Tuesday, 22 November 2016

part 18 : Woh Lamhe,

As they came down, Riddhima ran towards the hall finding Anji sitting there waiting for her.. "omg di.. aap".. they hug each other tightly. Soon they apart from their hug.. "kaisi ho ridzi" anji ask keeping her palm on her cheeks.. "main achi hoon di.. aur aap kaise ho?? Aur mumma – papa kaise hain??.. woh mujhe jyada miss to nahi karte na" Ridzi ask all of that in one breath.. "Sab theek hain ridz.. and don't worry main hoon na mumma-papa ke paas unka khayal rakhne ke liye.." She satisfies a bit listening to her..

Anji notices Armaan standing on the side.. "oh.. hi jij.. I hope meri behan aapko jyada tang na kar rahi ho.. she gets very emotional at times".. "hi anji.. no no.. Riddhima ab meri zimmedari hai so you don't worry about her.." Armaan assured her.. "Thanks jij.. mom-dad ne bhi yahi sochke Ridzi ko aapke saath jaane diya.. because they trusted you.." All were happy to hear that especially Armaan and Riddhima.. " Aur ab jab Ridzi ko itna khush dekh rahi hoon.. then it feels like.. Ridzi you really did take the right decision.."

Keerti asks them to sit while getting some snacks for Anji.. "Acha Riddhima main chalta hoon.. I am getting late.." Armaan asks to leave to which Ridzi nodded her head.. "par jaldi aana.. ok".. She innocently replied and smiling he kissed her forehead.. "don't worry.. bas yun gaya aur yun aaya.." he said winking his eye.. "sorry anji.. I wish I too could join for small chit-chat par mujhe jaana hai" he explained.. "no worries jij.. humari chit-chat due rahi" Anji replied and both bid him good bye.

While Keerti ask Ridzi to show Anji her home and her new room. She excitedly showed it all to her and took her to her room. "Di.. yeh dekho.. my new room", the excitement was clearly seen on her face.. "Wow Ridz.. its really nice.. its beautiful"

Ridzi was glad she liked the room.. Sitting on the bed she asked "di.. Mujhe mumma papa ki bahut yaad aa rahi hai.. papa apni medicines time par le rahe hain na?" to which she replies.. "haan ridz.. they are fine.. aur tumhari yaad toh aayegi hi na.. tum aise achanak se hum sab se dur jo ho gayi..".. "Dur nahi hui di.. main toh abhi bhi wohi aapki choti behan Ridzi hi hoon na.." she innocently replies and hugs her getting the tears in her eyes.

"Ridz tu theek to hai na.. aur jij.. woh tere saath ache se toh hai na?? and what about the family? Have they accepted you?.. to be honest I felt really weird woh tujhe aaj bhi  aise chod kar chale gaye" Ridzi understood her protectiveness, she just cares so much for her.. "Di.. jaisa aap soch rahi ho aisa kuch nahi hai.. Armaan aur baaki sab bahut ache hain.. pata hi di mumma ne mujhe yeh kada bhi diya", she excitedly show her bangle to Anji.. "kitna pyaara hai na.. aur di Armaan ki aaj important surgery thi issliye jaana pada warna woh bilkul nahi jaa rahe the.." Anji was amused to see her so much matured.. "wow Ridzi.. mujhe nahi pata tha meri behan itni badi ho gayi hai.." she smiled with the sigh of relief.

"Acha ridzi.. yaad aaya.. tumhara internship letter ghar par aaya tha.. and guess what humein kahan join karna hai?" Anji excitedly asked her.. "kahan?" Ridzi was confused..."Sanjeevani mein.. hum dono ko sanjeevani join karna hai.. isn't it great.." Ridzi cheered with excitement.. "omg di.. its great.. Armaan would be soo happy.. nahi nahi.. I will give him the surprise.. di kab se join karna hai??" she asked happily.. "kal se hi.. tomorrow our internship starts".. both were so excited and hugged each other.

After Anji went back, Ridzi spent all her day in arranging her dresses that Anji brought her. Keerti too helped her, as the clearing up Armaan's wardrobe was really like a battle to be won. At the night, when Armaan came back, he was surprised to see his room was completely changed from what it was in the morning.. he even had hard time looking for even his own things.  But he was happy to see how Riddhima has accepted it as her own room.

To make up for the day that he spent in the hospital instead of her, he took her out for the surprise dinner. Riddhima keeps on bugging to him where they were actually going, but he never gave up. All his surprises were so special, the first they had in the beach, then they getting married was also his surprise.  She was getting goose bumps all over her body thinking what it can be this time.

And to her surprise they go to a private yacht, and looking at that her mouth was wide open in a shock making Armaan give his dimpled smile. Taking arms in arms, they go inside when the yacht started to move.  The yacht was spotless, spacious, beautifully decorated with flowers, resplendent with gleaming polished wood and soft lighting. Ridzi looks at him with a shock… "OMG.. Armaan.. wow.. that's so nice.. so beautiful" she over-whelmed with the happiness she shook his hand tightly. He smiles at him affectionately "mujhe pata tha tumhe acha lagega.. I cannot find anything more romantic then this..".. she blush at his line.. "acha.. toh aap mujhe yahan romance karne ke liye laayen hain?" she whispered softly.. "romance hi kya.. aage aage dekho hota hai kya.. this is going to be one of the most memorable nights for us.. trust me" he lightly kissed her cheek making her go all red.

