Sunday, 27 November 2016

part 20 :Woh Lamhe,


"So kya plans hain?" Abhi asks Armaan who was in his deep thoughts..

"Riddhimaa ko kaisee…" Armaan gets interrupted, to whom actually is he talking?
then he looks at Abhi.. "nahi kuch nahi.. main to bas yunhi" he laughed nervously trying to hide his actual plans..
"acha to kuch nahi.. chal theek hai.. dekh main kaise sabhi inters ko kaam mein busy karta hoon." Abhi teasingly steps forward saying it all in the serious tone. And making Armaan worried..
"kyun yaar.." Armaan hurriedly held him from his shoulders and bring him back..
"nahi yaar.. kyun bechaare interns par atyachaar kar raha hai" He tried to convince him but it backfired on him only.
"acha.. to tu mujhe keh raha hai.. to be lineant.. hahaha… THE DOCTOR ARMAAN MALLIK kabse sudhar gaya?" Abhi asked..
"arey main yeh thodi na keh raha hoon ki lineant ho.. but atleast don't do those 48 hour shift this time", Armaan literally begged.
As the first duty, interns are supposed to do a continuous 48 hour shift, and that means Riddhima would be busy at the hospital and will not be joining him to home.
Abhi smiled mischeviously.. "achaa… aisa kar to sakte hain.. magar aisa tu chahta kyun hai? Sach sach bata.." he puts his arm around his shoulder
But suddenly Shubhankar comes there and asks them if there was any problem. Armaan as always acted very normally.. "no dad.. no problem at all.."
Abhi on the other hand, planned to become naughty, obviously he cannot see Armaan all so happy..
"yes uncle.. actually there is one problem" Abhi interrupted.
Armaan looks at him with a shock..
"hmm.. so tell me what is it?" Shubhankar asked
Armaan closely puts his hand around his neck and smilingly asks "kyun Abhimanyu.. kya problem hai aapko.. pehle to aapne kabhi mujhe bhi nahi batai apni problem"
He thought he gave him a good dose, and after this Abhi would not utter a word, but may be for Abhi it was not enough..
"nahi Armaan.. aise chupaane se kya faida.. bata dete hain", Abhi literally exposed him..
"haan haan Armaan.. batao na kya baat hai" Shubhankar desperately asked.
"uncle Armaan soch raha tha.. agar hum interns ko first 48 hours duty na dein to?" Abhi finally asked it, making Armaan all emberrased.
"nahi dad.. aisa kuch nahi hai.. main to bas aise hi discuss kar raha tha Abhi se ki is it really important?", Armaan too played his chance, may be Shubhankar cancels the duty..and he could take Ridzi home with him tonight.
"Armaan… nahi.. it is very important, it teaches them that this profession does require dedication, it would help them grow as the doctors.." Shubhankar explained and excused himself.
After he left, Armaan stares at Abhi in anger..
"Arey yaar maine kya kiya hai.. teri help kar raha tha uncle se pooch ke.." he tried to save himself from his anger.
Listening to what Armaan too cooled down, when his pager buzzed.. "chal koi ni.. jaa tere interns tera wait kar rahe honge.. I have got another surgery lined up"
After collecting the ID cards and pagers, all headed towards their locker room. Ridzi looks at Rahul and gets shocked to find him there..
"OMG.. Rahul… tum yahan.." she runs toward him to hug him
Both hugs each other for some time..
"hi.. Ridzi tu bhi yahan hai.. great.." He replied back..
"hi, I am Atul.. aap ek doosre ko pehle se jaante ho?" Atul entered in their conversation.
"yup.. he is Rahul, my childhood friend" Ridzi replied..
