Wednesday, 30 November 2016

part 21: Woh Lamhe,


It was already evening, and also the time for Armaan to leave. He was wandering from here to there in his cabin. He was sad that would have to go home without Riddhima. He was completely
restless.."Koi to rasta hoga m sure, kaise lekar jaun usse ghar.. should I just give an order.. nahi yaar.. woh bhi theek nahi rahega.. dad ne hi kaha tha that it is very important for them.."
Abhi comes to his cabin, and ask why didn't he left as yet, but finding him edgy he understood.
"Armaan yaar.. dekh idhar se udhar bhatakna band kar aur ghar ja.. aur ulte seedhe plan banane bhi band kar" Abhi mentioned putting his arm around his shoulder.
That indeed alarmed him, "abbey.. tujhe kya.. main to bas jaa hi raha tha..", he articulate hiding his ill feeling.
He took his important files, and packed them in a bag furiously. He didn't wanted to go, but he was forced to go. There was no way that he could spend the whole night with her.
Making the disappointed face, he follows the corridor while Abhi accompanied him to outside. He seemed so much like 'Majnu' and Abhi found it very hilarious, Just a little bit of parting also makes him go schizophrenic.
While passing through the canteen on his way, Abhi told him that the interns are on their break. Listening him, he gazed inside thinking may be he could talk to her for a while before he leaves. And to his lord, she was sitting right there at the canteen with the whole gang, chattering.
They were having their snacks and coffee with a lot of chitchat. He knocked out seeing her in front of him. He goes towards her, without caring about others and sits on his knees in front of her. She was surpized to see him like this and so were others. "Armaan.. tum?" she whispered him nervously. He took her hand in his and kissed it lightly making her go all red.
"Armaan.. please.. sab dekh rahe hain..", she stood up from her chair making him stop. But instead he smiles and follows her.. to melt her anger he knew what exactly to do.. he pulls her hair away from her shoulders and passionately kissed her naked neck from her back. His touch shivered her inside out, as her heart increased its beating velocity. She wanted to loose herself in the moment.. "Armaaan..", she moaned. He slowly comes in front of her and held her cheeks with his hands and moves forward to kiss her luscious lips. She was melting with his gestures. Her mind wanted to stop him but her heart made her mind stop.. feeling him leaning on her she closes her eyes as he slightly bent his neck and….
As his intentions were building up, Abhi keeps his hand on his shoulder that makes him take a back once again.
"Abhi woh sabke saath hai.. tu chah kar bhi wahan nahi jaa sakta", Abhi insisted him. Armaan instantly came out of the dream.. realizing what he said, but from inside he knew, Abhi was correct.
Armaan gazed at her up and down, filling her image in his eyes he strengthened himself and moved forward. "To kya hua agar main usse baat nahi kar paaya.. uski ek jhalak hi kaafi hai mere liye.. aur kal subah to main wapas aa hi raha hoon na.. aur tab main apni shona se dher saari baatien karunga.. iss Abhi ko bhi beech mein nahi aane dunga"
As Armaan crossed his way from canteen, Ridzi felt some strange feeling.. she felt as if someone was staring at her from the door, but when she turned to see who it was, she did not find anyone.
"kya hua Ridzi??" Anji asked her finding her lost
"nahi di.. kuch nahi", she replied ignoring her suspicion.
All the time in canteen and locker room, Ridzi felt as if there is something wrong with Rahul. He wasn't behaving as normally. But whenever she goes to him to ask, he would always change the topic ignoring his sadness.

She felt it awkward, when the last time she met him; he was doing great and was behaving normally. But after her marriage, he never even came to congratulate her. She was puzzled with his behaviour, she knows him since childhood, and he never hid anything from her, but then now what was the matter.

She tried asking Anjali, but her face too fainted listening Rahul's name. Ridzi became even furious, what can be the matter, why was everyone behaving so strange. She strengthened herself saying that she will have to know the inside story.
Ridzi sneaking from everyone's eyes, heads towards Armaan's cabin. She finally spared some time from her break to meet him. But entering his cabin, she finds out that he already left for home. She felt gloomy as he left without informing her. She looks at the picture that was lying on his table.

