Woh Lamhe,

As the sun rose, a new day started with all new desires.. As the rays stroke her eyes, the dreams in her them take the rest, making their way back to the real world.. She slightly opens her eyes and finds herself on Armaan's bare chest.. She looks at him, and finds him sleeping peacefully with his mouth open. She smiled looking at it, and then slowly pushes it to close. She gets water in her eyes while recollecting the moments from last night.. the night she spent with him, her husband felt so good.. she kissed his chest to whisper affectionately.."I Love you Armaan".

Soon she gets back to reality and looks at the time, it was already 7 in the morning. She stood up and wrapped herself with the duvet and then again sit down on the bed.. worrying what shall she wear now?? She hasn't even got her clothes bag yet..

Slowly something pulls her hand making her fall on him.. finding his eyes open and glaring at her, she sensed it was him who pulled her.. "Armaaaan.. " he keeps his finger on her lips making her shut.. "Good Morning Mrs. Riddhima Armaan Mallik" he whispered lightly making Riddhima get red.. "oyee hoyeee.. aaj lag raha hai.. morning really mein good hai.. subah subah tumhara yun sharmata hua chehra dekh kar.." it makes it even harder for her to even look at him.. she was blushing hard out.. but she knew.. if she continue to do so Armaan would never leave her.. so controlling herself she said in a strict voice "Mr. Armaan Mallik.. aaj uthne ka iraada hai ya nahi?"

He smiled at this.. "nahi..".. she looks at him with a surprise "what?".. "hmm.. uthne ka iraada bilkul nahi hai.. jab tum meri baahon mein ho to kaun kambakht chahega uthna.." he winked his eyes alerting her that anything can happen now.. he can lead to any of his naughtiness..

She tries to move but his grip tightened on her.. "Armaan.. please…".. "Acha theek hai.. bas mujhe ek good morning kiss do.. and then whatever you want" he winked again leaving no choice for Riddhima but kiss him.. he turned his face, forwarding his cheek so that she can kiss them.. assuring her that it would just be an ordinary kiss.. not a passionate one.. "pakka Armaan.. fir aap mujhe jaane doge.." she confirmed unknown to his naughty plans.. "pakka" he promised..

She closes her eyes and move forward to kiss his cheek but suddenly he turn his face.. and instead of kissing his cheeks.. she kissed his lips.. as she realized it.. she tried to break it.. but Armaan pulled her down and he himself came above her.. controlling her by his arms.. the small good morning kiss turned out to be a passionate one.. after she realized that the situation is out of her control.. she too loose herself in him and replied to him even passionately..

But the kiss broke as their breathe felt short.. taking rest in each other's arms.. both loose themselves in the moment.. Staring at each other's eyes with so much of affection and love..

Suddenly Ridzi comes back to reality and push him the other side.. "Armaan aap bhi na.. " she sat down wrapping her duvet again.. "Ismein mera bhi kya kasoor hai jab meri biwi hi itni hot hai…" he added teasingly making her blush again "armaaan.."

"acha theek hai bas.. ab aur nahi chedunga.." she smiled listening this.. "acha batao.. itni tension mein kyun ho?" he asked to which Riddhima puzzles.. "tension??" and then suddenly it strikes her mind.. "tension.. Armaan.. jaldi baaji mein main apna bag bhi nahi lai.. ab kya pehnungi??" she asked innocently..

"ohh.. to yeh baat hai.. " he rubbed his chin with a finger to think.. and after thinking a while.. "tum chalo mere saath.. aaj tum mere kapde pehen lo.. waise to tum yun duvet mein bhi badi achi lag rahi ho.." he said naughtily to which Ridzi stare on him with anger.. "haan haan.. magar fir bhi de raha hoon na apne kapde.. aise gusse se mat dekho.. aur bhi cute lagti ho.." he said it again mischievously making Ridzi giggle..

As they walk in to their wardrobe, they were shocked to see how it was completely messed.. Armaan remembers his all the stuff that used to lie all over his room were now lying there in his wardrobe.. He panics of what shall he do now..

