Thursday, 24 November 2016

part 38 : Dard ka rishta

Next day riddhima came hospital with anjali as arman went out early morning .riddhima knew he went out with dr. Malika but she tried to calm herself only thinking that dr. Malika was arman’s friend,no any other relationship was between them.she trusted arman fully but somewhere she felt
insecure when arman was away from her. She ended her duty and came to locker room and sat on a bench while staring at arman’s locker. Her lips smiled recollecting last night memory when arman hugged her and touched her lips softly...she felt a sensation in her body and mumbled : “love you ..
Just then she heard a voice from back ,it was
maya: “hi,dr.riddhima,how are you? I was searching you.”
Riddhima replied unwillingly : “ kyon?
Maya sat in front of her and uttered with a cunning smile : “do you know riddhima,mujhe is hospital me sabse achchi tum lagi.i like you.”
Riddhima gave her a suspected look and uttered : “aisi kya khas baat hai mujhme?”
Maya uttered waving hands : “ i know mai bahut khubsurat hun..i mean sabhi kahte hain,but you too looking good and mere jaisa talented bhi ho.”
Riddhima didn’t understand she would get angry on her or to laugh on her words. She only looked at her once then got up but maya too got up and uttered : “chalo na canteen me,coffee peene.”

Riddhima uttered : “sorry dr .maya,mujhe thoda kaam hai.”

Maya chuckled : “2 din toh hue join kiye,itna kya kaam hai.

Riddhima didn’t reply and stepped to go from there but maya followed her. Ridhima heard she was asking : “riddhima please batao na yeh senior doctors ke sath tumhari itni jaan pehchan kaise hai?tumhari neighbour hai? Waise tum rehti kahan ho? arman se bhi itna hi close ho kya?

riddhima glared her so she uttered : "no, i mean jitna anjali and all ke sath ho."

Riddhima uttered : “please maya,abhi mera mood nahi hai..mai baad me tumse baat karungi..

Maya uttered : “ok,..i will wait .

Just then riddhima’s pager started beeping. It was dr. Kirti who called her to attend an accident case so to come in emergency ward. Riddhima came hurriedly there and saw some patients were taken there..they were injured badly. Yuvi,naina and dr. Rahul,dr. Muskan were already attending them. Riddhima came to dr.kirti and started helping her to manage those patients. Dr. Kirti told that it was a car accident nearby..after sometime when all patients were settled,dr. Kirti instructed riddhima and naina to observe a patient who went through a surgery..he was still in unconscious state . it was evening when arman returned in hospital and heard about it.he called riddhima and asked if she had food or not.when riddhima replied that they didn’t get time,arman came there and uttered : “dr. Naina and riddhima ,go canteen and take something.

Naina : “but dr. Kirti ne yahin rahne ko kaha hai dr. Arman.”

Arman uttered : “mai yahan hun,aaplog thodi der ke liye ja sakte hain.
They nodded and came in canteen. Naina uttered while having
food :“u know riddhima,meri yahi weakness hai,mai bhukhi nahi reh pati.
Riddhima uttered smilingly : “stomach full kar le ,pata nahi phir kab khane ko mile.”
Naina nodded and uttered “haan yaar,u know yeh medical profession hai hi aisa.mai toh aana hi nahi chahti thi par is yuvi idiot ke liye aana pada.”

Riddhima : “aisa kyon?
Naina : “arey wo aur kisi profession me nahi jana chahta tha and I know ek doctor ko life partner doctor hi pasand aata hai.agar yuvi ka kisi doctorni ko dekhkar mind change ho jaye,i was scared so maine socha aisa mouka hi nahi dungi.”

Riddhima smiled hearing it.

Naina : “achcha ek baat bata riddhima,tu itni khubsurat hai,tera koi bf nahi hai? Aisa kaise ho sakta hai?

Riddhima didn’t reply only smiled.
Naina uttered while sipping juice : “you know riddhima,bura mat manna, i felt dr. Arman ke dil me tere liye koi soft corner hai..jab bhi wo tujhe dekhte hain,aankhon me ajeeb se chamak aa jati hai aur jab bhi tera naam lete hain,hontho par apne aap muskurahat aati hai,i noticed it.

