Thursday, 24 November 2016

part 19 : Woh Lamhe,


Armaan leaves the home early in the morning as he had been called for some emergency. For the first time Ridzi was instead happy as he left home early so that she could give him the big surprise. Today she will be joining Sanjeevani for her internship; it would be such a great surprise for Armaan, finding his wife in front of him all day long would be so nice.
She quickly got ready, wearing her best suit, hiding her hickey on her neck with the dupatta, she instantly went to the kitchen to prepare the breakfast, but finds Keerti working there already.
"Good Morning mama.." she went near her and touches her feet..
"Good morning beta.. kya baat hai.. aaj subah subah ready?.. kahiin jaane ka plan hai?" she asked her excitedly..
"Jee mama.. aaj se meri internship start ho rahi hai.. main join kar sakti hoon na mama.." she scaringly asked her permission
Keerti smiles at this and keep her hands on Ridzi's cheeks
"wow.. that's such a good news..bhala ismein permission lene ki kya baat hai.. yeh toh achi baat hai..another doctor in the family.." Ridzi was revealed.
"Thanks mama.." Ridzi excitedly replied
And takes the vegies board from Keerti
"laiye na mama.. main karti hoon.." Ridzi said
Keerti  smiles at her and started doing some other stuff..
"Waise tumhari internship kaunse hospital mein hai?"..
"Sanjeevani mein" she replied proudly which indeed shocked Keerti.
In the hospital, after doing the successful surgery, Armaan goes to his cabin to relax for some time. He calls Abhi in his cabin asking him to bring the new interns file.
"Good Morning Dr. Mallik.. aapki ijazat ho to main andar aa jaun?" Abhi teasingly asked him.
"Come on Abhi", he replied in a bit irritated voice.
"Kya baat hai Armaan.. aaj bohot thaka thaka lag raha hai.. kal raat soya nahi kya?" Abhi continued his teasing session..
"Abbey.. kuch to sharam kar.. abhi abhi itni critical surgery karke aaya hoon.. Coffee poochne ke bajaye mujhe hi ched raha hai" Armaan replied sarcastically.
"Oh.. to yeh baat hai.. sorry my fault.." Abhi sensed his a bit sad mood
And soon a ward boy enters to give them their coffee..
"aur yeh lo tumhari coffee" Abhi passed the cup to Armaan which indeed made him even relaxed.
"Abhi.. maine tujhe new interns ki file laane ko kaha tha' laaya?" Armaan asked in a strict tone.
"Laaya hoon na.. meri itni himmat ki 'the great Armaan Mallik' mujhe kuch laane ko kahe.. aur main na laun.. chii.. aisa kabhi nahi ho sakta mere dost" Abhi over-acted making Armaan smile..
"Acha bas kar teri nautanki.. aur bata kaun kaun join kar raha hai".. he said gulping his coffee.
Abhi opens the file and reads out their name.."Ok.. as you say sir.. so pehle hain Dr. A Gupta, Dr. R Garewal, Dr. N Bakshi.."
Armaan listened the list very carefully..
"Dr. M Chadda, Dr. R Gupta and Dr. A Mallik" Abhi gave a big pause after saying that..
"arey wah.. ek aur Dr. A Mallik." Abhi surprisingly asked..
"Haan.. it must be Atul.. he too is joining Sanjeevani" Armaan proudly replied.
"So.. kab aa rahe hain yeh doctors".. he asked
"in just half and hour" Abhi replied looking at his watch.
"Great.. tumhe pata hai na tumhe kya karna hai.. and no special treatment understand.." he said professionally..
"Offcourse" saying this Abhi leaves the cabin.
Keerti tells Ridzi that she too has to go to Sanjeevani so she would drop them both, to her and to Atul.
On their way, Keerti also tells them that it would be inappropriate if everyone gets to know that they all are family. In the hospital, everyone will get the equal treatment and would only be known as interns but not as THE DOCTOR MALLIK'S son or daughter.
Both nods their head, they knew she was saying it correct and soon they reach Sanjeevani.
Keerti leaves Ridzi and Atul behind in the nervous position.
"Bhabhi.. mom ki baatien sun kar darr lag raha hai.." Atul panicked
"darr kyun?" she was puzzled,
"agar humse koi galti ho gayi toh humein bhi suspend kar denge" he innocently explained.
"Aisa kuch nahi hoga Atul.. tum bhi na.. we are just interns humein koi na koi guidance jaroor dega.. Aur waise bhi Armaan hain na.. he wont let us do even a mistake" she assured him bringing back smile to his face.
