Monday, 21 November 2016

part 37 : Dard ka rishta

First day in the hospital was nice for riddhima. Muski,nikki,anjali welcomed her warmly but here they were senior so riddhima was a bit depressed.but in some time she got some new friends who were joined sanjivani with her,they were sukanya,naina and other girl too joined as junior doctor but riddhima didn’t like her as she noticed when her arman was giving duty to all junior
doctors,maya was staring him constantly . that girl had no dress manners too,she wore a mini skirt and a heavy make-up which was making her vulgar.when arman finished giving duty and was about to go,suddenly she ran to him and uttered making her voice innocent: “Arman,aaj mera first day hai is hospital me,kya meri duty aapke sath ho sakti hai?”
Arman looked at her once and uttered in a serious tone : “no dr.maya..aapki duty dr. Kirti ke sath hai.and I am Dr. arman not arman.
Maya made face and about to leave but heard arman’s voice : “dr. Maya,kal se aisi dress pahankar mat aaiyega,its hospital not a pub.”
Naina smiled and whispered to riddhima : “pata nahi kaise yeh log doctor ban jate hain.waise I am lucky,meri duty dr. Arman ke sath hai.”
Dr. Yuvraj whispered : “ab mujhe whole day tension rahega.”
Riddhima asked surprisingly : “kyon?
Yuvi uttered making a sad face : “itne handsome ke sath me gf whole day rahegi toh tension hoga na...
Riddhima uttered : “dr. Arman waise nahi hain.”
Yuvi chuckled : “maine kab kaha ki dr. Arman waise hain,yeh naina waisi hai.mujhe dhamki deti rehti hai ki mujhse better mila toh mujhse break-up i got scared.”
Naina giggled and hit yuvi playfully but they heard dr. Arman’s serious tone : “dr. Yuvi and dr.riddhima..aap sabki meeting khtam hui ho toh apni duty par jane ki kripa karein.and dr. Naina aap mere sath aaiye.”
Riddhima got hurt somewhere.she knew arman gave her duty with dr. Mallika knowingly .she sighed and went to dr. Mallika’s cabin. As she entered in the cabin,dr. Mallika welcomed her and said to sit there. When riddhima sat,she asked softly : “how are you dr. Riddhima?”
Riddhima uttered : “fine dr. Malika.mai bilkul thik hun.
Dr. Malika nodded and uttered : “aaj se 1 month tak aapki duty mere sath rahegi..
Riddhima jerked hearing it.she yelled : “kya!!
Dr. Malika gave her a question look.
Riddhima stammered : “I mean ..dr. malika..wo..
Dr. Malika asked : “aap itna chounk kyon gaye? Kya aapko mai pasand nahi?
Riddhima : “nahi..means..haan..nahi..
Just then arman entered in the cabin to take some file.riddhima gave him a killing look and started looking other side.but she heard dr. Malik’a voice to arman: “she is beautiful. I like her.”
She heard arman’s low voice : ‘iski khubsurati par mat jana malika,she has an evil mind.”
Malika laughed and patted arman’s back and uttered : “don’t worry arman,ab dr. Riddhima mere sath kaam karegi ,mai sab sikha dungi isey.”
Arman uttered laughing : “tumhe worry karne ki jarurat hai malika,mujhe nahi. waise riddhima tumhe bahut pasand karti hai.”
Malika asked surprisingly : “arey!kaise! isse to mai aaj mili.”
Arman : “haan par yeh tumhe pahle bhi dekh chuki hai,and she is your fan.”
Mallika uttered : “how sweet!
Arman laughed and uttered : “bye riddhima..
Riddhima didn’t reply but uttered looking at dr. Malika : “ma’m,mujhe aapke sath kaam karke khushi hogi.”
Dr. Mallika uttered smilingly : “good dr. Riddhima,toh chalein?
Riddhima nodded and followed dr. Mallika giving arman a killing look.
At break time riddhima came to canteen and saw naina and yuvi was fighting and sukanya was watching silently.riddhima came there and asked: “hi guys,tum log lad kyon rahe ho?”
But they were so busy in fight,couldn’t able to hear riddhima.sukanya uttered : “mai samjhakar thak gayi hun par yeh maan nahi rahe hain.”
Riddhima asked : “hua kya?
Sukanya : “yuvi ki duty dr.anjali ke sath tha. She is damn hot yaar..
Riddhima uttered surprisingly : “kya!
Sukanya : “arey,maine nahi,yeh yuvi ka pahla word hai jab break me naina se mila.bas uske baad dono me jung chid gayi. Naina ka kehna hai ki yuvi ko har ladki sirf hot kyon dikhti hai aur yuvi ka kehna hai its his style..girls ko describe karne ka..naina telling...dr. anjali is your ma’m..yuvi replying..”ma’m hai toh hai toh ladki...
Riddhima uttered holding her head into palms : “uff!dono ke dono pagal hain.”
They heard dr. Maya’s voice : “hi guys,koun pagal hai?
Naina uttered angrily : “tum aur koun.”
Dr. Maya laughed and uttered : “agar yeh baat kabhi aur kisine kaha hota toh mai gussa karti par aaj toh mai sach me pagal ho rahi hun..jabse arman ko dekha..
Sukanya cut shorts : “dr. Arman..
Maya uttered shrugging shoulders : “dr. Tum logon ke liye hai guys..mere liye arman hai...sirf arman..i know him from college ..hum sath me they..
Riddhima jerked hearing it.she asked : ‘sath me matlab?