"hi atul.. it is nice meeting you" Rahul shaked his hands with Atul.
When Nikki too came in between, "Hi guys.. mera naam Nikki hai.. ", Bringing Muskaan in them too.. "aur yeh hai meri childhood friend Muskaan".
All says hi to each other, and were busy in talking.. When Riddhima goes towards Rahul silently..
"Rahul.. kya baat hai.. tum itne khoye khoye se kyun lag rahe ho?" She asked innocently.
"Woh kya hai na.. main tujhe congratulate bhi nahi kar paya teri shaadi ke liye", saying this Rahul brought his hand forward towards her, changing the topic..
"Shhhh…dheere bolo.. nobody knows here ki meri shaadi ho gayi hai".. saying this she smiles..
"Acha.. pehle yeh bata tu khush hai?" he said putting his hands on her cheeks.
"hmm.. bahut.." she excitedly replies.
"well.. tujhe dekh kar main bhi bahut khush hoon" saying this, both hugs each other.
And from the distance, Armaan was passing by the locker, and co-incidentally witnessed their friendly body postures.
As the half and hour was over, all the interns punctually reported to the nurse station.
"Ok interns, ab se aapki 48 hours continuous duty start ho rahi hai.. aapko teams mein kaam karna hoga.. so everyone ready." Abhi politely asked.
All glares at each other with the numb face, thinking about working such long hours.. in the terror, they all shouted together "48 hours?? "
"yes doctors, it is one of the most important exercise of yours, and it will definitely help you to become a great doctor.. trust me" he humbly replied leaving others with no option.
"So doctors, your team is like this.. Dr. Riddhima and Dr. Nikita, you both have to be in the Cancer Ward.. Dr. Muskaan and Dr. Anjali, you both have to be in General ward, Dr. Atul, you will be assisting me today and Dr. Rahul, you will have to do rectal exams" Abhi announced their duties
That indeed shocked them all, Rahul furiously asked "Rectal exams.. why me sir?"
"These are the duties Dr. Rahul, someone has to do it.. why not you?" Abhi replied straightforwardly.
"In Sanjeevani, we don't give permission to question your seniors.. understand Dr. Rahul and if you still have any questions, you may see me in my office" Armaan interrupted their conversation.
Rahul gulped with fear.."no sir.. I don't have any questions.. sorry sir"
"Alright then, you all may start your work..and remember we are going to keep an eye on you all.. so don't try to cheat with your work." Abhi announced.
All nods their head and leaves..
"Armaan tu yeh kya kar raha hai?" Abhi furiously asks him
"tu nahi samjhega.. chod.." Armaan replies and leaves from there.
After Armaan finishes his surgery, he was extremely happy that he did two successful surgeries in a day. Reaching towards his cabin, he was surprised when a ward boy followed him.
"Sir.. Coffee.." he offered him his coffee,
"par maine toh yeh nahi mangwai thi.." he asked confusingly.
"ji.. woh ek madam ne kaha tha aapko dene liye, aur ek saath mein yeh paper bhi hai", he goes handing him the coffee and a note.
He quickly opens it "Congrats, you have done another successful surgery.. you are the best doctor and the best husband in the world.. I am really proud of you"..
Seeing this, his smile widened. This really touched him inside, seeing her caring about his each and every small need. She knows exactly when he needs what. Inspite of having her first day of internship, she took out the time to do so for him..