And she was stunned to see it.. it was of the night when they both were dancing at the beach on their first date. She traces his face with her finger, cherishing that magical moment and receives a lone tear on her cheek. "I miss you Armaan..", she hugged his picture tightly, remembering all those lovely moments she spent with him.

Armaan on the other hand, tries to sleep on his bed twirling on the sides..but whenever he tries to close his eyes, he would imagine her in front of him, his cheeks would deepened with dimples and his hands would move around on the bed searching for her. But not finding her near him, he would again become wide-awake.
At the end, when he fails to sleep, he pouts and takes the pillow to hug it tightly. He looked like a cute baby who seeks for someone's attention.. "tum kahan ho Riddhima.. I miss you".

"All interns, please report on the nurse station immediately", she came back to her senses and hurriedly wiped her tears keeping the picture back on the table, she headed towards the nurse station.

"Good evening interns, hope you all are enjoying your duties.. but I am sorry to say, its time to change them.." Abhi mocked them.
"No its ok sir.. at least Rahul would be happy to change his duty", Anji replied teasingly.
"true.. so here are your new duties, Dr. Nikita and Dr. Atul, OPD. Dr. Rahul and Dr. Muskaan, general ward. And Dr. Riddhima and Dr. Anjali, path lab.."
All were happy with their duties, except Rahul and Muskaan. Their faces fainted, and that too didn't get unnoticed by Riddhima.
"What happened Dr. Rahul, you again don't seem too happy with your duty.." Abhi asked..
"No, sir.. there is nothing like that.. but.. umm.. is it possible if I do path lab instead", Rahul hesitated
And this indeed shocked everyone there, especially Riddhima and Abhi. She was so not able to understand why was he unhappy to work at general ward. Or is it something to do with working with Muskaan.. she was lost in the puzzle.
While Abhi had different thoughts in his mind, "yeh to bhabhi ka peecha hi nahi chod raha hai.. ab isse duty bhi path lab mein chahiye.. Armaan ne sahi kiya isse rectal exams deke.. I wish main again isse wohi duty de doon.."
"no Dr. Rahul, I am afraid but you have to be in the general ward.." Abhi replied straightforwardly.
All heads towards their duties and Riddhima goes with Anji to the path lab. When they started to analyse the samples kept there, Riddhima again started to gain those thoughts. What was it, why was he behaving so abnormally? But by mistake some of the solution falls on her lab coat.
"oh no Ridz.. your lab coat.. dhyaan kahan hai tumhara.. you are such a kid" Anji taunted
"kuch nahi di.. main to bas aise hi.. galti se gir gaya.. main abhi aati hoon isse clean karke" saying this she excused herself.
While she was going, her eyes struck at the general ward. She glared inside to see Rahul, and finds him working there calmly with a patient.
He was diagnosing a patient, while his eyes were stuck at Muskaan. And she too was sometimes stealing his glances. This indeed surprised Ridzi, she decides to observe them for a while.
Rahul notices Muskaan struggling to write something, but her pen wasn't working properly. It was quite easy to predict when she gets frustrated.
Rahul smiles at this and goes to towards her to offer her his pen.. "Muskaan.. take my pen"
Seeing this Ridzi goes closer to them, as she wanted to listen her reply.
"Apni cheezen apne paas rakh Rahul, mujhe tera kuch nahi chahiye" Muskaan blurted at him for no reason.
Rahul frustrated takes a hold of her hand and kept his pen on it.. "aur ab kuch mat kahiyo", he replied and went towards his patient.
All this while, Muskaan was just staring at him, with the anger in her eyes.. or may be it was something else.
Ridzi was confused hearing their conversation, when something popped up in her mind that made her smile widely.
She quickly ran towards Anji to confirm what she was thinking is correct. She enters the path lab, where Anji was working with a microscope..
"What took you so long Ridzi", Anji asked in a worry..
"nothing di.."
she goes closer to her, "di.. kya main aapse ek baat poochu?"
Anji replied "haan.. pooch na.. ismein permission kyun le rahi hai?"
Ridzi takes a deep breath to control her excitement.."di.. kya Dr. Muskaan.. Rahul wali Muskaan hai??"