Riddhima looks at him with a shock.. "Armaan.. yeh sab yahan.. aise??" but seeing his all of a sudden panic.. she understood it all.. "woh jaan.. actually.. yeh sab samaan… woh..".. finding him stammering she concluded.. "its ok Armaan.. mujhe pata chal gaya hai.. ki ab mujhe hi yeh sab theek karna padega.." she said making a sad face… "Arre nahi nahi jaan.. tum kyun karogi.. main karunga na.. I will do it you don't worry..".. "acha woh sab toh theek hai but just find me a dress now that I can wear" she said tediously.

"haan haan… abhi dhoondta hoon na.." he said unsurely, looking where to start from.. as the wardrobe was already filled with so many of other things that his clothes were no where visible.. But putting all the things here and there he finally find his T-Shirt and track pants.. "yeh lo jaan.. abhi isse  kaam chala lo.. fir dekhte hain kya karna hai.."

She hesitantly takes it and goes to take the shower. As she came out, he was mesmerized to see her beauty.. her wet hair that she was trying to dry with the towel.. end up getting some drops on him.. the track pants and t-shirt felt double her size even though they were looking best on her..

"Aaj se pehle mere kapde bhi itne khoobsurat kabhi nahi lage" his compliment shivered her.. and suddenly finds him holding her waist from back.. "Armaan.. chodo mujhe.. koi aa jaayega.." she said controlling the butterflies.. "toh aa jaane do na.. apni biwi se hi romance kar raha hoon.. ab itna to haq hai na mujhe" he said pouting.. she looks at his pouting face from the mirror in front of her.. and blushes immensely.

Pulling her hair to the other side, he kissed her neck bringing the another impression in her.. "Armaaaan.. ", she shivered with his touch.. But suddenly his phone rung and interrupted the romance in progress.. Armaan sighs.. "ahh.. wrong timing", leaving her, he picks up the call.. "jaan.. its from your home.. mumma ka hai.." he said to see her jumping with excitement..

"Mamma ka phone hai?", seeing him nodding his face, she quickly took the phone from him and talked.. while he went to take his shower. After she switched off the phone, she started to tidy up the room when someone knocks at the door.

She was nervous to open the door as she was wearing Armaan's clothes, and being a new bride, she would be expected to wear the best red saree along with the heavy jewelery. She had no other choice but to answer the door.. twisting her fingers she opened it and found Keerti there.

As she entered the room, she was surprised to see her in those clothes.. "Riddhima beta.. yeh sab.. tumne kya pehna hua hai?",  nervously she first touched her feet "Good morning ma.." her shiver didn't get unnoticed by Keerti.. "Good Morning beta..", "sorry main bhool hi gayi thi ki tum apna bag lana bhool gayi ho.." keerti said to calm her down.." yeh lo saree.. " she handed over a maroon saree with golden border on it.. "yeh saree maine kuch time pehle tumhare liye hi khareedi thi.. I mean apni bahu ke liye"

"Aapko pata tha?" Ridzi asked surprisingly.. "haan.. jab tumhari Armaan ke saath accidental marriage hui thi.. tab hi se Armaan mein bahut change aa gaya.. aur humein pata tha ki ek baar jo ussne decide kar liya.. to woh kar ke hi rehta hai.." she replied keeping her palm on Ridzi's cheek.. "Aur sach mein.. we are very lucky to have you as our daughter".. she lightly kissed her forehead..

"Thanks ma.." Ridzi said affectionately.. "Woh kis liye?".. "For being there with us.." she quickly hug her as the tears from her eyes started to come.. "Aaj mujhe sach mein ek aur ma mil gayi" she expressed her happiness of getting such a warm welcome to the family.

"Acha ab bas karo.. aur yeh batao saree kaisi lagi?" Keerti said departing from the hug. "Bahut sundar hai ma.. its beautiful..". Suddenly they hear the voice of the door closing and finds Armaan standing there, wearing only his towel. Seeing him in this condition, Riddhima instantly turns her face to the other direction.. and Keerti too gets shocked to see him like that.. and also noticing how mortified Riddhima was feeling.

Armaan looks at the duo acting so surprised.. "What??" he asked.. "Armaan.. tumhari mom aur wife yahan hain.. aur tum aise khade ho" Keerti says controlling her giggle..", she looks at Riddhima and finds her totally red faced, uncomfortably looking at the other directions to ignore any eye contact with her or with Armaan..