Taking the coffee mug, he passes through the cancer ward when suddenly his eyes strike at Riddhima from the glass window. He was mesmerized to see her in front of him at this hour of the day also. Her little smile also gives him a huge relaxation after such an exhusting day.

He notices her conversation with her patient, she was handling a small girl very cutely who is suffering from cancer..
"Someone's looking very pretty today", Ridzi slowly goes towards her to initiate her conversation.
She shyly shook her hair and got happy with the compliment.. "thank you thank you.. woh to main aleady pleetty hoon.. koi shakk?" the patient tells her.
"nopes.. mujhe to koi bhi shakk nahi hai.. tum iss hospital ki sabse sundar ladki ho.. kya tum mujhe bhi tips dogi?" Ridzi asked her pouting..
And this sudden compliment was actually helping.. "haan haan.. dungi na.. magal.. usse pehle tumhe mela ek kaam kalna hoga.." she says while showing her thinking expressions..
"Magar woh kya?" she asked innocently making her sit on her laps
"hmm.. tum muje plomise karo ki tum woh ganda wala in..injecon.. nai dogi..bohoot dald hota hai" she said making a sad face, bringing water in Ridzi's eyes.
Even she didn't wanted to inject such a small girl, hurting her would really really be painful for her too..dont know why god do such things to such a small girl, she barely has seen any world and she already got such painful cancer as a disease.
It was hard for Ridzi to explain her why she had to take it and when Armaan hopped in from nowhere.. "hi princess. Someone's looking very pretty today", he give a high five to her and she too replied him in the same excitement.. "hi boy fliend.. kya baat hai.. aaj sab muje bal bal itna buttel kyun laga le hain?".. she cutely replied in the amazement.
"hum butter nahi laga rahein princess.. aap ho hi meri cute, little and the prettiest girlfriend in the world.."
Ridzi was amazed to see how they both addressed each other.. "boyfriend and girlfriend.. hmm…"
Armaan smiles at her while the little princess replied.. "haan.. yeh mela boyfliend hai.."
"aur yeh meri girlfriend" Armaan replied hugging her little princes who was still on Ridzi's lap.
Riddhima shivered feeling his hand around her waist too but infront of the whole hospital alarmed her..
"Armaaaaan.. tum" she warned him with the tremble in her voice..
He looks at her with the naughty smile and puts his hand on hers, making her cheeks go red.
"Pata hai Riddhima.. meri princess sach much mein sabse achi princess hai.. woh kissi cheez se nahi darti" he proudly mentioned making her feel even confident.
And there Ridzi kept on trying to pull her hand away, but feeling her light movement also; he tightens his grip even more.
She looks at him with her big eyes, but it doesn't help her as seeing her panicking like this, he would make his naughty smile even bigger. She pleaded him through her eyes, when he finally spoke rubbing his chin "agar.. koi chahta hai to.. woh 3 words kehke jaa sakta hai.."
It was a signal to Ridzi that he would leave her hand only if she says those three magical words to him. She was asserting him to leave her but no, it didn't affect him.
While the princess was confused, "Aleyy.. yeh kya bol lahe ho boy flend..?".. Taking her in his lap, he replied "main to bas yeh bol raha hoon princess ki agar tum chahti ho to main tumhe ek chocolate dunga.."
Listening the word 'chocolate', her face always reacted as 'yummy'.. as her mouth was already watering.. "haan. Chahiye na.. pleej.. do na.. chocat kaani haii.." she replied in a very cute pleeding tone.
He lightly kissed her cheek, and took it out of his lab coat.. When she forwarded her hand to take it, he took it away.. "aise nahi princess.. pehle aapko pata hai na.."
She nods her face in reply.. " ok.. but plomij me wo dald ni kalega..", he promised her and ask her to think about the best moments of her.
"princess kya soch rahi ho?" he asks with a huge smile.. "nahi.. pele yeh batao injecon kab lagaoge.. jalli lagao na.. mujhe chocate kaani haii" she replies closing her eyes tightly.
"arey princess.. Injection to kab se lag bhi gaya.." he proudly replied.. and shockingly she opens her eyes and looks at him.. "huh?? Lag bi gaya…"
"haan.. aur pata hai aapko injection kisne lagaya?"
"kishne?", she asked..
"aapki Riddhima didi ne.. " he replied pointing towards riddhima..
Her smile become huge, and instantly she kissed her cheek.. "thank uu.. didi.. ab se aap hi muje in..injecon lagana.."
Armaan gives her the chocolate, while Riddhima again tries to take her hand from his but fails..
With eyes, he again signalled her, that he wont leave her until she says it here infront of everyone..
Ridzi panics.. because she really didn't had any other option.. and by any chance if any one sees them like this, she is going to be in a big trouble especially from Keerti.
She finally gives up, and bend towards princess to kiss her cheek.. "I love you" she whispers to her, but signalling towards him.
He does not believe his ears.. she finally said it.. it felt so nice.. those words really created the magic and his grip loosened by itself..
Taking the opportunity, she takes out her hand, and completes her sentence, by adding "princess" to it.. and while laughing she ran away..
Armaan smacked himself, when he realized she actually said I love you to princess.. and a deep dimpled smile made its way on his lips…"ahh… I love her.."



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