Riddhima didn’t want to tell about their relation so uttered : “achcha ab tera ho gaya toh chalein? Agar dr.kirti aa gayi toh..

But before she could complete,naina uttered : “no way...chal jaldi,mujhe dr. Kirti se bahut dar lagta hai.”
That night all junior doctors stayed in the hospital to take care of the accident patients. Arman and anjali too stayed in the hospital and arman came 2-3 times in the ward where naina and riddhima had duty. He asked them if they need something and sent juice,snacks for them.riddhima didn’t talk to arman there but naina understood they knew each other well as arman sent riddhima’s favourite juice and snacks.she thought to ask about it later.

Next day that patient’s condition was better. He got consciousness and wanted to meet with his friends who were with him in the same car. That time,riddhima was busy with other patients.when she came in the cabin,saw that guy was surrounded by his friends .they were talking with him .riddhima uttered softly : “ab aapsab apne cabin me jaye aur inhe rest karne de.”

They nodded and got up and went from there. Riddhima turned to the patient and uttered : “aapke injection ka waqt ho gaya hai mr...

But she heard that patient ’s cheerful voice: “riddhima!what a surprise!tum yahan doctor ho!

Riddhima uttered looking at him : “ya,but mai aapko nahi janti mr..

He uttered : “mai sumit..tumhare bachpan ka dost..mujhe tum bhul gayi riddhima!”
Riddhima uttered confusingly : “sorry..anyways aap abhi jyada baat mat kijiye.”
But sumit uttered : “aur tumhari shadi hone wali thi..haan yaad aaya,yahin delhi me..kahan hain tumhara husband? Yahin isi hospital me? I want to meet him.”

Riddhima uttered in annoyed tone : “please baat mat kijiye,and yeh sab baat aap phir mat kehna.”

Sumit looked at her confusingly and sealed his lips and closed eyes.
Riddhima understood if she was in that guy’s duty,he would surely drag that topic so she requested dr. Kirti to change her duty.
One day when she was sitting in library,maya came there and sat beside her while uttered : “riddhima,can I ask you something?”
Riddhima nodded keeping eyes on the book.
Maya hesitated a bit then uttered : “yeh dr. Arman tumhara neighbour hai kya?
Riddhima looked at her surprisingly then uttered : “nahi toh.”
Maya asked looking at her : “toh phir tum dono ka kuch chal raha hai kya?
Riddhima looked at her once and again made her busy reading the book.
Maya uttered annoyingly : “ab yeh mat kehna ki mujhe kuch pata nahi,maine tumhe uske bike par hospital aate dekha hai..1 day nahi..roj dekh rahi hun.”
Riddhima uttered calmily : “tum toh late aati ho everyday..
Maya replied looking at her with burning eyes : “starting me aati thi,ab tumse pahle aati hun.”
Riddhima mocked : “meri jasusi karne ke liye?”
Maya uttered angrily : “mujhe kya jarurat hai ..aur mai is arman ko achchi tarah janti hun...girls ke sath khelna uski aadat hai..jab man bhar jayega,chod dega tumhe bhi.”
Riddhima looked straight at her and uttered : “tum arman ke bare me kuch nahi janti so keep quiet and mera peecha chodo.”
Maya mocked : “aaj meri baatein tumhe pasand nahi par pachtaogi riddhima..jab arman tumhe chod dega ..

They heard naina’s voice from back : “maya,dr. Arman humari riddhima ko kabhi nahi chodenge and u want to know their relation na? Mai batati hun....riddhima dr. Arman ki fiancĂ© hai..they are getting married soon..

Riddhima looked at her surprisingly but naina uttered smilingly : “dr. Arman told me riddhima..aur jab tumhara rishta itna strong hai toh kyon chupana?

Riddhima uttered smilingly : “chupane ki nahi toh batane ki bhi jarurat nahi thi....humari wedding me sabhi ko invite kiya jayega naina,then they will get to know about our strong relationship.

saying ,she went from there leaving maya dumbfounded!!

love u all

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