A waiter offer them the glasses of Chardonnay (a wine, made from the variety of white wine grapes) to them prior to their boat trip as they pulled away from the pier.."Wow.. wine.. tumhare iraade mujhe nek nahi lag rahe Armaan" she teasingly said to him making his smile mischievous. "mere iraade nek the hi kab", listening this she lightly hits him on his arm.."Armaaaaaan..". Seeing her bushing like this always make him skip his heartbeat.  A staircase to starboard took them to the upper deck where they see the harbor. They both were amused to find the city at night so glorious and take on a much different feel when seen from the deck of a moving ship. Mesmerizing it Armaan holds her in his arms, pulling her head on his chest.

"That's really the most beautiful thing I have ever seen" she murmured.. "Aur maine isse zyada haseen pal nahi dekha" he said in low voice that puzzled her.. "hun..??" she was confused. "tum yun meri baahon mein ho itni romantic night mein.. toh hua na yeh haseen pal"  he tightens his grip over-whelming with the love. "Sach Armaan.. aisa lag raha hai yeh pal yahin ruk jaaye.. aur hum yunhi ek doosre ke saath rahein.. aur humein disturb karne koi na aaye"

As the harbor view fainted, they climbed a twisting staircase lit with blue pin-lights to the main deck and shortly they anticipated for the dinner as they drifted a mouth-watering aroma of it. They find a table that was neatly dressed in a fresh white tablecloth, a small candle lighting in between and place settings for two.. "When did you prepare all this stuff Armaan.." She asked surprisingly..  "bas.. mere dil ne kaha aur maine kar diya.. tumhari issi muskarahat ke liye main kuch bhi kar sakta hoon" he replied in a very affectionate voice.

More wine was served as he pulled the chair for her to sit first. "Armaan.. maine sapne mein bhi nahi socha tha ki mujhe itna pyaar karne wala pati milega.. this is really big.. what you have done for me is really big" she acknowledged keeping her hand on his. As the food was served, she was delighted to see all her favorite dishes on the table. It was irresistible to wait even for a second to start such marvelous, crispy and tangy food.. "Yummmm… its all my favorite dishes.. I cant tell you how much I love you.. thanks Armaan.. for making this night so special" she was all excited.. "anything for you jaan" he sweetly smiled serving food on her plate. Enjoying their meal, she fascinated to see the effort Armaan has put to make their night so special.

After the main course, they took a break to visit the upper deck. Holding each other's hand, together they feel to be on the water in clear air and surrounded by blackness. Turning towards her, he slowly kiss her hand, "Riddhima.. this is just a very small gift for you to what you did for me..", Their gaze was stuck to each other. "Armaan.. humare liye.. maine jo bhi kiya humare liye kiya"

As the romantic music played by the live musicians, he asks her hand to dance, and she lovingly gives it to him. She kept her arms around his neck while he settled his on her bare waist. They started to dance, close dance looking at each other's eyes affectionately. "Pata hai Riddhima, kabhi kabhi sochta hoon ki main kitna khush kismat hoon.. mujhe iss duniya ki sabse khubsoorat ladki mili.. jo mujhse sabse jyada pyaar karti hai". He twirled her around and bringing her back in his arms he continued, "jisne mujh par itna trust kiya ki usne apne aap ko mujhe hi somp diya". Her eyes twinkled as the redness of her cheeks started to appear.

"Love you Riddhima", he whispered lightly to her ears, making her heart melt in his love. As their steps continued to do their 1-2-3 dance steps together, he come closer to her, in the middle of the sea, she closed her eyes feeling a rapid rise in her heartbeat. Leaning close to her, he slightly turns his head. She felt the love striking her again, he is the love of her life, he is the one who makes her smile, and he is the one she wants to spend her whole life with.

Feeling the slight press of his luscious lips, she tightens her grip, controlling the intimacy. Feeling his lips slightly open, she too opened hers, moving smoothly, she responded him equally. It turns out to be their kiss that sooner became a passionate one. He pulls her closer to him, making her tongue dance with hers. It was a pleasant experience of feeling her soft lips against his in their first French kiss. To increase the fervour, she runs her hands through his hair, and he caresses her back entirely determining the status of their relationship, their desires.

Uncontrolling the wild passion, he moved his head down to kiss and nibble her neck. Sucking her intensily brought a hickey on her neck making her shout "Armaan..", which bring them back to their senses. They pull away slowly, making the eye contact once again. Her warm smile sends all sorts of positive signals to him. They hugged each other, feeling a little light headed. He slowly whispers in her ears "this makes me craving more for your love", making her blush and satisfy with the closeness she is sharing with him.

Soon they hear some cracking sounds that broke them apart. Looking at the sky, the huge colourful firecrackers were bursting in the air. It was like a celeberation of their uniteness. Seeing it in the middle of the sea, together with your love gives it a different touch. As they moved towards the end of the railing, they opened their arms (in the titanic pose), welcoming the cold breeze, the colourful sky and entirely a new world to them. They were the happiest couple in the world.

He took her in his arms and without blinking his eyes, continuously staring at hers with all the love, and affection. Proceeding towards the big, cosy room he kept her on the soft, silky bed, turning the lights off. She was delighted to see him taking care of each and every feeling of hers. As the dark increase, they melted in each other's arm, making the night most memorable, and giving rest to their desires.



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