"Mom.. pleaseee.." Armaan says giving alarm to her.. "Acha theek hai.. jaa rahi hoon.. Riddhima beta yeh saree pehen kar neeche aa jaana aaj tumhe kheer banani hai breakfast mein..ok", Riddhima smiles nodding her head when she leaves from there.

With the help of Armaan, she manages to drape her saree perfectly but along with few kisses and pecks on her. Wearing the jewelery and vermilion on her forehead they went downstairs together.

Riddhima looks at the house closely and noticing the things around. When Keerti comes to her and takes her to the kitchen for the first time. "Beta.. aaj aap apne naye ghar mein first time kuch banaoge.. so make kheer only".. she nods her head and starts to make it with the help of Keerti who kept on guiding her where the ingredients were kept.

As the kheer was ready, all goes to the pooja room to do their aarti. Armaan and Riddhima were starting the first day of their life, and to make it even better they chose to take blessings from their gods. After aarti, Riddhima distributes the sweet to everyone touching Shubhankar and Keerti's feet.

At the breakfast table, Keerti and Riddhima bring the kheer with them. "Aaj ki special dish.. kheer" Riddhima distribute the kheer to everyone when Shubhankar asks.. "Kheer.. aaj koi special baat hai kya?" "hmm.. aaj Riddhima ne pehli baar apne haathon se yeh banaya hai" Keerti proudly declares to everyone, to which taking the special interest on it, all ate that first.. "Arey wah.. its yumm.. isse pehle aisi kheer kabhi nahi khaayi.." Shubhankar replied licking all of it from his bowl..

"Wow bhabhi.. kya kheer banai hai.. mujhe aur milega please.."Atul happily ate his share and craving for more.. to which Riddhima smiled "issmein please ki kya baat hai.. yeh lo.. sab aap hi ki hai" and served more to him.. "maza aa gaya bhabhi.. ab main apni kheer kissi ko bhi nahi dunga" he said teasingly to Armaan, whose bowl was also emptied while he was waiting Riddhima to serve him more.

All laughs at this, and Shubhankar and Keerti gives her a beautiful diamond necklace as a gift.. "nahi ma.. iski kya zaroorat hai?" Ridzi confusingly looks at Armaan.. "nahi beta.. yeh nek hota hai aur isse manaa nahi karte" Keerti replied giving her the blessings.

After finishing the breakfast, Shubhankar goes to the hospital, while Keerti took a leave for a day for Riddhima. "Ma.. breakfast bahut acha tha..thank you.." Armaan complimented.. " Thank you mujhe nahi Riddhima ka bol.. aaj sach mein aisa lag raha hai jaise humari family ab complete ho gayi hai.." Armaan looks at Ridzi smiling feeling proud on his love.

"Bhai.. kal raat neend kaisi aayi??" Atul teasingly asked Armaan.. and Armaan was surprised to see him asking this question.. "Achi aayi.. kyun?" Armaan answered gulping the glass of water. "Woh saare decorations maine kiye the aap dono ke liye.. it was small gift from me.." Atul cheerfully declares making Armaan choke.. after few coughs when he controlled "toh woh sab tumne kiya tha?" he asked deliberately.. "haan.. toh??" Atul replied in the obvious tone.. "haan.. aur.. tune mera saara samaan mere wardrobe mein fenk diya?" to which Atul giggled uncontrollably making Ridzi too giggle secretly..  "haan.. mere paas time kahan tha ki pehle main aapka saara room saaf karta.." he answered sarcastically.

"Hello.. itna ganda bhi nahi tha mera room" he replied to which Keerti interrupted "woh to tum rehne hi do Armaan..maine bhi tumhe kitni baar kaha hai apna room saaf karne ko.. na tum khud karte ho aur na mujhe karne dete ho.." Keerti annoyingly says that, "Sach Riddhima.. yeh to tumhe bhi jald pata chal jaayega.." she explained it to Riddhima.. "Nahi ma.. mujhe to already pata chal gaya hai.. aaj subah hi jab maine Armaan ka wardrobe dekha tab" all burst out laughing, pulling Armaan's leg. He was about to reply when he gets a page.