"All the best Bhabhi.. its our first day".. he shook his hand with her
"No bhabhi Atul.. yaad hai na mamma ne kya kaha tha.. call me Riddhima.." she sweetly corrected him.
Soon Anji comes from behind and give a sisterly hug to Ridzi..
"hi.. di.. I am so happy aap bhi yahan ho mere saath" ridzi was all excited.
"yeaa.. I know.. same here.. atleast tumhe miss to nahi karungi" saying this Anji again hugged her..
"By the way.. what are you guys doing here.. andar nahi chalna hai kya?"..
they give a punch to their head.. "arey haan.. chalo chalte hain" Ridzi replied.
As they stepped in, Atul asks Ridzi slowly.. "bhabhi.. yeh kaun hai?"
and she softly replies  "yeh meri di hai.. yeh bhi humare saath yahin internship karengi".. the happiness on her face was clearly seen.
"Bhabhi.. apki di pehle hi din kaafi confident lag rahi hai.. nahi??"..
"hmm.. that's di for you.. very confident and a great doctor" Ridzi replied him proudly.
As they were leaving, suddenly Ridzi's mobile rung'
"you guys carry on.. main abhi aati hoon" she tells them to leave while picking up the phone
"hi jaan.." she answered the phone very sweetly.
"hi shona.. kya kar rahi ho?" he asked affectionately..
She looked around to say a lie, as she don't want to break her surprise.. "main.. main.. kuch ni armaan.. bas yunhi.. ", it was hard lying to Armaan for her..
"acha.. magar main to tumhe bahoooot saara miss kar raha tha" he said pouting as he was expecting the same answer from him.
"Acha.. abhi bas do hi ghante to hue hain Armaan.. aap abhi se.." she smiled at his childhood.
"do ghante.. pata hai poore do ghante ho gaye hain tumhe dekhe hue.. aur aisa lag raha hai jaise do saal ho gaye" he said in a very sad tone..
"kaash.. tum yahan hoti.. mere paas..yahan Sanjeevani mein".. she smiled even more listening to that..
It became almost uncontrollable for her to see his reactions when he finds out that she too is joining Sanjeevani as an intern.
"par main nahi aa sakti na Armaan.." she replied in a fake sad tone, controlling her laughter.
"hmm.. chalo koi baat nahi.. jaise hi main free ho jaunga.. I will come ok shona", he replied pacifying himself.
"acha.. aur tumhare bechare new interns ka kya?? Aap unhe aise hi chod kar aa jaaoge?" she furiously asked which actually shocked him.
"kya.. how do you know aaj new interns aa rahe hain?"
She gave herself a kick on her head for not realizing what she was saying.. she again looked for another idea..
"woh armaan.. woh actually.. woh.. haan.. Atul.. Atul ne bataya ki woh aaj join kar raha hai.. isiliye.." she sighed with relief..
"arey haan.. aaj woh join kar raha hai.. oh riddhima I gotto go now.. mujhe time ka pata hi nahi chala.. interns must be here now"
She too looks at her watch, it was already 10am.. "yea Armaan.. ab aap jao.. hum baad mein baat karenge ok" she replied in a hurry..
"haan.. magar ruko ruko ruko.. " he said making sure she doesn't disconnects his phone..
"haan Armaan.. bolo"..
With a sweet smile on his face he replied, "Love you jaan"
the three magical words again reddened her..
"ab tum kaho" he said..
While she looks at her watch again, she was getting very late she thought.. "nahi armaan abhi nahi.. bye" saying this she disconnected her phone, making him crave even more to listen those three words from her.
As she climbed the Sanjeevani steps, she was getting this very different feel. It was not the first time she entered the great hospital, but now she will be starting her career at this very place as a doctor, as someone who would be expected to save various lives, changing the patient's pain to their smile.
She walked over the corridor towards the nurse station, looking around, exploring her new world. It was just her dream to become a great doctor just like her father, and today she is taking the very first step of it.
She looks at the nurse station from a distance, trying to find where Armaan was.. but instead of him, she found Keerti standing on the nurse station with all the interns. She increased her speed thinking she is late. As she joined the gang, she stood next to Atul.
Keerti got interrupted as she was seen late..
"Doctor.. if you don't know, you are 5 minutes late, and any delay will not be tolerated in Sajeevani.. Understood" Keerti said in a very strict voice..
"Sorry mam", her face fainted as her mother-in-law scolded her.
Keerti notices that, but doesn't say word; instead she introduces Abhi to everyone. He gives a small smile to Atul, not letting any one know when his eyes go towards Riddhima.