That indeed shocked Anjali..
"Muskaan..! Ridzi what make you think about it?" Anji asked furiously
"Just like that di.. I mean I just saw them, and they were acting so weird.. so bas isiliye I was thinking may be.."
"Tum inn sab baaton se door hi raho.. Rahul ki kismat mein jo tha woh hua uske saath.. or actually kabhi kabhi sochti hoon to lagta ha acha hi hua jo hua.. Rahul deserved it.." Anji commented.
And listening to Anji, Riddhima became more suspicious, why did Anji said these things about Rahul.. She thought they were good friends.
Finding her all puzzled up, Anji replied, "Ridzi you better start testing the samples, Dr. Abhi would be coming any time to check them".. Ridzi too nodded her head and became occupied with her work.
Soon half of the night was over, and all the interns were on their break at canteen.
"Chann se jo tute koi sapna.. Jag suna suna laage.. Jag suna suna laage re..", Atul joined them mumbling the song..
"kyun Atul tumhara kaun sa sapna chann se tut gaya", Nikki teasingly asked him.
"arey kya batau nikki.. mere to saare sapne tut gaye… koi mujhe sone hi nahi de raha.. aur mere bechare sapne.. sab tut ke bikhar gaye hain", Atul replied in a very heartbreaking tone making others laugh hard out, especially Muskaan.. she was laughing with her weird laughter making others laugh even more.
But soon it fainted as Rahul too joined them. Ridzi notices this sudden change.. how they both gazed at each other, and how she stopped laughing as soon as she saw him..  but what was the inside story was still a mystery for her.
Soon the night was over, Armaan on the other hand, struggled very hard to find his stuff on his own. For whatever things he look, he would call Riddhima out to find his stuff, but then he would realize that she was not there, he smack his head up. "itni judaai mujhse ab bardasht nahi hoti.. main aa raha hoon Riddhima.. ", he assured to himself.
Finishing the breakfast quickly, he headed towards the hospital with the excitement of meeting Riddhima, his love.. but Abhi stops him on the way..
"Good morning Armaan.. kya baat hai aaj badi jaldi aa gaye.. hmm?", he asked.
"bas yunhi yaar.. aur bata sab interns kahan hai..?" Armaan asked straightforwardly as it was now very hard for him to resist from seeing her.
"interns.. umm…"
Seeing his nervousness, Armaan asks him again impatiently.."kya hua Abhi.. kahan hai sab?"
"Armaan woh.. actually I just sent them back home", he answered with a fainted face.
"What??? Magar kyun?" Armaan was shocked.
"to fresh up yaar.. they have to work for another 24 hours.. so isiliye bhej diya.. aur thoda jaldi bheja tha taaki tu bhabhi se mil paaye.. magar tu bhi na.. tujhe aaj hi jaldi aana tha.." Abhi replied hitting his head..
Armaan raised his eyebrows.. "maine to suna tha.. log per par kulhadi maarte hain… maine to kulhaadi pe hi per maar diya" making the sad face he leaves to his cabin.
But Abhi stops him again to give a good news.. "hey Armaan.. I hope tujhe maloom hai ki now for next 12 hours you have to supervise all the interns as I have taken a half day leave"
His face suddenly lightens up with excitement.. "sachi??"
"hmm.. all the best", Abhi hits him on his shoulder giving the mischevious smile and leaves.
"yesss!!", Armaan shouted making the people around look at him.
After the longest 2 hours were over, it was time for interns to arrive back.
"nahi bhabhi..pleasee.. main nahi jaunga.. mujhe bahot neend aa rahi hai.. " Atul tried his best to convince Ridzi but failed..
"Atul.. tum hi to kehte ho na ki tumhe Armaan jaise acha doctor banna hai.. aur agar tum itni jaldi haar maan loge to kaise chalega.." she tries to explain.. and finally he agrees and comes back to Sanjeevani.
Ridzi gets a text message from Armaan as she was entering the hospital "MEET ME AT THE THIRD LEVEL CORRIDOOR.. ITS URGENT!"
Leaving everything on the side, she ran towards there thinking it must be an emergency that Armaan is calling her like this. She reach there in a huff but finds him leaning on the wall, relaxed. She goes towards him to ask "kya hua Armaan.. koi emergency hai??"
Without replying to her any of the questions he quickly drags her to the fire escape..



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