"Mom.. mujhe abhi hospital jaana hai.." he scaredy ask looking at Riddhima's reaction. "Armaan.. aaj tum kaise jaa sakte ho?" Keerti was shocked and so was Riddhima.. "I know ma.. par aaj meri ek bahut important surgery hai.. jaise hi surgery khatam hogi main fauran ghar aa jaunga.." he pleaded, to which Keerti said ok but Riddhima was still not happy about that.

He goes to his room to get some important files, when Riddhima follows him. While Armaan was looking for his files, she sat on the bed quietly showing her anger to him indirectly.. He notices her and sits next to her.. "mujhse naraaz ho?" but finds no reply from her.. "Riddhima.. I love you.." she looks at him, and instantly turns around her face.. he smiles at this..

"Acha theek hai.. agar tum chahti ho to main nahi jaata.. uss patient ko toh koi aur bhi handle kar sakta hai.. main Abhi ko phone kar deta hoon.. wohi case handle kar lega.." Ridzi gets smile on her face as she looked at him dialling Abhi's number.. "Haan.. chahe Abhi ko uski case history bilkul bhi na pata ho.. par fir bhi woh case toh handle kar hi lega.." listening this her face dimmed, thinking about the patient..

As she looks at him keeping his phone on his ear to talk to Abhi, she instantly takes it from him and turns it off.. "Nahi Armaan.. aap jao.. ".. she says politely.. "magar jaan.. main tumhe aise chodke thodi na jaa sakta hoon.." he explained.. "nahi Armaan… aap jao.. mujhe samajh aa gaya hai aap mujhe kya batana chaah rahe ho.. meri wajah se uss patient ki surgery aur critical ho sakti hai.. kissi ki jaan se badh kar toh kuch nahi hai na.."

Listening her, he kissed her forehead.. "thanks jaan for understanding.. this is all about our profession.." Ridzi sighs.. "you are right Armaan.. and all the best for the surgery" she wished him good luck and they hugged each other.. "Acha jaan.. tum good luck aise wish karogi??" he asked innocently to which she confusingly parted the hug.. "kya matlab?".. he very cutely replies "mujhe meri good luck kiss nahi dogi?.."

Her cheeks get red listening to him.. " no armaan.. just go.. aap ko derr nahi ho rahi?" she said moving away from him.. "nahi.."  he replied straightforwardly.. She keeps on moving back, giggling.. " Armaan mujhe mumma bula rahi hai..".. getting the naughty smile he came forward to her.. "mujhe to koi awaaz nahi aa rahi".. "Nahi armaan.. sach mein" she kept on moving back until she was at the end of the room.. "toh fir mumma ko bolo..thoda intezar karien.. ".. he pinned her on the wall keeping his both the arms on her sides giving her no room to run away..

Her heartbeat started to increase, feeling him so close to her.. she closes her eyes..He liked seeing her getting so much affected.. he too closes his eyes and moves his lips forward..

When suddenly the sound comes "Riddhimaa.. beta.. ".. Both comes to their senses and opens their eyes.. Armaan turns around and analyses it was his mom calling Riddhima.. and getting such a good chance she escaped.. laughing hard out.. "dekha armaan.. maine kaha tha na mumma bula rahi hai".. she kept on laughing holding her stomach.. even made Armaan smile.. "Ab jao.. tumhe late ho raha hai".. she literally pushes him out of the room..

Just like a small kid, who is going to school for the first time, Armaan pouted and goes out of the room until he hears her.. "acha suno.." he turn around with excitement.. "haan jaan..tumne kuch kaha" he excitedly comes back in his room near her.. "aap kuch bhool rahe ho.. " she said pulling his tie, trying to show the most passionate expressions.. "kya jaan?".. His face glittered as he went closer to her.. she takes his hand in hers and puts his cell phone on it.. "Aap apna cell phone bhool rahe the.." she replied giggling and push him away "acha.. toh tum bhi.." he replied with an incomplete sentence making her tensed.. "tum bhi kya?".. he gives his naughty smile.. "tum bhi dekh lena main wapas aa kar kya kya karta hoon.. " he winked to which she gets shocked.."  acha ab yeh sab chodo.. aapko Sanjeevani ke liye derr ho rahi hai.. " and takes him to the hall out pulling his arm..



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