Maya uttered laughing : “maine aur arman ne mbbs sath sath ki phir mai Australia chali gayi aur wahi practice start kar di .
Sukanya chuckled : “toh phir wapas kyon aayi?dr.arman ke liye?
Maya uttered laughing : “aisa hi kuch soch le.actually papa shifted here toh mai bhi aa gayi par yahan foreign degree se kaam nahi chalega so i thought to do PG here ..and luckily mujhe yahan arman mil gaya par ab toh lagta hai wo mujhe pehchanta hi nahi.”saying she sighed.
Naina : “toh tu dr. Arman ki diwani thi college me?
Maya uttered making face : “mai nahi,wo me sab mere diwane the aur us list me arman ka bhi naam tha.”
Riddhima understood if she hear more,she would kill maya or got up.
Sukanya : “arey tujhe kya hua?
Riddhima : “nahi,bas yon hi kuch yaad aa gaya.”
Just then arman and his friends entered and seeing riddhima anjali smiled but yuvi whispered : “haye!meri ma’m mujhe dekhkar muskura rahi hai.”
Naina uttered angrily : “yeh ma’m kyon yuvi ko dekhkar muskura rahi hai?
Riddhima uttered smilingly : “tumhari ma’m mujhe dekhkar muskura rahi hai..
They heard anjali’s cheerful voice : “hey ridhz..idhar aa,wahan kya baithi hai?
Riddhima nodded and went there. Her new friends’ mouth opened seeing anjali ma’m caught riddhima’s hand,gave her a side hug and made he sit with them.
Maya mumbled : “lagta hai riddhima ki achchi jaan pehchan hai arman ke friends se...ya arman se bhi? Pata lagana padega.”
Arman went out with dr.kirti so anjali dropped riddhima in home. Ananya and dadi were very excited to know how was riddhima’s day. Riddhima narrated about her whole day and then came in her
Room and switched on the tv but her mind was somewhere..she remembered maya’s words and mumbled : “arman ne mujhe kabhi bhi maya ke barey me nahi bataya...usey maya jaisi ladki pasand hai toh mujhe kaise chuna? Aur dr. Malika se arman ki kitni dosti hai..usne mere barey me kafi kuch bataya hai ..aur usne meri duty uske sath jaan bujhkar di..mujhe satane ke liye...
She mumbled : “I hate you arman..mai tumse kabhi bhi baat nahi karungi..kabhi nahi.”
She didn’t know when fell in deep sleep. Suddenly she woke up hearing clock’s sound..she saw it’s 12 o’ clock at night...she was sleeping on her bed and was covered with a duvet.she felt her stomach was growling because of hunger. She sighed thinking that no one came to call her for dinner and now all were slept. She moved down from bed and came in downstairs and surprisingly saw that arman was sitting there while fully engrossed in doing something in lapi.hearing footstep he looked at the stairs and uttered : “need ho gayi?”
Riddhima didn’t reply and came to the dining table to drink water. Arman kept the lapi and came her and hugged her from back and whispered : “bahut tired ho gayi na? It’s first day na..
Riddhima uttered trying to free herself : “tum toh yahi chahte ho..isliye toh meri duty us malika ke sath di..
Arman uttered making her more close : “she is a good doctor..maine jaan bujhkar hi uske sath tumhari duty di hai jisse tum bhi uski tarah best doctor bano.”
But Riddhima uttered pushing him : “mujhe best doctor nahi banna..mai tumhare sath rehna chahti hun..
Arman uttered smilingly : “hum sath hain na..
Ridhima uttered annoyingly : “aur yeh maya koun hai?
Arman uttered laughing : “wo chipku hai,mujhse chipakna chahti time se..
Riddhima : “par wo toh keh rehi thi kit um uske diwane they...
Arman turned riddhima’s face towards him and uttered cupping her face : “diwana toh mai sirf riddhima naam ki pagli ka hun..
Riddhima chuckled : “achcha!wo koun hai?
Arman uttered peeping in her almond eyes : “hai ek saitan ki nani,sirfiri ladki...
Riddhima looked at him and they lost in each other...arman caressed her chin with his knuckles and whispered like a breathe...”sirfiri..pagal si..khubsurat si ladki..
Riddhima shivered with his touch and uttered in a trembling voice : “jaisi bhi hun,apne arman ki hun...
Arman nodded and bent on her lips .riddhima closed her eyes..arman brushed her upper lips with his and pressed it softly ....but before it could become passionate...arman’s mobile started was malika’s phone..arman mouthed sorry and picked the call and replied : “haan malika,mujhe yaad hai...mai subah 5 baze ready rahunga don’t worry.”
After hanging phone,he addressed riddhima : “khana khaya jaye kya?”
Riddhina uttered surprisingly : “tumne abhi tak dinner nahi kiya?
Arman uttered kissing her hand : “apni riddhima ke bina maine kabhi khana khaya hai? Isliye kehta hun pagli ho..ab tak mujhe pehchan nahi payi tum..
Riddhima smiled and uttered wrapping her arms around is neck : “shadi kar lo arman mujhse vurna mai sachmuch tumhare pyar me pagal ho jaungi...”
Arman laughed and uttered pinching her nose....”baat kahin se suru ho jakar rukti hai humar shadi par...u sachmuch ki saitan ki nani!”

Love u all

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