He widened his eyes with a shock, may be she is here by mistake, when he was about to say something, Keerti holds his hand and signals him..
"Yeh aapke interns hain Abhi", and he too understands it.
"Interns, he is Dr. Abhimanyu Modi, a senior doctor of Sanjeevani and you all have to follow his instructions..",
All nods their head and she leaves him with them.
"Hello interns, I think I need to introduce myself once again, I am Dr. Abhimanyu Modi, and friends often call me Abhi.. so I would love it if you all call me that too.. in other words, I want our relationship to start as friends, but mind it, it does not mean I am going to be lenient or ignore your mistakes. I hope you got the idea right..",
And all replies "yes sir..".
Soon Abhi gets a page, and he tells everyone that they should now meet the most important person, who would also supervising them Dr. Armaan Mallik.
Ridzi gets a smile finally listening his name..
"Interns, mind it he is a very strict doctor, I have seen many times before when the interns were suspended because of their just one mistake. Dr. Keerti is nothing in front of him. So please everyone make sure you give your 100 percent and does not leave any scope for Dr. Mallik to accuse you.. Alright interns" Abhi warned them.
They all gulped a big throat thinking the terror they will be facing now. Atul felt all sweaty thinking, he is gone now and so as everyone else.
It even made Riddhima frightened, she has seen him shouting at Abhi, his best friend.. but will he also shout at her, his wife?.. were all the questions kept on coming in her mind.
"Here he comes" Abhi signalled him the doctor who was coming from their backside corridor.
They all get petrified, and together turns behind to look at him, and finds such a handsome, smart dashing guy coming.
All the nurses were bowing in front of him while the ward boys lowered their eyes.
Girls including Ridzi skipped a heartbeat seeing him in such an honoured way. Everyone respects him so much, and working with such a high qualified, famous and handsome doctor would be his or her honour.
As he came over, he doesn't see any of the interns, but to the files that nurses asked him urgently to sign.
"He is Dr. Armaan Mallik, a senior doctor of Sanjeevani and he will be supervising you all with me." Abhi announced it to everyone.
"Hello interns, as you all know me now.. may I have the intros from you guys too.." he said looking at Atul and again going back to his file.
Gulping a big throat of terror, Atul started first.. "I am Dr. Atul Mallik",
Then Nikki followed "I am Dr. Nikita Bakshi",
Next Rahul said "Hi, I am Dr. Rahul Garewal",
This voice shocked him, and so as his name.. Rahul Garewal, he heard it somewhere. He instantly look upwards to check out the person, and to his lord, it was really THE RAHOOOOLLLLLL, Riddhima's so called ex-fianc.
And after that immediately Anjali replied "I am Dr. Anjali Gupta",
He was surprised to see Anji there too, but that was nothing, when he saw the girl next to her, Riddhima.. his wife.. and he had no clue why was she there.
When this morning Abhi told him the names of the inters, he never specified Dr. R Mallik.. that means, she cannot be there as one of the inters.
Ridzi get scared with his sudden change of expression, what if he over-reacts, or what if he doesn't like to see her there.. and what if he tells about their relationship in front of everyone..
Seeing him stepping forward towards her, she genuinely interrupted him with her intro "Hi, I am Dr. Riddhima Gupta, the new intern of Sanjeevani"..
Dr. R Gupta.. he remembered that name as he stepped back.. yes offcourse, she in only Dr. R Gupta, the name she used to use before marriage. Riddhima was smiling seeing his shocked yet happy expressions.
Wow, that's awesome. Riddhima too has joined Sanjeevani. His happiness was nowhere controllable. He got such a huge dimpled smile on his face. Everyone wondered why was he smiling like this, but in actual no one knew the reason that what naughty plans he was building in his mind.
Riddhima sighs with the relief, at least he is happy to see her there, in front of him.. She has just fulfilled his wish of seeing her in Sanjeevani. Now they won't be missing each other so much, they can be together for the all daylong.
His continuous glare on Ridzi broke as interns continued to their intros.
"I am Dr. Muskaan Chadda", and that ended with the intros.
"Welcome everyone to Sanjeevani. Hope you learn the best from this hospital. So you may carry forward, collect you ID cards and pagers from my cabin. And not to forget, pagers are to be answered immediately. Wish you good luck". Armaan said happily to everyone.
Abhi was also surprised to see his sudden change in behaviour..
"Ok guys, I give you half and hour, get all the stuff, check out with your lockers in the locker room, or even explore the hospital and then come back to the nurse station, here only you will get your duties for today.. Understood everyone", Abhi said while everyone nodded their head.
"Great.. so get going"..


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